How to Fix Orange Hair

Updated on March 1, 2016
Dark orange hair
Dark orange hair | Source

Have you tried to lighten your hair only to end up with a disastrous shade of orange instead? Orange is certainly not the most appealing color, and unless your stylistic muse is an orangutan, it stands to reason that you want to know how to fix orange hair and regain your confidence to leave the house. Luckily, it's easy to fix orange hair and you can achieve the color you really want.

Why does hair turn orange?

Your hair isn't one solid color. In fact, there are many colors that combine to form the color you actually see when you look in the mirror. If your hair is dark, there is an abundance of red pigment that is hidden underneath, giving depth to your brown or black hair. When you lighten it with dye or bleach, you reveal this base tone.

Hair turns orange for one key reason: because it wasn't lightened enough to reach blonde. In order to dye hair blonde, you need to reach the yellow stage, where the majority of red pigment has already been bleached out. This yellow result is toned with a violet based color to neutralize the yellow tone and dye your hair a natural shade of blonde.

If you haven't reached the yellow stage, you can't dye hair blonde because it simply isn't light enough in most cases. You can tone out the base tones, but your hair won't tone to blonde. Orange hair can be toned to light brown however.

People who are intimidated by the use of bleach or have fairly dark hair and remove the bleach too soon end up with orange hair. When they try to tone it with a blonde dye, the dye won't cover it. You're left with three choices to fix orange hair:

  • Tone the orange out
  • Return to a darker color
  • Lighten it more

Caramel brown hair
Caramel brown hair | Source

Toning hair

Unwanted tone
Neutralizing tone

Toning orange hair

You can tone orange hair, just like you can tone blonde hair. The only real difference is that orange needs to be toned with a blue based dye instead of purple, and the toner needs to be stronger than a blonde toner in order to cover the darker orange hair. Should you wish to tone your hair to correct the orange, you'll end up with a light brown color as a result. It's not blonde, but it can be the next best thing to returning to a darker color after having already exposed your hair to bleach damage.

You will need a light ash brown dye to tone out the orange color. To prepare the dye, mix the chosen color with 10 vol developer with a tinting brush and bowl. For ease of application, your hair should be sectioned into four quadrants, created by parting the hair down the middle from forehead to neck, then again from ear to ear, clipping each section away. This way you can work quickly and ensure even color coverage as you apply the hair dye systematically to each quadrant.

Once the dye is in, leave it until the orange is effectively neutralized and your hair reaches a natural shade. You can leave the dye to process for the full development time if you want an ashier color, but it's perfectly fine to wash it out at any point during development after you reach a shade of brown you like.

Condition your hair thoroughly to correct any dryness your bleaching escapade has caused and you'll be ready to style your hair and head out into broad daylight once more.

Dark strawberry blonde hair
Dark strawberry blonde hair | Source
Bleached orange hair
Bleached orange hair | Source

Dyeing orange hair blonde

You've come this far, and you're only a level or two away from reaching the blonde you desired. If your hair is orange, it either didn't lighten enough or you removed the bleach before it reached yellow. You can resume this lightening process by applying more bleach. This should be performed at least a week after you first bleached your hair in order to allow the hair's natural moisture balance to be restored.

If your hair has been properly rested and you've survived the waiting period, you can dye it blonde now. Mix and apply more bleach, and this time let it remain in your hair until it reaches the yellow stage. From your current color, this will take about 20 - 30 minutes and you can rinse out the bleach as soon as it happens.

Now that you're showcasing a dazzling lemon yellow, you will need to tone this color out with a blonde dye. In most cases, this will be either an ash, pearl, or natural shade. If you want a beige blonde hair color, you will still need to use a cool-toned dye to counteract some of that yellow tone first in order to reach it. Even beige and golden blondes need cool tones to balance out the color and make them look natural.

Your bleached hair is porous and you need to tone it gently to avoid ending up with an overly intense ash, and potentially another color correction problem. The blonde dye you use should preferably be a pearl or ash shade — at least one level lighter than the color you want. If you want medium natural blonde, use a light ash blonde to tone it. A lighter tone gives you more control over the toning process and you're not rushing to rinse it out two minutes after applying it.

You can leave this dye in to process for the full development time if you want an ashier blonde hair color, or you can remove it at any time once you've reached your desired shade of blonde. After that, it's just a matter of maintaining your new blonde hair and you'll want to buy a decent purple toning shampoo to keep it from becoming yellow again. If you choose a good purple shampoo, it will be the only form of toner you need. This will greatly simplify your hair care routine.

Dyeing your orange hair darker

If your orange hair ordeal has turned you away from any further pursuit of blonde, and you simply want to rinse your hair of the problem, the easiest way to fix orange hair is to dye over it with a darker color. You can choose to return to your previous hair color, or a new color entirely. The only stipulation is that the hair dye needs to be darker than your orange hair in order to cover it.

Hair dye mistakes aren't the end of the world, and you'll probably make a few more in your lifetime. There is always a way to fix any coloring mistake, and orange hair is no exception. It's all part of the learning experience that comes with the territory. If you enjoy dyeing your hair, there will always be an adventure waiting.

Have you ended up with a disastrous dye job and need help to fix orange hair? Or do you have a funny color mishap story? Leave a comment for tailored advice and share your insight with other readers.

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      • RadiumGrrl profile image

        J Denby 5 weeks ago from England

        People panic too easily; there's (nearly) always a way to fix it! After bleaching & dying hair many many years you learn not to fear 'disasters'! Lol *These are great tips for toning, which do work. I keep a lilac dye handy for reigning in orange, it's amazing how just applying the a toner makes it look lighter, or at least blonder. Weirdly, I've found that altho' immediately after bleaching there's an orange hue, it usually goes away on it's own within a few days; not sure how..!

      • profile image

        Zoe 3 months ago

        in august of 2017, i had dyed the bottom half (almost my whole head except for the top) red and i instantly hated it. But i let it fade until march when i decided to pick up my natural color hair dye from sally’s and dye the whole turned out orange. so 3 days later i went to the salon to fix it and it turned out pretty much black. it’s been a little over two weeks since then and now i feel like it’s fading back into that orange color. Is it just in my head because i’m parinoid the orange will come back? or is this possible?

      • profile image

        Jack 3 months ago

        Had blonde and copper highlights put in at hairdressers yesterday and it looks orange can I put a wash in wash out colour on to tone it down a bit

      • profile image

        Barb 3 months ago

        I bleached my brown hair and now I have a little orange highlights,can I bleach it again or dye ash blonde

      • profile image

        Elle 3 months ago

        Good advice.

