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Brown to Blonde: Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

Updated on July 18, 2016
Julianne Hough with lightest ash blonde hair and light brown eyebrows.
Julianne Hough with lightest ash blonde hair and light brown eyebrows.

A cool skin tone often looks like it has blue, purple, or pink undertones. People with northern and western European heritage often have these undertones in their skin, but it is not limited to them. This skin tone looks amazing especially with ice blue eye shadow and pink lipstick.

We've selected the best blonde hair shades to complement this skin tone. Read on for more information and photos!

1. Lightest Ash Blonde

This shade is shown in the photo above. You will want to use this color if you want to go very light, but not fully platinum blonde. The lightest ash blonde will suit most cool-skinned women without looking too beachy. It looks especially nice if you have pale skin.

2. Platinum Blond

Scarlett Johansson with platinum blond hair.
Scarlett Johansson with platinum blond hair.

When Scarlett Johansson chose to go all the way platinum it was a very attractive look for her and her blue-toned skin.

Scarlett has naturally brown hair, but because her skin tone is cool, blonde works very well on her. People often mistake light golden blonde for platinum, but true platinum blonde hair is almost white with just a dash of blonde.

Naturally platinum blonde hair is rare in adults except for Northern Europeans, so making platinum your hair color choice will be very striking. There are also products on the market you can use to add platinum color to your hair without causing damage and without making a permanent commitment.

3. Light Ash Blond

Reese Witherspoon with light ash blond hair.
Reese Witherspoon with light ash blond hair.
LoLo Jones Ash Blonde
LoLo Jones Ash Blonde

Going from brown to blonde can be easier if you choose a color with some ash in it. This is because many natural blondes have ash-blond hair. It is also a color a lot of Hollywood celebrities wear. If you choose this shade, you will need less touch-ups than if you had gone platinum. This is because there is slightly more brown infused into ashy blond hair. Stay away from this color if you have a peachy complexion. It looks best on those with blue or purple undertones.

4. Wheat Blond

Amanda Seyfried with wheat blond hair.
Amanda Seyfried with wheat blond hair.

Amanda Seyfried, above, looks classic with her wheat blonde hair. This is one of the best blond shades for people with cool skin tones. It is a great intermediate choice for women who want a change that isn't shockingly light.

Wheat blond can go from the beach to the office seamlessly and is a great choice for those who want to lighten their hair for the summertime only. This color is easy to attain from an at-home box and usually won't require a salon visit. If, however, you have very dark brown hair, a professional might best help you make this transition.

5. Dark Blond

Ashley Greene with dark blond hair.
Ashley Greene with dark blond hair.

Ashley Greene looks golden with her dark blond hair. This is the perfect color choice for women who want less maintenance and minimal damage in going blonde.

As you can see in the photo, there are brown roots showing, but it doesn't look offensive. Dark blonde hair is close enough to brown that you can get away with less frequent dye jobs. You can also choose to infuse this color into your brown hair with spray-in highlights! That is an excellent choice for a low-commitment hair color change.


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  • Life and Luxury profile image

    Life and Luxury 24 months ago from South Beach, FL

    Hi Enjoyhair,

    Since you have blue eyes you can go for a color closer to what a woman with a cool skin tone would. Also, I think Amanda Seyfried's color above might be a safe choice for you. It might not be called wheat blonde on the box though. Every brand has its own naming conventions.

    You might also consider what tone your own hair color is now. Is it a warmer blonde or a cooler blonde? After you consider this, try going for the same tone in a lighter color.

    Hope this helps!

  • profile image

    enjoyhair 2 years ago

    I moved to a very remote no hair salons. My hair is natural dark blond to light brown. I have always gotten platinum highlights. I'm going to have to start doing my own hair so I think an all over color will be easier. But blonde! I have blue eyes but Neutral fair skin with some freckles. I can't find a whole lot that talks about neutral skin tone.I'm leaning towards natural or beige blonde. Any thoughts or tips? Thanks!

  • Life and Luxury profile image

    Life and Luxury 2 years ago from South Beach, FL

    Your hair is beautiful already. I hope you don't change it!

  • greeneyedblondie profile image

    greeneyedblondie 2 years ago

    Love platinum blonde hair color! Someday I'll take the plunge.

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