Kool-Aid Hair Dye: How to Color Your Hair Cheaply and Effectively

Updated on November 28, 2014
Thinking of dying your hair using the Kool-Aid hair dye method? The possibilities are endless. Consider dying your whole head, just the ends, or creating a rainbow effect.
Thinking of dying your hair using the Kool-Aid hair dye method? The possibilities are endless. Consider dying your whole head, just the ends, or creating a rainbow effect. | Source

Why Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid?

Dying hair can bring out the more colorful side of person. The possibilities are endless. Do you want to color your entire head of hair? How about just coloring your tips or roots? Or maybe you want to create a rainbow effect? Learning how to dye your hair yourself can be a rewarding experience. Especially when people comment on how beautiful your hair looks. They may ask what salon you went to. You can then proudly say that you did it yourself.

When dying your hair with Kool-Aid, you do not have to worry about harsh chemicals. Chemical dye can dry out hair which results in breakage. Kool-Aid is so inexpensive, being economical when coloring your hair is easy.

Materials needed for Kool-Aid hair dye method:  applicator bottle, a bowl, Kool-Aid packets (see color chart below), a plastic cap, Vaseline, plastic wrap, and gloves.
Materials needed for Kool-Aid hair dye method: applicator bottle, a bowl, Kool-Aid packets (see color chart below), a plastic cap, Vaseline, plastic wrap, and gloves. | Source

What You Will Need to Dye Your Hair with Kool-Aid

Applicator or plastic dye bottle: You can find this at your local beauty store. An applicator bottle will make the dying process faster and less messy. Plus, if you are the daring type and are going for a more intricate style, the applicator bottle will help you be accurate and precise.

Vaseline: To protect your hairline, neckline, ears, and scalp.

Kool-Aid packages: Three packages of your favorite color will do. For those with darker hair, four or five packages may be necessary.

Plastic wrap: To separate sections of dyed hair.

Water: To mix with Kool-Aid.

Conditioner: To mix with Kool-Aid (makes application easier).

Gloves: To protect your hands.

Mixing bowl: To mix ingredients.

Plastic cap: To cover your head and help the Kool-Aid penetrate your hair.

Paper towels: To promptly clean up any mess.

Kool-Aid Hair Dye Method Color Table

Kool-Aid Flavor
Hair Color
Blue Raspberry+Grape
Electric Blue
Double Double Cherry
Bright Red
Light Green
Triple Awesome Grape
Blue Raspberry
Berry Blue+Lemon Lime
Tropical Punch
Red Tint
Wash and condition your hair before dying with Kool-Aid.
Wash and condition your hair before dying with Kool-Aid.

Preparing Your Hair for Kool-Aid Dye

Before dying your hair, you should always wash and condition first. Making sure your hair is clean and moisturized always ensures the best results. Washing and conditioning the hair is not necessary for the Kool Aid Hair Dye method, but it does help.

If you do wash and condition your hair, you may apply the Kool-Aid mixture to moist hair after you towel dry.

How to Use the Kool-Aid Hair Dye for Temporary Results

Many people make the mistake of dying their hair with Kool-Aid only to find that the color is more permanent than they wanted. Dying your hair with Kool-Aid is only temporary if the correct methods are used. As a general rule: The less water you mix with the Kool-Aid, the more permanent the dye.

If you want your dye to be temporary, then follow these instructions.

Step 1: Get your mixing bowl, cold water, and Kool-Aid packages.

Step 2: Tear open your Kool-Aid packages and pour them into the bowl.

Step 3: The amount of water to use depends on how you want the color to show on your hair. For example, if you want a red tint dilute the Kool-Aid so that the red color is transparent in the bowl. Adding conditioner to this mixture will make it easier to apply.

Tip: I advise that you do not make the consistency either too watery or too thick. Remember, we are placing the end product in an applicator bottle and will want the mixture to come out steadily.

Step 4: Once you have determined the right consistency for you and the applicator bottle, pour the mixture into the applicator or hair dye bottle.

To color just the tips of your hair, dip them into a mixture of Kool-Aid and warm water.
To color just the tips of your hair, dip them into a mixture of Kool-Aid and warm water.

How to Apply Kool-Aid Hair Dye Mixture

Before applying the Kool-Aid mixture, grab your Vaseline. Apply Vaseline to your hairline, neck, ears, and forehead. You do not have to put Vaseline everywhere, just on places that may get exposed to the hair dye.

