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How to Safely Bleach Hair Platinum Blonde

Updated on June 01, 2016

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Why Trust Me?

Ok, first things first: Why should you listen to me? I wouldn’t trust my hair to any random article on the internet, so why should you?

Well, first, I’ve been dying my hair myself since I was in middle school (so for well over 10 years). Next, throughout my entire existence my hair has been every color of the rainbow and back to platinum blonde, so I know how to get the results I want and do it fast.

Finally, after many years of experience I know what not to do and I refined my technique to the point where I can tell you how to get the color you want on the first try without completely frying your hair. Not to mention the fact that most of my friends are cosmetologists.

Now, if you feel like I’m a reliable source of information, we’ll get into what you really want to know. First, some guidelines:

  1. Color does not cover color. In other words, do not attempt to buy a box of blonde color because it will not turn out like what’s on the package, especially if you’ve colored your hair before. You’ll end up brassy at the very least, and you may even end up resembling a traffic cone if your hair favors red tones.
  2. You cannot become platinum blonde without bleaching your hair.
  3. Yes, bleach is harmful to the hair and scalp. The bleach will damage your hair and can chemically burn your scalp. That’s why you take precautions. You want your hair healthy before you bleach. And you never paint the bleach all the way to the scalp.
  4. Bleaching should be a three-part system: getting started, the action, and the aftercare.


Quick Step-by-Step Look and Overview

See more details below

How to Bleach Your Hair Platinum

Step 1
Before you bleach, make sure your hair is healthy
Take good care of it; condition and trim regularly
Step 2
Purchase your products
See below for the ones that I like and recommend
Step 3
Test a small section of hair
See directions below. This is to find out how long you need to leave on the bleach
Step 4
Time to bleach! Grab your materials, put a towel around your shoulder, and get to the bathroom
Step 5
Divide your hair into 4 sections
Part it down and then across like a plus sign
Step 6
Mix your bleach
Put the bleach powder in a bowl and then gradually add developer until you get ketchup-like consistency
Step 7
Starting with the roots, paint your hair down to the tips section by section
Don't get bleach on your scalp!
Step 8
Check progress like with the strand test. If it's drying out, add more or wet it.
Step 9
After your hair finishes processing, rinse and then wash with purple shampoo
Step 10
Condition your hair heavily
Don't blow or flat iron it
Step 11
After your hair dries, apply "Virgin Snow" toner on strands that look brassy
Try to leave it on for at least 30 minutes (an hour is best). You can also do this when it's wet if you can tell where the color is off.
Step 12
Wash again with purple shampoo, condition, and spray a leave-in conditioner or reconstructor.
Again, try to avoid using heat to dry.

Getting Started

Preparing to bleach

Like I said before, you want to have healthy hair before you go slapping on bleach. It’s just better that way. Healthy hair can stand up to the abuse it’s going to take with the processing.

To Make Sure Your Hair Is Healthy:

  • Stay away from box color
  • Do not bleach more than once every few weeks
  • Do not bleach previously bleached pieces of hair (only bleach new growth for instance)
  • Use conditioner every time you wash your hair
  • Do not wash your hair every day. Every three days is ideal because it allows the oil in the hair to build back up, nourish, and protect the hair
  • Keep your split ends in check. The recommendation is to trim them every 6-8 weeks, but I normally go every 10-12. I find it works better for my hair.
  • Follow additional tips in the "aftercare" section of this article

Purchase the Products and Test Your Hair

After you make sure your hair is in an OK condition to undergo bleaching, its time to gather supplies and test out the process.

First, decide how many shades you need to lift your hair to get to your desired color of blonde. This will help determine the developer you need to purchase. Typically, you'll use a 30 developer to lighten your hair 3 shades, and 40 for 4 shades.

I've personally never used a 40 developer on my hair. I stick with the 30 and it has worked just fine on my dyed and natural hair. I just leave it on a little longer than what I would the 40. Whatever I can do to help limit the harshness of the bleach, I do, so I do suggest that if the 30 developer works for you, use it instead of stepping up to the 40.

Next, it's time to buy your materials.

Shopping List:

  • Ion color brilliance powder lightener
  • Ion sensitive scalp 30 volume creme developer
  • Manic panic "virgin snow" toner
  • Re-useable gloves
  • Hair clips
  • Mixing bowl
  • Tint brush
  • Ion cool blonde shampoo

I buy all of my products at Sally's and it usually runs between $25 and $30 depending on the sales they're running. If you prefer a different brand, by all means, use the one you feel comfortable with. I like Ion because the powder is tinted blue and it helps to achieve that cool blonde color better.

After buying your product, resist the urge to run home and start a bleaching frenzy. You need to do a strand test before bleaching to see how your hair is going to react.

Do a Strand Test

  1. Divide your hair into a top and bottom section, clip up the top section, and select a small strand of hair from the bottom section that is easily manipulated and hidden (if things go wrong).
  2. Mix your product according to the directions in the next section of this article, apply, and wait.
  3. Note the time of application and check hair every 10 minutes until the desired color is achieved.

This way you'll know about how long it will take your hair to process when you bleach completely.


How to Bleach Your Hair

The action!

So you've taken care of your hair, gathered all your supplies, and completed the strand test. Now, you're ready for the exciting part: the action!