      • profile image

        Claudia. 3 months ago

        Yes. I want change color hair

        Orange bland

      • profile image

        Sam 3 months ago

        I always wanted blonde hair and I thought you can just dye it blonde. My hair was a dark purple because I love dyeing my hair different colors and trying new looks. I went to the drugstore and bought a blonde color. Literally nothing happened, so I went back to the drugstore and the specialist told me I needed to bleached my hair so I did. My mom messed up and she needed to buy a second bleach bottle. That made my hair even wrost it turned orange. So I dyed it one last time. That didn't help my hair was orange and dark purple. I kept it like that for around the month but I got sick of tired of getting called Carrot and Garflied. I'm in high school and having orange mixed with purple hair isn't the best thing. Back to the story I went to the hair salon and they said the best thing to do is do streaks and just keep lighting my hair. It didn't even work my hair is now orange, blonde, white it's looks like grey it's so really bad. My hair is so long but now it's pretty much dead. So I decided I'm going to dye it one more time and go back to my natural brown hair and get a fresh haircut. So if you decide to bleach your hair just know it won't be blonde right away. It will be orange and you'll have to keep bleaching it until it gets blonde. Just stay with your dark hair color and love it because if I knew it would be this hard to get blonde hair. I would just stay a brunette and now I want my brown hair back more then ever. So please don't bleach your hair. If you do just get highlights and keep lighting you hair. It will take time but look on the bright side your hair won't be like mine

      • profile image

        michelle 3 months ago

        I have dark brown hair. I bought a drugstore golden brown and in the sun its orange. what do I do.

      • profile image

        Adrienne Beck 4 months ago

        Color mishap Queen here! I wanna cry right now.... I studied and read for 2 days on what to do with my orange hair so of course it says I have to bleach it so today I have proceeded to bleach it to the orange, yellow that I needed to be , did that rinse washed twice then I added Wella toner the lightest Ash blonde color toner I forget the number maybe t18 but maybe my developer wasn't strong enough it was only a 15 because of the bleaching I just done....after all that process still Orange mainly on roots ,did the whole process all over again the bleaching and toner and I'm still Orange and don't know what to do, tone with a 30 volume tomorrow, I can't go out looking like this and starting a new job Monday please help thank you!

      • profile image

        Lori 4 months ago

        Did argh! Get an answer because this is exactly what happened to me

      • profile image

        argh! 5 months ago

        I have bleached my hair many times in the past.

        Last time I did was about 2 years ago, and I noticed it was much more difficult to get the orange out, though my hair is baby fine and naturally a level 6.5 or so, with natural highlights in the summer that become almost white.

        After 2 years of letting my hair go natural, I decided to bleach again. Started at about a level 6 or 6.5, with natural highlights around level 9. What happened makes no sense.

        Using a 20 developer and quick blue bleach, the crown of my hair turned almost white, the back of my head bright yellow, and some parts on the top/front a very pale orange. So I actually bleached AGAIN and though the roots and many parts of my hair turned a very pale yellow, the middle shaft and back of my head became a darker orange! It doesn't make sense, as the overall lightness is about a level 9, so there shouldn't be ANY orange left at this stage. What could be making this happen??

        The orange is like a strawberry blond, very pale, but definitely orange. Before I burn off all my hair with another bleaching, does anyone have advice/ ideas about what would be causing this orange? And why it would've worsened after a second bleaching??

      • profile image

        Abbey 6 months ago

        i want to die :)

      • profile image

        Audrey 6 months ago

        I have short hair and have highlighted my natural hair color (between level 6 and 7) with bleach. I also used a Hi-Lift Natural Blonde for lowlights. I loved the outcome, however, there was a slight brassy tone. So, I toned using t11 and my entire head, even my natural turned to a light honey strawberry blonde - I do not like this at all! I need help and want to shadow my roots and add highlights back in. Would the Wella 7AA/632 be acceptable to shadow with and then add additional highlights using a blue-violet bleach?

      • profile image

        Siena 7 months ago

        After about 4 years of boxed black dye on naturally ash blonde hair and 6 months of letting the roots grow out i decide to jump into bleaching.. an hour later and i now have yellow roots with bright orange hair! its fantastic! so i read up on what others have done and found that Feria blonde dyes are great for lightening so i buy 2 boxes and get to work. "Lightens up to 7 shades" my ass. My hair is now lemon yellow at the roots and tangerine orange throughout the length. I love my life!!!! :) Needless to say i called off work.

      • profile image

        Rhoda Bennett 9 months ago

        I have an auburn color hair, I want blond high lights, every time it's been coloured professionally my hair turns orange.

        What can I do , this is costing me lots of money, or is this possible

      • profile image

        Darin 9 months ago

        I applied 7.1 loreal to my level 6,7 virgin hair with some highlight and it turned orange and I don't understand why ??

      • profile image

        Darlene 10 months ago

        I dyed my hair light blonde the lady at sally"s told me to use purple shampoo now I have patches of light color purple in my hair. What should I do or why did this happen?

      • profile image

        Adriana Ruiz 10 months ago

        I dye my hair with revlon plattium and I started to panic when I saw it turn orange. So I wash my

      • profile image

        Maheen 10 months ago

        I've been to this salon who have shitty workers , they've no talent at all . The people coming there don't have an idea about hair dyes and diff Styles so the workers put what so ever colour on their hair. I asked for a brown Black Balayage and ended up with tiny but many orange streaks all over my hair c:

        I literally cried for an hour and for the money I spent there . Definitely won't be going again -.-

        Thank you for your help ❤️

      • profile image

        Christy Wood 10 months ago

        I used rise blond and it fixed the orange it's beautiful

      • profile image

        Brandie haggard 10 months ago

        My hair is black and cherry red. How do I get it almost white?

      • profile image

        Belle 10 months ago

        Ooof. I totally forgot to tell you the most important thing. I just wrote to you about the henna hair and 4 and 5 level dyes. My hair is about 3/4 white. So most of the roots are white. That was probably relevant to mention!

      • profile image

        Belle 10 months ago

        I have long hair (mid-back) that I had henna and indigo in it. I did not want to use those anymore. I get sick feeling when they are on my scalp and I was tired of fighting the orange plus the inconvenience. So I decided to switch to conventional dye. I was afraid of trying to lift the henna plus my hair is frizzy to begin with so I decided to just go dark. My natural color is somewhere around a 4 or a 5 anyway.

        I used a 4 ash from a salon brand that I managed to get my hands on. I like the result. I want your advice on maintaining it. I have done the roots a couple times with the same 4. Now I am thinking about mixing 4 and 5 together to do the roots from now on. If I do that for three months or so, could I then start doing the roots with just the 5 and have it not look weird?

        I am wondering if by then the color might have faded enough from the rest that I could do an all over gloss with the 5 and maybe it would all blend. I have dry, thick hair so I usually wash it only twice a week. I don't know how long it takes generally for a salon dye to fade. Should I stick to using a mix of 4 and 5 for at least a year?

        I am trying to avoid doing any lifting of color because of its frizzy curly texture but I want the option to maybe go a shade lighter someday. Do you have any advice for me?

      • profile image

        Renee 10 months ago

        Hi. My son had beautiful dark brown hair.. he wanted to bleach it (?) i don't know why but i said ok.. my sister in law is a hairdresser, or was, and she did it. I guess it came out with a lot of orange so She toned it after and it was a whitish color with a hint of orange. It's been a week now and it's starting to turn more orange. What can i do to help get the orange out without damaging his hair with more bleach?

