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How to Dye Your Hair Purple

Updated on March 01, 2016

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Magenta hair
Magenta hair | Source

Bright hair colors are more popular than ever, and a purple hair color is the star of this trend. When you dye hair purple, you have a lot of different shades to explore, ranging from dark indigo to a pastel lilac. You also have the option of using either a temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent purple dye to get the color you want, meaning the color can last for as long as you want it to.

Choosing a purple hair dye

Before you can dye hair purple, you need to decide which shade you want to use because this will determine exactly how you proceed towards the color. Dark colors like indigo, deep purples, and burgundy are easier to achieve and take less work when you have dark hair. Lighter shades of purple like lilac, magenta, and pastel tones require you to lighten your hair significantly if it's dark.

In general, for a pastel purple hair color, you need to lighten your hair to a pale yellow color before you apply the dye or else it won't take. Other purple colors like lilac require light blonde hair, whereas darker purple hair colors can be applied to brown hair or dark blonde hair depending on how light you want the color to be.

You also have the choice of a temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent purple dye. In this case, temporary and semi-permanent colors offer the widest range of shades, but they will need to be retouched fairly often to keep your color vibrant. If you want to wear purple hair for longer, a permanent hair dye is suggested. Many salon brands like Indola and Fudge Headpaint have fashion shades of purple varying from more natural burgundy shades to intense magenta colors and these dyes will last a few weeks before they need to be refreshed.

To help you choose a shade of purple hair color, you can use the table below. By looking at the purple color you want to reach, you can see what color stage you need to lighten your hair to, or what natural hair color can be dyed over to reach the shade. For instance, if you wanted a bright indigo color and have dark hair, you would have to lighten it to the yellow stage before you can dye it that color, whereas if you have light blonde hair, you can apply it straight away without any lightening.

Purple color
Lightening required
Natural hair
Pastel tones
Pale yellow
Light blonde
Light blonde
Bright indigo
Light blonde
Medium purple
Light brown
Light brown
Dark purple
Medium brown
Dark indigo
Medium brown
Violet black
Dark brown
Lilac hair
Lilac hair | Source
Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener, 28.2 Ounce
Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener, 28.2 Ounce

The bleach you use is very important. Cheaper bleach powder causes more damage and won't lighten your hair as well as salon products. Wella Blondor is an excellent bleach powder to use, with the potential to lift up to 7 levels (From dark brown to light blonde), in one process.


Lightening hair

If you have dark hair and the purple hair color you want requires you to lighten your hair, you will need to bleach your hair in order to lighten it enough that the color will actually take. By using the table above, you can ascertain the lightening stage you need to reach for your chosen shade, and it will also help you choose an alternative shade if your hair is too dark to lighten to the degree needed.

To lighten your hair, you will need bleach powder, developer, a tinting bowl and brush, and sectioning clips. As with applying any chemical process, you hair should be sectioned out into four easy to work with sections and you need to work quickly so that your hair lightens evenly. To do this, part your hair from the middle of your forehead to the back of your neck, then part it again from ear to ear and you will have your four quadrants to work with.

When using bleach, it is important to be realistic about the results. Even though bleach is a powerful hairdressing product, it can't lighten black hair to pale yellow in one process. If you have very dark hair, you will either need to settle for a darker purple color, or bleach it more than once. Should you decide to bleach it a second time, do so only if your hair is in good condition and after it has rested for a period of about a week. Never apply bleach twice in the same day.

Violet hair
Violet hair | Source

Temporary purple dyes

If you don't want a permanent purple color, you will use a temporary or semi-permanent purple dye to color your hair. Temporary colors last for 1 - 3 washes, depending on how porous your hair is. Hair that loves to soak up color will hold on to a temporary hair dye for much longer than hair that is resistant to coloring. Semi-permanent hair dyes last slightly longer and may last anywhere from 3 - 6 washes before they lose much of their vibrancy.

Fudge Paintbox hair dye

Fudge Paintbox is one of the different semi-permanent dyes available to you when you want to dye hair purple. These dyes are a conditioning cream that can be applied after shampooing your hair and left to soak in for half an hour in order to dye your hair a bright or vibrant color.

To apply one of these colors, simply squirt the required amount of product into a tinting bowl and apply it by brush to your hair. You can even use your hands to apply the dye if you want, by squirting it into your hands and massaging it through your hair. Once applied, the product is left for around half an hour, although leaving it in longer won't have any negative effects on your hair and may make the color last longer.

Fudge Purple Haze can be used to dye your hair a bright purple color, whilst their Raspberry Reret color is a deeper burgundy shade. The Rurple Haze can be applied to blonde or yellow bleached hair, whereas Raspberry Beret is a darker color and will take on darker blonde or light brown hair. You could even mix different shades to create your own color. For example, mixing Pink Moon and Purple Haze creates a bright magenta shade.

Purple color
Mixing instructions
Indigo purple
Add blue dye
Burgundy purple
Add red dye
Add red dye
Add red dye
Electric purple
Add blue dye

Manic Panic hair dye

Manic Panic is another popular dye brand that manufactures bright colors and offers a range of semi-permanent purple hair dyes. Their Mystic Heather dye is a lilac shade, Purple Haze will give you a bright purple color, and Electric Amethyst is a darker purple.

As with Fudge Paintbox, you can mix any Manic Panic dye together to create new colors and get the exact shade you want, and these dyes are applied in exactly the same way as Fudge colors.

Mixing semi-permanent dyes

If you can't find your exact color, it is completely fine to mix any Fudge Paintbox or Manic Panic hair dye to get the color you want or design a color that nobody else has. Mixing darker shades with lighter shades will create a medium shade, and you can add varying amounts of blue or red color to change the tone of your purple dye.

You can experiment with this your self, or you can visit either of the companies' websites for detailed mixing instructions and examples of the colors that are produced through mixing.

Fudge Headpaint 5.22
Fudge Headpaint 5.22
Matrix Socolor 4Rv Dark Brown Red Violet Reflect
Matrix Socolor 4Rv Dark Brown Red Violet Reflect

This is Matrix's dark purple fashion shade and can be used to dye hair purple permanently.


Permanent purple hair dye

Permanent purple hair dye is the best option if you want to wear a purple hair color for a longer period of time. Salon brands like Indola and Fudge Headpaint have developed a wide range of fashion shades including vibrant purple colors, pastel violets, lilac, and even violet black hair. You can use these dyes to permanently dye hair purple.

To dye hair purple with one of these dyes, you will need to choose a shade first. Fudge Headpaint 6.22 is a bright purple shade, whereas the color will get progressively deeper as you move up to 5.22 and then to 4.22.

Indola 1.7 is an intense violet black color that can be considered the purple version of blue black hair. Their 8.77x is a very bright magenta shade, with darker options like 5.77x and 3.77x which correspond to medium and dark purple.

You can also modify either of these color ranges through use of their color intensifier products. These are tubes of hair dye that are a straight tone, and you can add purple intensifier to any other shade to increase purple tones in the color you're using. In the same sense, red or blue intensifiers can be used to make a purple shade more burgundy or indigo respectively.

Maintaining purple hair

Purple hair is vibrant and the color will fade regardless of whether you use a temporary or permanent dye. If you're using a Fudge Paintbox or Manic Panic dye, you will need to reapply the color every 1 - 2 weeks to maintain the vibrancy and prevent fading.

Permanent dyes won't fade as quickly, but you will still need to retouch them every few weeks. You can do this either by applying the same color again, or using a semi-permanent dye to add vibrancy back in. You can also use color refresher shampoos to keep the color vibrant and prevent fading by adding tone back in whilst you shampoo your hair. De Lorenzo violet shampoo is one such product that contains an intense violet pigment and can noticeably reduce fading in purple or burgundy hair.