  1. Get all your materials laid out in the bathroom, grab a towel and throw it around your shoulders.
  2. Divide your hair into 4 sections by parting it like a plus sign (down then across), and secure each section with a clip.
  3. Next, mix your bleach. Start by dumping the powder from the bleach packet into a mixing bowl, then gradually stir in the developer until it gets to a consistency almost like ketchup. You don't want to leave it watery, but you also don't want it like peanut butter.
  4. Make sure to mix it up well, because the powder has a tendency to stick to the bottom of the mixing bowl and not become completely submersed in the developer. This will make your solution gritty and hard to work with.
  5. Now you can start bleaching! Be careful not to apply the bleach directly onto the scalp. It can give you a chemical burn. Just paint your roots super-close.
  6. Start with the roots and work your way down to the tips of your hair. If you've previously dyed or bleached your hair, this will save on some of the damage to the ends and limit the amount of time exposed to the bleach.
  7. You can start front to back, back to front, or on one of the sides. Do whatever is easiest for you. I try to start at the back and work my way through the sides and to the front.
  8. After your hair is covered, it's time to wait. Whenever your hair is processing, be sure to check its progress like with the strand test, even though you should now have a general idea of how long it will take. You don't want to over-do it.
  9. When you check your hair's progress, check to make sure the bleach isn't drying out.
  10. Reserve some of the bleach mixture so that in case some areas do begin to dry, you can re-coat them. If you don't have any extra bleach, you can use a little dab of water on the area as well.
  11. When the processing is finished, rinse your hair and then wash with the purple shampoo.
  12. Condition your hair heavily, and if you can stand it, don't blow dry or flat iron.
  13. Dry hair reveals colors that wet hair doesn't. So, when your hair dries, inspect it for strands that look brassy, orange, or yellow. That's where you'll apply the "Virgin Snow" toner. It works on wet or dry hair, so if you can pick out discolorations when the hair is wet, and there is no need to wait for it to dry to apply the toner.* The longer you can leave this on, the better. At least 30 minutes is needed for full effect, but if you slather it on and put a towel around it turban-style, an hour is easily achievable.
  14. Once time is up, wash again with purple shampoo, condition, and spray in a leave-in conditioner/reconstructor. Again, avoid heat if at all possible.

*The good thing about this toner is it is actually good for your hair. It's very moisturizing, so you can drench your entire head in the stuff if you don't want to pick out individual areas for application. It won't hurt the color that bleached out with no brassiness. It will simply brighten and enhance it.


The Aftercare: Taking Care of Bleached Hair

The aftercare is probably the most important part of the whole bleaching extravaganza. You want to keep that gorgeous hair healthy, right?

Here's how:

  1. Buy a deep conditioner, hot oil treatment, or hair masque and use it at least once a week. You need to replace the moisture in your hair. I use a combination of the V05 hot oil shower treatment and Kenra Nourishing Masque.
  2. Buy a good reconstructor and use it at least once a week. Deep conditioners are great, but they don't do enough for bleached hair. They re-moisturize, but that's really it. You need something that is going to give your hair some lovin'. Reconstructors will revitalize your hair, fix some of the damage, and replace some of what was stripped out of your hair during the bleaching process. Bedhead makes a nice reconstructor called Dumb Blonde and you can use it every time you wash your hair.
  3. Use a spray, leave-in treatment of some type. Redken Snap, or CHI Keratin Treatment will help repair damage.
  4. Wash with purple shampoo. It keeps those lovely blonde locks looking their best and brightest, and will keep brassiness and discolorations away.
  5. Trim your ends.
  6. Stay away from heat as much as possible, especially within the first week. Avoid the flat iron, girls, and if you absolutely must blow dry, set it to the lowest heat setting.
  7. And, when it comes time to bleach again, only bleach your new growth.

Hope this article helps answer some of your questions. If you have any tips or tricks about bleaching or aftercare please leave them in the comments!

What hair color do you prefer?

What is your favorite hair color for yourself?

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    • tiffany 2 years ago

      Hi I have a question I know you said to only bleach your new growth after bleaching before. But I bleached my hair today and its yellow/orange mostly yellow. But its not the pale yellow its supposed to be before you would use a toner. So my question is should I rebleach all my hair in a week or not? I want platinum blonde thanks hun!!

      Love your hair!!!!

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      It sounds like the bleach just wasn't left on long enough. If you're hair is bright yellow/super brassy orange you may need to wait and re-bleach in a couple weeks. Depending on what color your hair was to being with it may take a couple times to get it to the platinum color you want. You can always try the toner first to see how much of the yellow that takes out, you can leave it on 20 minutes, so it really has a chance to get in there and work. If you need to re-bleach after that wait a couple weeks, and be sure to avoid heat, wash your hair as little as possible, and do deep conditioning treatments. Hope this helps, thanks for reading my page!

    • tiffany 2 years ago

      Hi again, so I toned my hair with the wella T14 and it took the bright yellow down to a pale yellow with some lavender strands. So its still not where I want it to be color wise. What would you suggest next? Still rebleach whole head in a few weeks? I bought the Aussie 3 minute miracle I have aveeno leave in conditioner I can't find the vo5 hot oil shower treatment in the stores by me. Also what brand PURPLE shampoo do you use??? Thank you again for your help!!

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      I use ion color solutions, I buy it at Sally's. Next, I think you should wait and re-bleach in a couple weeks since the toner didn't counteract the yellow orange enough.

    • Hannah 2 years ago

      So I am a natural red head, and I currently have a pixie cut. Would you suggest getting it done at a salon, or do you think it would work for me to do it myself. I know red is pretty hard to get platinum because it will turn brassy. Also, I have a pixie cut, can I get the supplies in a smaller package since I don't need as much? Thanks.

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      Since your hair is red naturally I'd say you have a better chance of achieving the look you want at home rather than having to go to a salon. Depending on the shade of red, and what tones your hair favors it may take more than one time, though. Try a strand test and see how it turns out. That will give you a better indication if you can do it at home or need to see a colorist.

      There are different sizes of bleach powders and developers at Sally's- you can definitely get one of the small sizes.

    • Katie 2 years ago

      I am super interested in doing this! I have had my hair bleached platinum at the salon before and I LOVE it. My only worry is that I have VERY short hair, and you say not to get the stuff on my scalp. There's kind of no way for me *not* to get it on my scalp because my hair is so short. Thoughts?

