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How to Straighten Bangs Without a Straightener

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Straighten your bangs without a flat iron

Straighten your bangs without a flat iron

You Don’t Need a Flat Iron to Straighten Your Bangs

Many people do not like using a flat iron because they find it causes their hair to frizz, other people simply don’t have a hair straightener. There are a variety of reasons why someone would want to straighten their bangs without a straightener or flat iron, but whatever the reason, a flat iron is not the only option when it comes to hair styling products and techniques. There are many methods and materials you can use to straighten your hair that don’t require using a hair straightener.

All of the following methods work best with clean, wet hair. You can apply these methods immediately after you have washed your hair, or you can simply wet and wash your bangs before you begin working on them.

Shampoo and condition your hair like you normally would. Then towel dry your hair with a regular towel, or with a highly absorbent hair drying towel. Make sure to take special care when towel drying your bangs so that it is not dripping wet. Section off the rest of your hair with some clips so that only your bangs are loose and the rest of your hair doesn’t get in the way of your bang styling. If your hair is especially stubborn you can add a straightening product to your bangs before you start blow-drying it.

Options for Straightening Bangs

  • Option 1: With a blow dryer and a round brush
  • Option 2: Without heat
  • Option 3: With a comb
  • Option 4: With gel
Blow dry your bangs to straighten them

Blow dry your bangs to straighten them

The blow dryer should be drying the area of your bangs that is pulled straight.

The blow dryer should be drying the area of your bangs that is pulled straight.

Option 1: Straighten Bangs With a Blow Dryer and a Round Brush

For option one, you will need a round brush and a blow dryer.

  • Slowly coil a section of your bangs around the brush.
  • Take the blow dryer in your other hand, set the hair dryer on low heat and begin to blow dry your bangs.
  • Depending on what angle you hold the hair dryer, your bangs will get curled or get straightened; for straight bangs the blow dryer should be held high, near the part between the brush and your scalp where the hair is straight. Hold the brush tight, away from your face, so that the brush is gently pulling the hair away from your head, and that the hair is tightened and there is no slack.
  • Slowly pull the brush away from your head, allowing the hair to be combed. As you comb through your bangs, the blow dryer should remain in the same position between the brush and your scalp. Be careful that you do not coil the brush or move the hair dryer lower because then your hair will take the shape of the brush and become wavy.
  • As you slowly bring the brush down, make sure that all sections of your bangs get heated through. Continue doing this until your bangs are dry: they should now be straightened.

You can also try holding your bangs straight up above your head and blow drying the bangs that way.

  • Take sections of your bangs and begin straightening them above your head using your fingers or a brush. The hair dryer should be positioned below your fingers or the brush, so that the hair dryer dries the area that is being pulled straight.
  • Once all the tips have been blow dried, brush them forward, then take the hair dryer and blow dry the roots of your hair.
  • Apply some heat from the blow dryer onto that section. For extra hold give your bangs a light hair spraying.

Option 2: Straighten Bangs Without Heat

This option is for those who don’t want to use any heat on their bangs.

Simply blow dry your bangs on the cool setting of your hair dryer. Wash and dry your hair as normal, and then simply repeat the above steps to blow dry your hair, but use the cool setting instead. Your bangs may take longer to dry on the cool setting, but many people prefer this method because it doesn’t damage their hair from the heat.

Option 3: Straighten Bangs With a Comb

If you don’t want to use a blow dryer, you can wash and then towel dry your hair as before.

  • Then using a comb, comb through your hair to style it the way you normally would wear it.
  • Allow it to air dry, but every few minutes comb through your bangs.
  • Then take your fingers and squeeze your hair. Slide your fingers down the sections of hair, from the roots to the tip. This will help your bangs set straight.
  • Continue to comb and straighten your hair with your fingers until your bangs are dry.

Option 4: Straighten Bangs With Gel

While your hair is still wet, section off your bangs, and apply gel to them, gently pulling your hair away from your head so that your bangs do not get a chance to become wavy or curled.

As your hair begins to dry, continuously pull your bangs gently, so that the hair begins to dry in that position.

Hope This Helped!

Redberry Sky on March 30, 2013:

I'll be trying all of these out - I have the most unruly hair in the world and I've *never* been able to get it to stay straight! Very useful, voted up and across.

Koralee Phillips from Vancouver British Columbia Canada on February 28, 2013:

Great tips! Thank you. I am on vacation and my straightener keeps pulling my hair for some reason, so I was in need of suggestions on what to do with my bangs. The rest of my hair can stay wavy, but my bangs look really goofy that way lol. First off I am going to give the hair gel a try. Voting up and useful.