Purple hair requires maintenance to prevent fading and keep your color looking its best, but it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting colors to dye your hair. If you're willing to take care of your color, you can wear purple hair that looks great and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Purple hair requires maintenance to prevent fading and to keep your color looking its best, but it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting colors to dye your hair. If you're willing to take care of your color, you can wear purple hair that looks great and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Do you have a question about dyeing your hair purple? Do you have an interesting experience with purple hair? Leave a comment below for tailored advice and share your insight with other readers.


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    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy Reid 2 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Excellent article and use of the table to clearly show what kind of shades are applicable. I've always wanted bright purple hair like the girl in the first picture but never been brave enough to bleach. Really useful article, thank you for writing it.

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 2 years ago

      Thank you, I'm glad you find it useful.

    • Mally 2 years ago

      I bleached my brown/black hair down to a very light blond, my hair didn't bleach evenly some was white, some parts yellowish, & some stayed a light brown. I used Manic Panic ultra violet on the lightest parts of my hair (which was mostly all of it) it turned my hair brown! I bleached again a few weeks later down to a very light yellow/white, waited a few days & tried the same Manic Panic rockabilly blue & the ultra violet (not mixed) the blue came out almost perfect the purple turned brown again! Ugh.. Waited till that all faded out then used Color Jam 2 in a bright purple (no longer have the bottle) but it was a semi permanent, it looked Awesome when the dye was in my hair, I left it sit for about 2 hours then rinsed with cold water, every single bit of the purple ran out! Not one trace of it at all. What am I doing wrong?? Right now my hair is blue. But fading to an awful greenish (I'm trying to get it out w/o chemical) but how can I get my hair purple? I want blue fading into purple or vise versa! Help! I'm afraid to waste $$ on another purple dye if it's not going to work.

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 2 years ago

      Hi Mally,

      Just like you can use a purple shampoo to tone blonde hair and neutralise yellow, if you put a light purple dye over brassy hair, the yellow and orange tones in your hair will neutralise the purple. The reason your hair keeps turning out Brown is because the dye is too weak. Manic Panic Ultra Violet should only be used on very light hair because it's closer to a pastel colour.

      If you're finding it hard to find a purple that's dark enough, you can mix blue and red instead. This will create a darker dye with better coverage. Dilute that mixture down with conditioner if you want a slightly lighter colour.

      As for the fading to green, that can't be avoided. As the blue dye fades in your hair, the yellow tone that's in your hair becomes more dominant. Blue + yellow gives the appearance of green. When this happens you can either dye it again to refresh the colour, or tone out the offending tone.

    • Mally 2 years ago

      Thank you! I didn't realize ultra violet was a light purple, I am looking for a bright "crayon" color purple..

      What would happen if I mixed red & blue & put it over the faded greenish color? You sound like you know a lot about color, I know nothing about it! Lol

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 2 years ago

      They don't make it very obvious when you look at the colour. With permanent colour you have what are called levels and these tell you how dark the colour is. Bright semi-permanents like Fudge and Manic Panic don't use this system.

      If you put red and blue over the faded colour, the results will depend on how dark the red and blue dye is. Green and red neutralise each other just like yellow and purple, so you'll notice some of the red doesn't translate through to the final colour because it's neutralised by the green in your hair.

      What this means is that for the bright purple you want, you might need to add a little more red to the mix to balance it out or your purple will be closer to the blue side. The darker you go, this becomes less of a problem. Hair colouring is really all about balancing the different primary tones to create the colour you want.

    • Bobbi 2 years ago

      Hi there!

      This was very helpful. I have been adding a store bought dye (3VR)) over auburn/red toned hair and kept getting almost black results.

      This time I will try to tone it first!

      Given that my hair has faded from the 3VR to a red/copper tone, and I am naturally a level 4 brunette should I add a level 5 ash tone before I add a new layer of VR to get a more true violet red?

      Thanks again for the article!

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 2 years ago

      Hi Bobbi,

      Level 3 is darkest brown, and darkest brown looks almost black. A 3VR will look like a very very dark red violet. If you want a bright red violet you need to use anything between a 5 and 8. I think Matrix SoColor has a 5RV, from memory. Indola has a very nice bright violet red too - 7.67. That one's very bright and unique. You could also try Fudge Headpaint red storm, or you can take any salon red dye and add blue intensifier to boost the violet tone. Fudge Headpaint 0.88, for example, is a blue intensifier, and you can add that to any of their red shades to create a red violet. Most salon brands have pure tone colours that you can mix with their other shades to create your own shade.

    • Athena 2 years ago

      You said that bleach cannot lighten dark hair to a pale yellow in one process, correct? But that multi blonde powder that you recommended says it has the potential to lift from dark brown to light blonde in one process. Should I not attempt to do it in one process, with my hair being almost black, even though it said it can? Or should I just go ahead and do it?

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 2 years ago

      Hi Athena, I'm glad you asked that question. The reason I say that bleach can't lift dark hair to pale yellow is because it can't. That part is correct. I'd prefer to say that and then have readers question me about their lightening so that I can give tailored advice to them and help them get the best results possible.

      I consider dark hair to be black or dark brown. In this case, even using Wella Multi Blonde, if the Wella bleach lifts to maximum capacity, it will take black hair to a gold colour which will tone to dark blonde; or lift dark brown hair to a yellow colour, which can be toned to light blonde.

      Pale yellow is just too light to be reached from a dark colour in one process, even with an excellent bleach powder. A pale yellow is lighter than a level 10 and required for a pastel colour. Once toned, the additional colour from the toner pushes it up to a level 10.

      This maximum lift potential is also generally only if Wella is mixed with 30 vol developer, in which case it should not be applied to the scalp. You'd use a preparation like this to bleach chunks or highlights into your hair. If you're dyeing parts of your hair purple, you can use it like this, but you can't use this strength to lighten all your hair.

      I'd also like to share some other cautionary advice about expecting certain results from bleach. If you've dyed your hair, at all, and that colour hasn't grown out, it will dramatically affect the bleach's ability to lift. Dyed hair won't lighten anywhere near as well as virgin hair. Expect 3 - 4 levels of lift maximum from a high quality bleach powder, and less from a generic.

      You also shouldn't always use stronger developer to lighten your hair quicker. It's often better to use 20 vol and do the lightening in two processes to avoid your hair becoming too dry and weak. Giving it that rest period helps allow the moisture to build back up and protect against damage.

      As for your own hair, if you are using a product like Wella Multi Blonde, Igora Vario, Indola Rapid Blonde, etc...and you have virgin hair; expect to reach a blonde shade. If you use Hi Lift, Salon Pro, or one of the other cheap generic products, expect to reach light brown at least. You'll reach blonde if you're lucky. The benefit of salon bleach is that it is superior, and even if it won't always lift as much as the manufacturer claims is possible, it will still lift better than generic bleach.

      In closing, through my own use of Multi Blonde in practice, it can definitely lift dark brown hair to a light blonde in one process. So can Indola Rapid Blonde and Igora Vario. Don't expect to reach a pastel shade though. It just can't do that, unless your hair is a lighter brown.

    • nicole 2 years ago

      Hello, I've recently colored my hair burgundy/plum now I want to try a deep yet vivid purple I'm just looking for a quick fix like semi/demi permanent dyes so should I just go for a bold blue and hope it works with the preexisting burgundy tone in my hair?

