Hairstyles: Messy Buns

Updated on March 30, 2018
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Susan has a love for all things beautiful. Take a moment to reflect on and appreciate the beauty that surrounds all of us.

I Love My Messy Bun
I Love My Messy Bun | Source

About a Messy Bun

Let's talk about a messy bun. A messy bun is a hairstyle that is fun, playful, and easy to create. It is amazing what a whimsical, clever hairdo does for a woman.

Take an ordinary, plain-looking woman, sweep her hair up into a creative work of the hands, and in a snap, her plain jane look is replaced by a fun, fanciful, or elegant presence.

Do you like the feel and look of a messy bun? As you view the pictures included in this article note how a woman's look completely changes with only slight variations in technique.

This article will provide clear directions along with video illustrations to help you make creative, stylish and fun buns.

Hint: I have learned that this style works best with second and third-day unwashed hair.

A woman's hair is the crowning glory to her natural beauty. Hair styled creatively really does make a difference between a plain look and a drop dead gorgeous diva with appeal. You know it's true.

This article is dedicated to my granddaughters who are my inspiration for this topic. My girls look absolutely adorable when they throw their hair up into a messy bun. They are always coming up with new and different varieties of the messy bun.

I hope this article provides a few more ideas for my girls and for all who come to join in the fun. I advise you to watch the video as you read the directions. After watching and reading once, I believe the directions are all you will need to remind yourself of the steps.

Okay girls, let's get busy, experiment and have some fun. To my granddaughters—I can't wait to see your gorgeous faces framed in these special hairstyles.

My Messy Bun
My Messy Bun | Source

Romantic Messy Bun

This style is so pretty and is a romantic version of the messy bun.

The young lady teaching this session is delightful and funny. I hope you'll take a few moments to watch it and implant it into your memory.

This romantic hairstyle is simple and it is quick. There's no need to wash your hair. In a hurry, no worries! Once you get this hairdo down you’ll put it together in no time. Step out, turn heads with your carefree cutie patootie hairstyle.

  1. Start with well combed hair. Two to three day unwashed hair works great.
  2. Part it where you like it but try it different ways for variety and to open up possibilities.
  3. Separate the short sections of hair at the front from the rest of your hair.
  4. Pull the back hair to the side opposite your part and begin to twist it and wrap it around to form a bun.
  5. Use a hair tie to wrap around it and keep the bun in place.
  6. Start playing with various sections of the bun to loosen it up a bit.
  7. Use bobby pins to secure the bun in place.
  8. Loosen the hair at the top of your head with your fingertips to produce a not so neat look.
  9. Pull out little sections of hair if you wish.
  10. Take the front Section of hair and twist it by separating hair into 2 sections and twisting them around each other. This will create a cool rope texture.
  11. Bring it back around under the bun and pin in place.
  12. Use a tie that matches your outfit.

That's it! Now you try it.

Creative Hairstyles

An Easy Bun: Sloppy Jo

This is a super easy messy bun also called Sloppy Jo. It's fun and fast to create.

  1. Brush hair back (no part).
  2. Lift your hair up—think loose and baggy not slicked back.
  3. Pull hair up as if making a pony tail.
  4. Slip the band around the base of the pony and pull hair part way through.
  5. Twist rubber band around and bring end hairs up into the band.
  6. Go around with the band again if you want to or need to.
  7. Pull on hair in bun every which way to make humungous bun—it’s okay to have pieces falling out.
  8. If you want it higher push the bun with your thumbs from underneath. Pull the top hair toward your forehead make it higher on your head.
  9. Spray, and away with you.

Easy cheesy, girlfriend!

Off you go to have some fun. You look great!

Five Minute Summer Updo: Get Curls

This up-do includes curls so keep your hot iron handy. This is a super easy messy bun keeps the hair off your neck on a hot summer's day while offering an enticing feminine appeal.

