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How to Take Care of Your Hair After Rebonding

Updated on March 02, 2015

Many people with curly or wavy hair envy those with shiny, straight hair and opt for chemical processes that transform their hair into smooth locks. One of the latest trends in hair-straightening treatments is hair rebonding, a procedure that uses the same chemicals as in a perm to make the hair straight and then seals the hair using flat irons.

While many people are extremely happy with their beautiful, smooth hair, this procedure can be very expensive and time-consuming. The key to making rebonding worth your effort is to maintain your hair properly afterwards. Here are some do's and don'ts on managing your hair post-treatment.


  • Before undergoing the process itself, make sure you tell your hairstylist your usual hair care routines and give a concise history of your hair, including any treatments you've had like relaxing, dyeing, or bleaching.
  • Right after you finish the procedure, you should have your hair deep-conditioned.
  • For color and shine, you can use hair cellophane or henna wax on a monthly basis.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to be gentle and conditioning for people who have chemically treated hair. Check with your salon to see if they have any products they recommend. Make sure you condition daily and deep-condition your hair once a week with protein-enriched conditioner (available at most hair salons and beauty supply stores).
  • Apply a hair coat or serum from a salon that can protect your hair cuticles from everyday brushing and combing.
  • Schedule a touch-up treatment at the salon for four to six months after the initial treatment to make sure your hair stays smooth and silky.
  • Have your hair trimmed on a regular basis to prevent split ends from traveling up the shaft of the hair and causing even more damage.
  • Wash your hair with cold water to help it retain moisture. Also, only shampoo when you really need it. Every other or every third day is best.
  • If your hair gets wet from the rain, wash it as soon as possible because pollutants and other salts from rainwater can be very damaging.
  • Eat a healthy diet with lots of nuts and leafy greens to make sure your hair is getting the nutrition it needs to stay strong and healthy.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to get the tangles out of your hair instead of a brush, which can damage your hair.


  • Do not wash or wet your hair at all within three days (72 hours) of getting it treated. This includes doing anything that will make your hair very sweaty. Also, don't use shampoo the first week after getting your hair treated.
  • Avoid tucking your hair behind your ears, using hair clips, bands, pins, and grips, and doing anything else that might kink your hair. Also, make sure your hair is straight when you sleep so it doesn't acquire a weird shape at night.
  • Don't use any heat tools for styling (including a hair dryer).
  • Wait two months before undergoing any perming, coloring, highlighting, or other chemically-intense treatment of your hair.
  • Avoid swimming in pools for at least two weeks after treatment because chlorine can damage your hair. Same thing for the beach since salt water can be harsh on hair.
  • Keep your hair out of the sun and UV rays. If you're going to be in the sun for a while, use a product that has SPF in it.
  • Make sure your hair is protected from very polluted environments.
  • When undergoing monthly maintenance like hot oil, hair wax, or hair cellophane treatments, make sure your hairstylist omits the hair steaming step.


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    • Shing 5 years ago

      What will usually happen when after rebonding just before 3 days your hair got wet? I just had my hair rebonded yesterday. Unexpectedly, the sky cried out and it rained. My hair got wet because of the rain. Just a little drizzle got into my hair.. What would be the effect on this?

    • zee 5 years ago

      i have done rebonding to my hair and i tucked my hair behind my ear and olso clipping my hair after that.. would it be damaged?im afraid tht my rebonding will not lastss and i have rebonded my hair for the sixth tyme

    • Zuzana 4 years ago

      can i workout indoor on the first 3 days of rebonding? will sweat ruin my Hair?

    • ashley cruz 4 years ago

      how if my hair got curly after relax?? i already went to salon 2 times for hair relax at first its like nothing happened then now i don't know.. tips please!!