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 2 years ago

      Hi Nicole,

      Going the semi route, you could potentially use an intense purple semi-permanent and mix in a little blue. The added blue will help shift the colour from a magenta tone to more of a traditional purple. You might want to experiment with a few different concentrations of each as you do this to get the exact colour you want. Less blue will shift the colour to be more red, whilst more blue will obviously take the purple towards a colour that is more blue.

      Also, keep in mind that as this is using semi-permanent dye, the results will fade and have to be repeated. For a permanent dye option, you can use Fudge Headpaint 5.22 or 4.22 (Light violet brown or medium violet brown), and mix in a little 088 intensifier (Blue tone). The .22 tone in Fudge Headpaint has an intense amethyst appearance.

    • Hendrika profile image

      Hendrika 2 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      I would love purple hair or any fun hair color, but I am afraid financial concerns prevent. You do not perhaps have an idea for "make your own" hair dye?

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 2 years ago

      Hi Hendrika,

      You can't really make hair dye yourself. A lot of people would probably disagree with this and talk about products like henna or cordial powder, but the colour you get from things like that is never overly vibrant.

      Henna, in particular, can only give you a red colour, and it's a nightmare to get out if you ever want to remove it. Cordial powder seems like a strange thing to put through your hair but people do it because of the food colouring in it, which stains the hair.

      Regardless, if your hair is dark, it needs to be lightened first in order to get it light enough for the dye to take. This has to be done with bleach, so that's an expense no matter what you were using for the actual dyeing if you don't already have light hair. Colours like purple and blue require your hair to be fairly light in order for them to appear vibrant. Applying them to dark brown hair has the same effect that a marker does on dark paper and it won't look the way it should.

    • dye hard 2 years ago

      i have dark brown almost black hair and i was wodering if i could get a deep purple or indigo color by using manic panic semi_permanent hair dyes

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 2 years ago

      Hi dye hard,

      The colour of your hair is made up of two components: level and tone. The level is how dark your hair colour is, whilst the tone is the actual colour. For example, medium ash blonde and light ash brown are the same tone, but different levels, whereas medium golden blonde and medium ash blonde are the same level, but different tones.

      The problem with using a semi-permanent dye on dark hair is that your hair is a dark level and the semi doesn't lighten it. Whilst you definitely can add a purple or indigo tone to your hair, your hair will still be very dark and the purple will probably only be visible in sunlight or very bright light. The semi also may not simply be concentrated enough to cause any tone to appear when your hair is that dark either.

      For a deep purple, I'd recommend you lighten your hair two levels first, then apply the colour. If your hair hasn't been dyed before, you could actually do this by using a dye like Fudge Headpaint 4.22, with 30 vol as the developer. This would lighten and dye your hair to a deep purple colour. If you've dyed your hair in the past though, you would need to use bleach to lighten it and then dye it afterwards as hair dye can't effectively lighten hair that has already been dyed.

    • Zunaira Abeer 2 years ago

      Hi, I just used keune red infinitey medium red violet 4.76ri because i wanted a plum kind of color, since i don't get manic panic here. i dyed directly with a 20 developer, but only the roots turned out to be the color i wanted, the rest was dark, I have dark brown hair,. like a level 3 or 4. what should i do? I want color that shows. should i bleach my whole hair and re dye? I can send pictures if you want. :(

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 2 years ago

      Hi Zunaira,

      Had your hair been previously dyed? Usually when the roots are the only part of the hair that lightens, it's because they're new hair that has never been dyed. The lengths that have been dyed won't budge because dye can't lift dye. You can get around this by bleaching it 2 levels and then applying the red violet dye.

    • Zunaira Abeer 2 years ago

      nope, my hair has never been dyed! that's what confused me. should i bleach all of my hair again?

    • Anna 2 years ago

      My natural hair color is medium brown, but a little bit more to the dark side. I wanted a new look so I decided to dye my hair purple but I can't use bleach Because I'm allergic to it. So what I did before I dyed it purple, I had my hair red and waited for it to fade and as it faded my hair turned orange; then I washed it even more with shampoo and crushed vitamin c and that color came out more. So I went to my hairstylist and told her I wanted to dye my hair purple but when she finish the color wasn't visible or vibrant, but I expected that. After some time passed I went back and redid it the same color, but I didn't expect it come out the same way. What I want to know is why and what can I do to make the color pop out more. Because I was thinking that I dyed it purple again and wait two weeks and dyed it again. It's been like a month in a half since the last time I dyed my hair. Can you please help me out? I would really love to have the purple more visible and vibrant.

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 2 years ago

      Hi Zunaira,

      Bleach it out 2 - 3 levels and then dye it with your purple colour. That will give you the vibrant shade you want.

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 2 years ago

      Hi Anna,

      What ingredient in the bleach are you allergic to? Bleach is mainly ammonia persulfate and other persulfates mixed with peroxide developer. It can also contain conditioning agents, protein, and a few other ingredients. If you don't react to permanent dye, then it wouldn't be the ammonia or peroxide causing your allergy, in which case you may be able to find a bleach that doesn't contain any triggers as these are the main ingredients needed to lighten your hair and anything else can be substituted. I'd suggest working with a doctor on this if you are interested. If you can find a product that doesn't set off your allergies, you'll be able to use that in future if you need to bleach your hair.

      In the mean time, the easiest thing to do would be to apply a darker shade of purple, but whether that is viable depends on how dark your hair is now and which colour you're using at the moment. There's a point where darker shades of purple stop looking more vibrant and begin to look blackish instead. If you can't use a darker shade, your only option is to lighten your hair more first, and that may be difficult for you if you're allergic to something in the bleach.

    • Liva 23 months ago


      My hair was dark brown but a bit reddish. So i bleached it twice to get a better starting point for colouring. First they were dark gingerish color and now the most of hair are ginger and caramel light brown but the roots are light blonde and a bit uneven.

      I want my hair like in the first picture i just fell in love with that colour. I know that i can't get exact colour,but maybe something close to that. Can you help me and tell what hair dye or tone to use and what to do next?

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 23 months ago

      Hi Liva,

      Would you prefer the dye to be semi-permanent or permanent?

      In permanent dye, you could use a brand with vibrant fashion shades like Indola or Fudge Headpaint. With Indola, use Indola 6.77x (Dark violet blonde), mixed with a small amount of Indola 0.66 (Red creator tone). Indola has a 6.67 shade which is a red-violet, but this is more on the red side and wouldn't turn out as close to the colour in the picture.

      Using Fudge, mix Fudge Headpaint 6.22 (Dark violet blonde), with 66.66 (Intense dark red blonde), and a small amount of 022 (Violet intensifier), for a really vibrant result. If you have another brand in mind, let me know and I can help you formulate the right colour with the brands you have available.

      With semi-permanent colour on the other hand, you can buy magenta shades which are very similar or you can mix red and violet together to get the right colour, which can take a little testing.

    • Arlyn 21 months ago

      Hi there.. My hair is healthy black i dye my hair a purple color it turns out to brow' i want a deep purple or grape purple' do i have to bleach my hair? My friend say i have to dye my hair with a lighter color before going to purple. is there anyway to do this without bleachng? im just afraid that my hair get damage. Pls help. Thanks!

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 21 months ago

      Hi Arlyn,

      This is common with black hair; especially if you're using box dye. The problem is, the dye doesn't lighten your hair enough, so the purple colour doesn't take because your hair is too dark for it to show. Lightening and colour deposit happen separately so it is possible to even have a dye lift very well but still not turn out properly if the colour isn't concentrated enough.