      • profile image

        Drb 11 months ago

        Hi I lightened my dark brown hair then put a red on and it's gone a orangey colour what can I do to make it red

      • profile image

        annie 11 months ago

        By mistake I got my hair golden how can I get rid of it

      • profile image

        Mary 11 months ago

        After using red color for a year and black for the last 2 times I have decided that I want to go blonde. Let my hair grow and used efasol (color remover) used bleach twice after color remover and looks orange between level 7/8 how can I shoot the orange? Would a natural or neutral color help?

      • profile image

        Hayley Calder 11 months ago

        the light yellow then used same toner twice with 30 developer but it hasn't worked this time what do I do?

      • profile image

        Prettyclosebutnotenough 11 months ago

        So i had dark red hair, I used Wal-Mart extra strength color oops to remove deep red to light brassy (nearly orange) Brown. Waited two days and bleached my hair for fifteen minutes (just the middle to ends) before doing a soap cap on the roots. I wanted my roots to come out a slight but darker than my ends. The desired look was achieved except none of it is light enough for my ion 9a-9.1 color and there's little bit two mich brassy color for my taste . Do i full on bleach it again ? Would a bleach wash lighten it enough ? Can i do it without a toner ? All ive got is light ashy blonde because i wanted a mediumish ashy blonde .

      • profile image

        VGar 11 months ago

        My hairs original color is Black. As I've gotten older it turned to a mostly grey some black

        I thought I would dye it myself ( wrong move) and it turned out too black. I planned for that needing a cut anyway so off to the Salon I went.

        After getting it cut, the stylist tried everything. I'm not sure of the procedures but I know it involved at some point Peroxcide and bleach in varying attempts. After about 4 1/2 hours and at least 7 shampoos ( I stopped counting) , my hair is a nice reddish Golden Orange color. Nice if I was going for the ginger look. BUT seeing how I was looking for salt and Pepper. It is an enormous departure.

        It being Summer there is a lot of things on my list of events I want to attend. Not looking forward to sitting in someone's chair for another 4 hours is there anything I can do home to rectify this situation?...... Victor..

      • profile image

        Sheela 11 months ago

        Hey. My natural hair is jet black and I chose a very very dark reddish-brown.

        Although almost immediately it turned light brown and is now turning orange. It hasn't even been a week and I cannot go back to the same salon as I got this done o vacation. I'm regretting this already and am desperate to find a way to fix this. Please advice.

      • profile image

        Josie 12 months ago

        Had my hair professionally color and highlighted. I asked for thin caramel color highlights but ended up with very thick orange highlights. The base color is like a medium brown. I hate my hair and don't trust my hairstylist to correct it.

        I want to do it myself using a Nice and Easy ash color to be applied all over my hair. What would be the best ash color to use to correct the orange, a light ash brown or a medium ash blond?

      • profile image

        Ryn 12 months ago

        Good to know us gingers are hideous and shouldn't even leave the house.

      • profile image

        Tina 12 months ago

        Hi! I hope you still see this comment over a year lol. So my natural hair is medium brown and I've was dying it 6RV for a few months.

        I recently​ did 2 bleach baths and it left most of my hair orange and some yellow.

        I tried used Ion 9NA demi permanent color with a 10 volume and it was still orange and yellow.

        Then I used Wella T28 toner with a 20 volume developer. The yellow parts turned ashy blonde, but the orange remains persistent.

        I am not sure what to do now, my hair is a little dry, but not so bad. I bought purple shampoo as well and I don't see a difference yet.

        I was thinking about using a darker color maybe a level 7 or 6 Ash tone, but I would like to have dark strawberry blonde hair that is less coppery.

      • profile image

        Carina 12 months ago

        Hi i hope you can help me my english is not the best but in germany everyone says i do not get an ashtone.I had dark ash blond hair the hairdresser make me red brown I was totally dissatisfied and went after a few months to a hairdresser who has brightened My hairline was grown up to my eyebrows then were the hair orange yellow he said that he make me a ash brown on my hairs but I did not believe that because my hairline was brown orange now my hair is light brown with dark orange (caramel) but in the sun orange I really dont like this and I do not know what to do I ask for an answer thank you

      • profile image

        Carina 12 months ago

        Hi i hope you can help me my english is not the best but in germany everyone says i do not get an ashtone.I had dark ash blond hair the hairdresser make me red brown I was totally dissatisfied and went after a few months to a hairdresser who has brightened My hairline was grown up to my eyebrows then were the hair orange yellow he said that he make me a ash brown on my hairs but I did not believe that because my hairline was brown orange now my hair is light brown with dark orange (caramel) but in the sun orange I really dont like this and I do not know what to do I ask for an answer thank you

      • profile image

        Ana 12 months ago

        I did a 6:52 with 9% and came out quite ginger can i cancel out the ginger using 7.1 permant and 6% with out it going to flat?

      • profile image

        Nisj 12 months ago

        Hi Maffew,

        My hair has turned a dark orange. Not sure if I should use dark ash blonde or light ash brown. I do want a nice light ash brown. Which one of the two can give me a more ashier look? Thanks for your help!

      • profile image

        MG 12 months ago

        Hello, I recently stopped the salon and started coloring my own hair. I have a light brownish color naturally. I had highlights done professionally. They were grown out to about my ear. I did an all over color of natural blonde which resulted in very red/orange brassy tone (prominent at the crown) I then put a dark ash blonde over that. It helped some, but still seeing way more orange red tones than I care too. I am trying to achieve a cool brown. I loved the highlights but don't want the upkeep or damage anymore. Warm colors look terrible with my skin tone. I was going to try a light brown next but would like some advice before. Thank you for your time.

      • profile image

        Lis 12 months ago


        Question... My hair was bleached blonde and always toned, but then I decided to be a hair model. Unfortunately, the girl decided to dye me a light Orange blonde. It's almost washed out but I have a stain lingering - a faint orange tint. Do you think I can tone out thr orange using an ashy toner or do you think I need to bleach again? I'm really trying to avoid bleaching again.


      • profile image

        Jannn 12 months ago

        I died my hair red and I didn't like it so I died it darker and it just won't stay, it always returns to a orange color, help please. I died darker twice btw just doesn't stay

      • profile image

        Sharron Garn 13 months ago

        So far I've gone from dark brownrl, to one with Orange hair....and the other Fraud to stsrt.

      • profile image

        Help 13 months ago

        I have naturally dark brown hair. Last month I used a burgundy hair dye. I wanted to remove it and yesterday used the Prismalytes blue to remove the color. I then tried to dye it brown but ended up with a coppery orange color... please help me get it back to a light brown which I can eventually turn blonde.

      • profile image

        Amy 13 months ago

        What a great article! So clear! Thanks the mystery out of blonde! Thank you!

