Cute Back-to-School Hairstyles for Girls

Updated on September 28, 2017
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Get Your Locks School Ready!

The first day back to school is really exciting, but it can make you a little nervous. They say your hair is your crowning glory, so make sure you get your locks ready to dazzle. After all, you'll have more important things to think about than having messy hair! Check out these awesome fuss-free styles.

1. Side Hair Bow

This is a very pretty and super easy style to do.

  1. Tie your hair into a loose side pony.
  2. Grab two strands of hair from the ponytail and form them into a bow.
  3. Secure with a bobby pin.

2. Waterfall Braid

This is a loose French braid that wraps around the back of your head.

  1. Take some hair from the top of one side of your head.
  2. Braid the hair three times.
  3. When the left side is completed, drop the right strands and let them fall down the side of your head.
  4. Continue this process and finish with a plait at the base of skull.

3. Fluffy Twist Into Fishtail Braid

This is a lovely boho style.

  1. Loosely twist hair at the crown and pin.
  2. Then, form a loose fishtail braid to meet the center of the crown.

4. Messy Double Side Braid

The messy double braid is a very sweet style that looks effortless. You can finish off with a bow for extra cuteness.

5. Little Plait, Big Plait

  1. Separate three long strands of hair.
  2. Braid one of the strands.
  3. Then, simply braid the three strands together!


6. Twisted Side Ponytail

This is a great alternative to braids and only takes minutes to do.

  1. Pin a small section of hair at the back of the neck.
  2. Twist around a headband and continue pinning at each twist.
  3. Finish the ponytail and wrap the remaining hair around the pony to cover the hairband.

7. Sporty Braids

Double braids are a very cute look and great for when you haven't had time to wash your hair. Besides, plaits always look better when hair isn't washed because there will be more volume.


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      serena 20 months ago

      these styles are good.

    • ezzly profile image

      ezzly 2 years ago

      Thanks Flourish :)

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      I would love to experiment ugh that last hairstyle on my teen with school coming up. Cute styles!