      A lot of the time, depending on what dye brand you're using, you can get around bleaching out black if you want a result that is no lighter than a medium brown (Level 4). Anything lighter and the colour won't deposit properly a lot of the time; bleach is better in this scenario.

      One of the best options is to use a dye like Fudge Headpaint 4.22, using 30 or 40 vol as the developer. 40 vol is going to give the best result because it's strongest and will turn out more vibrant, but you shouldn't use it if you have a sensitive scalp. With this option you can add Fudge Headpaint 022 (Violet concentrate), and 088 (Blue concentrate), to intensify the tone and make it more vibrant if you need to.

      Other brands also produce similar shades. If it's a letter code, it will generally be a 4V, whilst numbers vary. Eg, .22 is a strong violet tone in Fudge, but Indola uses .77 to describe a similar shade, and Goldwell and Matrix use the letter code 'V'. Letters are often the same across brands, but numbers can vary a lot. Whatever you do use, as long as it's a high quality salon dye and you're mixing at least 30 vol (Preferably 40 vol), into it as the developer, this should give a good result.

      Box dyes, you'd be better just pre-lightening with bleach first. The developer is pre-chosen and you don't know what volume it is. You can always just throw it out and add your own instead, but you'll find that the dye you buy in supermarkets or drug stores still won't lighten as effectively as you need them to on black hair for this kind of result. If you do need to bleach, lighten to orange and then dye with a medium violet shade.

    • Paola 21 months ago

      Just one question , the fudge 088 is aka fudge T.01 right? I just wanna be sure I hate doing something to my hair and feeling insecure.

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 21 months ago

      Hi Paola,

      Fudge 088 is pure blue pigment which can be added to any of their other permanent dyes to intensify blue tone. Eg, if you added a small amount to a red colour, you can shift it towards more of a mahogany or burgundy. You can add it to violet shades to make the colour bluer and thus more 'purple' rather than magenta or violet, or you can even add very very small amounts to blonde shades to neutralise orange tones, create pastel blue shades, or strong silver results.

      Fudge T.01 is a pastel toner. This is used to tone pale yellow hair to a silver colour and is mostly pale violet tone with a hint of blue. It's not generally useful for anything else, although you could use it to dilute down other colours or add intensifiers to it to create pastel hair colours.

    • Paola 21 months ago

      Hi thanks for the quick answer. Can you please help me with a step by step instruction on how to mix the fudge 4.22 , fudge 088 , and how much of peroxide ? And what volume to use ?

      My hair is mid length and I've already got it bleached . Are the dye's I've mentioned above the correct ones for me to use if my goal is to get purple blue hair ? Oh can you also give me an idea of how many dye tubes I might use up ?

      Last but not least will I be able to add the fudge 088 to my shampoo to keep my color vibrant ? Will it stain my hand blue?

      Thanks in advance .

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 21 months ago

      Hi Paola,

      It really depends on how 'blueish' you want it to be. It's a strong tone, so you don't need to use too much to change the tone of the purple. The Fudge 4.22 by itself is already a nice deep purple colour, similar to this:

      If you want it to be more blueish than this, add a little intensifier. The rule of twelve can be used by subtracting the level of the dye from twelve. This gives you '8', and this is approximately how many centimeters of intensifier it takes to create a strong tone. Use half this for a more subtle tone, or use anywhere up to 25% of the amount of 4.22 you are using for a very strong effect.

      As for how much dye you'll use, this depends on how long your hair is. You'll only use a small amount of the 088 and you'll have a lot of it leftover, but you'll probably go through most, if not all of the 4.22 for hair that is longer than shoulder-length. If you have very long hair and are worried you'll run out of dye, buy two tubes of 4.22 just to be safe. Only mix up one tube and mix the second tube if you need it. That way you can keep the second tube for use refreshing the colour later on if you don't need it.

      For mixing, take the total amount of dye and add the same amount of 20 vol developer. It's best to use 20 vol with Fudge Headpaint as it's a dual-use dye that doubles as a demi-permanent with a lower volume of developer. You want it to oxidise properly or else it doesn't last as long as it should and this is why 20 vol is required here, whereas most other brands you'd be using 10 vol when no lightening is required.

      As an example, say you use 60 ml of colour. You need to add 60 ml of 20 vol developer to this.

      As another example, say you use 60 ml of 4.22 and 10 ml of 088, that gives you a total amount of dye of 70 ml. You need to add 70 ml of 20 vol developer to this. Whatever the total amount of dye is, combine this with the same amount of 20 vol developer.

      Finally, yes you can mix it into shampoo, but you need to add a small amount of 10 vol developer to it first to oxidise it as it's permanent colour and it requires developer to work. Best to do this as needed in a tinting bowl right before washing your hair. Mix the 088 with a small amount of 10 vol developer, wait for the colour to turn blue, and then add shampoo, mix thoroughly and use. Don't get it in your eyes, and yes it will stain your hands, so use gloves. A much better option is to use De Lorenzo Violet shampoo to tone your hair. This is a dark purple colour and designed for maintaining purple hair. You could also mix semi-permanent blue and/or purple dye into shampoo without the need for developer.

      Let me know if you need any further clarification or haven't understood any of this.

    • Paola 21 months ago

      ...oh thank you so much, everything is clear. So if I want to have a lighter purple I can always switch the fudge 4.22 for the fudge 5.22 ? Can u show me how 5.22 colour looks ? Thanks once again

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 21 months ago

      Hi Paola,

      It's the same colour, just one level lighter. You need your hair to be slightly lighter before using it because of this.

    • Missy 21 months ago

      Hi I want to dye my very light blonde hair to power violet from fiera which is a purple with red in it. I'm not sure if it will turn my hair a weird color. Just wondering if you could help me with this! Thanks

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 21 months ago

      Hi Missy,

      The numbering system used by L'Oreal's box dyes is somewhat unorthodox, but it appears to be about a light to medium brown in terms of darkness. When applying a darker colour like this on top of light blonde hair, the result will be richer and closer to how you expect it to look if you fill your hair first. With some shades, applying on darker hair can actually lead to strange colour results, but this isn't usually the case with an intense red or violet shade like the colour you're planning to use.

      If you want a very rich colour that looks closest to how that shade is meant to look, fill first using a copper protein filler or a medium copper blonde dye before applying the violet. Otherwise, don't worry too much about using the violet alone. The colour may look more violet, or more red than expected (Depending on how much of each tone is in the dye), but you won't end up with anything weird.

    • Kadie 20 months ago

      Hi Maffew!

      I just recently dyed my hair purple for the first time, and I used Splat Hair Color's Purple Desire. I didn't want to spend a lot, since I was experimenting and wasn't sure I'd like it. Now the color is starting to fade quite a bit (totally expected--it's been about a month), and I've decided the purple is definitely the way to go and have been looking into different products. I'm looking for a perminant dye that I can use on the lower half of my hair, as I have a lighter blond on top. My natural color is a dark blond, and the bleach that came in the Splat dye took it to a very pale blond. I'm nervous to pick out a bleach because, while I know the Splat mixture worked for me, I don't know what that mixture was.

      Do you have any recommendations of products that would work for me? Both for a bleach and a purple dye?

      Thanks for your help!

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 20 months ago

      Hi Kadie,

      Splat Purple Desire has that more blueish purple colour whilst a lot of permanent purple dyes are more of a true violet, which looks redder. There are a few shades you can use to get close to the same shade though. Fudge Headpaint 6.22 is one example. It's a similar light purple colour with that blue tinge, but because the Headpaint range has a blue intensifier (088), and red intensifier (066), you can do a strand test, see how it looks on your own hair, and then modify it with those pure tones to make it bluer or redder if necessary to get the closest match.