      • profile image

        Amber Mccane 13 months ago

        My hair is a cooler red and I want a strawberry blonde how can I get the right color

      • profile image

        Tifany 13 months ago

        Hi! Not sure if you answer on here any more, but I got salon highlights that were bleached twice, which left them a bright gold/yellow. I originally wanted a caramel or even a lighter brown since my hair is already dark like a level 3. Well, they tried to tone it and it kept coming out a red orange. It's now a copper/orange/red. I tried to use a 7A in ion and a 5N in ion because I still wanted the highlights just to get rid of the red/orange! I used 2 parts 7a and 1 part 5n with a 20 developer, still left with the same damn color. I have pictures if that'll help. Any and all suggestions are welcome! I still want my highlights, but wary to go back to the salon!

      • profile image

        Michelle gibb 13 months ago

        Hi just a question I have used a dye to go blonde and its left the ends of my hair orange I am wanting to put a golden brown through it will it be ok

      • profile image

        Yolanda A 13 months ago

        Hello, My hair is normal a brown with golden highlights, I tried to go blonde and now my hair is orange with blonde tips. I want to achieve a caramel look. Should I use a dark color over it?

      • profile image

        Dian 13 months ago

        Hi, I guess I have asked this question somewhere else. But after reading this article, I think I was supposed to ask here. My question is short and quick: If reaching orange stage, what level of permanent dye can I use to tone the orange out? Will ash level 9 be strong enough?(Demi permanent isn't commonly sold in my country so that's why I opt for permanent color).


      • profile image

        Hayley 13 months ago

        My hair is orange I want lighter blonde how can I achieve this please any advise given to me. Would be much appreciated

      • profile image

        Upset 13 months ago

        I think what you said about orange hair is horrible. Orange hair is beautiful and you shouldn't make fun of it. I it came out orange when you didn't want it to there is no reason to call orange hair orangutan.

      • profile image

        Mirz 14 months ago

        Finally figured how to write a comment for you MAffew.

        Ok so I have white hair and I was dying my hair with inoa 6(natural) and a 6. Something warm gold and a bit of red undertone. It was a beautiful colour. I lightened it for summer and went with an 8 and 8.31. I like a golden glow but I was left with a lighter orange hair. I don't mind it as much as the baby hair I have that is now a shiny bright orange. Horrible! How can I fix that? I have to dye my roots again (white is out) I was thinking of 8 and 8.1 (inoa).

        Pls help!

      • profile image

        Hopefully you can help! 14 months ago

        Hi there!

        I recently got highlights put in my hair. My natural color is a dark brown. The first bleach job didn't work very well, it wasn't consistent. The second time she did it, it lifted to a bright gold/yellow, but she toned it with a gold (I think) which turned it orange. I asked her to add some ash, that didn't happen obviously, (that's why I'm on here asking for your help!) I tried to tone it with blue shampoo, that didn't work. I originally asked for a light golden brown, not too drastic from my natural color. I understand that my hair will lift red/orange tones. Well I tried a gloss in light ash brown and that helped some, but I don't want to cover them up. It's lightened up some since, but now I'm left with a coppery color and other ones are a sort of gold. I like the gold, just not the copper! They're not all over highlights either which is helpful. Is there a way to actually just "fix" the copper, but keep the golden color? I've been researching and looking everywhere!

        Thanks for your help!


      • profile image

        selena 14 months ago

        Hi. I got my roots done. The guy added new highlights and it was yellow, i didn't like it. So i dyed it all again a light brown but it just turned it orangy. Howcan i tone down the orange in my roots but not turn my more blonde highlighted hair on the bottoms green. i want to dye it again a brown to get rid of the orange but i dont want my highlights to turn green. Any suggestions?

      • profile image

        Joann 14 months ago

        This is a great read! So I am trying to go a lighter shade after years of continuous dark brown & black dye due to the the overwhelming growth of gray hair at my front hairline.

        My first step was to remove the dark color from my hair slowly as to have the least amount of damage because i have thin fine hair. I decided on a bleach bath, and the first time i did it, the color went from black/brown to a light brown with a hint of red in it. I used the Prism Lites Blue

        So I waited a week, and did another bleach bath. This time I used the Prism Lites Violet. My hair is now the color of a shiny new penny, very copper red/orangey.

        My goal is to go maybe a [Perfect 10/Shade 7-Dark Blonde], or [Age Defy Shade: 8G, Medium Golden Blonde], So at this point, I dont know if i should stop, or do one more bleach bath in about a week or two.

        My regimen after doing the bath has been in repair mode with alot of conditioner and coconut oil. Thank goodness my hair is naturally oily after two days without washing, but im noticing my hair is thinning out more.

        I have not put no heat to it, and let it dry naturally. My hair is really funky now, with orange/copper hair, blond roots on my natural black hair, and at least 2 inches of gray growth on my hairline....

        Any advice on how to correct it and continue to bleach it again. Any comments will be appreciated :)

      • profile image

        still orange after ash dye 14 months ago

        hi, my hair was on a level 8. I toned it with strawberry toner (Schwarzkoph toner) and there I made the mistake because yuo should only use toners on yellow hair I know. My hair turned orange gold, I panicked and bought an ash dye 8.1 L'Oreal Excellence which is an light ash blond colour. I mixed it with 20 vol and left it for 10 min. But my hair is still orange. Could it be because I didn't let it process for the whole 45 min? How can I fix this now considering I already have an ash dye processed in it? Should I re-dye with ash blonde color? Or would a blue toner help on orange tinted hair? Thanks to let me know.

      • profile image

        Janina 15 months ago

        Question, I bleached my hair and it turned to orange color so what I did I bought t18 to remove the orange . But then now it's just too golden yellow. What dye should I use to tone it to a Barbie like blonde.. Thanks.

      • profile image

        Lupita Andrade 15 months ago

        I decided I'd go from black to a really light brown , needed a change in my life lol

        So I started off with the color oops by removing any black I had from when I had color boxed it 9 months ago. I then bleached my hair 2x's . Yes I let it rest between those 2x's . I was left with an orange yellow hair . The lady at Sally's recommended I get it to the brightest orange I could possibly get it to so I did. After I used Wella T15 pale beige blonde mixed it with Vol10 to tone , my roots remained orange , my hair looked like it was getting the brown I wanted UNTIL I blow dried it and my hair is now Dark/Light Orange all over its a complete mess ! What should I do ?

      • profile image

        emma 15 months ago

        hi i have a question i bleached my hair on monday it came out a bleautiful blonde color but i wanted it a bit darker so i added a darker blonde color to it my hair turned out to be like a shiny mustad type of color and yesterday i tried to fix it but its just yellow now i only have the blue bleach not violet would that work to fix it? if so how long would you recomend i leave it in?

