How to Make Hairline Edges Grow

Updated on July 25, 2017
How to Make Hair Edges Grow
How to Make Hair Edges Grow
How to Make Hair Edges Grow
How to Make Hair Edges Grow

Ways to Grow Your Edges Back

Some Black women hair edges sometimes get thinner due to certain hair products and hairstyles. Hair edges may eventually get thinner or bald when wearing tight hairstyles frequently, which pulls the edges and adds stress to the temple area. The ponytail hairstyles that are also in braids may put stress on hair edges. When wearing braids avoid wearing a ponytail with the braids, because it will pull the hair edges and the edges will eventually get thinner.

The hair edges are the most sensitive part of the hair, and the edges have to be treated gently. If hair gets bald on the edges it could be alopecia, and a doctor (dermatologist) may have to prescribe something. Avoiding alopecia on the hair edges can be accomplished by: not wearing chemical hair perms, tight ponytail styles with braids, and wearing hair gels that contain alcohol.

Putting chemical hair perms in the hair frequently will eventually assist with making the hair edges fall out by the root of the hair. Hair perms contain the same ingredients as "liquid drain openers," which make the hair thinner in order to relax it.

The idea is to avoid putting hair products in the hair that will make the hair edges eventually come out.

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Prevent Alopecia - How to Make Hair Edges Grow

  • Wash hair with herbal shampoos
  • Use deep conditioning hair conditioner
  • Use herbal leave-in conditioner
  • Use essential oils in the hair such as olive oil
  • Massage your hair-line with a massager
  • Take biotin vitamins for quicker hair growth
  • Drink blended "green juice smoothies"
  • Drink 8 bottles of water 4-8 times daily
  • Practice a healthy regular diet
  • Avoid chemical hair coloring
  • Avoid junk foods
  • Eat and drink foods high in vitamin C
  • Do physical exercise 10-30 minutes once or twice a day for blood circulation
  • Wear a fabric headband on hair edges after applying edge treatment
  • Apply Tea Tree Oil to your hair edges before going to bed.

Hair Gel Treatments that Make Edges Grow Back

The hair creams that will help your edges to grow are: Dr. Miracles Temple & Nape Cream, Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme, and Orange Citrus Shea Butter Hair Cream.

At bedtime it's a good idea to apply an edge gel or cream, and then put on a cloth headband around the head. This holds the treatment on the edges as it marinates and acts as a fertilizer under the headband overnight. Do this treatment every night before bed and you will notice a difference in your hair edges growth.

Wearing braids do not make the hair come out; braids actually help the hair to grow because it is a protective style. But just make sure the braids that are around the edges/temple-line are not too tight. Ponytail wig-pieces and holding gel is a bad combination, this will definitely make the hair edges come right out of the scalp (if this style is worn too often).

African Americans that wear their natural hair are more likely to not have their edges fall out by the roots. When wearing the hair naturally and without perms, the hair and edges have a better chance of growing stronger, longer, and of course healthier.

Children Hair Edges

Putting tight ponytails on young girls can also lead to thinning hair edges. Avoid making ponytail rubber-bands tight on the temple-line area; this will prevent alopecia in young girls. And also avoid putting chemical hair perms in young Black girl’s hair, their naturally hair is beautiful and healthier.

Also using a silky fabric pillow-case on your pillow at bed-time, will assist with less hair breakage and dryness. When wearing hair-weaves, avoid tight threading and pulling the edges, this adds stress to the temple-line. When you treat your hair edges right, your hair edges will treat you right.

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      • profile image

        Nikki 24 months ago

        I suffer from alopecia for (8years) now, I never found a product that can help me. I can't put my hair in a high ponytail without feeling a shame. I'm also ashame of combing my hair in front of my husband, it's always in a low hair style. Please can u help me.

      • profile image

        Misha Smith 24 months ago

        what can i do to make my edge go back quickly which best product you recommended

      • profile image

        Moloi makgotso 3 years ago

        Ive got bald an I need a product please

      • Ann810 profile image

        Ann810 5 years ago from Sunny Cali

        Hi Jan, yea it's true hair can eventually get stressed around the edges from the tight ponytails and certain hair products. It's a good ideal to loosen the hair tension around the temple-line when wearing a tight ponytail. Thanks for reading this article.

      • profile image

        Janhorner 5 years ago

        Hi, what an interesting and informative hub you have written and a lot of work has gone in to presenting it. Really enjoyed reading about hair in general because we all blow dry and put our hair up and I never thought hair became stressed. Thank you for sharing. Great hub for the young ladies.