      Wella Koleston 55/66 is another option. It's a level darker than the Fudge shade, but Wella doesn't make a lighter shade that is this purple. The closest colours that are lighter are more violet-red. You could modify them with the 0/88 concentrate to add blue tone, but being further away from what you want will make it harder to get the shade you want.

      Matrix SoColor 5VR could also be used. Again, this one is a level darker than the Fudge example and there are no close matches in lighter shades. You can modify the colour with blue or red additive.

      As for the bleach, I have an article listing a few excellent brands that may help you here. As your hair is already dark blonde, you don't need too much lift though, and these are high quality salon bleach powders so they are stronger and you can use a weaker developer and still get the same result as other bleach powders. If you need more help with choosing or using bleach, let me know and I'll give you more advice on this.

      Also, keep in mind that permanent dye can lift natural hair. You can use this capability to lighten and colour your hair at the same time. For example, if you were using the Fudge Headpaint 6.22 on your regrowth for a touch up as your hair grows, 30 vol can be used as the developer and this will lift your hair up to 3 levels during dyeing. The colour turns out just as vibrant without the need for pre-lightening with bleach. Of course, this won't work properly if there is a lot of dye in your hair. Dye only lifts natural pigment, so hair with a buildup of artificial pigment from dyes won't lighten from more dye in most situations.

      Finally, one last recommendation I like to make for purple hair is De Lorenzo Violet Shampoo. It's a deep rich purple colour and is used to maintain colours like purple, mahogany blonde and brown, violet blonde, and violet brown shades. You can use this when washing your hair to help decrease fading and maintain your purple colour if you find it is fading quickly.

    • w1cked wench 19 months ago

      Hi Maffew!

      So I have used feria's Cherry crush for about 5 years. I recently decided I wanted to go purple but want to do as little lightening as possible. I was looking at the loreal hi color highlights in magenta. Can I add either a blue intensifier or a violet to get it more purple?

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 19 months ago

      Hi Wicked Wench,

      Not possible unfortunately. HiColor doesn't have intensifiers. You'll need to use a professional brand if you want to modify the shade with these, as they aren't generally produced in any at-home brands.

      A few options depending on what you can get: Fudge Headpaint - 4.22, 5.22, or 6.22, depending on how light and bright you want it to be. All these shades are a very strong purple colour, but you can mix Headpaint 088, 022, or 066 in to modify it. 088 is blue, 022 is violet, and 066 is red.

      Matrix SoColor - VR or RV shades. VR is more purple in colour because the violet tone is more dominant, whereas an RV shade has a dominant red tone. You can modify SoColor shades with blue, violet, or red-violet intensifiers.

      Wella Koleston - 55/66 specifically, which is a very intense purple shade. The '6' after a slash is a violet tone in Wella Koleston. You could modify the 55/66 or other more red shades with 0/88 or 0/66 to get a more vibrant purple. 0/88 is blue. 0/66 is violet.

      It will just depend on what you can get though. If nothing else is available, lighten using high lift or bleach and then dye with semi-permanent colour, which you can mix until you're happy with how it looks.

    • Raelyn 18 months ago

      I recently bleached my hair using Blue Flash and some parts of my hair turned plafinum while others turned yellow could I dye a dark purple over it? Or would the end result be uneven?

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 18 months ago

      Hi Raelyn,

      You can dye over it, but there is the chance of an uneven result. It's similar to using highlighters on different coloured paper. On white paper, the highlighter is bright and intensely coloured, whilst on darker colours it is duller and starts to look more like a tinge of colour.

      A lot depends on what kind of dye it is though. Permanent purple dye will usually contain a foundation of gold, copper, and red pigment beneath the actual purple colour you see, so this will often fill in the difference and turn out perfectly even depending on brand and constitution. Semi-permanent dyes are more of a problem and you can expect a greater chance of unevenness because they're more of a pure purple colour. The darker the dye is though, the less chance you'll notice the difference.

    • stephanie 18 months ago

      I recently decided that i would like to dye my hair purple. However, my hair is a dark brown. How light would I have to bleach my hair if I am using ion color brilliance in purple? I dont want a vibrant color. I'm going for a dark purple but I am worried about it turning a different color rather than what I intended to get.

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 18 months ago

      Hi Stephanie,

      Bleach to light brown at least for it to show up properly and look vibrant. Anything darker you're still going to get a purple tone, but the darker your hair is, the less visible it will be.

      If your hair is currently its natural colour, it will be a light orange colour, right before it begins to turn gold when it reaches the light brown level during bleaching. When you're done with the purple, you'll need to dye it dark brown again to return to your previous colour.

      As the colour you're using is a semi-permanent dye, be aware that it will wash out over time too, so if you want to keep it for a while, you may need to repeat the dye after a few weeks to keep it vibrant.

    • Yanina Pacheco profile image

      Yanina Pacheco 18 months ago

      I want my hair to be a purple color not so dark and my hair is really dark brown with red undertones(only show in sun light)

      I bleached my hair to a light brown but looked a little orange in pictures, I used a bright purple color, don't remember if it was semi permanent it came in the kit with the bleach, and left it for 25 min like the box said and it turned to this red brick color with some hints of violet, it's a hard color to describe. Someone suggested I try dye it blue to make the purple but I don't know what to do. What do you suggest

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 18 months ago

      Hi Yanina,

      The reason for this is that the dye wasn't dark enough to cover properly. What ends up happening is that abundance of red tone in your hair will overpower the colour from the dye so it looks more reddish than a true purple.

      There are a few ways you can deal with this:

      1. You could use a darker purple. This will cover properly, but it may be a darker colour than what you want.

      2. You could lighten your hair further and then re-dye. By doing this, you can get your hair lighter so that the purple you want will cover properly. You still might want to mix a little blue tone in if possible to adjust for all the warm tone in your hair.

      3. You certainly can add blue to it right now. The blue mixed with the red already in your hair combines to create a purple colour because blue + red is purple.

    • erikasarusr3x 18 months ago

      I'd also like to go the purple route. I have Level 1 hair that has previously been dyed dark brown. I was hoping to use the bleach bath method to lighten it (maybe to an orange-ish shade) enough for a dark purple, that would be visible both indoors and outdoors. I'll be using Sparks Purple Passion, which is a very blue based purple dye. Anyway, would you recommend using a high-lift dye in the Ash family to further lighten it from the orange stage, in case I wanted to go lighter/pastel in the future? The only high-lift dyes I have access to are the Alfaparf Evolution of Color dyes. Can you recommend a shade from that brand for this process, if you do think it's a good idea. I have very healthy/strong hair.

    • Aislingpm 18 months ago

      Hi. Thanks for your article. It's really great and informative. I have another question for which I cannot seem to find an answer anywhere on the internet. I have naturally dark brown hair and at least 25% grey, especially around the temples and front but also generally throughout the hair. I have been covering the grey with a mixture of Olia Golden Brown 5.3 on the roots and the occasional visit to the hairdressers to get lots of blonde hi-lites in. The result is pretty good. However, I would really love to go an exciting purple or magenta shade. I notice that on, say, the Feria Violet Vendetta (a shade which looks like a deep bluey purple) box it advises against putting the the colour on grey or blonde hairs because the result would be very intense, but is this not what one would want? Anyway, intensity of colour aside, I guess that what would happen is that on first application, I'd have intense colour on my hi-lites, fading to a softer effect on the hair coloured by the Olia Golden Brown, then far more muted (if even visible) effect on my dark natural colour and then, the effect in which I am most interested, an intense pop of colour on all my grey hairs which would increase as I let my grey grow out and continue to colour with the purple? Would this work? Would it look too mad to begin with? Or could it be a really interesting effect? Like purple hi-lites all through the hair? Or am I completely off track here? Is there a reason that you never really see this on older women? Any direction on this would be really appreciated. Thanks.

