Latest Trendy Asian and Korean Hairstyles for Men 2019

Updated on January 22, 2019

Trendy Hairstyles for Asian Men

Growing up as an Australian-born Chinese kid, I've always had trouble finding the right style for my hair. When it comes to hair trends, Caucasian styles tend to be difficult to replicate simply because of different face types and hair textures.

However, it's not the end of the world. When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade! For Asian men, there are many options out there. Don't give in to the stereotypical Asian bowl cut. There are, in fact, lots more that we can achieve with our hair. But make sure that the style fits you!

Hair Style Ideas (Photos Below)

Short and slick, fringe to the side
Dandy medium fringe-up
Short two-block cuts
Medium two-block cuts
Pretty boy
Curtain fringe
Curtain fringe

Short and Slick

Starting off with a more mature look, we have a cool hairstyle suited for a business meeting or a semi-formal party. The technique for this style is quite simple. The hardest part is the fringe/bangs, but by applying some strong wax backwards with fingers (as opposed to a comb), the fringe will lie back and look natural.

Dandy Medium Fringe-Up

Click thumbnail to view full-size

This style features short sides and back, but hair on the crown is left fairly thick to create a "dandy" look. (A "dandy," by the way, is just a man who is very interested in looking good!) In the photos above, the crown hair has been permed to create the extra volume and texture. The fringe/bangs are lifted up using wax to create more volume.

Two-Block Cuts

This particular style has become a crowd favourite with young Asian men. I see many guys around my university with variations on this style. With a two-block cut, the sides and lower back are shaved or cut very short and thin, while the crown hair is left short (but not as short) or medium in length.

What's great about the two block cut is that you can be very creative about how you to style your hair. Keep the fringe straight, up, or even curl it to create a more "hipster" look.

Short Two-Block Cuts

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Medium Two-Block Cuts

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The Mohawk

This is a classic style that has evolved over time. What started out as a punk style has become a mainstream Asian look. Notice how the two-block cut took influence from the classic Mohawk.

There are many types of Mohawks. You don't have to copy Super Saiyan 3 (like the first photo below) to look great in this classic style. This cut looks good with short or long spikes and short or longer sides.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Various Short Styles

Short cuts are great if you don't want to spend a lot of time on your hair. Care for these looks is simple: regular wax and hairspray to set the fringe the way you like it.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Smoking's bad...mmkaay
Smoking's bad...mmkaay
Smoking's bad...mmkaay

The Curtain Fringe

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Changmin rocking that Trunks hair
Changmin rocking that Trunks hair
Changmin rocking that Trunks hair

This style is getting quite a lot of attention lately. I first saw it on Changmin in a TVXQ music video. It's not really my taste; it reminds me too much of Future Trunks' horrible hair from Dragon Ball Z.

K-Pop and Other Medium Styles

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Medium-length hair seems to be the go-to length for many guys. There is enough room for creativity, but maintenance is easy. Some styles, including K-pop, involve perms for texture and volume.

Long Hairstyles

In my experience, long hair can be a big hit or miss. It either makes a guy look really good or really bad. It's high-maintenance and correct styling is essential.

The classic, straight anime look involves one straight side and one permed side. Use a hair-straightener on the straight side and a perm on the other (not the back). Temporary perms can be created using a hair-straightener by twisting and twirling.


Pretty Boy

I don't know the official name for this style, but I first saw this look on a Korean drama called Boys Over Flowers. In the show the main characters are called "pretty boys," so I've called it that ever since. Plus Kim Hyun Joong (one of the actors in that drama) rocks this hairstyle and he is the pretty boy in Korea.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Kim Hyung JoongRoll like a buffalo
Kim Hyung Joong
Kim Hyung Joong
Roll like a buffalo
Roll like a buffalo

More Long Styles

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What hair length do you prefer?

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        4 months ago

        Nice I want to have a Korean hair style

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        Who's that guy in the pic....??? really wanna know his name...!!! COZ HE IS SO HOT..!!!

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        What’s the name of the haircut on the top picture

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        Yes it is cool

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        Yes but very hffch bffgvj


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