How to Create Beach-Style Hair Waves With Gel and Mousse

Updated on November 1, 2019
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I enjoy giving tips on how to have wavy hair with natural, homemade products.

Hair Gel and Mousse for the Perfect Beachy Waves
Hair Gel and Mousse for the Perfect Beachy Waves | Source

People who hang around the beach tend to have wavier hair from being in the saltwater and the sun. Beach-like waves are a fun and light type of curl that looks very natural. Luckily, you can get the look without using heat on your hair by using just hair gel and mousse.

What's the Difference Between Hair Gel and Mousse?

Mousse is often used to add volume to your hair. It is a light product that does not tend to weigh hair down. It often looks like foam, and it is normally a white or whitish color.

Hair gel is a styling product that has a thicker consistency than mousse and it’s often clear in color. It’s heavier than mousse and gives a shinier and stronger hold. It works very well when applied to wet hair.

When I use mousse in my hair, I really like to use Aussie products. I find that their products are light and won't weigh my hair down. They are also very affordable and you get a great deal for the price. For this tutorial, I used Aussie Real Volume styling mousse.

Towel dry your hair
Towel dry your hair | Source

How to Get Beachy Waves With Hair Gel and Mousse

Step 1: Wash and Towel-Dry Your Hair

To get wavy hair with gel and mousse, the first step is to wash your hair. Shampoo and condition your hair according to your regular hair routine.

Once you have washed and rinsed your hair, gently comb out any tangles that you might have. It’s important to be very careful when combing wet hair; when your hair is wet, it is very delicate and is prone to breaking and split ends. Be very careful when combing your wet hair so that you don’t do any damage.

Next, towel-dry your hair. Take the towel in both hands and take several sections of hair into your hands. With the towel, squeeze the excess water out of your hair, a section at a time.

Scrunch into your hair
Scrunch into your hair | Source

Step 2: Gel Your Hair

Take your hair gel bottle and squirt some gel into the palm of one of your hands. Rub your hands together so that both hands have gel on them and then begin scrunching sections of your hair. Continue to scrunch or ball your hands up with hair inside.

Begin taking the ends of your hair and bringing your hair up towards your scalp. When you reach your scalp, scrunch your hair together. Try to do this for all of your hair, to ensure that you get the hair gel everywhere.

Put 3 buns in your hair to help it get wavy.
Put 3 buns in your hair to help it get wavy. | Source

Step 3: Put Your Hair in a Bun

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you can skip this step, but many people have straight hair and they need a little extra help with their waves.

Section your hair off into three parts: the back and both sides. With each section twist your hair into a bun. Do this by gathering your hair together as if you were making a ponytail. Make sure that you gather the hair midway up your head and that it is not gathered too low; the higher the hair is gathered, the higher the bun will be and the more hair will get wavy.

Hold the hair tight with one hand, and with your other hand begin twisting your ponytail and then wrapping sections of it around the ponytail. Continue twisting it and then wrapping it around your ponytail until you come to the end of your ponytail. Take the end section and tuck it underneath the bun.

Secure the bun with hair elastics or a scrunchy. Repeat this step for each section until you have three separate buns in your hair.

Step 4: Apply Hair Spray

Apply hair spray to your tied back hair. Make sure that you get all of your hair and that you mostly focus on the buns. Allow the hair spray to dry before removing the buns or touching your hair.

Scrunch the hair near your scalp
Scrunch the hair near your scalp | Source

Step 5: Mousse Your Hair

The next step is to mousse your hair. Once the hair spray has dried, you can loosen the buns and let your hair fall down freely. Remove the hair elastics and undo the buns. Do not comb your hair with a brush because this will remove the waves that you have created. Instead, you can run your fingers through your hair and gently loosen the curls and undo any knots or tangles.

Take a small amount of mousse in your hand, apply it to both hands and begin scrunching the hair around your scalp with the mousse. With whatever mousse you have leftover on your hands you can begin to scrunch your hair the same way that you did with the gel when your hair was wet. If your hair is still wet you can gently blow dry it, or allow it to dry naturally.

Voila! Now you have beach-style hair waves using gel and mousse.

Do you use gel and mousse to style your hair?

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