  1. Place your bump in at the crown of your head. Tease hair a bit before placing it. Tease all around it to get the volume you are looking for. Spray with hairspray. If you do not have a bump it, just tease your hair until it makes a bump
  2. Smooth the hair over the teasing
  3. Pull all your hair back to the nap of your neck and put into a band. Wrap the band around the pony twice and then twist your hair around the ponytail and pull the band over the twist
  4. Pull out a few strands of hair to curl
  5. Pull hair down in front side bang. Grab a small strand from underneath and pull the rest back and tuck into bun
  6. On the other side of the bang pull a portion of hair out to get curled. Do not tuck it back as you did with the side bang.
  7. Use your curling iron to curl strands in the pony tail and strands at both front sides of your face.
  8. Spray hair and go

Voila, you have created an elegant and sweet messy bun with curls. It’s time for a date, where will you go?

Four Easy Messy Buns

Works best on 2nd and 3rd Day hair

Listen to some funky music as the model demonstrates each variation.

#1 High Messy Bun

  1. Part hair and put dry shampoo on scalp and work into hair to clean and add texture.
  2. Comb through hair thoroughly.
  3. Pull hair up to top of head as you hold base the rest waterfalls around it.
  4. Put your band around the outer waterfall hairs and at base, twist it and pull to other side; twist again and then pull hair into the messy bun look you want.
  5. Leave front pieces down.

#2 Boho Bun

  1. Pull hair up at the crown of your head. Now pull it forward and hold. Hair will be in your face.
  2. Place a headband under the section of hair you brought forward and over the hair in front to the middle of your forehead.
  3. Pull the hair in front of your head out of the headband. Now brush it back over the band in back.
  4. Leave front pieces out to drape over the headband across your forehead.
  5. Grab hair into a pony to create the bun.
  6. Twist hair into holder (leave ends out) and pull into the messy bun look by separating and twisting until you get the look you want.

#3 Side Braid Bun

  1. Part your hair on the side.
  2. Grab a section of hair at the top side and braid it—secure with a clear band.
  3. Repeat step two on the other side of the part.
  4. Grab all hair and pull back into a lower bun.
  5. Wrap band around several times pulling and shaping until desired look is achieved.

# 4 Double Poof Bun

  1. Grab the hair from the front on top of your head.
  2. Separate top section in layers.
  3. Tease each section and smooth.
  4. Take all sections together as one and twist at crown of head.
  5. Push hair forward to create the poof.
  6. Pin in "X" shape.
  7. Under the pinned hair tease again.
  8. Grab hair from both sides and smooth as you pull into hair at crown.
  9. Twist pull and shape into the look you want.

Now you have four more easy, messy buns to try and to share with your friends. Have fun creating your very own!

Like my hair?
Like my hair? | Source

An Experiment

I hope you caught the vision and simplicity of the Messy Bun.

Now, my charge to you is to choose the style you like and get busy. I'd love to hear from you after you have created your very own messy bun. Tell me, was it as easy as the model makes it look? Did people notice? How did you feel with your new hairdo?

This hairstyle can create in no time!

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      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 2 years ago from Michigan

        Hi kenneth, thanks for dropping by with your good will and cheer.


      • kenneth avery profile image

        Kenneth Avery 2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

        July 27

        Hi Mekenzie,

        I just dropped by to enjoy your work again. You are a fantastic writer. Keep up the great work.

        @ Faith Reaper,

        How are you today? And I I share these comments with you also.

        Writers like yourselves, make being on HP a kick!


      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 2 years ago from Michigan

        I think alot depends on your hair. I found the messy bun directions to be simple but if your hair is fine without much texture or not long enough - it doesn't create the 'look' you see pictured. Yet there are some messy bun styles that those with thin hair can still create. ;) Practice makes perfect. Thanks for the visit and comment greeneyedblondie.

      • profile image

        greeneyedblondie 2 years ago

        It loos like sometimes the messy bun is simple, but other times it's complicated.

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 3 years ago from Michigan

        Hi kenneth, so nice of you to drop by with a cheerful greeting. May God bless you this New Year as well. Thanks!


      • kenneth avery profile image

        Kenneth Avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


        Have yourself a Very Safe and Happy New Year.

