Natulique Hair Color Review: The Good, Bad & Very Ugly

Updated on April 26, 2017
Natulique Hair Color Review by the Hair Nerd
Natulique Hair Color Review by the Hair Nerd

My Natulique Hair Color Review

I've been getting many requests from my readers to look into the claims and performance of Natulique, a professional beauty brand out of Denmark. It says "natural colors" and "certified organic" right on the box. They also advertise it as PPD-free and Resorcinol-Free. Whoa. Those are some bold claims, right? 100% organic hair color or 100% natural hair color? PPD-free? Resorinol free? Could it be the color line we've all been looking for?

Spoiler Alert:

Unfortunately, NO.

Natulique hair color is far from "certified organic" and what they market themselves as reads very differently when you dig into their labels. It seems the deception game is running deeper these days in the "organic" hair world and this one really hit a nerve with me.

UPDATE: To my readers, just when you thought this company couldn't get anymore dishonest, another natural beauty blogger uncovered what might be the most unethical thing Natulique has done yet.

I Read Labels for You's Natulique Hair Color Review exposed something we should all be aware of. They claim to be "certified organic" (we know that tall tale,) but I never thought to look at where they get this certification from.

They claim to be certified by 360BIOCERT... never heard of it? Here's why: turns out Natulique created the certification themselves just to be called certified organic. Proof? They filed and own the trademark for this "prestigious certification." But then couldn't even follow their own standards by including PEGs and MEA in their formula.


Natulique: A Whole New Level of Deception

Y'all this is some deeply disturbing stuff. When you try to contact the 360BIOCERT for commenting, there's no phone number to call them and your emails bounce. Please keep reading to see why I would not touch anything from this company.

Natulique Ingredients List

When I was out in California this past weekend, I was finally able to get a few tubes of color to show you the full ingredient list as seen on the box of the color. I wouldn't be nearly as skeptical of this company if their marketing and advertising didn't blatantly lie but more more on that later.

Natulique Hair Color Ingredients List

Skin Deep Score
Aqua (Water)
Sodium Coco Sulfate
Myristyl Alcohol
Emulsion Stabilizer
Cetearyl Alcohol
Cocomide MEA
Surfactant, pH-adjuster
Cocomide MIPA
Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Fragrance, Surfactant
Sodium Sulfite
Tetrasodium EDTA
Chelating Agent
Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
Protein / Strength
Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Seed Oil)
PEG 10 Olive Glycerides
Surfactant, Emulsifier
Butylene Glycol
Humectant, Viscosity Controller
Bisamino PEG/PPG-41/3
Conditioning Agent
Parfum (Fragrance)
Synthetic Fragrance
Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Seed)
Conditioning Agent
Vitis Vinifera (Grape Seed Oil)
Conditioning Agent
Prunus Persica Kernel Oil (Peach)
Conditioning Agent
Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil (Apricot)
Conditioning Agent
Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon Peel Extract)
Conditioning Agent
Citrus Aurtanium Dulcis (Oragne Peel Oil)
Conditioning Agent
Synthetic Pigment
Synthetic Pigment
Synthetic Pigment
Synthetic Pigment
Synthetic Pigment
Erythrobic acid
Natural Preservative
Synthetic Pigment

Natulique: The Good

After looking at the ingredients, it's apparent Natulique has added some unique botanical ingredients in their line that should make the hair feel healthy and soft. Including ingredients like Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil will help the hair retain moisture and softness throughout the color process - good stuff!

Personally, I am a big fan of wheat protein in hair color. All of the hair color lines I've tried with this ingredient have made the hair stronger and feel great. So if you have gluten sensitivities, this may not be the color line for you.

I should make mention of this: most people will not react to wheat when topically applied and most of the gluten issues we hear of these days are when the ingredient is ingested. If you have a client that comes in with a sensitivity to gluten or celiac disease you should ask if they are comfortable with a skin patch test.

Natulique Hair Color: The Bad

The Ethanolamine content is high.

You've heard this one with other lines I've reviewed (Like Swarskopf Essensity and Davines A New Colour), Ethanolamine appears very high on the ingredients list. This suggest the color itself operates at a higher pH than other color lines I've reviewed.

Why do higher Ethanolamine levels matter?