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 17 months ago

      Hi Aislingpm,

      Apologies for the very late reply. When you apply a strong tone like violet to grey hair, what happens is that the grey won't darken; it will just grab the violet tone only. The result is a very bright colour where any grey hair is, but this is perfectly fine if this is the kind of effect you want. If your grey hair is more diffuse, it should just make the overall colour look more vibrant, whilst if you have patches where the grey hair is more prominent, these areas will be noticeably a different colour.

      If you did want to get around this effect though, the way to do it is to either fill your grey hair first before dyeing with the violet, or mix the violet with a natural tone. Filling replaces missing pigment into the grey hair because you add it back in during the process, whilst a natural tone is a balance of the three primary colours, so this darkens and dyes grey hair more effectively because of this. Mixing with a natural tone will dilute down the violet tone on the rest of your hair though.

      As for why not many older women tend to have violet or purple hair, there's probably a few reasons. Careers, time, and personal taste factor in. Often, younger people are just more experimental with their style, have jobs that are more permissive of outlandish hair, and more time available. There's also a generational shift towards bright colours and pastels because there are so many dyes available to do this these days and these styles are very popular right now, whereas the older generations are more into other styles like highlights.

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 17 months ago

      Hi Erikasarus,

      Apologies for the very late reply. It'd be better to continue bleaching it for the time being. When hair is dyed with dark dyes, subsequent dyes don't tend to lift very well. Eventually you get to a point where another dye won't lighten it further, whereas the bleach will continue to gradually lift.

      If you want a dark purple, you also don't want to lighten it too far anyway because you need pigment underneath the dye to form the foundation of the colour. Otherwise, the lighter you take your hair, the lighter, albeit more vibrant, the purple dye will turn out. If you definitely want a dark purple, it'd be best to go no lighter than orange. Of course, this is just the point where a purple dye that is dark enough will cover properly to look dark purple, and how it turns out is dependent on how dark the dye is that you're using.

    • erikasarusr3x 17 months ago

      Thanks so much, Maffew!

      I did the bleach bath about a week ago, and got a very even orange-blonde shade...about a Level 6. My hair is still in good condition. A little dry but nothing to be worried about that a good hair mask can't nourish in a few weeks. I used Adore's Fiesta Fuschia, Sparks Purple Passion and Kiss Express Intense Purple and got a pretty plum shade. Indoors it looks dark brown though :(

      Did I mix it too dark? Or do I need to bleach once more? I'm attaching a photo from Inthefrow's Instagram of the vibrancy I'm hoping to achieve under indoor lighting. Please guide me once more.

      This is the shade of purple I'm hoping to achieve eventually. I would like my hair to appear purple both indoors and outdoors.

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 17 months ago

      Hi Erika,

      It could be the dye, as if the purple shade is darker than the colour you want, this will lead to a darker result even if you've only taken your hair to a certain level. Otherwise, the colour in the picture is about a level 6, so you'd want to have lightened to at least a level 7 for that shade to show up like that. It also looks like there's a strong blue tone, which is what gives it that indigo look and you'll need to replicate this to get it exactly the same.

      For now, I'd recommend letting the dye fade a little and seeing how it looks once this occurs. This will give you a better idea of whether it's the dye that's too dark, or whether you will need to lighten your hair a little more. Once you know this, a bleach bath should take it the rest of the way relatively gently and then you can recolour it.

    • Kitty 16 months ago

      Hi! I just recently bleached my dark brown hair 3x to a light yellow kind of colour with a bit of brown streaks more towards the top. and I wanted to dye it purple! I used a liiiiittle bit of pravana violet and mixed it wth conditioner and applied it to my hair and it turned out purple with streaks of brown?.. Even the parts that were really kind of blonde turned out brown too.. I can't bleach it anymore because it'll prolly turn green and I don't want the additional damage.... Would the purple show if I dyed it over again but this time with more of the pravana dye in the mixture? I'm looking for a medium muted purple preferably blue based. The purple parts of my hair looks great tho. just the brown parts!!!!!!

    • Helen 16 months ago

      I have medium to dark brown hair. I'd like to put purple on it, but the look I want is a deep dark purple that is subtle, shows up but shows up best in sunlight. I was hope to avoid the bleaching if possible. Is that possible and which permanent color would you suggest?

    • fressita 16 months ago


      I have natural brown/black hair, and I only color my grays every 2-3 weeks with darkest brown or black from garnier. I went and got some highlights done by a professional. My hair colour did not turn out as expected. I wanted deep vibrant permanent purple highlights. She bleached to a level 4 and colored with Rusk semi-permanent and did not show at all. ( idon't know why she used semi and not permanent to begin with). A week later she bleached again for a long time(60 min)and applied a permanent booster color cream from kendra for another hour. I rea about this product online and it said it was a booster, not a color itself. My hair stayed bleached and yellow with not color. The next day she applied a RV5 from Kendra and my hair now is weak and far away from been purple and healthy. My ends are very dry like never before, when my hair is wet some hairs look and feel like a piece of elastic and the highlights are red/burgundy over black hair; it does not look that bad but is not what I wanted. I don't know how to fix it. What color brand can I use to get my purple colour and how long do I wait before doing anything for my hair. I don't want to bleach again. Thank you very much for your help.

    • Krissy 15 months ago

      So the first picture with the magenta hair color is purple and red mixed together?

    • Jessica Judd profile image

      Jessica Judd 15 months ago

      I want to dye my hair a specific purple and I just don't know how....I understand I should go to a salon but it's so expensive . I've tried multiple dyes and come no where close to what I want. I Hoping you could help me by telling me the kind of bleach and colors I should you? Please and thank you.....

    • marisa 15 months ago

      So I have like medium brown red color and want to go a bright purple red color do I have to bleach my hair and what number developer do I use for the bleach and color?

    • Jane 15 months ago

      I just spend seven hours with my hairstyle bleaching and coloring my hair trying to get that purple look! My roots (or virgin hair) look amazing...the ends look amazing...the shaft in between, not so much. We processed or bleached my hair down to a seven, and it went brown with a hint of purple. While the rest of my hair is bright purple, about eight inches in between, dresser is upset because it should have taken. But that portion of my hair didn't take the black we put on it a couple of months ago. Nor did it take it the time before...need help...getting married in a week and my hair looks funky and not in a good way!!!

    • Sam 13 months ago

      I'm not sure if you're still answering questions here, but I'm looking to go a vivid medium neutral purple. The cinch is that my hair is currently bright red (via L'oreal HiColor Magenta once every 3 months for the past 9 or so months), and I have no idea what shade to use. I don't want to end up *too* blue, but a medium purple will certainly end up mostly red. I've never pre-bleached and don't plan to, but I'm wondering if I could use my 20 volume developer (I have plenty leftover from my last dye job) with any purple products that you can recommend? I've only seen people refer to pre-bleaching or no bleach at all for purple, so I'm pretty confused about the whole thing. Can you only mix developer with certain products (such as HiColor)?