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      If you could stand an ultra heavy highlight in place of an all over blonde, you could buy a highlight cap and use that. If you get the bleach on your scalp it's going to turn it white, and may give you a chemical burn. If you had a friend help you apply the bleach to hard to reach parts that may help as well, or wait a little while until your hair grows a bit.

    • Alix 2 years ago

      Hi, do you mind giving me some advice? I am a natural brunette, a few months ago I started getting full heads of highlights until I was pretty blonde, then I switched to getting an all over bleach at the salon and it is very blonde now but I want white blonde so I've decided to start diy-ing the bleaching process. But I'm wondering, if I have dark roots will they be ginger while the rest of my hair is white? How can I avoid that? Do I do the roots first and then apply bleach to the rest of the hair? Thankyou

    • Alix 2 years ago

      Oh and also what volume developer would you recommend? I bought a 30vol/9% but people are suggesting I use a 20 vol.. I'm just worried it won't lift my dark roots

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      Alix I think you should take a minute and read this hub again, most of your questions are answered above. How dark of brunette is your hair? If its near black then you are going to definitely need a higher volume developer. Typically 30 lifts three shades, 40 will do four shades. When you were having your hair done in the salon you should have noticed if it tended to favor red or brassy tones. If they used a toner at the salon there is a good chance you will need to at home. If you didn't notice, do a strand test. As for bleaching the parts of your hair that is already blonde, unless its dark blonde, I'd avoid that. You're going to end up with fried hair. You can usually just tone that as well and get the color you want.

    • Larimeri 2 years ago

      When purchasing the bleach included in your shopping list are you getting a packet or a full container?

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      I buy the packet. I have shoulder length hair, and have enough. But if you have longer hair definitely buy two packets or the tub.

    • LitaB 2 years ago

      Hi I have a, question for you, I started out with a box color and when I didn't achieve a platinum blonde that I wanted I went to bleaching. The bleaching still did not give me the Platinum color that I wanted I tried using the Wella toner #10 with a 10 developer, it gave me a silvery blonde but I want platinum. What do you recommend using a toner again, a box color or what? Your Comment...

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      Lita, I would definitely NOT buy a box color. Try toning again and using a purple shampoo. You can step up to a 20 developer with the toner for a more intense effect, and that may help achieve the color you want. I've used Wella #18 with a 20 developer before and it worked really well.

    • TessaMarie720 2 years ago

      Hi there, I recently died my hair a dark red color, and it didn't turn out the way I wanted it. I decided I wanted to bleach the two bottom layers and dye them different colors. Do you know the best way to get the hair dye out with bleach? Its dark red and permanent.

    • Ashleigh 2 years ago

      @tessamarie720 you can google the vitamin c and antidandruff shampoo treatment... it takes all the colour out of my hair and my hair is currently a dark red (I learned the vit c treatment when i wanted bright red hair instead of dark... im back to dark again now.)

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      Tessa, there's also color stripper you can buy at beauty supply stores. It will get rid of the red in your hair before you attempt to bleach it. Using bleach alone to get rid of the red will bed difficult and may require repeated bleachings.

      Ashleigh, never heard of that before- thanks for your comment!

    • Anna 2 years ago

      Thanks for this article! I am doing my roots for the first time by myself (I have pastel pink hair), do I still need to tone even though I am putting pink over it? I don't really remember my hairdresser doing this.

    • Rita Duncan 2 years ago

      My daughter had her hair bleached blonde at a salon. The "lifter" gave her a chemical burn. It is the size of a small sand dollar and has turned black. The stylist immediately rinsed the chemical of but it burned so bad that my daughter was crying. Has this ever happened to you before? Do you think the hair will fall out and she will have a bald spot? Thanks for any advise you can give.

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      Hi Anna-

      if you can get to a nice pale yellow color you won't need to tone it, unless you're doing a pastel pink. But, if it's still orange that can affect the brilliance of the shade of pink.

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      Rita- This has never happened to me before, but I've had friends who have had a chemical burn from the bleach. In most cases, the scalp was simply too sensitive for the bleach. This may or may not be the case for her hair. If her hair was pretty healthy before she had it bleached it may not fall out. But, if it was distressed before hand it make break off. If her hair feels like straw, or gummy when it goes under heat that's a sign it is distressed. Stay away from heat as much as possible, and slather on intense moisturizers, re-constructors, and a leave-in conditioners/oils for a couple weeks and that should help.

    • Melinda 2 years ago

      Im dyeing my hair a light blonde,but the ends are looking purple. Will it still come out blonde? If not what can I do?

    • Li 2 years ago

      Hi, just 2 quick questions.

      I have naturally black coloured hair at the roots and that is more than 30 inches long. I have an ombre that has a mix of level 7-8 blond on it and almost a year old red salon dye too. Some areas of my ombre I still want to lighten. However, you mention I shouldn't bleach over bleached areas of my hair. I haven't bleached my hair in 6 weeks, I've been treating it and it's in ok condition. Can I still go ahead with bleaching the areas I need to lighten to a level 9-10? Also, any suggestions or comments that I can take into consideration when bleaching my hair with all these complications

      Is there any hints or warning while bleaching my hair before it falls out?

      Thanks for all your help!

    • 2 years ago

      Hi, I have read your article and am planning to bleach my hair. However, my hair is permanent-box dyed red (red, not the ginger-orangish-natural looking red) ie. Feria power reds. I bought all the supplies you mentioned at Sally, but I also bought a Color Charm color removal kit. I did it because I have heard its best to strip out the dyed red color before attempting a platinum blonde.... In your opinion, do you suggest I do this? Or could I just try bleaching it as it is? My natural hair color is dark brunette.

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      Melinda- I'd need more info to answer your question. What color did you start with? What products are you using and what process did you follow... things like that.

