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How to Keep From Feeling Itchy After a Haircut

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Haircuts are a normal part of the human grooming routine. Without them, our hair becomes unmanageable, messy, and gross. Our hairstyle says a lot about who we are. So we often visit the barber or stylist when we need to change our style, clean it up, update our look, etc.

The one bane of a haircut (besides sometimes being overcharged) is the itchy feeling you get afterward. That feeling mostly hits down our necks and around the collar. How do you avoid that from the get-go? Or how can you cure that itchy feeling after the fact? Read on to find the solution to this annoying problem.

An exposed neck means you will get hair particles on your skin during a haircut, resulting in an uncontrollable itch.

An exposed neck means you will get hair particles on your skin during a haircut, resulting in an uncontrollable itch.

Preparing for a Haircut

Before you go in for your haircut, there are some things you can do so you can prevent feeling itchy after your haircut:

  • Wear a collared shirt. When you sit down, turn the collar inside of your shirt. This gives you a lining to keep the small bits of hair from falling in too far. However, it won't catch everything.
  • Ask for a towel for your neck. Most, but not all, stylists know to do this. If you have very long hair or if it grows down far, this may not help too much. But this will keep your sensitive neck from being the home to too many hairs.
  • Ask for your neck to be blow-dried. After a haircut, you should have your neck wiped clean, blow-dried, etc. You can even ask for this during the haircut as well if you expect it to be a long one.
  • Get your hair shampooed afterwards. This is something that has helped me. The warm water tends to run down to my neck, which gets a lot of the hair particles out. Plus it gets rid of any stray hairs that could be left in your hair after the cut.
  • Baby powder works in a pinch. If you don't want to go through a wash or simply can't, then ask for some baby or talcum powder to be applied to your neck.
  • Try to go home directly afterwards. No matter what you do, you still may end up with an itchy neck. If that is the case, then try to plan to have your haircut so you can go home right afterwards to deal with it.
Taking a shower after your haircut always helps that itchy feeling.

Taking a shower after your haircut always helps that itchy feeling.

Curing That Itchy Feeling After a Haircut

Sometimes you simply can't avoid being itchy after a haircut. There are some steps you can take to get rid of that feeling as soon as possible.

  • Wash the back of your neck. Not all of us can go back home right after a haircut. So if you have the opportunity, stop in a restroom and get some warm water rubbed into your neck. That does a good job of relieving that itchy feeling temporarily.
  • Change your shirt. If possible you should change your shirt. Hair particles would have burrowed into all of your clothing, which means they will get into your skin. Changing into a fresh shirt can relieve some of the itching.
  • Take a shower. This is the best solution to this problem. You should take a shower when you can. Those small hairs can travel all over your body. Having a warm, soapy shower does the trick to eliminate the itch.
  • Wash your clothes. Don't wear the same clothes again thinking they are free of hair. They may not be, so wash the clothes you wore to your haircut before you wear them again.
  • Don't sleep. That's right, don't go to bed without ensuring you have stopped itching. Your head will be resting on a pillow at night, so the small bits of hair can travel from your hair and neck to your pillow. You won't get a good sleep if you are itching all night.

Why Does My Neck and Scalp Itch After a Haircut?

During the process of the haircut, your hair is trimmed off by scissors, razors, etc. This results in very tiny pieces of hair falling all over the place around you. The reason why they put a smock over your body is so they don't get all over you. But hair easily falls down onto your neck, under your collar, and even down your shirt. They are so small that you won't be able to see them, and they could be there for days! No amount of scratching will simply get the hair out. There could be hundreds of small hairs stuck on your skin.

My Worst Haircut Ever

I wrote this article due to my own experience with a poor haircut. My cut was fine, but I was very itchy afterwards. There were multiple things my stylist failed to do when cutting my hair:

  • She didn't turn my collar down.
  • She didn't place a towel on my neck.
  • She did a poor job of cleaning my neck when the haircut was done.

I didn't realize how much these few simple steps could make a difference when preventing the itchiness I felt, so keep these tips in mind so you can prevent yourself from feeling itchy after a haircut.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: Sometimes a shower does not finish the job and I still catch hair with my hand afterwards and ending up getting it on my pillow. Is there anything else to do?

Answer: Well, if you can get your hair washed right after a haircut, then shower when you are home, that should take care of the problem. If it doesn't, then take another shower before bed.

If you go to a higher end salon, you can request a through cleaning/setup be done so there is as little hair as possible afterwards.

Question: Can you just wipe off hair from your body after a haircut with your hands or do you need to take a shower?

Answer: You can, but with how tiny the hair particles can be, they can get burrowed in your skin for a while until you do take a shower or wash your hair. You won't be able to get everything by just using your hands. It's why it's best to get your hair washed before you leave the barber/hairdresser or shower when you get home.

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Sherrie Smith on April 26, 2019:

Information great, been cuting hair for years.

"Gretchen" C. on March 11, 2017:

Thank you-she offered baby powder, but it contained talcum-

which I'm ALLERGIC to & would only make me itch more! So,

she suggested corn starch, instead. I immediately showered, washed my hair, changed clothes and then, used GOLD BOND

anti itch lotion on back of my neck and around my face. The

drastic changes/plunges in temperature (home heating, etc.)

doesn't help on sensitive, dry skin.

Denis Lubojanski from 7 Station Street, London on March 10, 2016:

Nice and informative post. Cheers! One think I would like to add. Never ever take any kinds of exposed food immediately after taking haircut. Small particles of hair can go inside of your stomach which is so much harmful.

Have a nice and clean bath and then go for some food.

Andre Franklin on May 12, 2015:

Most of these seem like pretty common sense things to do to avoid being itchy after a haircut. Though, I hadn't thought to wear a collared shirt, and turn the collar inside out to catch any loose hairs. I'll have to try that out the next time I go to get mine cut.