How to Have Smoother and Stronger Hair (Naturally)

Updated on November 2, 2019
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Pursuing a rather tedious subject called law, Priya Barua still tries to find time to follow her passion for blogging.

Learn a secret way to make your hair healthier.
Learn a secret way to make your hair healthier. | Source

My Struggle With Thinning, Greying Hair

Hair loss had been my nemeses for as long as I could remember.

At one point in time, it seemed to be winning, and I had to resort to extreme measures—medication. And no, I am not on the wrong side of forty. In fact, I am just shy of eighteen, so therefore, it was an extreme measure.

When you are eighteen, you expect to have long, bouncy, bubbly hair. And mine was just the opposite. It was dull, thin and rough. Worst of all, it had started greying. Medication helped stop the hair fall to some extent but it could not do anything about the thinning, greying and dullness.

And then, an aunt of mine told me the secret recipe to smoother and stronger hair. So do you want to know what it is?

Before I begin, I should probably tell you one very important thing. That is, the secret does wonders to your hair. One month down, and my hair has become a lot stronger, softer and of course, shinier. In fact, you see and feel the change right after the first wash.

The Secret to Healthy Hair

So the secret is hibiscus leaf extracts. That is the magic solution that you have been looking for your entire life. I’ve also used eggs to condition my hair but the eggs were gross, and it was very difficult to wash off the smell. So that’s why hibiscus leaf extracts are better. It has no smell.

That is the flower. You will need its leaves.
That is the flower. You will need its leaves.

How to Use Hibiscus Leaves to Strengthen Your Hair

Here are five (somewhat tedious) steps to smoother and stronger hair:

Step 1: Make a Paste

Take fresh hibiscus leaves and put them in the mixer until you get a thick green paste.

Step 2: Mix the Paste With Hair Oil

Mix a generous amount of hair oil with the paste. I would recommend using hair oil which "claims" to repair hair fall. Your hair oil should contain the following three very important ingredients: Amla, Brahmi Extracts, Bhringraj. I swear by VLCC Hair Fall Repair which contains the said ingredients.

Step 3: Apply to Your Hair

Apply the paste to your hair. Apply it to the scalp, the bald spots, the roots, the tips, and in general, to the entire length of your hair. After that, very, very gently massage your scalp.

Step 4: Wait

Wait for just enough time till your hair becomes stiff. It usually takes an hour and some more.

Step 5: Wash It Off

Wash it off with your favourite shampoo. The paste itself is like a deep conditioner so whether or not you want to use a bottled conditioner after shampooing is up to you. It is important to choose your shampoo according to the type of hair that you have. So choose wisely.

And there you have it!

What If You're Having Trouble Washing Off the Paste?

Washing off the paste may be a little difficult. Don’t lose patience and become very harsh with your hair. If you can’t get all of the green bits out of your hair, just relax. Come out of the shower. Let your hair dry naturally. Once semi-dry, drag a long-toothed comb through your hair, and all that needs to come will come out.

Use it once in a week to get the best results.

Even after you achieve your desired hair goals and you decide to stop using the hibiscus paste, never, ever forgo oiling.

Consider Your Diet, Too

Never overlook diet. My doctor claimed that it was my junk food diet over the years that had led to my hair issues. Try resisting packaged food as much as possible, and turn to leafy vegetables and fruits.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2016 Priya Barua


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    • Priya Barua profile imageAUTHOR

      Priya Barua 

      12 months ago

      That's really unfortunate to hear, @Malaika. It really worked for me and a couple of other people who had suggested this to me. Ideally, it should have made your hair glossy.

    • profile image


      12 months ago

      Hello Ms Barua, I have only recently tried this home remedy and it would seem that my hair, oddly enough, has gotten more dry at the ends than it was to begin with. Perhaps the leaf extract does not suit my hair as I also experienced more hairfall than usual. I think I'm gonna stick with plain old coconut oil for now and hope it fixes my hairfall over time.


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