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9 Hairstyles That Fit Under a Riding Helmet/Hat (With Tutorials)

Updated on November 29, 2016


Just because you're working on a horse farm riding horses, mucking stalls, and grooming horses doesn't mean your hair can't look good while you do it. It's a stereotype that people who live with animals on a farm don't care about how they look. While you might not be buying $70 designer jeans to work in the stables, this stereotype doesn't have to be true. Below are nine examples of hairstyles you can wear under a hat and riding helmet so it doesn't get in the way of your jumping.


Low Ponytail

Probably everyone's quick and easy go-to style. No fuss or mess with it. You don't even have to brush your hair to get it into this style. Obviously no tutorial is needed with this one. There are other great alternatives out there though.

French Braid

Another great classic. The braid hugs the head so a helmet or hat can easily fit over it. Although the dutch braid sounds like a great idea, it adds bulk so it might not be ideal for actually riding the horse. The french braid can look intimidating to do on your own head, after some practice it's easy to get the hang of. Or someone else can do it on your head.

French Braid on yourself tutorial

Go ahead and add a little french braid in there too.
Go ahead and add a little french braid in there too. | Source

Low Bun

In this style, your hair is tied up so well it won't fly in the breeze. Depending on what you want that can be a good or a bad thing. It's another easy style to do and won't take up much time at all.

Low Bun tutorial


Pretzel Braid

This is a form of low bun, and braid, in one. If it's done near the neck then it should allow a helmet or hat to go over it. It looked like a bit of a complicated set of braids, this style isn't so hard to do once it's mastered.


Flipped-Over Ponytail

Another fancier version of the low ponytail. When you first start it out, it does start out as a high ponytail, but it does losen and get lower once it's completed. It also looks more stylish than just a regular ponytail from both the side and the back, making it get more points!

Flipped Ponytail tutorial



Any kind of non French or Dutch braids will work fine. Whether it's from 3-strand braids, the fishtail, four or five strand braids, they all work easily with helmets and hat wearers everywhere. You might think that medium hair won't work for this, but it's actually much easier to braid yourself. With long hair the arms get tired very easily.It's still a great style choice for all ages.

Rope Twist tutorial


Crown Braid

This braid stays close to the head so a helmet and hair can easily fit over it. If you have too much thickness or hair though it could add too much bulk. In order to avoid this you could make a "fake" crown braid with alternative styles or buy a bigger helmet or hat.

Crown Braid tutorial


Gibson Roll

I believe this is also called the gibson tuck, a great hairstyle for tucking away hair you don't want in your face (almost like the bun). It's not only old-fashioned and stylish looking, it fits under a helmet or hat amazingly well.

Gibson Roll tutorial


Low Bow Bun

This bun might make you feel a bit childish if you're an adult and wear it. If you're not comfortable it is great for children to wear while riding. If it's done near the neck then it'll fit under the helmet/hat just fine.

Bow Bun tutorial


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