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How to Take Care of Dry, Frizzy Hair

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What do you do in this situation!

What do you do in this situation!

Got Frizz?

Growing up, I always had healthy hair. I take steps to prevent damage because I use heat to style my hair and think it’s fun to dye my hair. There is also a hair maintenance routine that I use to make sure that my hair stays healthy. It’s still far from dry or frizzy, though.

Then, along came my third little one. Her hair type is the definition as both dry and frizzy. Without proper hair care, it’s a mess that can only be tamed by putting it in a bun. It took quite a while, and a lot of trial and error, but I have finally developed a complete system for caring for her hair to make it look beautiful, and keep it moisturized.

Ditch The Cheap Shampoos

We went from baby shampoo to Pantene and other brands. Then, while at Family Dollar, my little one spotted Frozen shampoo. She was dying for it. It was only a dollar. Without thinking, I bought it for her. Within one day her hair looked more damaged than mine had in my life. I was mortified.

We have never used cheap shampoo on her hair again. Instead, it’s only wonderful brands. Thankfully, we’ve never had this problem again. She was equally mortified and understands why we don’t use Frozen shampoo anymore.

Use Leave In Conditioner Daily

When you are dealing with dry, damaged, or frizzy hair you’re going to need to constantly moisturize the hair. Leave-in conditioner is the best product for that. We use Aussie Leave-In Conditioner. I’ve had a hard time finding it in the stores lately, but you can still order it off of Amazon. We use this every day. (It also worked wonders for my older daughter’s hair when it was severely damaged.)

Consider Using Hair Oil

Leave-in conditioner isn’t for everyone. I love Aussie because it doesn’t make anyone’s hair feel or look greasy. However, there have been times when it wasn’t an option.

During those times, I used Brazilian hair oil. Not only are hair oils and serums great for damaged hair, but they also provide moisture that dry hair desperately needs. When used in small amounts, you can enjoy all of the benefits of hair oil without your hair looking oily.

Oil can help a lot!

Oil can help a lot!

Always Use Conditioner After Shampoo

When hair is damaged, it has been stripped of the protective outer layer that helps keep moisture locked in. Conditioner coats the hair so that it can act as a protective layer for your hair. It does the same thing for dry hair!

Do A Weekly Hair Mask

Hair masks are quite as popular as other products, but they should be. Depending on the hair mask, these are wonderful for your hair.

There are two different types of hair masks on the market. One works like leave-in conditioner. You put it in your hair every morning, just like you would other products. The other type of hair mask is used once a week. These hair masks are applied to the hair just like shampoo. Then, you wait until you are supposed to wash it out (it will tell you on the bottle) and wash your hair. Some hair masks recommend rinsing with only water. Others say that you should use shampoo. It’s important to read the directions to make sure that you use them correctly.

Avoid Damaging Your Hair When Possible

My littlest adores having her hair blow-dried after the shower. Unfortunately, that only happens on a rare occasion. We try to avoid any type of heat to prevent further damage to her hair. You’ll also want to avoid:

  • Any styling that involves heat when possible
  • Overwashing your hair
  • Extremely hot water
  • Cheap styling products

This isn’t going to make your hair less frizzy, but preventing damage will help you guarantee that it doesn’t get worse.

Develop A Hair Care Routine

A hair care routine will look different for each person. If your hair requires that extra coating that conditioner provides, it could include washing your hair with conditioner every night but only using shampoo every other day. A hair mask is a great idea to include in your hair care routine.

We have a morning hair care routine that involves moisturizing via leave-in conditioner, brushing, and styling. After I brush her hair, I run my fingers through it to make sure that it’s properly moisturized.

Our nightly haircare routine consists of washing and conditioning. No heat is used. When I dry her hair, I never rub the towel all over her head. Instead, I gently move the towel in a motion from her scalp to the end of her hair squeezing as I go. This helps dry her hair without tangling it.

As you can see, I moisturize her hair at least twice a day. If something happens where she does not take a nightly bath, I use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil at night. Not only does this moisturize her hair, but it also helps prevent tangles!

Care is possible!

Care is possible!

In Conclusion

If you’re wondering how to take care of dry hair, remember that the key is to keep it moisturized. While I love Aussie leave-in conditioner, hair oil might be better for your hair. Try them both. Consider what works best for your hair, and develop a personal hair care routine to keep your hair silky smooth.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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I am very thankful to you Angel because these tips are very useful for my dry hairs, I must follow these tips. Blessings