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      Li, I think that you should be fine to go ahead and bleach over the already bleached parts of your hair if it doesn't feel like straw right now. Taking the ombre into consideration, apply the bleach on the darker parts of your hair first, to give it more time to process than the lighter portions. If the lighter parts of your hair reach the color you want and the darker parts are still processing you can wet a washcloth and wash out the bleach to prevent it from lightening too much or frying your hair. The red dye shouldn't be an issue at this point. A good hint for when you need to get the bleach out before it turns into hair breakage is how it feels- if you keep the bleach from drying out and rub some hair between your finger and thumb and it feels gummy you need to rinse it out immediately- the bleach is basically disintegrating your hair at that point. If the bleach has dried out and you moisten it with some water with your finger tips and your hair continues to feel crunchy- rinse it. Good Luck!

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      M- Definitely use the color removal kit. I agree, it will do wonders to help you lighten your hair. Red box color is notoriously difficult the bleach out. Using the color stripper will help you get a better starting color before you bleach.

    • Mindy 2 years ago

      I'm a natural red head and I bleached my hair about a week ago. It started turning brassy so instead of toning my hair, I decided to dye it a warm auburn color. The results were not what I wanted and my hair was bright cherry red. I want to bleach again and am hoping the dye is fresh enough to bleach out easily. Another concern is it turning yellow. If I see yellow should I let it continue to process through? Also will my hair pink? My desired blonde is a pale yellow.

    • Katie 2 years ago

      Thanks for this awesome post! I've been dying my hair myself for about 6-7 years and ivey had quite a few mishaps with bleach. I found this to be the most helpful post I've ever read! Thanks so much for sharing your knowlage doll (:

    • Jordan 2 years ago

      Hi! Your post was super informative. I was wondering if you could give me some advice though. I'm a box dark red head. Pretty red. I want to get my hair down to pretty much white so I can go a pastel shade. Do you think I should do it at home or salon? I dye my hair pretty often but it's not too unhealthy. It's pretty soft and I've been keeping up with hair cuts. My only issue is I don't want to go walking around with bright orange/yellow hair for a while. But if I have to I guess I will. Help me? Haha thanks in advance!

    • MominColorado 2 years ago

      Quick tip: I had a very bad experience with Feria reds; I looked like a clown. I read somewhere (?) to use lemon Crystal Light to remove color mistakes. The process is to take 1-2 drink powder packs of the Lemonade flavor (it's the citric acid you'll need) and mix it well with 1 CUP of conditioner. Dampen your hair, apply everywhere, wrap in plastic wrap, and leave on for AT LEAST an hour. You might need a second application if the color isn't fully removed. It worked for me, thank goodness!

    • chas 2 years ago

      I have a question for ya I'm from way back in the sticks so I don't quiet get a lot of what yall talk about lol I've got red red hair myself and when the salon bleached it my hair was fallin out would it help me to get really short layers then try colorin blonde again to see if that take a lot of red away

    • Amy 2 years ago

      Hi i gotta question im a natural brown head an i have had my hair died so many times iv had it black dark brown blonde highlights redish color but i want my hair born blonde iv used the box but it just turned some parts of my hair redish but its also blonde what do i need to do to fix this

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO


      Is your hair naturally red? If so,when the salon bleached your hair and a lot of it was falling out, they may have been using a developer that was too intense for your hair. If you want to try to go blonde again make sure you tell your hair stylist how sensitive your hair is. She should be able to get you to a level of blonde you like without frying your hair. Cutting off the super unhealthy parts of your hair will definitely help.

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      You should never use box blonde color to try and cover up old color, especially if it's dark or red. You need to use bleach to lift the color from your hair to the desired level of blonde. Follow the instructions in the above article. You should wait a couple weeks before you attempt to bleach though, because box color is horrible on your hair.

    • Cassie 2 years ago

      Hi! I have a quick question. I've been dying my hair for such a long time and for the past year its been a light blonde on top and underneath a dark brown. I Wanna keep it that way and sadly i usually use the box stuff. This time though I went to Sally's and bought some stuff. My problem is that my roots grow out super dark and my plan is to touch up my roots and refresh the top layers that are blonde. I wasn't sure exaxtly what to buy so I bought the color blonde I wanted along with a 30 developer. The girl working there said that the color wouldn't change my roots without bleaching them first so she recommended me to quick blue. So my question would be if she was right and then if I should use the quick blue on just my roots then apply the desired color I bought? Thank you!

    • wendy@confused 2 years ago

      Hi I am a natural red head, a deep auburn actually. I started putting blonde highlights in and 15 yrs ago and now my hair is so washed out the auburn barely shows anymore. It looks more brownish. I want to all over color my hair back a pretty rich auburn and then do blonde highlights. How hard would this be? And can I do it at the same time? If I use toner on the blonde will it strip the red also? Thanks for ur time

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO


      I'm not familiar with quick blue, but color should cover your natural regrowth without the need to bleach, even if you use the box stuff. The problem is that it may not lift to a blonde that is as blonde as you want. If your natural hair is super dark and you want to take it really light blonde then my suggestion is to bleach it first then use the dye as the girl at Sally's said.

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO


      Instead of doing an all over color and then highlighting you could try doing auburn low lights at the same time you refresh your highlights. That wouldn't be as hard on your hair.

    • jordan degraw 2 years ago

      All I did was git hydroprocid and baking soda mixed it up and put it on my hair for 3 hours and it turned golden bloned

    • ashlee 2 years ago

      I dyed my hair medium Brown couple weeks ago but it looks black how doi get that platinum blonde

    • Kristen 2 years ago

      Hi my hair is currently dyed red brown. I would like to pull out the color to reduce it to a light copper brown but my hair is to dark for the color to cover. What process would you suggest ?

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      Kristen, you need to bleach your hair, not use a color. Bleaching the process of removing pigment from the hair- that's how it lightens up. The above comments and article should explain how to accomplish the look you want. Thanks for reading.