      • profile image

        Sally 15 months ago

        Well I have used the Redken 7ncr with 6rr abut 1/2 of the 6rr to 1 of the 7ncr, but my is very dark. I think I just might need to keep in the 7 nor alone, I used a 30 v. I want to remove this color because it's very dark, I might mention that I am over 50 per cent gray. What type of stripper would you recommend

      • profile image

        Nisma 16 months ago

        (im.Naturally a brunette with very dark brown hair) My hair is a bright orange/yellow and I've bleached it twice already. I don't wanna repeat it anymore because my hair is already very dry. What dye should I use in order to get rid of it? Is dark purple okay

      • profile image

        Lee 16 months ago

        I am half Chinese and half Caucasian. My natural color is darkest brown that looks black. I have too many varied colors in my hair and need something that is easy to maintain and that the grays don't show as much. How do I get my hair to a dark brown. I just used color oops. First issue is what to use for the parts of hair that are brownish orange to get the orange out and what developer and how long for hair that may be porous due to the color oops. The next issue is my underneath hair looks black and has grays.What do I use? Third issue is grays at the top through the hairline in the brownish orange hair. How can I blend this all, get rid of gray and get rid of orange. I have pics but don't know how to attach on this phone. Thanks for your help.

      • profile image

        Sunday 16 months ago

        I got impatient and tried 6AA lowlights and chi blondest blonde highlights and it didn't do much except break up the solid color ginger color and made the orange more gold. I also toned it with T14. Any suggestions? Really want light ash with a dark ash. And have way too much dark so I need a formula for highlights that will cause the least amount of breakage. The highlift chi that I use leaves my hair with not much breakage but it doesn't lift that much with a 20 and I have just a lot of colors of brass or gold going on and ginger/orange or if I use a dark rinse more auburn orange/red gold. And when I highlighted I only did it through the 1st 3 inches. Help. And the provana probably won't cover the gold parts either, and now I have some grey coming through the roots. I liked the idea of Provana because it seems so easy. Anything like it that would cover or tone down all of the mess? It looks ash in some lights but in the sun it's a total disaster. Help. And thank you again.

      • profile image

        Sunday 16 months ago

        Hi. You're really good! And so generous to give all of your knowledge. You are a Hair Angel. I've read all of your advice and wondering if you could help. I normally foil my own highlights using chi blondest blonde with 30. I started using 20 and it wasn't lifting as much so I tried foiling in a bleach and 7NA and I got orange ginger about 3 inches worth with really hot roots after trying to cover it with 6AA and then I toned it to death which didn't do much. I've rested it for 1 1/2 mo. using fanciful midnight on my roots blending about 3 inches down to cover daily and rest and was thinking of either trying to highlight again with the chi 20 and maybe do it in steps highlighting and then doing it again 2 weeks later and low lighting with 6AA and 10 again in between or trying pravana silver to counter the red orange since it's blue green based but it may not have any effect on the dark but seems so easy and I saw a woman whose hair I loved greyish silvery with dark highlights and bluish silver very ashy tones in the highlights. My natural hair is a 5 and I have many areas of my hair in front that are very blonde 9 and 10. My hair is very fine and very porous. I want Ash, the dark, dark ash and the light light ash level 10. I also have a little grey starting to come in scattered in the root and that's why I always have highlights so it's not that noticeable blended with my natural color and less maintenance. What do you suggest? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      • profile image

        Linda 17 months ago

        I coloured my hair blonde and it has turned out yellow underneath and orange mid lenths and ends what can I use to tone it down to a natural blonde

      • profile image

        Dana 17 months ago

        My daughters hair color i about a six or seven level . It's been highlighted and is turning that brassy yellow , how would you reccomend getting it back to it's more natural color? I was going to tone it with a Wella T15. I have been thinking that it's not the right color for her could you give any other suggestions on how to get her hair back to its natural light brown blonde color

        Maybe mix two toners?

      • profile image

        Johnna Leigh Watson 17 months ago

        Hello my sweet! I'm rocking hot pink over bleached platinum and though I love love loooove the shade I have decided to go back to blonde. However my hair has decided it loves the pink more than I and will not let go of the slowly fading pink hue. I bought a brand name boxed bleach that rhymes with hysTERIA and only the spots where the pink was remain unbleached...How,if its even possible,can I counter the pink a bit by toning rather than another harsh bleach? Trying baking soda paste now and so far too subtle is the degree of fading. Will update. In the meantime would I use a green base or even an actual green dye (i have one n only emerald here) or am I barking up the wrong "shade" tree? Hurry waits for no one..or doesn't it? Adieu and I will be eagerly awaiting your answer in 10000 maniacal characters or less...

      • profile image

        Oxi 17 months ago

        Hi there.

        So i wanted my roots to be highlighted . We did it with foil but out of box bleach, It came out horrible. Yellow orange and white on same peace of hair. So we decided to cover it up with cold blond from palette. Now my roots are light orange and rest of hair white... i want to go back to my dark blond hair but it is more like ash medium blond ... i hate orange on me... what will you suggest. Can i apply dark ash or medium?

        Thank a lot

      • profile image

        Lena 17 months ago

        Hello :) I had a problem with my hair and need some advice.

        I went to have a balayage ombré in a hair salon, but I ended up with the middle of my hair being a yellow-orange color and the ends white-gray color. The transition was not smooth and I hate any tone of orange in my hair, also she used a korean brand of dye, and Im white latina, with a tottaly different hair and skin tone than asians. The orange-yellow was really weird on me, it looked like it was faded, a grayish orange.

        Anyways, a week later a came back to the salon to have my hair fixed. The girl said she would wash out the toner, and that would fix it. It turned out worse than before. So I told her to dye my hair dark and fix that mess.

        She then used a 7.1 color to neutralize the blonde parts, but she didnt use it in my natural hair. It worked, the ends turned out a light brown color. However, because she used the product to wash out the toner in my whole hair, my natural hair got slightly bleached and turned a little orange. Now I have my natural hair a little orange, and the middle and ends light brown/blonde.

        Im going to have a hair treatment to help my hair to get strong again. But after one month I want to dye it a dark color so I can have one even color in my hair.

        What color should I choose in order to neutralize the orange part of the hair at the same time it covers the light brown middle and end part of the hair?

        Thank you.

      • profile image

        Hi 17 months ago

        My hair is orange but want to color it light brown. What developer do I use? I had dark brown and but oops and now. It's orange!

      • profile image

        Parinaz Lajevardi 17 months ago


        I got bayalage done at a salon and she bleached my hair but some of the highlights came out pretty orange. I'm trying to tone done orange tones in my hair, in the article it says "You will need a light ash brown dye to tone out the orange color. To prepare the dye, mix the chosen color with 10 vol developer with a tinting brush and bowl."

        What color should I choose? I don't want my hair to get too dark. What do you recommend?

      • profile image

        BRIDGET 17 months ago

        hi. my natural color is light brown/dirty blonde. so last year in October I wanted to dye my hair brown with a red tint. It turned VERY red. so I kept it for awhile and in January I hated it. I went to the hair salon and they dyed in brown. it was good and I couldn't see red for a week. then it faded and went orange. in the summer of 2016 my hair grew out and I had my light brown/dirty blonde roots with orange hair. so I went to the beauty supply store and got my natural color and dyed it. It got some orange out but it was still very orange. I never fixed it until now, I want to do something. its been almost a year since I dyed it, my hair has grown out and my hair is still orange. I want to bleach it and dye it my normal color. is that a good idea? should I get it done professionally or do it myself.? I don't want to spend that much money. thank you!

