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DIY Hair: 15 Orange and Yellow Hair Color Ideas

I love to dye my hair all colors of the rainbow. I love all things vintage. I also enjoy creating art, taking photos, and doing it myself.

Orange and Yellow Hair

Yellow hair. For some people, it's just a bad attempt at going blonde. For others, it's totally intentional and totally kickass. Comic book yellows and oranges go perfectly on blonde hair and mix well with brown, too.

To my surprise, Manic Panic has about a million different orange dyes, ranging from soft, pink-oranges to neon, wildfire tones. Yellow is a bit harder to find, but once you do find it, the shade can easily be changed by mixing it with orange or green.

For most of you planning to go yellow, you'll need to bleach to a pretty light blonde first. If you've naturally got very dark hair, bleach over several sessions with a 10 or 20 volume developer. Deep condition between bleaches to preserve your hair!

1. Sparks Sunburst Yellow

Get a warm yellow by using Sunburst Yellow by Sparks!


2. Manic Panic Tiger Lily

Manic Panic's Tiger Lily creates a beautiful light orange, with a tinge of yellow to it. It also fades nicely!

3. Manic Panic Sunshine

For a true, pure yellow, Manic Panic's got you covered with their Sunshine dye! Madeline Mason rocks it.

4. La Riche Directions Apricot

La Riche has a great color for those who don't want something super in-your-face. Their Apricot dye creates a soft, toned down, pinkey-orange that's perfect for summer.


5. Manic Panic Hellfire

If you're looking for a darker pinkey-orange, Manic Panic's Hellfire has got you covered!


6. Pravana Yellow and Orange

For a fiery colormelt, use Pravana's Vivid Yellow on roots and Vivid Orange on ends.

7. Manic Panic Tiger Lily and Electric Banana

A pretty and bright yellow-orange can be achieved by mixing a bit of Manic Panic's Tiger Lily with Electric Banana.


8. Bleach London Washed Out Orange

The most toned-down dye on this list, Bleach London's Washed Out Orange is a great, low-key way to add a bit of color. It would only work on light blonde hair—otherwise you run the risk of the color not showing up. It's really more of a stain.

9. Joico Yellow

This beautiful mustard yellow was created by using Joico Color Intensity Yellow on blonde hair.

10. Manic Panic Electric Lava

For Hayley Williams' bright orange hair, use Manic Panic's Electric Lava dye! It's super bright and tinged with red.


11. Manic Panic Psychadelic Sunset

This pretty peach can be found in a bottle! Manic Panic's Psychadelic Sunset offers a light orange, for those who prefer the pastel route.

12. Pravana Vivids Mix

Guy Tang is an expert with mixing Pravana Vivids! Here, he used Pravana's red, coral, orange, and yellow. In that order!

13. Manic Panic Electric Banana and Electric Lizard

If you'd like to go in the opposite direction altogether, try for a cooler yellow. Mix Manic Panics's Electric Banana with some Electric Lizard, using a dye brush to alternate the colors!


14. Pravana Vivids Orange Neon and Orange

Hair must be lifted to a copper gold color. Then, mix three parts of Pravana Vivids Neon Orange, with one part Orange. Apply it to the hair and process with medium heat for 20 minutes. The result is this fiery orange!


15. Manic Panic Wildfire

Speaking of fiery orange, Manic Panic has a great red-orange dye. This dye is a bright neon, great on pre-lightened hair.


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