    • Zoe 2 years ago

      So, my hair is dark brown and I'm trying the bleach my hair so I can dye it lavender later. I bought the AgeBeautiful Creme lightner and 30V developer. The women at Sally's suggested it but I had hard time finding reviews for it and that makes me a little antsy. I've used Manic Panic bleach before but only strips of my hair. Would you say that the Ion bleach and 30V would work well enough to lighten my hair enough?

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO


      I'd say so. I've always had awesome results with Ion, and I've started with dark brown hair and red before. I wouldn't go higher than a 30 vol developer for brown hair. You won't need to.

    • ladymantrap 2 years ago

      Thank You so much for posting how to safely bleach our hairdos. I have been platinum before, but went back to my now natural color of off-black, then died black hair. After being dark for a few months, I began to get depressed. I am happier as a blonde. So, I read your blog, and decided to try to go platinum. After 4 bleaches and 2 manic panic virgin snow toner sessions, and dark purple shampoo, I am very happy to report that I am now gloriously platinum, and it is Beautiful. All of your tips came in very handy, and another I came across as well....which is...a few hours before bleaching, saturate your hair with coconut oil. Due to the coconut oil, I had very minimal damage, and got to keep my length. (I usually have to cut all or most of the length off when I do this, cause it usually gets so fried and damaged.) Anyhoo, I just wanted to add that tip for those bleaching, and to Thank You orderedchaos!! You are Awesome!!

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO


      Thanks for reading! Your comment gave me all kinds of feel-goods! And, the coconut oil is an awesome suggestion, I'm happy you shared.

    • pederys 2 years ago

      Hi I have a question. I bleached my hair a day or so ago and I love the color, but for some reason I have little black roots all over my head showing. Now I don't think that my hair grows that fast. Can you help me out in figuring out how to turn them blonde or if I even can?

      Thank you

    • Alex 2 years ago

      Hi! I bleached my hair today with the ion lightener powder and it worked mostly on my roots and bottom part of my hair leaving it an orangey color. My hair is black and I dye my roots cuz of greys. I'm trying to get a bright red. What should I do, bleach again or try to dye it red?

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO


      you can just spot lighten them with bleach. They may have been missed when you originally bleached.

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO


      If you're wanting to end up with a bright red color, you will be fine to go ahead and just dye it red. Red fades out horribly- faster than any other color, so if you put it over super bleached out hair you would need to fill it so it holds the color. You can skip the filling process by foregoing the additional bleach and going for the red now. If you want to keep it red, try mixing some semi-permanent hair color in with your conditioner and letting it soak into your hair once a week to freshen it up/keep it vibrant.

    • Kat 2 years ago

      Hey, Great blog.. I just have a question which I just can't find on google..

      I highlighted some of my hair one week ago and now i want to bleach my roots so i can dye them to purple.. Will my hair fall off from the highlighted parts if i bleach it? because it's not easy for me to find the highlights cause my hair was already blonde.. What do u suggest? Thank youuu xx

    • britney sanders 2 years ago

      There isn't a Sally around me. I have a horrible hair emergency. I always go to the salon to get my hair colored. But since my hair really needed done and i didn't have the money i desided to box dye it blonde. Just as i expected, it pulled red and didn't even get as light as i wanted. It's a very ugly ugly blonde. My husbands always wanted me to go bleach blonde so since im scared to use another box xolor on it afraid to make it worse and i can't take this color anymore if decides to try bleach blonde. Could i use a bleach kit from walmart? If it for sure going to make my hair blonde? Could it pull red? And what do you mean by it can turn a yellowish? Why does it do thank? Thank you. d

    • Destiney 2 years ago

      Hey, so I dyed my hair black about two months ago and decided I wanted it to be blonde again so I bought a couple of box bleach kits and it took three of them to turn my hair a orangey-blonde color, but my roots are bleach blonde and I still have small patches of brown in the back that no matter how much of the product I put on it it won't color, what do you think I should do?

      I was thinking about going and getting the products you listed above but I don't know how long it will take for my hair to be healthy enough to try it.

      And it's very dried out and hard to brush, I don't know what to do to fix this and I don't want to go to school with my hair looking like it does. Its kinda laugh worthy :/

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO


      If your hair is healthy you should be ok to re-bleach it this time. Just don't make a habit of continually bleaching over previously bleached hair. That's when you run into trouble with breakage. Thanks for reading!

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO

      Britney Sanders,

      Don't get a box color or a bleach kit to try and fix your hair. Bleach kits are just like box colors- unreliable. Wal-Mart is not going to carry what you need to fix this. If you don't have a Sally's around you try and find a store that sells supplies to hair stylists and see if they have products similar to ones that are listed above. If that doesn't work, you can always check online to see what you can get, or go to a salon and get a corrective color. Thanks for reading!

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO


      Going from black to blonde should be a multi-step process. The fact that it took you 3 bleach kits just to get to an orangey-brown shows that your hair is not going to lift that much in one round. If your hair is dried out and hard to brush you need to wait a good month or two until you consider bleaching again. During that time you need to avoid heat, moisturize and reconstruct your hair- you don't want it breaking off and falling out when you finally do get it the color you want it. When you do decide your hair is in good enough condition to bleach again, don't use a kit- they're unreliable. Find some product like what's listed in this article. As far as damage control for now- color your hair as light as the darkest parts of your hair, and chop off as much of the crunchy ends as you can stand the part with. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!

    • amanda 2 years ago

      So I used a lightening kit to get my hair blonde which is not as blonde as I wanted it but its been a while since and my hair is in pretty good condition but my roots are coming in and there dark so do I start with my roots or the length? I read your article and still couldn't figure it out plus read the comments please help! And since my hair is already a yellow blonde will I need a toner? I've read that you can use any purple cond I have the purple herbal essences on hand, would that be good enough?

