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How to Make Relaxed Hair Silky and Shiny

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My name is Darlene Matthews, and I am a licensed cosmetologist for almost 30 years.

This article will show you how to make your relaxed hair silky smooth.

This article will show you how to make your relaxed hair silky smooth.

Chemically processed hair becomes dry and must be fully nourished to have a silky, shiny and smooth texture. Though brushing hair off your shoulders and watching it fall into your bathroom sink is an awful reality, it is, unfortunately, the norm for many people that have relaxed hair.

Dry, damaged and neglected hair cannot give you the shine that you seek. Neither will coating your hair with heavy products that ultimately just attract dust and debris, causing dull hair.

Hair has to be fully clean and nourished to enable the hair cuticles to relax and lay smoothly, giving you a natural shine when straightened. When the cuticles are malnourished, they sit up causing hair to look damaged and dull.

After good conditioning and treatment from your stylist, your hair looks amazing and has the silky feel and shine you always wanted. To maintain it, the foundation of your hair has to be intact. How? By nourishing and caring for it daily. Taking care of your relaxed hair doesn't stop and start at a salon. Caring for relaxed hair is a daily responsibility.

Once you have made the decision to chemically relax your hair, you have just made a permanent choice. That is, of course, until the relaxed hair has broken or cut off. Our intention is to grow long, healthy relaxed hair.

This article will cover the following topics:

  • the importance of a hair relaxer
  • how to establish healthy hair
  • healthy hair tips
  • how to improve your hair's shine and volume
  • how to wrap your hair at night
  • conditions and tools to avoid while growing out your hair

A Great Relaxer and Conditioner Are Only the Beginning

After chemically relaxing your hair, your hair cuticles are forced to lay down and are smoothed and nourished further by conditioners to maintain the shine and feel of healthy hair.

However, if not properly maintained by replacing the natural oils that the chemical process removes, you will experience dull, dry and shedding hair.

A hair relaxer is a chemical process that removes or relaxes the natural hair pattern or curls. This process should be done by a hair care specialist to prevent application mishaps and under or over-processing.

No-Lye Relaxer

No-lye relaxer should be shampooed with de-calcifying shampoos (ex. Organics Moisturizing Shampoo) to break down drying calcium that is deposited in the hair during the relaxing process.

Not doing this can result in dryness due to the calcium in the no-lye relaxer.

Lye Relaxer

Most professionals will use a lye relaxer because it will give the hair a smoother texture. Any product that can straighten your hair texture can be harmful if misused. A professional will analyze your hair and choose an appropriate relaxer strength, conditioner, and home care treatment for you.

To accomplish a nice texture, you or your stylist must use chemical products correctly as well as maintenance products. Always ask your professional "How can I maintain my hair at home?"

Healthy Hair Is Not Grown; It Is Established

To enjoy beautiful, relaxed hair you first want to understand that healthy hair has a balance. It must have oil and moisturizers to stay supple, hydrated, and elastic (with a degree of stretch in it before the hair breaks).

This means:

  • Softness
  • Strength
  • Length
  • Manageability

Please understand that every hair is not created equal but works with the same principle. You can have Asian hair that has a strong natural straight bond and is full of natural oils. If not moisturized properly, however, it can be very dry and brittle.

Since African American hair has very little natural oil, it will break if oil and moisturizers are not added to supplement the inadequacies. This does not mean you should your coat hair with heavy oils.

Moisturize your hair regularly with treatments and maintain healthy hair with light shine drops while wrapping hair at night to seal in moisture.

10 Healthy Hair Tips

Healthy hair is not heredity, it is a decision. To assure that your relaxed hair grows and stays in great shape and health you must:

  1. Condition weekly
  2. Do not over condition
  3. Use an appropriate shampoo
  4. Trim every 6–8 weeks
  5. Use daily moisturizers
  6. Use heat protectors for styling tools
  7. Use loose styles
  8. Wear a satin head wrap at night
  9. Use minimal styling tools (low temp)
  10. Do a professional moisture treatment bi-weekly

How to Have Bouncy, Smooth, and Shiny Hair

  • Set your hair with a conditioning and setting lotion.
  • Dry your hair with medium-high heat. It is important to allow your hair to cool before putting (gloss) grease-less shine drops through relaxed hair.
  • Wrap your hair with a medium comb and then brush to lay all stray hair down.
  • Go under a medium-high dryer with a clean plastic cap for 7–10 minutes to remove roller parts.
  • You should always comb your hair with a wide comb that does not snag.
  • Part hair on the opposite side of the direction of wrap for lift.

Styling tools such as ceramic irons are great and a lifesaver. However, if your hair is not properly maintained on a daily basis, this simple process can be very harmful and rob your natural oils.

A flat iron that is not ceramic can cause your hair to scorch and later break. Some of the flat irons also have edges that pull hair right out of the hair shaft because of the pressure of holding the tool onto the hair.


How to Wrap Hair at Night

A ceramic iron should not be the only way you straighten your hair. Wrapping your hair at night will make your style last longer between retouches. The process is easy:

  1. You will comb all your hair down around your whole head.
  2. Gradually comb to the left or right.
  3. Combing low around your head so you eventually have all the hair wrapped around your head.
  4. Finish by brushing every strand in place with a boar bristle brush.
  5. Wrap with a satin scarf.
  6. In the morning, only unwrap after dressing away from steam when hair cools. Use gloss for shine.

Wrapping your hair after setting your hair on large rollers is called a Doobie style. This style is the safest for relaxed hair and is also used to straighten out curly hair.

However, maintaining your straight hair is done by wrapping your hair as well. Your hair will be less bouncy but will be fabulously straight and sleek.

How to Avoid Dry Relaxed Hair

Hair can be neglected unintentionally. Even a well-meaning hairstyle such as braiding or weaving can go all wrong if the hair is left to dry out. This is neglect. Breakage will surely happen after wearing a style like this for too long without proper cleaning and moisturizing.

Be sure to remind your daughters and sisters to keep their braiding styles moisturized or it will damage their hair, especially relaxed hair that needs extra care.

You can shampoo braided hair and condition it, so don't neglect your relaxed hair while vacationing or swimming with braids. There may be other ways you style your relaxed hair that may cause stress such as flat twists, braiding, and updos.

Whenever you are putting your relaxed hair in a style, it can cause stress or make it vulnerable because of not being able to receive daily moisturizers. Be prepared to give your hair a before and after style treatment for added strength. A leave-in conditioner and moisturizer are a must.

To maintain healthy hair, moisture balance and daily maintenance is the answer. This hair must always be protected from severe heat with hats, scarfs, and umbrellas. Here are a few things that can hurt relaxed hair.

  1. Sun
  2. Irons or styling tools
  3. Tight styles
  4. Over-conditioning
  5. Over-processing
  6. Drying fabrics
  7. Winter
  8. Chlorine
  9. Neglect

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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