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 3 years ago from Michigan

        Hi Jackie, I hope your surgery is successful dear girl! I remember cropping my hair super short during one of my pregnancies. I was so ill I couldn't take care of it - I think it's a smart choice for you for now.

        Thanks for stopping by and leaving your cheer and may God guide and grant peace for all the details of your coming surgery.



      • Jackie Lynnley profile image

        Jackie Lynnley 3 years ago from The Beautiful South

        I love this and would have jumped right into it but just got my hair cropped super short. Gonna have some surgery in a few weeks and wanted it to be easy care for awhile. I do love the messy buns though! Great article.

      • profile image

        Kenneth Avery 4 years ago


        You are very welcome for the truth that I told you about your writing and your style.

        But I am disabled. And live at home. I "did" write professionally, but that does not mean that I am any better than anyone on HP--including yourself.

        I wanted to enter into our friendship, and you following me, with a clear, and open honest foundation.

        You are a wonderful person.

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 4 years ago from Michigan

        Hello kenneth, Your comments are so generous and uplifting. Thank you for the encouragement to keep on writing. I checked out your profile and learned that you write professionally, so your comments hold a lot of weight to me.

        This hub is one of my favorites because of the JOY and love I hold for my granddaughters.

        Thank you for stopping by, voting up and leaving your thoughts! I am going to check out your hubs now.

        God Bless You!


      • kenneth avery profile image

        Kenneth Avery 4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

        Hello, Mekenzie, (My granddaughters would love this piece).

        This is an excellent piece of writing. Amazing, to be precise.

        I loved every word of it. Voted up and all the choices because you deserve it.

        You have such a gift for writing. Just keep writing and no telling at how far you will go and how many people you will touch.

        I have just left you some fan mail and become one of your followers.

        I cordially invite you to read one or two of my hubs, and be one of my followers.

        That would make my day.

        I am so honored to meet you and follow you.


        Kenneth/ from northwest Alabama

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 4 years ago from Michigan

        Eileen, I know what you mean, I can't get past that awkward stage to let my hair get long enough to make a Messy Bun.

        I have seen women with grey hair wear them and they look great!

        Thanks for stopping by for a read and an encouragement!

        Blessings to you this fine day. :)


      • Eileen Hughes profile image

        Eileen Hughes 4 years ago from Northam Western Australia

        Gee they look terrific Almost wish I could still have my hair longer although its grey these days as not as young. Great ideas and videos

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 5 years ago from Michigan

        I just love the look myself. As I said, my granddaughters all look so stinkin' cute when they toss their hair up in a Messy Bun.

        I'd need to grow my hair out too but I think I'd rather enjoy shorter hair and admire the look on my girls. Thanks for stopping by ... I think you'd look really cute in a Messy Buns.



      • FullOfLoveSites profile image

        FullOfLoveSites 5 years ago from United States

        I almost wanna try these messy buns styles! Have to get my hair a little longer, though. I'll keep this as a reference. Thanks for posting! :D

      • justmesuzanne profile image

        justmesuzanne 5 years ago from Texas

        Well, many thanks! :D

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 5 years ago from Michigan

        Suzanne, You are so pretty. I bet you look adorable in a Messy Bun! Thanks for the vote up!



      • justmesuzanne profile image

        justmesuzanne 5 years ago from Texas

        Glad to know I'm so stylish; although, my messy bun is more a matter of ineptitude, humidity and curly hair! :D Voted up and interesting!

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 5 years ago from Michigan

        Rolly, I would suggest a high quality wig in your case. I think blonde would be a great choice for you. Make sure it is long so you can create many different styles using the Messy Buns Tutorials.

        You are a Hoot Buddy and you must know this brought a BIG smile to my face.

        Love to you and Peggy and the Quig,



      • Rolly A Chabot profile image

        Rolly A Chabot 5 years ago from Alberta Canada

        Hi Mekenzie... thanks for this and I agree... properly looked after hair is such an asset.