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO


      Start at the darkest part of your hair, it will take longer to process. When your roots start to look close in color to the rest of your hair, slap the bleach on the lengths of your hair you want to lighten further. The yellow should get lighter and paler, if not then use a toner. Purple shampoo and conditioner will help keep it bright and blonde after you get to the color you want but won't take out the yellow pigments like toner will.

      Thanks for reading!

    • pat vest 2 years ago

      i feel you should NOT be giving advise about bleaching hair if you are NOTa licensed PROFESSIONAL COSMETOLOGIST. this is not a game and you hair can deffinatally break off!!

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 years ago from Kansas City, MO


      Thanks for your comment. I respect your opinion. Please feel free to ignore my advice in its entirety. However, nowhere in this article did I act as though the bleaching process was "a game," and I covered the damage it can do to your hair quite extensively. Perhaps you should better read the article on which you are commenting. Thanks!

    • Cathy 2 years ago

      Hello! I have literally been depressed since the new color of my hair. I have had my hair platinum blonde for sixteen years and regretting this new color. Literally crying every time I look in the mirror. The color she used looks a little a shy with a red tint. Not sure if it was a permanent color or not and will find out. I also cut my hair chin length in which my hair truly needed it due to the dead ends. My hair is very healthy and feels a little thicker, although my hair is very thin and fine. What do you recommend me to do? I am thinking about getting chunky highlights to start with. Or would it be safe to go ahead and bleach back to the blonde it was?

    • corilynn 2 years ago

      hey! sooo this april I bleached my ends && totally adored the color. I eventually dyed it purple about September just for a change, thinking eventually it would wash out (I used directions) the purple faded quick! but my hair started turning gray/green, so once again I jumped on the color wagon&& dyed it hot pink October 31. after a month I was tired of it, I tried to fade it out with lemon juice & baking soda, dander shampoos, clarifying shampoos! pretty much everything I could think of! I ended up doing a bleach bath & it's just so stubborn&& pink! I'm not thinking of just bleaching it straight up after seeking a professionals opinion but I was curious to what you thought would lift it? will I ever be able to go blonde again? thanks! (:

    • Kira 23 months ago

      I want to use platinum blonde as a base and put other colors on top of it, blue, green, unnatural colors. Do you know if ifI will get desired results or if it will change the colors somehow?

      Thanks :)

    • Kira 23 months ago

      My main concern is mixing the manic panic with the other hair colors I want to use

    • Cristina 22 months ago


      so I followed all the instructions and it came out good (1 1/2 month), but for some reason now my hair at the top is pink, how do I take that off?


      Thank you

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 22 months ago from Kansas City, MO


      When did it turn pink? If it was when you were originally lightening your hair then you needed to leave the bleach on longer. What was your starting hair color?


      Platinum blonde will be a perfect base. It will let the crazy hair colored show true to color.

    • Christina 22 months ago

      the first time was about a month and it came out great, about a week I did the roots and it was fine until 3 days ago that it turned lite pink so I was with purple shampoo and did the virgin white snow but now is darker pink.

    • Christina 22 months ago

      when I first did it I had black on.

    • resa g. 22 months ago

      I recently dyed my hair dark, about three weeks ago. How long do I have to wait before I bleach it? If I really want to can I Go ahead?

    • Shea 21 months ago

      Hello, So About two months ago, I dyed my hair from platinum to AQUA by ION. So I have been dying my hair forever and I cannot get this color to budge out. I tried the vitamin c/head and shoulders FOUR times. Since you said you've dyed your hair tons, I was wondering if you've tried ION AQUA. (Before I dyed it, I used a protein filler in my hair because dyes were just washing out of my hair quickly) Now I have faded my hair down to a turquoise/grody green and I have a chemical burn on my neck from the vitamin c. I want to bleach my hair but dear god I am so lost now. I had red hair for two years and it was easier than this to remove!

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 21 months ago from Kansas City, MO

      Hi Shea,

      I've never used ION colors before, I usually use manic panic. Honestly, I would dye your hair a color, then start highlighting to build back to the color blonde you want. If the dye is that hard to remove, it may have actually stained your hair, and bleaching may just break it off completely.

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 21 months ago from Kansas City, MO

      Resa g,

      if your hair is healthy, go ahead and bleach it. If not, use conditioners and re-constructors for about a month, then bleach. It's more about the condition of your hair than how long ago the last color was done.

    • Professional 21 months ago

      You are not giving correct information. A client of mine used your "technique" and absolutely ruined her hair. 20 vol is plenty. I've made some with a level 1 (black) hair to a level 12 (platinum) with 20 volume. you are somewhat correct when you say 30vol lift 3 levels but not when it comes to bleach! I'm sure you have heard from my client pertaining to this tutorial. You really need a disclaimer. Stylists go to school for years and continue education to make sure they are using proper techniques and what not. It is required to continue education also. We are professionals that pay a lot of money to know the proper way of doing hair. Use this technique at own risk. Spending $30 on doing it yourself is silly when you can spend a little more and get it properly done. Sally's sells to public because their products are not up to par with professional products. Also, I did not charge my client to fix the mess she created with your "technique", but I did help her fill out a report against you. You are not a professional and need to say that before giving information you know nothing about!

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 21 months ago from Kansas City, MO

      Professional, though I thank you for your concern for your client's well being, I have yet to hear from anyone who has used my "technique" and ended up with fried hair. Perhaps you and your client should re-read the first portion of my article where I list why i do what I do on my hair, and then explicitly state, "now, if you feel like I'm a reliable source of information..." I never claimed to be a professional in my article; merely giving tips on how to achieve platinum hair based on my experience and what works for my hair. People are free to choose to follow whoever's advice they choose, but not having ever met your client I don't know which of my tips she followed, and with what degree of accuracy. Finally, most of your comment seems irrelevant, this is a do it yourself article, and that is the only focus; it is not a know-all, end-all write up on hair bleach. I never argue Sally's products are "on par" with those used in salons, nor do I discourage anyone from going to a salon to achieve their desired look. Again, thank you for taking the time to comment; I will think about adding a "bleach your at your own risk" portion at the top of the article for those who need even more explicit warnings about how bleach is not the safest chemical to go slapping all over your head.