    • Joanna 11 months ago

      I recently colored my hair dark red to blonde ombre/bayalage & now want to go dark purple w/ blonde tips-my question is should I add blue to my red to create a purple shade or just use a purple dye? Also, any recommendations for product are welcome, Thanks

    • Lisa anne 10 months ago

      Hi I've been using the live colours but can't get the strong purple colour I want, it's more of a monogamy colour, could you recommend a hair dye to achieve a vivid dark purple please, Lisa anne x

    • Emma 9 months ago

      Hello! So I naturally have medium to dark brown hair, and I'm going for a dark purple color, but I would prefer not to bleach my hair at all. What dye would you recommend to achieve this desired color? I've looked at a few options, but seeing as this would be my first dye job, I really don't know where to look.

    • Joan 9 months ago

      I was so happy to find this site. .I do hope you are still answering the posts,as I have learned so much from you.

    • Penny 9 months ago

      8 weeks ago I had a reddish brown mouses color, I wanted purple. I bleached my hair then colored with Manic Panic Ultra Violet, my hair was beautiful. Within a week the grey started popping out, so I redyed it and it turned dark purple. don't like it. I washed my hair today with baking soda and head & shoulders to help remove some color. Can I just redye with a form of purple or do I need to bleach then add the purple? Help I'm OCD so a little off of what I want will having me shave it.. No joke. Thank you in advance.

    • jess 9 months ago

      Hey really good article I was just wondering were can I buy the perment hair color from . I was looking online for indola colour and

      couldn't find were I could get the colour from ???

    • Axel 7 months ago

      I wish to colour my hair rose gold and saw a couple of videos on YouTube that used purple dye after bleaching their hair to a dark gold colour. The purple from the dye mixed with the bleached hair, making it a nice rosey gold.

      I have dark hair, almost black, and i want to use a permanent dye. I can't find the permanent dye that i want in my city. Can you recommend a permanent purple dye that is widely accessible? Also, will it work if i get my hair bleached at a salon and then apply the purple dye over it after a while?

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 7 months ago

      Hi Axel,

      Fudge Headpaint, Indola, Pravana, and Matrix all make effective dyes for this, but whether they are available near you without ordering online is another question. I'm not sure whether there are any box dyes that are particularly useful for this.

      As for having your hair bleached in salon and dyeing it yourself, that's perfectly fine as long as you're able to find an effective dye. However, you do need to ensure that there is some red tone present in your hair for the method you're proposing to work properly. As you've mentioned, the tutorial you watched recommends bleaching to dark gold, and this would be because there is still red tone present that makes it look golden instead of pure yellow. The violet dye neutralises this yellow but won't affect the red tone, which is left behind to contribute to that rose gold appearance. If your hair looks too yellow after bleaching, you may find you need to mix a small amount of red into the purple dye to achieve the same effect.

      One method I've found to produce a nice rose gold in the past is to use a mahogany or purple shampoo like De Lorenzo Violet for toning. The De Lorenzo Violet is meant for maintaining darker purple hair, rather than blonde, and as such when used on blonde hair properly diluted down with plain shampoo, it imparts a soft rose hue. Diluting it down to the strength you require allows it to be used to achieve anything from a pastel rose colour, to dark rose gold hair, and it's generally easy to find in stores. Diluting down a mahogany shampoo will achieve a similar result because the primary tone in mahogany is red-violet. You can do the same thing with semi-permanent dyes like Manic Panic by diluting them down with conditioner before application and these are also much easier to find in store.

    • LoriAnn Townley 6 months ago

      Hi Maffew!!

      I need your help! I recently got married and dyed my hair naturally VERY dark brown/black hair purple with a mixture of Pravana Violet and Wild Orchid! It literally took forever to get my hair to lift enough for the purple to show but it was beautiful! Its now fading quite quickly though and some parts of my hair are a funny Rust color....I am still wedding poor and can't afford to go back to the salon to get it done! What dyes can I use at home to get the purple color back that will get this ugly rust out but not cause much damage???

    • Sarah 6 months ago

      i want to dye underneath purple so I bleached my light brown hair and its tunred out kinda brassy orange but still blondish if I dye that purple will it not be purple?

    • Pocahantas 5 months ago


      I have natural black hair and would like to dye my hair purple - like the shade of violet in one of the pictures above. Is this possible without damaging my hair?

      Thank you.

    • Kathi 5 months ago

      I hope someone is still answering questions here. I have dark blonde and white hair and want purple. Oh and I am 62, if that helps ;)

      My 'salon', she mostly cuts hair and does some traditional dying, has tried Joico and Prevana and both washed out in 4-6 shampoos or less than a month. With the Prevana she did add a bit of peroxide to open up the cuticle.

      Any suggestions??

    • Emma 4 months ago


      This is my first time using hair dye! I am planning on using Manci Panic's Mystic Heather. I'm going for a nice pastel look. I have one question, would I have to bleach my hair beforehand? My hair is a medium/dark blonde and it's pretty fine. If I do have to bleach, do you know any good, low/medium cost brands? Thanks!

    • CLO 4 months ago


      I have been dyeing my wife's hair for about a year now, from her stubborn thick black hair to a successful red to now dark blonde/copper colour with grey roots.

      She really loves the deep purple look. I was thinking of using half of the 100ml Kitoko 5.01 Natural Light Ash Brown for the roots, followed by mixing the rest with the 2x 100ml Kitoko 4.22 Damson & Blackberry to get that even deep purple she loves, or would you recommend another alternative.

      If it wasn't for you Maffew I would not been successful like every other so called colorist that failed & destroyed her hair. At least I can say now with your guidance I can put a big smile on her face which makes her feel & look beautiful.

      Her friends & strangers that comment on her hair colour still can't believe a big, rugby, construction looking bloke like me would successfully get a professional result she has. The problem now they all ask me about their hair probs. I just mention your name & page & go from there.

      People learn from people like iron sharpens iron. Thanks a million bro.

    • Anne 4 months ago

      Hi,,i have been colouring my hair with directionsviolet purple for a while now,,,but always have to blonde it first,,,i have a friend & her hair is almost white/grey all over & she would like to dye her hair the same colour but was wondering if you could advice on a permanent purple that can go straight on to grey hair as she does not want to lighten & directions just does not stay in for very long(all ready tried that for her)!!!,,,many thanks A x

    • Living Dead Girl Nicole 4 months ago

      Has anyone used the Iso i.color chart to get any of the fun mixture of purples they recommend on the last page? The basis seems to be the 4VV African Amethyst mixed with 10AA Lightest Ash Blonde and Blue Intensifier. Any idea why the add in of the Ash Blonde? Is that to lift more? I ask because I am naturally a dark brunette. I could easily lighten my hair before doing this color but I am concerned about root touch up/faded end time.

    • Karina 4 months ago

      Hi there! You mentioned in one of your comments above that after dying hair blue once it fades out that the green left behind is unavoidable and the best answer is to re-dye it or tone it out. I'm very as to what toners you would recommend to do that as I've dyed my hair purple in the past when I was a platinum blonde and was left with a very pale green at the ends and the only way I got rid of it was bleaching it out which severely broke my hair :( I would love to dye my hair purple again (I have a more golden blonde with ashy lowlights) but want to avoid the green or at least know how to properly tone it out of my blonde hair once it happens

    • kitty 4 months ago

      I have ginger hair... any idea of what would happen if i tried to dye it purple without bleaching?

    • Cassie 4 months ago

      I'm coloring my sisters hair blue, purple and pink on top. My question is she has grey roots can I just put semi-permeant color on the grey. I am a hair stylist but I haven't done these colors in grey before. I hope you can help.

    • susan j 3 months ago

      Hi my natutral hair colour is dark brown but I dyed my hair blonde from the age of 16and Iv;e been blonde since then so just 3weeks ago I dyed my hair with the Schwarzkopf live intense pure purple and it was permant and anti fade well my hair was lovely when it was done but now it has faded on the ends realy quick it's still nice but just wondering what I could do to keep it from fadeing so quick because am wanting to re dye it the same colour and keep the colour for a while

    • Amy 3 months ago

      Hi there.