Make sure your plastic cap, applicator bottle, plastic wrap, gloves, and paper towels are nearby.

Tip: Wear old clothes you don't mind getting stained.

Step 1: Section off your hair into four parts.

Step 2: Put on gloves.

Step 3: Use applicator bottle to apply Kool-Aid mixture to hair.

If you are just coloring your ends, dip your ends into a bowl of Kool-Aid mixture or use the applicator bottle and apply color to ends of hair. Use your hands to evenly distribute the color. Once color is distributed, place plastic wrap on the ends to prevent the color from touching you or other strands of hair. If you are just doing your tips, you do not need to use the plastic cap.

Work the Kool-Aid mixture into your hair from the roots down.
Work the Kool-Aid mixture into your hair from the roots down.

If you are coloring your whole head, start at the roots and work your way down. Be careful not to apply hair dye to your scalp. Once you are done coloring a section, wrap the section in plastic wrap and continue until you are done.

Step 4: Once you are done applying desired color, place plastic cap on your head for 30 to 45 minutes.

Step 5: After the appropriate time has passed by take off the plastic cap. Take off the plastic wrap and rinse off Kool-Aid with cold water. Be sure to use only cold water if you want results to be temporary.

Step 6: Let hair dry. Enjoy your new color!

If done correctly results should be temporary. Kool-Aid has been known to wash out of dyed hair with just one shampoo, however it can also last for two or three shampoos.

Use a comb to work a thicker Kool-Aid mixture through your hair, from the roots down.
Use a comb to work a thicker Kool-Aid mixture through your hair, from the roots down.

Using Kool-Aid Hair Dye for More Permanent Results

The key to achieving more permanent or longer lasting Kool-Aid hair dye results is to use warm water.

Note: Hot water is never a good thing for hair. Hot water dries the hair out, promoting damage and breakage. If you are going for a more permanent look, please wash and deep condition the hair first to protect your hair.

Step 1: Get your mixing bowl and Kool-Aid packs.

Step 2: Warm up your water. You can do this by running hot water from your faucet, using the microwave, or heating water on the stove.

Warning: Water that has just been boiled can be extremely damaging to hair. If using the stove, please wait for water to cool down.

Step 3: Separate hair into four sections.

Step 4: Pour warmed water into bowl with Kool-Aid. Adding conditioner will make the mixture easier to apply. Put on gloves.

Step 5: If only dying the tips of the hair, dip the ends into the water. Once ends are dipped, place plastic wrap on ends.

Step 6: If dying the whole head or just roots, quickly and carefully place Kool-Aid mixture into applicator bottle. Add color to hair starting at the roots and working down. Place plastic cap over head.

Step 7: Leave in hair for 5-10 minutes.

Tip: Check periodically to see if desired color is developing. Reapplying more color is always an option.

The Kool-Aid hair dye method is simple and affordable.  Have fun with your new hair color!
The Kool-Aid hair dye method is simple and affordable. Have fun with your new hair color!

Tips for People With Dark Hair: How to Achieve a Super Deep Color

If you have very dark hair or want a deeper color, follow these steps.

Step 1: Pour Kool-Aid powder into bowl.

Step 2: Only add enough water to the Kool-Aid to make a paste. Adding conditioner makes the mixture easier to apply.

Step 3: Apply to hair with a 1 inch paintbrush or comb, starting at the roots and working down. Wrap hair in plastic wrap. Go to bed. When you wake up, wash the paste out of your hair with cool water.

I believe this is the best method. Avoiding warm or hot water helps maintain healthy hair. However, people with very dark hair may want to use the warm or hot water for better results. Since the color will last longer, be sure of your color choice before you begin! Once again, please deep condition the hair first.

Have fun!

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      • profile image

        Summer 2 months ago

        totally works if you use youtube guys

      • profile image

        Myesha 7 months ago


      • profile image

        Jena 8 months ago

        Do you use hot or cold water

      • profile image

        didn't work 9 months ago

        the second method didn't work and i dont have dark hair or anything we even doubled the koolaid packets and didn't use conditioner still didn't work