    • Tonya 20 months ago

      My hair was bleached to dye it fucshia a few months back. Since then I've dyed it purple and it only lasted maybe 2 weeks and it faded back to pink and then too a much lighter pink. I dyed it red hot red a couple weeks ago and now I'm back to pink again. I have about 2" of dark brown new growth and the remainder is like a faded fuchsia pink. I have this Splat brand dye and the color is crimson obsession. Should I bleach only my new growth or all my hair?

    • koraleelouise 19 months ago

      I have a couple questions..

      How do I know I'd look good with white/platinum hair? I really like it but idk if it's for me :/

      And I've tried dying my hair with permanent dye before and it came out within a week or so, will that be an issue with bleaching it too?

    • ash brown hair profile image

      ash brown hair 17 months ago from USA

      before you bleach your hair , you must know your natural hair born with it ,...and you can follow a hairdryer professionnal to get what you want case you have problems with your hair.

    • Petra 16 months ago

      Hi how long do you leave the bleach and the toner on for? How many scoops of powder and what amount of developer do you need?

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 16 months ago from Kansas City, MO


      It's hard to answer that question simply. The best way I can tell you to mix the bleach is to use the whole powder packet, and gradually stir in the developer until you get a nice consistency not quite as thick as ketchup. You don't want it to be watery, but not thick either. You don't want it to dry out while it processes. How long you leave the bleach on will depend on what color your hair is now. I usually start with 15 minutes since my hair is lighter already, and then check every 10 minutes to see how it looks. For toner, I use Wella T18 with a 20 volume developer. I leave it on 15-20 minutes.

    • Michele 15 months ago

      Hello. I am currently going through the stages of getting a really dark brown with a blue hue to a grey ombré. I am getting it done by someone at a beauty school. We started with my ends to bleach them and they came out fine to put the grey over it but the top of my hair is like reddish purpleish will that be fine to put the dark brown blue hue to it or will it still show some redish purplish tones to it.

    • Pam4626 14 months ago

      Oh dear....I do hope the "professionals" aren't wearing you down!! :-) I've also done my own color for years. Yes, it's been a learning experience. But I learned on my own hair, not a client. I get lots of compliments - yes, even from my stylist. You clearly stated your background, and I found it an interesting read. Have to agree....Ion is good stuff! Best to you :-)

    • Cassidy 13 months ago

      I don't know why this works, but it does: if you mix sweet n low in the bleach it won't burn your scalp if you accidentally get it on there :)

    • Cynthia 12 months ago

      Need help.I have grey (platinum)and golden highlights with brassy roots result of three unsucessfull attempts with going platinum blond at a Salon! Is there anyway of making my whole head of hair platinum blond?

    • Reina 10 months ago

      Hey! I was planning on using this tutorial on my own hair but I was wondering what sizes you would suggest buying for shortish hair?

    • Aliese 10 months ago

      I want to thank you for your instructions above, My hair came out beautiful!! I was born brunette, red highlights at 21 my hair started to come in silver white. A family gene handed down. I did henna, then dyed it for 40 years. My Mom had beautiful white and silver hair. My husband has talked me into going natural. After being blond for so long, within 2-3 weeks I would have a halo around my face with white hair. So now I am growing out my natural color and you have just made my life so easy. I bleached it 2 times and then did the "virgin snow" and coconut oil and purple shampoo. I will be able to grow my hair out without looking like a confused person. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Will stay with your web!!

    • inslady 9 months ago

      I thank you for all your help. Because I used the wrong color red after 20 years of box color, I removed the color with OOps and then Sally told me I had to bleach. I don't remember what product I used but it came out brassy. They then told me to use toner. I used Blond Brilliance champagne and it came out beaustiful. They sdidn't tell me it washes out. that was about 6 weeks ago. Now I need to bleach new growth which is gray. Can I follow your instructions above for products and then use same tome with volume 5 developper? Will hair come out brassy after the bleach? Thanks.

    • PeachyGirl 8 months ago

      I dyed my hair red with the ion color brilliance and then I used garnier olia in the color Garnet to touch it up with. I tried bleaching but it hardly did anything I even used 30 developer. Would you recommend I use a color remover before bleaching again?

    • Deanna 8 months ago

      When i do the strand test, how do i "check" to see if its done? This is always on directions and ive "checked" but how? Some say with a towel etc... Am i looking for a color i want? Damp hair and dry hair look very different.

      Im ready to do this. Got all supplies parted hair and im stuck unsure about this test.. Kinda want ti skip and apply but i dont know how long.:(

    • Lahaina 7 months ago

      Hi, I have light blonde hair. I want to color my hair platinum blonde at home. Do I really need to bleach it before I color it? Will my hair turn a weird color if I just color it and not bleach it?

    • Jordan 6 months ago

      A tip for anyone who is concerned about getting red tones or keeps getting red tones, you can purchase a red gold corrector at Sally's for normally $1.09

    • Victoria 5 months ago

      My roots is yellow

      Or should I say light blonde but the top of my hair is platinum like I want my whole soon can I try it again? I think in close...

    • leanne 3 months ago

      Hi i stripped my hair from red a couple of weeks ago and then bleached it but didn't work first time as im a natural red head and now my hair is some platinum which inwant it like and missed some roots at the back and theyre orange n some like yellow or light blonde so im gonna bleach it again at roots do you think i need to use a toner afterwards please help thanks p.s i love your hair that's what colour im looking to achieve

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 months ago from Kansas City, MO

      Deanna- you are checking for the color you want- look for a pale yellow.

      Lahaina- if your hair is golden you will need to bleach it, but if it's a very light shade of pale yellow you should just be able to use toner on it.