      Last weekend I bleached my hair using the amplified bleaching kit made by manic panic. I wanted to dye my hair electric amethyst (manic panic) but hot topic didn't have two tubs of it so i used one tub electric amethyst and one tub purple haze. I mixed them together before putting it on. Now when I bleached my hair it was a medium brown with some red tints. It bleached pretty well but I ended up with a couple spots that were yellow and some that were white. Some parts of my hair are BRIGHT purple which is what I wanted, some parts are like plum coloured a little and some are brown! It's super frustrating. I want to dye it again but I'm not sure if I can just dye over it with purple again or if I'd need to bleach it again and then dye it. I don't want it to be dark purple, I want it to be bright. I also wanted to know if I decide to do it lets say, pink, after the purple do I need to bleach and colour or can I just colour over.

    • 3 months ago

      I was wondering I got my hair done had brown hair and had it bleached and dyed purple. I want to do it myself I have salon dye need to know should I use a 10 peroxide or a 20? with the dye that I have?

    • Jenny 3 months ago

      I dyed my hair a purple ombre, lightened the lower half and left the roots dark. Unfortunately my hair came out almost the same shard of purple all the way through, which is just too dark for my liking. Is there anyway to safely lighten the ends back up without fully losing the colors or starting over? I saw a clarifying shampoo night help but I'm scared to try it. Please help

    • 3 months ago

      I dye my hair with Body Art Quality Henna and I'd love to do my hair, at least part of it in REAL royal or electric purple. My natural color is med/dark brown and gray. Using the henna, it is a BRIGHT almost iridescent orange/red on top getting darker toward the bottom until it is bright burgundy/red. Because I do use BAH, and have been for YEARS, I'm not sure I want to do a full head of purple and know I want nothing more permanent than semi purple. My question is if I decide to not redo it after the temp or semi wears off, it won't affect the henna on my hair will it? And I want to stress I use 100% henna powders which is imported from India or Pakistan. It is the REAL thing, no chemicals. I does a super job covering my gray and my ugly brown. I'd love to try purple, but I'm scared!! :D

    • Shy 3 months ago

      I want to dye my hair purple with a red dip dye sort of style. I have a light ash brown/blondeish hair. I was wondering if I could somehow dye my hair a somewhat bright shade of purple without bleaching it?

    • color addict 3 months ago

      Hi, I have been using color on my hair for 44 years. it is very healthy and I always get tons of compliments. I was using a darkest brown. But it looked black. My hair is long and the last two times I colored I did only my roots with a medium brown, then put my hair in a pony tail and colored the tail a vivid red. loved it. But I want to go back to the purples I used 20 years ago. my problem is that my hair is still very dark, almost black on top except fot my "silver" roots. what do I need to do to get a even color from the purple, actually plum color. and not have any dark/black cancel the plum

    • GC 2 months ago

      I am very gray. My roots get colored a brown and then I have an oil slick mid to ends. I use joico. Hair was lifted in June at salon and colored oil slick. Have been to salon twice since for color touch up and husband has done it twice at home.

      Question is ... do we need to relift at this point or can he just add color to what we've already done. He puts volume 10 deep brown on roots ... do we need to add semi permanent as well??? And can he just put the oil slick colors on top of what I already have after so many months. Or do we need to re lift.


    • Kelly Rife profile image

      Kelly Rife 2 months ago

      Hi, my name is Kelly

      You stated in an earlier post about there being 2 levels of the hair that needs to be considered before dying the hair, one being tone? Could you please help me understand what my 2 levels are and how to find the right permanent hair color that won't fade within the first two or three washes. My natural hair color is medium brown / Auburn and every time I've ever dye my hair any color but red my natural red seeps through the color which I don't mind because I like the red. I have recently dyed my hair bright red a couple days before Halloween but my hair faded to a Strawberry Blonde by the time Halloween came around. I am wanting to dye my hair a dark but vibrant violet or a dark bright red. I want to find the right dye for the job and figure out a way to keep it from fading so fast



    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 2 months ago

      Hi Kelly,

      Your hair colour is a level and a tone. The level is how dark the colour is, eg 1 is black, 3 is dark brown. This varies by dye brand though and is mainly just a reference to use to compare your hair colour to that of a new colour using a particular brand of dye. Tone, on the other hand, is the dominant colour that is present, eg a red tone. Think of tone as the colour that is present, and level as a representation of how concentrated and thus dark that pigment is.

      In regards to your natural red tone always showing through any dye you use, this would be rectified by using an ash tone to counteract the red tone. You see, even if you dye your hair lighter or darker, it it still primarily red due to its natural colour, and this red tone will show through the new shade if not neutralised. Of course, if you like the look there's no need to do this though.

      As for the bright red fading, this happens because all dyes will fade, no matter whether they are only temporary or actually permanent. A lot of the pigment in a permanent dye will stick, but the more vibrant shades like bright reds and violets tend to suffer a lot from fading because they are intense shades and it takes a lot of pigment to keep them looking that rich. Any fading appears more significant.

      There are a few things you can do to try and prevent fading, like washing it less and keeping any blow drying or heated styling to a minimum, but it will happen over time unfortunately. It tends to be easier to treat the fading rather than hope to prevent it, and you can use products like semi-permanent mousses/dyes, or coloured shampoo for this purpose. These products won't damage the hair like reapplying a permanent dye would, so they can keep it looking vibrant and drag out the time before you need to dye it again.

      If your hair feels a little damaged, you may also want to try a protein treatment as the damage may be contributing to the fading. Damaged hair is often porous and will fade very quickly. A protein treatment used once a week after shampooing helps to strengthen hair and reduce porosity. It can also be applied as clear protein filler before applying a permanent dye to augment areas of high porosity and ensure even penetration of the dye from root to ends.

      As for the dye you use, choose a brand you're comfortable with. Red shades are easy because your hair is naturally red and they will work with your natural tone. Violet shades, however, can look more mahogany because of the way the violet tone in the dye mixes with the red tone in your hair. Add a little blue intensifier / concentrate if available in the brand and this will make it more of a purple violet. Alternatively, mix an ash shade, ash intensifier / concentrate, or green intensifier / concentrate to cancel out some of your natural red tone and allow the violet tone in the new shade to become dominant.

    • Kelly Rife profile image

      Kelly Rife 2 months ago

      Thank you!

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 8 weeks ago

      Hi GC,

      Apologies for the late reply. You can apply it without lifting the hair first, but keep in mind how dark the area of application is, and how bright you want it to be. When applied over a darker base, like a darker shade of brown, temporary dyes give more of a tinge rather than a bright colour, which is often what you want for that 'oil slick' effect. If you want the shade to turn out brighter in an area where your hair is dark though, lift that area before dyeing.

    • purplesadness 7 weeks ago

      hi, thank you for your article and I wish I read it earlier.

      I had golden blonde highlights with caramel/beeline honey hair but my dark brown roots started so i was hoping to dye my hair to Overtone's plum purple or rose purple at a salon. The stylist bleached my hair to sunflower blonde but due to previous use of pink dye that couldn be lifted completely, thr were some slight tinge of pink... applied the purple dye to my hair which turned out great at freshly bleached roots but elsewhr it just was dark brown/grey, very minimal tinge of purple if any!!it's there a way to fix this?! so sad that I bleached it light just to get back to a darker-than-natural-hair-color-mostly-grey...makes me want to shave myself bald...hope to hear from you soon


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