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My Review of Allurials Fragrance Free Conditioner

Cynthia is a beauty enthusiast. She loves testing cosmetics, hair and skincare products, and sharing her opinions.

Allurials Fragrance Free Conditioner

Allurials Fragrance Free Conditioner

Trying Fragrance-Free Conditioner

Conditioner is a must-have for my hair. My ends are always extremely dry and usually look as if I am in desperate need of a trim. Using tons of products that shine and smooth my dry ends has been part of my daily routine for some time. When I think of all the products I purchase just to have my hair look presentable when I leave the house, it can be costly.

Also, finding a good conditioner has proved impossible. Sure, they all work to some degree, but none have ever really had that 'wow' factor in the past. Essential oils are currently trending, and I figured testing out a fragrance-free conditioner like Allurials was worth a shot.

My Hair Type

Everyone's hair is slightly different. So our needs for a conditioner will all differ as well. My particular hair type is:

  • Long
  • Curly
  • Dry ends
  • Oily roots
  • Frizzy

Although Allurials conditioner is for all hair types, it is helpful to share the type of hair I used the product on. My hair is a pain, to say the least. I normally struggle to brush out my hair due to the dry ends that tangle during shampooing. The roots are oily, and by oily, I mean in as little as 12-14 hours my roots look oily. My hair is naturally curly, though most products weigh my hair down to a point that it looks straight. It's been a trade-off over the years to lose the curls in order to have my hair look halfway decent.

Bedhead is an understatement first thing in the morning! Normally when I wake up I have another struggle to brush out my long locks and get ready for the day. Frizziness is absolutely unreal on most days, especially when it rains. Recently I rock the fun bun on most days, saving the use of so many hair care products for days when I am in public. We all rock the fun bun right?


Does the Allurials Conditioner Actually Have No Scent?

Have you ever tried a fragrance-free product only to find it had a weird scent anyway? I have! That is not the case with Allurials Fragrance Free Conditioner. It really is completely fragrance-free. Honestly, I wondered if that were even possible since the conditioner is formulated with essential oils. I expected some form of fragrance to linger in the conditioner due to the ingredients. To my surprise, despite sniffing and sniffing, it is completely void of scent!

Having a fragrance-free conditioner is not super important to most people. Though wearing or using products like shampoo, conditioner and even skincare products that are fragranced can cause your perfume to smell different. Not all fragrances meld well together. Have you ever walked past someone and thought their perfume was a bit too strong, or just not something you would wear? Odds are that most of the skincare and haircare products they use are all perfumed. So they may very well be using a perfume that you'd love in the bottle. But the perfume mixing with all the other scents (even subtle ones) creates an altogether new fragrance that is often less than satisfactory.

Is Allurials Conditioner Effective?

Here is where we get down to my personal opinion of my Allurials Fragrance Free Conditioner. First, let me explain what I want out of a conditioner.

  • Detangles
  • Hydrates
  • Weightless
  • Adds Shine

With any conditioner, I am always looking for the points I mentioned above. Needing a conditioner that will also detangle is so important for me. With dry ends and curly hair, my hair is a hot mess out of the shower. I want a conditioner that will detangle and allow me to brush through my hair faster. Hydration is one of the main reasons we all use conditioner. After all, having hydrated hair is where the added shine comes in. It also boosts the overall appearance of your hair when it is hydrated.

Using Allurials for the first time, I was very impressed. Having used several other hair care products with essential oils in the past, I was honestly skeptical as to how well the Allurials conditioner would actually work. I have been using this conditioner for several weeks, and I have to say I wish I had been using it longer! This conditioner met and exceeded all my expectations for what I wanted out of using it. So let me share what the conditioner did for my hair:

  • Hydrated my hair
  • Detangled
  • Added Shine
  • Controlled Frizz
  • Weightless (did not weigh my hair down)
  • Made my hair more manageable
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Normally I would not get so excited over a hair conditioner. Allurials has the same consistency as most conditioners on the market. Though it did one thing the others I have tried have not—it delivered results. Running my fingers through my hair directly out of the shower was never possible before Allurials. I no longer spend 30 frustrating minutes brushing my hair in the morning or after a shower. I've broken my fair share of hairbrushes in the past trying to brush my hair out. So I will definitely be saving money in the long run by not buying a new hairbrush every month.

It has given me the freedom to wear my hair relaxed or curly. Before I did not have a choice since most products weighed my hair down to the point that it was straight. It did not take a lot of product either. In the past some conditioners I felt like it took half a bottle just to hydrate my ends. With Allurials I can use a small amount and still get great results. Making it a great buy for my budget, since I won't go through it as fast as I have some others in the past.

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© 2017 Cynthia Hoover


To Give And Get on January 31, 2017:

Your hair looks so shiny and amazing! I never knew they made fragrance free conditioners.

Tara L on January 28, 2017:

I have natural curly hair and love using/trying new beauty products.

Eliane on January 28, 2017:

This is such a great product! Specially for those who have allergies or are extremely sensitive to smell. Thanks for sharing

Amber B on January 28, 2017:

I will have to try this conditioner out hair type is very similar.

Cynthia Hoover (author) from Newton, West Virginia on January 24, 2017:

Michelle thank you for stopping by! It is great to have a fragrance free conditioner! Especially for those who have friends or family with allergies!

Michelle Mollohan from Looneyville, WV on January 23, 2017:

I love that this conditioner is fragrance free!

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