      Victoria- try toner on your roots- that should help

      leanne- I swear by toner- it takes your hair to a whole new level. Try it- you'll love it.

    • Parisa 2 months ago

      Hi i had a bad and expensive experience in salon so i decided to blach my black roots by myself .

      So once i did and result was orangy . I didnt want to harm my hairs so didnt bleache it ryt after . But bec i didnt like the color . I dyed my hairs pink . And after 1 month pink is so pale but my oranges look so redish than first day .

      I did bleaching test .and i realised blach doesnt work at all . My hairs dont change no matter how long . Is it becouse of the pink ? Bec in salon my hairs became yellow after 1 haour and half but now stucked on orange :/

      Maybe i need to use a remover ? I have no idea . Wish i havent done dat pink :/

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 months ago from Kansas City, MO


      Color Oops is usually the color remover I would suggest, but it won't work on that type of dye. Try washing your hair with purple shampoo and re-bleaching in a couple weeks. Be sure to use toner after the bleach.

    • Grace 2 months ago

      Hi there!

      First of, I just wanted to say that this is the best (most comprehensive yet easy to understand) article on hair bleaching I have ever read online. :)

      I just have two questions.

      The first is, pretty strightforward, besides dumb blond, is there any other protein reconstructors you would recommend? I cannot seem to get dumb blond in my country unfortunately.

      Secondly, my current hair is dyed with pravana chromasilk blue. I also had to bleach it quite a bit first to get the colour I wanted as my natural hair colour is black ( I am Chinese). I am planning on changing my hair colour next year to rose gold. But I heard to get to that shade, I would really have to bleach my hair to a light blonde first. Do you think it is safe to bleach over the sections of hair I have already bleach to get the blue? And more importantly, do I need to use a colour removal to remove and residual blue first or can I just go in straightaway with with the bleach.

      Thanks in advance

    • Whithey 2 months ago

      Hi ... so this is becoming a huge problem. Since I was about 14 I have dumped sun in on my head .. as well as bleached it . And with that said I am Italian with DARK brown hair.. it's taken many red tones and yellow to achieve this white blonde look .. my hair is fried and dead .. I have done it again only bec. I couldn't stand how bad my roots got. My question is how do I dye it or more so highlight it back to a pretty natural with brown gold and light blonde streaks .. without reversing ittt ck to a strawberry carrot top ??

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 2 months ago from Kansas City, MO

      Hi Grace,

      Thanks for reading!

      For reconstructors- there are a ton out there- Joico has one called KPak- it's an amazing reconstructor and moisture mask, but it's also kind of expensive. A few other brands that I've tried and liked are: Its a 10 leave in spray, Ion, One 'N Only, Bioterra, Henna and Placenta, AfterShock, or anything with argan or coconut milk is great. If those all aren't available in your area I'd do an internet search for reconstructors and deep conditioners and see what you can find.

      Without actually seeing your hair I can just tell you what I'd try to help you prep for your rose gold transformation next year. Get ahold of a box or L'oreal ColorZap and use it to try and take the blue out. It should remove at least some of the color, then if you've only bleached hair sections a couple times and you feel like your hair is pretty healthy wait a week or two and go ahead and try bleaching it. In the week or two leading up to bleaching use a deep conditioning treatment on your hair a couple times a week- really let it sit on there- for 10 minutes if you can, it should help with breakage. Hope this helps!


      My suggestion is pull strands of hair that you want to stay blonde and wrap them up ( I use foil). Apply a brown hair dye to the rest of your hair. I've done my hair this way a couple times and I just used box hair dye from wall-mart- usually Feria. Keep in mind that since your hair is so blonde that whatever dye you choose will lighten significantly within a couple weeks.

    • Telly 2 months ago

      Hey, i was just wondering as ive been bleaching my hair a couple of times at the salon & at the end of the result im either happy or very upset with my hair. Im happy that I achieved the platinum blonde that i wanted but im upset about finding out my hair snapped off. Is there any other way i can re-colour platinum blonde without bleaching on the area that ive already bleached on (for example my platium blonde turns into a dull yucky yellow even though i am using the purple shampoo to try to lift the colour back up)

    • orderedchaos profile image

      orderedchaos 8 weeks ago from Kansas City, MO

      Hi Telly,

      Thanks for reading! Next time you need to freshen your platinum try using toner instead of bleach. It will lift the yellow tones without causing breakage. The salon should be able to tone you if you ask.

    • Janied 3 weeks ago

      Hello just used splat bleach on my hair looking to go platnium hair is chin length and very thick ...after usig splat bleach my hair is now a brassy orange ....i will try to bleach agin in a few weeks but i want to use L'Oréal platnium blonde u think it will work in my favor ...and i have a t18 white ash blonde toner im saving for when my hair is light enough ...any recommendations??

    • Rachel 3 weeks ago

      Hey! I just bleached my hair but some parts are dark still was dark brown before i bleached. I want to dye in golden brown & red. Would toner help it lighten it so i can dye it??? What should i do?

    • Rochelle27 2 weeks ago

      Hi I am going to use your article to go platinum! I'm planning on following all of your tips and steps. The only thing I'm a little worried about is you said not to bleach already bleached hair..I have a lot of different tones of blonde in my hair right now from previous highlighting plus about 3 inches of dark blonde roots growing out. I haven't highlighted or colored my hair in almost 6 months due to pregnancy so its pretty healthy. I know I should do my roots first but what about all of the previously highlighted hair that are different blonde tones? My natural hair lifts really well so I'm afraid if I leave the already highlighted parts alone that my roots will be white and the rest will be multitoned lol

    • Silver 8 days ago

      Hi! I've bleached my hair before, and right now it's a dark blond, like hay almost. I was wondering if it would be bad if I bleached it again? Also, would the bleach get rid of the colour in my hair? It's a weird blue gray green tint. Blue dye gone weird.8

    • anonomys 8 days ago

      U can also use Olaplex

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