Acheiving and Maintaining Platinum Blonde Hair

Updated on November 1, 2019
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Britta is a former radiologic technologist and current stay-at-home mom who enjoys writing about parenting and raising her sweet daughter.

Hair Goals
Hair Goals | Source

Acheiving Platinum Blonde

Salon or DIY?

The first question to ask yourself is how much are you willing to spend on going and staying blonde. When going blonde, the overwhelming majority will recommend seeing an expert, and for good reason. Becoming platinum blonde requires harsh chemicals that can essentially fry your hair off if done improperly, so seeing a professional is a key to getting the shade of platinum you desire. Those who don't have the cash to shell out usually head to Sally's Beauty, a common beauty store chain known for their vast lines of color and lightener. With a mix of lightener and usually a high developer (unless you are a cosmetologist, do not even think about touching a 40 developer) a blonde can be achieved. If you are staying at a dark brown, you will not be able to lighten to a platinum blonde in the first go around. This is why a professional is a key to getting your desired level without the damage. I would like to point out there are a few new products that salons use that can do wonders, Olaplex being a big seller. Olaplex essentially repairs hair while being bleached and can possibly get you from a brown to a light blonde in one sitting, call your salon beforehand and ask if they use it. Be prepared to pay more if they do, as it is typically a pricey add on. If your salon does not use Olaplex expect more than one trip to the to your stylist if your starting point is low on the color chart.

Toner Toner Toner!

Aside from the level of blonde itself, toner is an absolute necessity for nearly every blonde whether you are a nice golden shade or an icy cool. After lightening, your stylist (or the brave few DIYers) will apply a toner to achieve the exact shade of blonde you are looking for. This will put the finishing touches on your gorgeous new head of hair, and typically leaves your hair much shinier and softer then after the bleach rinses out. Choosing a toner is not as easy as it seems, you cannot simply pick a color you want, as it must match with the level your hair is lightened to. For example, if you are a dark blonde and choose a toner that is for a level 10, it will do very little to your hair aside from a small amount of damage. Keep this in mind if you are ever toning at home.

Hair color levels
Hair color levels | Source

Maintaining Your New Gorgeous Locks


Being a blonde is downright expensive, the upkeep alone will cost you a pretty penny, but alas, blondes have more fun (or so they say) so we keep up with it. I love a good dark root to a blonde, but not everyone does. This is why salon trips will happen every 4-6 weeks when lightened to a platinum shade, along with toning each visit; if you can afford it, a deep conditioning treatment will do those parched locks some good.

Shimmer Lights is a name brand purple shampoo.
Shimmer Lights is a name brand purple shampoo.

Toning With Shampoo

The gods of hair threw us blondes a lifeline in the form of a purple or blue shampoo. Those of you who are familiar with these lifesavers know exactly what I am talking about. The purple shampoo is a color depositing wash that you can use at home, it is easy to use and can be found in a generic brand which saves some money, a pleasant surprise after spending ungodly amounts of money going platinum. The generic purple shampoo can be found at Sally's and is a glorious addition to upkeep supplies for blonde shades for fighting the ever lingering brass that plagues platinum heads. This shampoo is targeted towards those with light blonde to platinum hair, rendering little effect for those with darker locks. Recently I began using Matrix Brass Off, which can be used on those with darker color blondes or us platinum's who desire a very cool tone. This was picked up at my local salon, you will need to find a salon that carries the Matrix brand to buy. Be warned that if left on too long these color depositing shampoos can cause a slight coloration of purple or blue.

Is It Worth It?

This is completely subjective. To some the time, effort, and cash spent on maintaining those golden locks simply isn't worth it, while to others it is all par for the course to achieve that platinum head of hair that make others swoon.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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