DIY Haircuts: 3 Ways to Cut Your Own Hair

Updated on October 31, 2019
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Lauren is a busy mother of two magnificent children and loves music, food, and experimenting with her hairstyle.

These haircuts are easy operations to perform on yourself.
These haircuts are easy operations to perform on yourself. | Source

While I always appreciate a good professional haircut, sometimes those trips to the salon can be expensive. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I’m not too picky about my hair, as long as it looks fairly decent. If you want to save money and are willing to be stylistically adventurous maybe you should try giving yourself a haircut.

Styles You Can Easily Cut Your Own Hair

  1. Simple Trim
  2. A-line Bob
  3. Pixie

Things You'll Need

Before you embark on your haircutting adventure, make sure you have these items.

  • Hair cutting shears. You probably shouldn’t hack your tresses off with the old rusty scissors from the kitchen drawer. You can get a decent pair of shears for about ten dollars.

  • Mirror. You know, so you can see what you’re doing.
  • Rubber bands to hold your hair.
  • Distraction-free space. You’ll want to focus all your attention on your hair. And your hands. Because they’ll be cutting your hair. Unless, of course, you want to go crazy and try it with your feet.
  • Broom or vacuum to clean up your cut hair.
  • A sense of humor or a back up plan in case things go badly.

1. Simple Trim

This easy haircut from a front ponytail is great for longer hair, and is also a good one to try if you've never cut your own hair before. You can trim as much or as little as you want and it gives you a little bit of layering up at the front. I’ve done this cut twice and both times I was very pleased with the results. This video also does a good job of showing how to texture the ends.

2. A-line Bob

Another cut from a ponytail, this one requires a bit more nerve and steadiness of hands. It might be helpful to have an additional mirror so you can see what you’re doing. I’ve given myself this haircut three times, and while none of them were perfect, I really liked the fun look. Sometimes the messy, uneven end result of this haircut is preferable to straighter lines.

Tip: I did this cut last week and my hair band wasn’t tight enough, which made me cut crooked and one side was longer than the other. I had my husband help even it out and he did a surprisingly good job. But to avoid this mishap, make sure your ponytail is really secure.

3. Pixie

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can tackle this pixie cut. I haven’t tried this one yet, but maybe someday I will. The hurdle with this cut is that since you’re cutting it so short there’s not a lot of wiggle room to get it professionally fixed if you mess up. But if you’re really confident with your abilities or just apathetic towards your hairstyle, give this one a try.

The first video describes how to trim up hair that is already short into a pixie style and she gives some good hair cutting techniques. The second video shows the process of cutting hair that is a bit longer into the pixie style, and you might have to pause it often in order to see what she's doing.

The Possibilities Are Endless

These are three great haircuts to try on yourself, but you don’t have to be limited by these styles. You can find a video or tutorial showing you how to give yourself a haircut in pretty much any fashion or type. In addition, you can learn how to color your hair or give yourself hair extensions. Obviously it's preferable to get your hair cut by a professional, but if you're running low on money or just want to have a little fun or experiment on yourself, there are tons of videos and resources out there that can help you do it yourself.

Something to Consider

While it’s empowering to cut your own hair, you might have better success if you have a friend help you cut the ponytail or trim up hair in the back. They can see what you can’t and usually have a better perspective. It'd also be smart not to try giving yourself a haircut for the first time if you're preparing for a big event, like prom, a job interview, or a wedding.

Would You Ever Cut Your Own Hair?

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