      • profile image

        Britney 17 months ago

        Please help!

        My hair was an br2 and I'm trying to go blonde and did bleach on now it's orange what can I do to get the orange out? Should i do another bleach ina week? Please help

      • Terpsichore profile image

        Terpsichore 17 months ago

        Hello there. I've read through countless questions to try to figure this one out, but I'm still not exactly sure what to do. I am a natural dark brunette. I would say about a 3. I had never dyed my hair before, but I wanted to get to about a level 7 or 8. I went to the salon, and my stylist suggested that we just lift the hair instead of bleach. We lifted for about 35 minutes, and I reached a level 7, although there was still so much brass in my hair. He did tone but for a literal 2 minutes. I also got highlights. It's been over 2 months since then, and my hair has darkened. I would say to a 5 or 6. My highlights are a 7. My biggest issue is the tone. It is similar to this tone

        I don't want it lighter, but I want something much more ashy. I would even like to have the slightest grey/blue tint. I was thinking I could use the t18 or t14 toner, with a drop of Actic fox deep blue dye. I'm not sure of how long I should leave it in, or what effect this will have on my hair. My hair is very healthy now. I just want it to be as cool as possible. Pun. But really. Thank you for your time!

      • profile image

        Roxane 18 months ago

        Hi maffew...I am so thankful for all the knowledge u have shared in this article. I was hoping if u could an Indian girl who has natural black hair.i got some mahogany highlights done to my hair in a salon early 2015 and have been coloring my hair dark brown (Lo real box dyes) for over a year which had bought my hair to a dark brown black. Two days ago I used wells powdered bleach mixed in 20 volume developer and applied it through out my hair with a paddle brush giving it a balyage effect.i let it stay on for 25 minutes and then rinsed it out(I didn't use any cling film).after rinsing and towel drying it I applied wella color charm T14 pale ash blonde and kept it for 30 mins but my hair (in streaks) has turned out dark orange almost brown but not brown.i want it brown chestnut or honey...pls help and let me know what I got to do hair is not dry or anything I just need to get the streaks a chestnut brown...thanking u again for ur time!

      • Rahels profile image

        Rahels 19 months ago

        Hi so I bleached my hair and colored my hair since I wanted the ash blonde/ ash brown did it from the salon but I have orangish yellow hair.. Definitely these guys had no idea what they were doing after all the money I spent. However I thought purple shampoo will help but nope it made it more orange. So now I have decided to fix my hair at home with a coloursilkdark ash blonde 60 dye that I got do you think this will make it a little more ashy blonde?? What can I do to achieve that ash blonde and I was wondering if I apply this dye once now then again after a month or two will it help me go lighter than my orange?? What would you advice..any advice is welcomed :) thanks a ton for this article btw

      • profile image

        Jackie39 20 months ago

        I foolishly dyed my level 9 plus hair to a dark brown which ended up pretty much black, so i stripped with it colourb4 and it did a fab job however i coloured my hair again too soon and it went straight back to nearly black, I have since learned alot from that mistake, hair that went khaki and that I really dont suit ash! then having to put a red based brown on etc whilst ending up with incredibly hot roots(which i quite like actually lol) as my hair started to fade quick by clarifying it finally went a very warm gingerish brown which i loved, anyway just had my hair done, a base colour and highlights, the highlights were way to blonde and not blended at all and now where my hair is meant to be copper and mahagony it just looks grey and my highlights look ash as i did as hairdresser suggested to use purple toner to tone down the blonde but its also toned down the copper :( and my roots are still very hot, would a caramel toner help? I hate the ash and feel i have no warmth but if i use a red based toner the blonde will go pink?

      • profile image

        Sarimia 20 months ago

        Hello Maffew,

        The back of my hair was violet/red and the front was a dark brown. My stylist kept putting violet in my hair and when the brown faded I had an ugly shade of purple. She said she couldn't do anything to it and by bleaching it would only damage the hair. After 2 years of going to her and not getting what I wanted I decided to bleach it myself. I went to Sallys and got Wella products 7B Burbon with 8C ash which was recommended by the colorist there. I put it on after the bleach and it didn't change color. My hair stayed orange AND no damage! my hair is very healthy with coconut oil. She assured me that this would give me the great medium chocolate brown I so wanted and not to go darker because it was going to be extremely dark since my hair is porous. Well I had left over Chocolate by Loreal Mega Browns which is red base and Medium Brown and I mix those two to calm the orange. Needless to say that didn't work. Im calling my new look "Pumpkin Spice Latte" since some people say it looks like pumpkin some say dark cinnamon. I just want my medium chocolate that I so desire! HELP Please! Im ready to go to Sallys again and buy Wella Level 6 Light Brown with a Medium Brown Ash to see what I get this time and Medium Brown and Neutral to calm the Hot Roots since I have grays. Im hoping someone knowledgeable can give me some advise as to if Im doing this properly. BTW GREAT INFORMATION!

        Thank you!

      • profile image

        Lauren 21 months ago

        My hair was an auburn color from my last dye 6 months ago and I really wanted to try the ombré trend. I went to my stylist and she bleached the ends and added a darker color to my roots. Of course it came out orange and I absolutely hate it!! I would really love to go dark brown and was just wondering how soon I can dye it after having it bleached. I also read other articles that dyeing the hair dark over orange can sometimes turn it green?? Please help!

      • profile image

        Hikaru 22 months ago

        Hi Maffew,

        I dyed my hair to an ash blonde color at the salon, but my hair used to be dyed red (which faded into a dark orange color). I don't think the stylist used an actual toner since my hair is still orange, and according to your article the orange color should be neutralized to a brown if a toner was used.

        I tried using a purple shampoo (l'oreal silver shampoo) with no luck, which I attribute partially to purple neutralizing yellow more than orange. But I also read in one of your comments that purple shampoo won't do much for a darker color.

        So this leads me to a few questions. First, if I want to get rid of the orange color, should I just use a blue based ash blonde toner (does that even exist)? Secondly, should I continue using the purple shampoo to maintain my ash blonde? Really it's only my roots that are ash blonde since it's the only part that wasn't affected by the red dye. I also feel that even after using the purple shampoo, my ash blonde parts are still turning orangey.



      • profile image

        Rose 22 months ago

        Hello there! Thank you for your wonderful article and optimism about correcting color problems :)

        I have a hair color problem I'd like to fix!

        My natural hair color is very dark ashy brown. And it is very used to being dyed; and it is in good condition.

        I have been very light pale blonde for a year; near to platinum blonde, but with a few soft yellow strands here and there. All I've been using is box hair dye.

        A few days ago I dyed my roots to get ready for back to school. All I did is a root touch up, because the rest of my hair is very light blonde. My roots were grown out about 2 1/2 inches.