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 4 years ago from Philippines

      it may be advisable that you avoid sweating too much. as we know, sweat contains some sodium/salt and that may interfere with the rebonding chemicals that are still very present on your hair. even if its very minimal, we don't want to compromise our hair especially that rebonding is expensive and it might lessen the best result we want for our hair. within the 3 days, the chemicals are still working on your hair, as i know. and also, you don't want to sweat much knowing that you cannot wash your hair for 3 days. :)

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 4 years ago from Philippines

      it may be best that you allow your hair to rest. as you know, when relaxed hair gets curly after some days, it may be due to the chemicals used, or how they have done the procedure. nevertheless, the chemicals has already been applied to your hair and relaxing chemicals are very harsh to our manes. straightening agents rip of keratin and you may not notice it right away but the natural shine will tend to lessen. thus, try to get back the healthy state of your hair by having some hair treatment like hot oil, hair cellophane, and the likes. :)

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 4 years ago from Philippines

      Since during the 3 subsequent days, the rebonding chemicals are still working on your hair making sure that your hair components are properly bonded, wetting the hair may lead to hair going back to its pre-rebonded state prematurely. It is usually irreversible when you straighten your hair through rebonding given that you have followed all the procedure and you continue to take care of your hair.

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 4 years ago from Philippines

      This should be avoided since the rebonded hair is still very weak. You are not supposed to wet it for 3 days and you should not use shampoo during the first week. Clipping or tying the hair is not advisable since you tend to bend the bonds of the hair so it may retain the clipped look, or return to being curly, or something of that sort. But these occurences are so minimal, provided that you have you rebonding done in a reputable salon.

    • No25 4 years ago

      is it okay if i go to the beach...or it will harm my rebonded hair...

    • sissy 4 years ago

      i rebonded my hair after one i wash it already beacause i feel itchy and the chemical is so strong i got faling hair i think my hair didi not straight so i want to go on rebonding again it is possible to rebond my hair again

    • A.kaur 4 years ago

      Question: can I start my workouts after the 3 days period?

    • Cherryl 4 years ago

      Is it ok to undergo keratin treatment at least a month after rebonding?

    • muskan 4 years ago

      After rebonding my hair contiune damage and hair fall tell me why is it happen i am so tence plz help me out

    • khaizcee 4 years ago

      my hair is rebonding but after rebond my hair is back to normal kailan ko po pweding ibalik

    • Elianna 4 years ago

      I got the Agave Keratin Treatment today... Will it mess up my hair or make it less straight or curly if i get it wet it any way such as a swimming pool, lake, pond...? Also will it mess it up if I put it up using a rubber band?

    • lucy 4 years ago

      good day to you!! i just only ask you, ive got a hair rebond last march, and now my hair turns to dry, so what kind of chemicals should i used to become my hair looks shiny and straight

    • 4 years ago

      i am losing lots of hair after 9 months of rebonding plz advise sumthng!!

    • melissa 4 years ago

      Last day i did hair rebounding...they had called me after 2 days for first hair wash it if fine that i do after 2day or3days is compulsorily to wash hair please reply

    • sheena 4 years ago

      Is it ok to have hair celophane thronth?ee times a m

    • Amanda 4 years ago

      I've just rebonded my hair yesterday and becaue of the hot weather, I kinda sweat a little, so would it damage my rebonded hair because of that???

    • Amanda 4 years ago

      Plus... My hair did not even get wet... Its just a little bit of sweat... And my hair stylists told me not to tie my hair for a week... Is that true? Btw, I'm very satisfied with rebonded hair now. So would it affect just because I sweat a little???

    • rhodaignaco 3 years ago

      is it good to wash my hair after two days of rebonding/ will it be get easily damaged or what? for example i got rebonded my hair saturday night wat possible day do i need to get my hair wet? is it applicable to apply hair treatment right after the rebonding?

    • Cherry 3 years ago

      Hello gud am. I have a huge problem right now. My hair got rebonded last week and after 3 days i was able to wash it and it was actually shiny and manageable but then a day after that we went to the beach and I forgot that my hair just rebonded and there my hair got wet. The outcome was a super frizzy dry unmanageable hair. I already applied hair spa cream but then it's still dry. Ano pa ba kelangan ko iapply para bumalik please help me thanks a lot.

    • Lovely menoza 3 years ago

      Gud pm po!! Ask ko lng po okie lng magpa hightlight after rebonding my heair? actually 3days pa siya na rebond!! din gusto ko magpa highlights ng buhok?d po b magka problima sa hair ??or pwd po b xa ng ganon?

