How to Apply Liquid Minoxidil to Your Scalp

Updated on November 24, 2016


If you are one of the unlucky few who has trouble using Minoxidil, don't worry.  I've got your back on this one.  Applying Minoxidil is simple once you get the hang of it and a piece of cake once you've been doing it for a while.  People seem to stress about whether too much of the liquid is getting into their hair or where exactly they need to apply it, but there is no reason to fret.  If you follow these directions, you shouldn't have any unanswered questions about using Minoxidil on your head.  Let's begin.

Step 1: Get Pumped!

The first thing you should do when applying Minoxidil is break your bottle out and get pumped.  If you go into this nervous that something bad is going to happen, you might break a sweat, and that is a frustrating situation to deal with.  Trust me.  Calm down and find a cool area to use the medication so that you don't have to worry about any extra moisture causing Minoxidil to run down your forehead or neck. 

Step 2: Collect 1mL of Minoxidil

You'll need to collect your 1mL of Minoxidil first. The applicators will always pull in more than 1mL of Minoxidil, so you will have to gently squeeze some of it out to get the right amount. Once the meniscus in the applicator is at the 1mL mark, you are ready to begin using the Minoxidil on your scalp.

Step 3: Apply the Minoxidil

Apply the Minoxidil to the areas of thinning or balding that you are trying to medicate. As you can see in the picture to the right, I have my hair parted so that my scalp is exposed. This makes it easier to get down to your scalp and to make sure the Minoxidil is going there rather than in your hair. Don't put too much at a time, because as you are dripping Minoxidil onto your head, you want to be simultaneously doing step 4 with your other hand.

Step 4: Rub the Minoxidil into your Scalp

As you are dripping Minoxidil onto your scalp, you should also be spreading it over your scalp with one finger from the other hand.  If you don't rub it in fast enough, the liquid will build up and run down into your face or wherever else gravity may take it. If you accidentally use too much, just make sure to spread it around.

Step 5: Apply the Finishing Touches

Once you have covered the majority of the treatment area with Minoxidil, take the excess liquid and touch up areas you didn't get to or didn't cover well enough. You wouldn't want to grow hair on one side of your head and not the other.

Step 6: Style Your Greasy Hair

The Minoxidil tends to make your hair greasy; therefore, you will probably want to try to style it somehow to make it look a little better.  My hair isn't styled in the picture to the right, but I usually do at least something to it.  Try poofing your hair out a little bit to hide the thinness.  It always works for me. 


Well, there you have it. As I stated before, applying Minoxidil is not that hard and should take you only a minute or two once you get the hang of it. Minoxidil happens to be one of the best hair loss medications out right now, so don't let a frustrating application method discourage you from trying it. Minoxidil results in great hair growth and improved confidence.  Follow these steps, and you'll be a professional in no time!


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      If you check out my hair growth blog, you can see all my results there. There are actually links to it in this hub. I hope that helps!