        I used the same very light blonde dye that I have been using over the past year (Revlon Colorsilk Ultra Light Ash Blonde 05).

        My roots came out orange. No problem, I thought. This happened last time, I just need to dye them 1 more time.

        2 days later I dyed my roots with the same dye again. But the dye barely made a difference. My roots are soft amber.

        So, instead of buying toner and developer, or anything else, I just want to go back to having brown hair. The blonde hair is too much maintenance and requires too many extra products.

        My question is - what shade of brown dye should I use?

        Should I choose a light brown or a medium brown? And, perhaps more importantly, should the brown be a warm, neutral, or ash tone?

        I've read that light blonde hair needs a "filler" and to get a warm-toned brown dye. But my thoughts are, wont that worsen the problem of my soft amber colored roots?

        I was hoping you would have some good advice!

        ~ Rose


      • profile image

        SarahN 22 months ago

        Hi, Maffew! Thank you for your wonderful blog! I have been trying to get rid of brassy tones in my hair for over a year now. I've seen two stylists and told them both that my hair seems to pull more orange than usual and I don't like it. My natural color is a mouse-y brown, maybe level 7 or so.

        The most recent stylist disregarded my advice the first time and used a neutral semi dye, and there was plenty of orange. The next time she used ash, and there was still orange! This most recent attempt at semi STILL went brassy after a few washes. She's been using Schwarzkopf dyes, so I thought the quality of color would be better, but it's doing the same thing lesser quality dyes do.

        I'm not trying to get my hair blonde, I just want it back to regular so I don't have to maintain it (and since my natural mouse-y brown goes better with my skin than anything that's happened in these salon visits). The other concern I have is that the semi dye doesn't seem to be washing out completely on the regrowth, which is extra frustrating since I asked her not to dye on the regrowth since I'm trying to grow it out. Is there a reason my previously virgin regrowth wouldn't be losing the brassy tones from the semi dye?

        Thank you again! I'm looking into the mousse you recommended, but just don't want to perpetuate the orange regrowth problem if that might happen.

      • profile image

        Katie 22 months ago

        I need help! My friend just bleached my hair in an attempt to lighten it from being dyed black so many times. I realize now maybe we should have stripped it first. Well, it's too late now. My hair is an uneven patchy mess. My roots are bright yellowhite while the rest of my hair is an uneven orange/copper tones with dark patches here and there. It's horrific. We're thinking of just dying it a darker color to even it out. But my concern is that this will cause the dark patches to become even DARKER. Hence defeating the purpose of dying it dark in the first place. Any suggestions on how to approach this situation?? Thanks!

      • profile image

        Natalie 22 months ago

        Hi everyone,

        I have a quick question,my natural hair colour iss black and I wanted to add some highlights. Went to the salon ,they bleached my hair and added a red/maroon toner.So the problem now is that the colour fades away with every wash and the highlights are turning Orange. Can someone please give me some advice on what I should do now?

        Thank you in advance.

      • profile image

        Nicola 22 months ago

        Hi I need help, I recently bleached my hair it went yellowy blonde on my root's and orange on the rest, I got a hairdresser friend to then dye my hair for me I wanted light ash brown so

      • profile image

        karla 23 months ago

        I had really bad water. my hair was really blonde a level 10..I ended up having to put a brown on my hair until my water treatment system was put in. so it was installed ....i bleached my hair and it turned orange and started to smoke and my hair was breaking off ..after maybe 10 to 15 mins of it being had never done i waited a few weekseconds but and all over on my hair and it's still an orangey color....what do i do

      • profile image

        Sara Mathews 23 months ago

        Hi. I have had black hair and I have started colouring my hair without using bleach since I'm 16. Now I'm 21 and lately I tried blonde twice and now I have a brown with an orangish color ..I wanted to do platinum but its not available readily in the drugstores so I was thinking I could use some tones to get some ash colours on me. What do you suggest??

      • profile image

        Dolce1000000 23 months ago

        I just bleached my hair and the gray roots turned white and the brown hair turned ORANGE!!! What can I do to correct this immediately??? Thank you very much.


      • profile image

        Sammie1170 23 months ago

        I've been using the same hairdresser for a loooong time (30 yrs!) and last weekend, I had the worst colouring experience ever.

        My natural colour is brown, but I've been blonde for a long time, so 7 months ago, decided to be brunette again. Obviously, due to extensive bleaching previously, the colour faded rapidly, so decided to become golden blonde.

        Once the colour was washed off, my hair was left a dark blonde colour, which I quite liked, except my roots were bright GINGER!

        Second colour applied. Hairdresser still not happy, so toner applied.

        I was so upset when I left the salon (after more than 5 hours), I didn't attend the party I'd had my hair done for.

        The next day, shoved my hair up and went to Sally's, where I purchased a toner, & 6% peroxide. Did that at home and then conditioned my hair, wrapped my head in clingfilm and left it for an hour before washing out. Surprisingly, given that my hair is very thick and curly, the condition wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

        I've subsequently washed my hair this week with violet shampoo, but I think all this did was make the difference between the blonde and ginger even more apparent.

        I've never had a crisis of confidence due to my hair before. This has been a tough week (car accident Tuesday, funeral - yes, with glowing hair, on Wednesday, followed by an evening event I had to present at...) however, I rang my salon yesterday to tell my hairdresser I couldn't cope with my hair the way it is and that I don't care what she has to do to fix it, she just needs to fix it!

        I'm hoping for blonde, but would be interested to know whether brunette would be better! (the grass is always greener...).


      • profile image

        Clare 23 months ago

        Hi, I have just finished a college course where I was advised that you can't use a base colour without a tone i.e. you can't dye hair with well 4.0 or 5.0 you have to have a tone with it so 5.1 or 3.16 etc as if you didn't have tones it wouldn't do anything. Reading through your posts this seems incorrect. Can you confirm this.

      • profile image

        Tifany 23 months ago


        I originally highlighted my dark brown hair with a medium brown color with a few darker red highlights and ended up hating it because it was redder than I expected and not even- i.e. some highlights were darker at the roots than the ends and vice-versa. *Mistake Number 1.

        I went to a local Sally's and thr girl recommended I use purple shampoo to tone some of the red down, which it did. I could still see the red/orange though and decided to go further.

        When I got my haircut, my stylist said yo try a toner, but nothing darker than a 6A, in order to balance it out. So off to Sally's I go. This time, an associate (different city and store) recommend a 7NA and a 6N with a 10 vol. developer in the Ion Demi-Permanent line. It did cover it up more, but I don't think I left it in long enough because I could still see it!

        So yet another trip to my local Sally's, a young lady recommended Clairol Premium Creme Demi Hair Color 6A Dark Cool Blonde with a Clairol Pure White Developer 10 Volume Creme. This turned my roots ORANGE! It neutralized my red from about my ears down.