      • profile image

        Lindsay 10 months ago

        I am dyeing my hair dark blue with this method today. My h

      • profile image

        kat 11 months ago

        I used the so called "electric blue" method and my hair is now PURPLE! I wanted a blue instead. This is very false information, everyone. DO NOT read the color combinations and just use ONE color. DO NOT try to mix colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        noon of u bees wax 11 months ago

        theres an easier way, though its better to dye your tips or half of your hair or lower then the jawline. Take 2 kool-aid packets. 2 cups of water. (use gloves if nessesary) boil the water and put the packets in. Boil the water for about 2 minutes or when theres a huge amount of bubbles. Pour in a bowl or bag. Dip your hair in for about 15 minutes. If you have darker hair do it for 30 minutes. After you dip it rinse your hair without shampoo or conditioner, just COLD water until theres no dye coming out. After you dry it you should see it. When i did mine i left it out in hour because im a rebel, it stayed longer then it was supposed to. I have brown hair and i used red and orange kool-aid colors, the dye stayed on me for a atleast 18 weeks. (i think i still have a little on me xD) I hope it works for you the dye should last for 4 weeks. :)

      • profile image

        Bella 11 months ago

        Didn't work on my hair but thank u for the info

      • profile image

        Claire 11 months ago

        How long do you have to wait before re-dip dying it? I did it four days ago and have washed it twice and the color is very very quickly fading

      • profile image

        waafiyah 21 months ago

        My hair turned out great I used the cherry.Just asking how to bleach your hair?

      • profile image

        Mae 24 months ago

        You said that the conditioner makes it easier to apply, could I apply the kool aid paste alone without conditioner? ive tried on my REALLY dark brown hair and it doesnt work. Please answer quickly.

      • profile image

        Camiella 2 years ago

        I have relaxed hair and i dye my hair a reddish purple with tropical punch kool-aid it looked great,i dyed it dry though

      • profile image

        Tamara 2 years ago

        Just wondering do u suppose if you mixed a bunch of different colors you would end up with black?I want a non-chemical way to dye my hair black.

      • profile image

        shelly 2 years ago

        do u have to take a shower before applying? or can it be on the spot i have very dark brown hair its basically black so which tip do i use?

      • profile image

        irene lobo 2 years ago

        My MaMa is battling non hoskin lynfoma cansar . so I'll be trying the koollaid dying in her hair.

      • profile image

        Berlinda 2 years ago

        I was wondering what colors to mix for the color burgandy.

      • profile image

        Tamlyn 2 years ago

        Do you need to wash your hair after you do this?

      • profile image

        Blue girl 2 years ago

        I did the kool aid with a brush and not much water at all and conditioner I left it in for 3 hours ( or more ) then I rinsed it out my hair it was not blue at all it was my natural brown color. I used two packets of blue raspberry lemonade and one packet of grape. Why was my hair blue?

      • profile image

        Gabby 2 years ago

        After you wrap it in plastic wrap how long do you have to wait till you can take it off? Also after you take it off do you have to take a shower just like with hot water and it won't come off ?

      • MizBejabbers profile image

        Doris James-MizBejabbers 2 years ago

        Can you use a weakened version of blue to take the yellow out of gray hair and leave a little color? Because of concerns that gray products cause cancer, most have been removed from the market leaving those of us with prematurely gray hair with few choices.

      • profile image

        Kayla hicks 2 years ago

        I used blue rasberry lemonade because i could not find just plain blue raspberry and it didn't dye my hair blue like i thought it would and i just want to know why

      • profile image

        MichelleR 2 years ago

        this has helped me tons. I can't wait to dye my hair red!

      • profile image

        Hailey 3 years ago

        This is so cool and I will have to try it

      • profile image

        Priceless 3 years ago

        Does it was out after one use?

      • dignifiedlove profile image

        dignifiedlove 3 years ago

        Thank you for your comment. That is a good tip for anyone who has sensitive skin.

      • profile image

        anonymous 3 years ago

        I was looking forward to dye my hair blue using the dark hair method, however once I started to apply the kool aid mixture, my scalp began to itch and burn to the point I had to immediately rinse it off. As soon as I got my hair wet, all of the color was gone leaving me with brown hair. I do not recommend using this method if you have sensitive skin to avoid pain.

      • dignifiedlove profile image

        dignifiedlove 3 years ago

        Hell Baseemah,

        How are you? Once the dye is set in the hair, it will not stain your clothes if you get caught in the rain.

      • profile image

        baseemah 3 years ago

        Will it stain your clothes if you get caught in the rain?

      • profile image

        Kelsey 3 years ago

        thank you so much this was a wonderful page:) you answered all my questions I could not find anywhere else .. Awesome

      • Madison Resare profile image

        Maddi 3 years ago

        I have heard about this method of hair dying before but never tried it myself. I would like to see if it works, thanks for the info!


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