    • neetu jain 2 years ago

      Hi goodday to u , pls can u suggest which oil is good for shine bonding hair as i have done it 15 day before n oiling is good for it before wash .pls do tell me

    • eat 2 years ago

      hi.! this is EAT.. i have a little confusion though.. my hair is short, i got rebonded last saturday and i kind a satisfied with the result. the thing is; i just want my hair to get straight, i don't care about the shinny shimmering splendid hair.. hehe. my question is, is it ok to put hair wax after the 3 days advise not to wash my hair? i already washed my hair now(wednesday) i really like to put hair wax on my hair like the men's hair wax that is usually used to style men's hair.. please advice.. thanks.;)

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 2 years ago from Philippines

      I don't think it is best to put any wax or gels, yet. Because the rebond treatment solution may still be absorbed in your hair shaft, and just to be safe, we want to maintain the straightness of your hair, and perhaps putting on gel or any hair creams might disrupt the rebond treatment that is still present in your hair strands.

    • sameera 2 years ago

      Hi , I got my hair rebonded last year and i hav been using Schowz kopf (damaged hair ) shampo (the person at the saloon advised me ) now i have hair fall problem , i just want to know that is that shampo good for my hairs or there is another shampo for rebonded hairs

    • Jenny 2 years ago

      Hi! I got my hair rebonded 9 days ago, and my bangs and some parts of my hair are getting quite curly again. Pinagpawisan ako ng unti lang nung ibang araw, and then 2 or 3 days ago, na-ambunan yung ibang parts ng hair ko. Some parts of my hair are getting kinda frizzy and curly. What should I do? Please reply ASAP.

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 2 years ago from Philippines

      You can go to the salon and try to see if they will give you a retouch.. Its not supposed to go curly again unless it was still curly right after you have it washed after the rebond (after 3 days of no washing). When you have noticed those curls after washing, then perhaps they weren't able to rebond your hair properly.

    • aaina 2 years ago

      hey i rebond my hairs 20 days it seems to be tilted from the there were split ends ven i to recover from this i cant rebond my hair again it is so expensive..tell me any solution please..

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 2 years ago from Philippines

      @aaina you can have your hair treatment regularly since hair brittleness and stiffness is actually due to the fact that the procudure was not properly done, most likely. this is the importance of going to reputable salons and parlors because they have the hair experts and not just some hair technicians that just started. I couldn't stress much how important it is that we make sure that we check what products the salon use and so on. however, it is good to remember that your hair will grow overtime so the brittled hair can then be cut.

    • nrsbila 2 years ago

      so... i jst rebonded my hair yesterday, and. Tmr im having floorball, the hairdresser said, 2days of not washing my hair. so, tmr if i sweat, it will not ruin my hair right? :/

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 2 years ago from Philippines

      Minimal sweat is okay. Just so long as your hair won't be soaking wet with sweat.

    • nrsbila 2 years ago

      omg thank u, so its been 3days i haven't wash my hair, idk when should i start washing? And, can i use different brand of shampoo and different brand of conditioner? (Im sorry to ask u a lot of questions, this is my first time getting my hair rebonded and im in love with my hair now, im trying to take good care hehe)

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 2 years ago from Philippines

      Its okay if they are of different brands, just make sure that they work well for your type of hair. This time, its best that you use hair products for treated type of hair. :)

    • Myra Barg 2 years ago

      I just rebonded my hair for a month what will I do because I used to color my hair every month?

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 2 years ago from Philippines

      You may have to skip coloring your hair for the next few months. or try to go to the salon, and get a colored hair cellophane treatment instead of the usual hair dye coloring method. That way, your hair's color can have a retouch yet at the same time there is treatment done to maintain its healthy condition.

    • marie 2 years ago

      It's been 2 days since i got my hair rebonded ... Can I wash my hair tomorrow?? Does it affect the rebond?? Please answer thanks...

    • kelly 2 years ago

      can my hair be relaxed again after my hair got rebonded already last year?

    • mars 2 years ago

      Goodafternoon. Can I ask question ?

      Is a rebonded hair be rebond again In just 2weeks ? Im so stress with my hair, because after 3days my hair looks dry, frizzy and having split ends :( since I wash my hair it looks like dry! "buhaghag" :( what will I do ? Can I go to salon and have a rebond to my hair again ? I hope you will answer my question. Please!