        I freaked out and went back yesterday. A different associate told me use the purple Ion shampoo on hot towel dried hair and blow dry it because the heat would help open up the hair cuticle to absorb more of the purple color needed to neutralize. I said I needed an option B in case that didn't work and she gave me Wella Color Charm permanent liquid hair toner in T10 pale blonde along with a 10 volume developer.

        I tried it last night, and my whole head is a strawberry blonde/orange, especially at the roots!

        I'm at my wits end now! What started out as highlights turned into hell lights. I had natural highlights from the sun that were golden/honey/sunkissed looking which is what I wanted from the get go, but the boxes (Mistake Number 2*) that said blonde scared me and I didn't want to use them so my hair wouldn't end up orange- like it is now!

        Any suggestions/help is welcome! At this point I'm considering getting a dark brown permanent (eek) color and dying my whole head to be done with this fiasco!

        Thank you!

      • profile image

        Tanya 23 months ago

        Hi, I have just spent the whole morning crying as my natural dark blonde with greying hair is now orange. I put in a natural hair dye by desert shadow and I hate the colour I did this beacause of grey and didn't want to use chemicals on my hair but now I don't know what to do it looks terrible!!!! Any advice would be much appreciated

      • profile image

        aliaakhan 23 months ago

        Sorry for the mess up above.

        Hello. Ineed help urgentlyyyyy!! I went to the hairdress yesterday and asked.her to dye my hair ash brown(notdark brown). My actual hair color is black , not very dark though. When she coloured my hair, the end result was dark brown color on the lower end and organgish brown color on the top. I told her to change it and make it even, so she applied some color again and the roots became more orange, then she applied color only to the roots, but still same. I went to her again in the evening and she colored my hair again the third time and now it's a weird dark reddish brown color. I really don't know what to do. I have a function coming next week and I can't look like this. I also want to let you know that when she applied the color first time, it came out very quickly while she was applying. I want to have my original hair color back, is it possible after coloring so many times? Or how can I change this color to ash brown or get rid of this dark brown color?please help

      • profile image

        Alia 24 months ago

        Hello. Ineed help urgentlyyyyy!! I went to the hairdress yesterday and asked.her to dye my hair chocolate brown or ash brown(notdark brown). My actual hair color is black , not very dark though.When she colorWhat has happened here is that your hairdresser didn't use the right dye. When lightening hair, the dye should be an ash shade to counteract the warmth. Otherwise you will end up with orange hair instead of a nice brown colour. You can fix it by applying a light ash shade to counteract the orange. Use a dark ash blonde mixed with 10 vol developer and allow this to develop until your colour has toned to your desired shade. Rinse it out as soon as it reaches the right coloured my hair, the end result was dark brown color on the lower end and organgish brown color on the top. I told her to change it and make it even, so she applied some color again and the roots became more orange, then she applied color only to the roots, but still same. I went to her again in the evening and she colored my hair again the third time and now it's a weird dark brown orangish color.I really don't know what to do. I have a function coming next week and I can't look like this. I also want to let you know that when she applied the color first time, it came out very quickly while she was applying. I want to have my original hair color back, is it possible after coloring so many times? Or how can I change this color to ash brown or get rid of this dark brown color?please help.

      • profile image 24 months ago


        I am addicted to reading all these posts I'm hoping you'll be able to help my hair problem as well!

        I went to a pro and got by hair bleached balayage it looked good but just couldn't get use to it, I then went over it with dark brown, my hair took it pretty well no greens tones that I was told I would possibly get, I kept that for about 2 months then last month I did a bight red (loreal hi color in magenta) to be exact. I rocked that for a little while and discovered color oops, I did that last night and now I'm stuck with a orange/carmeley brownish hair color. I would like to achieve a light brown/dark blonde and after doing a little bit of research I want it to match my skin tone so it doesn't look so dull on me, (I'm a warm tone)

        Any help would be great!!

      • profile image

        Alisha 2 years ago

        Hi there! Ive recently coloured my roots which are a ash light brown to 11:11 however i measured the mixture incorrectly and my roots turned out bright orange. I corrected it with applying a loreal 8.1 hair pack from the supermarket (i was desperate!) And spread throughout my 10 level ends to make it a black colour.This corrected it somewhat but each wash my hair is getting lighter even tho it was a permanent colour and the orange is showing again. My hair is damaged and fine. How do i fix the orage roots without damaging my hair too much? I suit medium to dark blonde but whats my options? Thanks

      • profile image

        Kaye 2 years ago


        I have totally white hair so went to salon for a few lowlights. She put in some black in the top but too many and too chunky. I didn't like at all so went back and she lightened with Scruples lightest blonde and 40v developer (twice) but now I have orange highlights. She said to wait a few weeks and then she would reapply color. Anything I can try more immediate? Any way to make them gray?


      • profile image

        Mistake in NZ - no longer orange!! 2 years ago

        Hi again, just wanted to say don't waste your time on my ridiculous mistake! I went for it with the 6.1 because it was really my only option and the orange issue was bothering me so much. I only did the problem areas and left in on for just over ten minutes, once I could see the dreaded orange was covered. Voila! It's definitely a bit flat and mousey, as to be expected from a box dye but all I cared about was getting rid of the orange. It's probably still an improvement on the state of my roots prior to the bleach fiasco. I wanted to sincerely thank you for the information you have shared. I learned so much about colours through this process. I definitely know now to respect bleach for what it is, and to just stick I my really basic highlights for DIY especially given that I can't easily get good products to use at home. Seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

      • profile image

        Mistake in NZ 2 years ago

        Hi, embarrassingly, I stupidly decided to use a L'Oreal highlighting kit to do all my roots and crown, which of course looked horrible- yellow and orange and over the top. Do not know what I was thinking. My hair is a dirty/mousey blondey brown naturally and my roots and crown were that colour before this rookie mistake. The rest of my (long) hair has various blonde and light brown colours in it from highlighting/getting foils periodically and looks fine. So I read your post and used L'Oreal Excllence creme in 8.1 Ash Blonde a day after the bleaching disaster, just on the problem areas. I think I probably didn't leave it on long enough (only half the recommended time) as it definitely helped tone things down but my crown is still fairly orange. I just want to get it back looking at least semi natural so my question is this. Will using the Excellence creme in 6.1 in Light Ash Brown give me the fix I am after or should I try the 8.1 again or even 9.1? Or should I not be using the ash colours at all? I'm fine if my roots and crown are darker than the rest of my hair, I'd prefer it to be darker rather than lighter now. I'll just give my hair a break for a while and then put some highlights back in (properly this time!) I live in the middle of nowhere and only have access to the L'Oreal Excellence line from the local shop.

        Thank you so much for all your posts, I was frantically googling fixes at 5 am and your recommendation to use an ash blonde at least got me to a point where I'm not embarrassed to go out in public!!

      • PiperJames profile image

        PiperJames 2 years ago from OKC, OK (for now)

        Can I use V-lights bleach (Matrix) and color in the same step? Mix the v-lights with 20-V developer and 7A, so it bleaches color & deposits color in the same step? Or would you just use 7A with 20 V developer, to lift and deposit?


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