        On complaint... I tried all of your suggestions and nothing happened... might have something to do with the lack of resources... any suggestions besides keep growing it out...

        Love you guys

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 5 years ago from Michigan

        ahorseback, I'm so glad you, as a man, stopped by to share what you think of messy buns. You are not alone, I think most men are drawn to femininity .. though it's not politically correct, it still is true.

        I agree with you about the attractiveness of women when their hair is pulled up .. Hair is her crowning glory and a woman's beauty is enhanced by what she does with her hair. When hair is pulled up and away from her face more of her features are seen and the wisps of hair dangling about is alluring.

        I have a daughter who is wonderful with hair. Her girls wear styles I've never seen before .. even the little boys are drawn to them, not that this is the result mom was looking for. Their girlfriends ask if my daughter will do their hair too. :)

        Thanks for your input it is needed and refreshing.


      • ahorseback profile image

        ahorseback 5 years ago

        Okay Time for a guys impression .......There is nothing more attractive to this man than a woman with her hair pulled up Anyway they want it , My impression of a womans neckline from behind .............well I better not go down that road ! But ,talk about attractive . I have often been in discussions where one guy always states ......."why does it seem like women don't dress up anymore " skinny jeans halter tops and tatoos can be okay for you but for me ? Show me a woman with her hair up in a messy bun and dressed in anything !

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 5 years ago from Michigan

        North Wind, you are too funny! I think you should give yourself a chance and watch one of the videos. The step by step instructions are so good! I wish I had video's like this available to me when I was younger. My hair is too short now .. but my kids and grandkids all wear them. They are so stinkin' cute!

        Thanks so much for the visit and funny comment.



      • North Wind profile image

        North Wind 5 years ago from The World (for now)

        I am looking at these messy buns and sighing. I can't seem to do anything with my hair except plait it. I am sure if I even begin to try it I will end up looking quite twat like. Oh well!

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 5 years ago from Michigan

        Hey Victoria, You are funny girl! I hope you will try out one of these Messy Bun Hairdo's. My girls look so cute in them.

        If you do try one of these looks, please let me know .. I'd like to hear how it goes.

        I wondered how that Title would be interpreted. Messy baked buns sounds very yummy!

        Thanks for visiting and for your comment too.



      • Victoria Lynn profile image

        Victoria Lynn 5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

        Neat (er...messy!) hub! I'll have to try some of these. I often twist my hair back into a messy knot! Not sure how great mine looks, but I've got the length for it. I must admit that when I saw the title of your hub, I thought it might be about baked messy buns. Yummy. haha

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 5 years ago from Michigan

        Great comment, I wish my hair was longer and I was younger too. I also love these hairdo's and really like seeing the styles my granddaughters come up with. Thanks for stopping by for a read teaches!



      • teaches12345 profile image

        Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

        I wish my hair was longer (and I were younger) so that I could do this beautiful hairdo. I love the way the messy look makes a woman more charming. Beautiful share on this topic.

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 5 years ago from Michigan

        drbj, In choosing the title of this hub, I thought I'd get some funny comments .. and you are the perfect one to leave one. LOL Thank you for reading and sharing your humor.


      • drbj profile image

        drbj and sherry 5 years ago from south Florida

        Thanks for the education, Mekenzie. Here I thought a messy bun was a hot dog roll dripping with mustard ... or a backside that was ... No, I won't go there.

      • Mekenzie profile image

        Susan Ream 5 years ago from Michigan

        Hi dear Faith, I love the Messy Bun look too - so cute. I can tell by your picture that you'd look really sweet in a Messy Bun.

        Yes these awesome granddaughters are the apple of my eye. Precious beyond all measure. I thank God for their strength, kindness and good hearts.

        Thank you for stopping by for a read and a cherry comment.

        Blessings dear friend,


      • Faith Reaper profile image

        Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

        I love the messy bun look. Makes me want to grow my hair back out. This is such a very interesting and fun hub. I know granddaughters bring a lot of joy! Thanks so for much for sharing these tips, Mekenzie. God bless. In His Love, Faith Reaper


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