    • vanessa 2 years ago

      Hi, my hair got rebonded last saturday. Ask ko lang po kung pwede ko ng iligo ng martes? Salamat po.

    • tin 2 years ago

      Hi, ngparebond po ako last nov10.. rebond with cellophane na po sya pero 3 days after ko nailigo pinagupitan ko sya tas ngimg fly away na dulo ng hair ...pwd ko po ba sya I pacellophane ulit ..mgiging flat ulit ba sya at bagsak...thankyou...responce pls..

    • Ss 2 years ago

      Pls advice can i travel next day aftr rebonding?

    • geet 2 years ago

      I did rebond my hair last yesterday. I complasary require hair wash. Pls help me what can i do??

    • mijam 2 years ago

      Hi i had my rebond done tuesday aftie today its fridau morning ..can I now wash my hair?

    • karin 2 years ago

      i rebonded my hair last 2 weeks,is that ok if i will swim in the pool?

      what should i do to prevent hair damage?

    • Nikki 2 years ago

      i ha done a straightening process a week ago. But now my hair has reverted back to its original state.. Wavy and curly. I took all d precautions. Wht do i do???

    • ariane 2 years ago

      Is it ok if i use keratin treatment in my hair it is one week after rebonding.

    • Marian 2 years ago

      Hi, I'm thinking of getting a rebond tomorrow but I'm not very sure if it's the best option. What other options would you recommend?

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 2 years ago from Philippines

      @Marian, there's a new treatment that's called Brazilian Blowout. It's also another type of hair straightening procedure in salons. Make sure you go a reputable salon.

    • naaz 23 months ago

      I rebonded my hair yesterday bt m not satisfied cuz my beautician cut down my hair n its become too shorts..wat cn I do now...? N after 3 days can I wear my hair band n clips or not plzzzz rpl must

    • bernadette de leon 22 months ago

      Hi I got rebonded last saturday and advice to wet after 3 days I do so but after i washed my haid i notice of going back to curly hair again...Is it possible to repeat my rebond after a week I complained to the stylist and told me to repeat rebonding..Is it just ok? thanx

    • jnet 22 months ago

      can I rebond my hair again after rebonding one week past .??

    • ahyana 20 months ago

      how many days can I swim to the pool or beach because I rebonded my hair last monday? is it ok if I will swim to the pool tomorrow ?? And use a conditioner before I go to pool o beach.

    • shaila 18 months ago


      can i dye our hair after one month rebonding becoz after 15 day iz my marriage ceremony

    • Sozi 17 months ago

      I got rebounded last month and I found out that my hair is brittle, what should I do for this,is it okay if I'm going to cellophane my hair?

    • rigzzi 15 months ago

      Hie Is it safe if go on holiday with rebounding hair and wash my hair after 3 days?? Will dey remain shiny n straight?? I m nt too sure whether i should do rebounding n travel de same day?? Plz help

    • Andy 14 months ago

      Pwede po v mgparebong and high lights

    • lyka 13 months ago

      Hii po ,Nag pa rebond po ako nung Nov.2 pwede ko na bang iligo sa dagat sa nov.30 ? ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin bgo ko iligo sa dagat ?

    • nancy 13 months ago

      Hi..i have rebonded my hair and after 3days i washed my hair and still there is no improvement. So would you mind to tell me whether i can go for rebonding my hair again after one week?

    • melmae ann 13 months ago

      I recently rebounded my hair on December 15 2015 . do I need to wash it in the date of December 18? I need your answer asap pls.

    • Frances Louise 13 months ago

      Hi I just want to know why my hair begins to have split ends right after when I sleep. I rebonded my hair last Monday. I woke up this Wednesday morning and I feel so upset when I see some split ends on my other parts of my hair.... Is there a way to get my split ends away? Thank you :)

    • Akmal 12 months ago

      Hi can i ask you after one week could I apply man hair cream on? Or i got to wait more days?

      Hope you can help me.


    • Kylie 10 months ago

      Can i rebond my hair again after 8 months?

    • cham 9 months ago

      is it ok if i massage my rebonding hair with coconut oil ?

    • Lianne 9 months ago

      I just rebond my hair and then after many hours my hair is out of shape what can I do?

