9 Ways to Cover Up Your Hair Loss If Nothing Else Works

Updated on December 28, 2016
The best solution here might be to just shave it all off.
The best solution here might be to just shave it all off. | Source

This article is a continuation of my article titled, "Losing your hair and what to do about it".

Some people have success with certain products that are reputed to be good ‘cures' for baldness or thinning hair, but things that work for some might not work for others.

The truth is that hair loss, for the most part according to statistics, is genetic, and is referred to as ‘Androgenetic Alopecia'. It can effect men and women, and at a young age as well. There are many myths and concerns about what causes it, and I have sifted through hundreds of them, and most of them have been pooh-poohed by professionals.

With today's medical technology however, even natural and genetic hair loss needn't stop you from trying.

However, even people who have had some procedures performed have not achieved the successful hair growth that they so wanted. It's possible that out of a hundred people, a few are going to be disappointed.

Wearing a cap is fine, but do combine it with fitting attire. Don't be like this guy. Never wear a baseball cap with a shirt and tie.
Wearing a cap is fine, but do combine it with fitting attire. Don't be like this guy. Never wear a baseball cap with a shirt and tie. | Source

Below are a few things I have seen people do, or that I've observed:

Wear a hat

It can be a cap, a cowboy hat, or anything, but a beanie works best, and is what I tend to see some celebrities wearing. It's casual; it doesn't make you look like a complete idiot as long as it's a dark or plain colour and it works best for the following reasons.

Not only does wearing a cap, specifically a beanie, hide hair loss, it can serve as a clever styling tool. After you have a bath or a shower, dry your hair with a towel and a hairdryer or one of those new fancy ion-combs that you can buy, and then put your beanie on.

It keeps your head warm, it makes you feel less conscious about your hair, it stops you from fiddling with your hair and even pulling it out, and it flattens it down. That last one is the best, because the hair, even though it's thinning, is pressed down, and so it becomes less noticeable once you take it off and comb your hair a little to style it.

Let's see, I've seen a few celebrities do this, such as Jude Law, or Orlando Bloom in the past. Whether he's actually balding, I'm not sure.

Bed head

The day after the night of hair washing and beanie wearing, your hair is at its best for styling. You might want to wear the beanie again, and then afterwards, you just take it off and style it with the comb. You might even use some gel or hair spray to give a bit more stiffness and "stylability". When you've just come out the bath or shower, it's too soft, especially if you have long hair, even as a guy.

Cut your hair short

If the hair loss gets too much in the front, try a short hair style. Sometimes I see celebrities like Daniel Craig and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who have their hair styled so that the sides of the hair are further back to match the top, where the hair is receding.

Grow your hair long

The opposite tactic, especially if you are developing more of a patch at the back, is to grow you hair long in order to cover it up. This works best if you tie it up at the back and flatten the top with the beanie method I talked about above. Andy Garcia is reported to use a tactic such as this to cover up his hair loss.

Use a product like Nanogen

I haven't ever used this product, but what Nanogen is, is like these tiny micro fibres that you apply to your scalp with a roller, and it's supposed to hide hair loss. It works best if you have short hair, I would imagine. It is rather easy to spot the people who use it though, seeing as the hair looks unnatural in my view.


Dye your hair

I've seen this used as a popular way to hide hair loss. People tend to dye their hair. Now some go for lighter colours and others go for darker colours like brown or especially black. Why this seems to be popular is because when your hair is thinning it loses pigmentation and becomes lighter in shade. So by dying it you're maker the hairs darker, thereby making it look like you have a thicker head of hair. Dye - it's not just for people who are greying, and it's much cheaper than a procedure such as micro-pigmentation.

Shave your head

If all else fails and you aren't fooling anyone anymore, a lot of guys like Steve Austin, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis and many others just resort to shaving their heads. Some have it shaved completely, but others have a little bit of a crew cut on top, like Timothy Olyphant or Randy Orton.

• Extensions

Other people use extensions to make their hair look more voluminous, and this isn't just girls. It's been said that Brett Michaels of Poison fame has resorted to using this method at some point.

• Wear a wig

I wasn't going to put anything about wearing a toupee or wig in here, because quite frankly, it takes a lot of skill to make it look unnoticeable; a lot. And for the most part it can make you the topic of some embarrassing talk behind your back, especially if you leave the price tag dangling from the back. But yet, many celebrities, young and old, resort to doing it. Some do it to cover up hair loss and others do it to give their real hair a break for a while.There are many kinds of wigs out there, but one of the better kinds seems to be a weave, which the likes of John Travolta wear. The only drawback is that it can actually make your hair situation worse by potentially causing Traction alopecia.

A popular look I've seen is when people have a bandana with a wig sort of attached to it. This kinda of covers up the frontal hairline. In my opinion though, most wigs are easy to spot, and will probably just lead to further humiliation.

"I was going to buy a book on hair loss, but the pages kept falling out."

— Jay London

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