    • rose 8 months ago

      I rebonded my hairs 3 months ago just to keep them straight I used pressing at low heat frequently... Whether it will make my straightening weak and my hairs will again get curly or I can continue the same...

    • Silky 8 months ago

      Hii my hairs r vry dry n i hv done rebonding for 5 times n planning to do again. Bt one of my salon says to take rebonding n keratin treatment at same time...n another salon says thats its useless. M dam confused what to do... Plz plz help me

    • Tessie 8 months ago

      Can i dye my hair with henna after 2 weeks of my hair was reboded?

    • krisia 7 months ago

      hi..i got rebounded sunday afternoon.and then I wash it on Monday morning.And I feel that my hair was going back to a curly is okay to rebond it agin?and after 3 days my plan is to color my

    • pp 7 months ago


      I had done the keratin treatment 3 years ago. Yesterday I went to the parlour for smoothening. They said that it might damage my hair because I still might have some keratin proteins stuck to my hair. Do you think I should undergo the smoothening treatment? My hair is dry and damaged right now.. and Impossible to manage

    • eya 7 months ago

      Hi! I will just ask if it is ok to use blackening shampoo after 2 weeks of being rebonded?

    • poonam 7 months ago

      i ha done a straightening process a week ago. But now my hair has reverted back to its original state.. Wavy and curly. I took all d precautions. Wht do i do???

    • Jenithu 6 months ago

      hi did rebonding after three day i washed it but after wash it that hair change little bit to my regular that fine I will do rebound again or how long do u need to waitforthar....

    • Zee 5 months ago

      Hellow how r u

      I have done and straight my hair with Bingo rebonding kit and now m apply next day colour after few days m hairfall start and m so depressed sir please any help for any oil treatments any other suggest to me

    • Shana 4 months ago

      Can i cut my hair after rebond?? Pls answer

    • Maryam Mumtaz 4 months ago

      Can i used hair color after rebond ? Plz sir answer to me

    • julie 4 months ago

      Is it okay 10 days after rebond i put coconut oil

    • ali 3 months ago

      can i tie my hair after 1 month of rebonding?

    • someone needs an answer asap 3 months ago

      what will happen if i wash my rebonded hair after 2 days??? my hair is so oily im annoyed how to reduce the oilyness????

    • Mounika 3 months ago

      Hi I got rebonded last saturday and advice to wet after 3 days I do so but after i washed my haid i notice of going back to curly hair again...Is it possible to repeat my rebond after a week I complained to the stylist and told me to repeat rebonding..Is it just ok?

    • eatpraylove profile image

      eatpraylove 3 months ago from Philippines

      Thats fine as long as your stylist is reliable and a pro in the field. Its safe to say that you can trust his judgment =)

    • Sarah 2 months ago

      hi! I don't shampoo my hair on a daily basis, but i use conditioner daily. I don't know if my conditioner is gentle. is it fine to use conditioner daily without knowledge whether or not such is gentle? Im just thinking that "at least I dont shampoo my hair daily". Please correct me. BTW, I'm using shampoo and conditioner from watson which they claim to have this organic argan oil in it, but i stil see sulfate on the label. Thanks!

    • Celine 2 months ago

      What should i do if after the rebond my hair go back to curl again,kindly need your help thank you.

    • josephine 8 weeks ago

      can i use shampoo after 3 weeks of conditioner?

    • Ellen 8 weeks ago

      Hi i just had my hair straightened yesterday and it got a little wavy i am very depressed about it :(

      I used a clip while i was showering because my hair will get wet if i didnt

      I only use clip when i have to shower so that my hair doesn't get wet

      Is this is the reason behind my hair getting kind of wavy?

      Please help im very depressed

    • Amanda 5 weeks ago

      I just got my hair rebonded yesterday and my bangs are getting curly again. What will I do?

    • Aiz 4 weeks ago

      Magpa advice ako anu po ba gawin ko after rebond with brazilian 1 wk lng kumapal blik yung buhok ko ts may kulot pa.anu ba pwdi ko gawin ibalik ko ba or di nlang kc iniicip ko bka masira ang bohok ko ng tuloyan

    • Rachana 3 weeks ago

      I did my rebonding 5 days ago... Nd it got curly again.. I want to doo it again... How much gap should b thr..?? Plzz rplyy

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