  1. The health of the hair. When you use large percentages of any pH altering ingredient like ammonia or Ethanolamine, the hair can become dry and compromised, especially over time. You'll also notice more fading and less shine.
  2. Sensitivities. A high pH on the scalp can cause serious sensitivities. I know this firsthand because I use Original & Mineral hair color on some clients and they too have Ethanolamine higher on the list and this causes sensitivities for some clients. To answer your question yes, I will be disclosing their ingredient list review soon too!

Natulique Hair Color: Cancer & Contamination Concerns

Another thing to take note of is this is another color line that includes a lot of PEGs.

  • Oleth-20
  • PEG 10 Olive Glycerides
  • Bisamino PEG/PPG-41/3 Aminoethyl PG-Propyl Dimethicone

PEGs are not only penetration enhancers, which increases the risks of allergies when you are working with hair color, but according to SkinDeep, they also have contamination concerns.

Specifically, 1,4 dioxane and ethylene oxide, which are known cancer-causing ingredients.

You may ask yourself, how common is it that PEGs would contain these toxic substances? If a company is "organic" they probably take care of this right?

The answer may frighten you. In 2008, a personal care study by the OCA (Organic Consumers Association) found these carcinogens in products labeled as "organic."

No one wants to expose their clients or themselves to these ingredients, so why do it? There all alternatives out there that completely eliminate the risk of these contamination concerns.

So, you've all heard me talk about all of these things before when it comes to hair color: PEGs, Ethanolamine levels. But here's where things got beyond bad in my research of Natulique hair color.


PEGs are polymers of 1,4 Dioxane and Ethlyene Oxide. These are known cancer-causing ingredients.

Cancer Causing 1,4 Dioxane Found in PEGs
Cancer Causing 1,4 Dioxane Found in PEGs | Source

Natulique Hair Color: The UGLY

I've said it once and I'll say it a million times, organic hair color does not exist. In no way shape or form can hair color be "certified organic." Natulique says right on their box "certified organic" which leads all of us to believe the entire product inside is organic and it's not (not even close)!

To say so is MISLEADING and is part of the problem why people actually think hair color can work without chemicals (unless you're talking about indigo or henna).

But here is where it gets worse!

As you can see in this picture, Natulique markets themselves as PPD-FREE! Wait.... did I not just read p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) right on the label? So please explain to me why your swatch book says PPD-FREE and your marketing material?

PPD is the most common irritant in hair color. To hide this from people is not only unethical but down right illegal. It's rare but people have died from adverse reactions to PPD and many have landed themselves in the hospital.

They also say they are resorcinol-free and the color contains resorcinol right on the ingredient list. Listen, most hair colors contain these ingredients there are not many safe alternatives out there.

But to LIE and say your hair color doesn't contain these ingredients is unsafe and unethical. So you may be wondering on why I didn't include performance in this review?

I'm so put off by the lies and marketing gimmicks that I will not touch the color. Trust lost. Will not try anything from your company. Do not pass go. Do not slather on anyones head.

Sound off in the comments below!

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    • profile image

      Linda 11 days ago

      Can anyone tell me what hair colors are natural and not harmful? And can cover gray hair

    • profile image

      Karen 2 weeks ago

      Ok so Natulique quotes that it’s is 98% natural derived ingredients with organic ingredients.

      It’s there wet line that says it’s organic. It does not say in colour box it’s organic colour.

      Also it clearly states with an asterisk that some are ppd and resorcinol free. The zero range.

      As we know we need chemicals to do it’s hob to open up cuticles and deposit Colour.

      This company is totally see through and will answer any question.

      360 biocert ix ther own manufacture standards and I applaud any manufacturer who has high standards.

      In short you are confusing there products.

    • profile image

      Sarah 7 weeks ago


      Thanks so much for your review. I am a hairdresser myself using another line of colours that are "ammonia" free but I'm not 100% happy with the results and I'm finding most of these types of colours are all just very good marketing strategies. Wondering whether to just return to brands that don't promote themselves as natural or organic and rather spend more time educating my clients to reduce their chemical load in other areas of their lives. The results and cost of these products are not beneficial for health or business :(

    • profile image

      Marina3 5 months ago

      Hello Rosey,

      Thank you so much for this blog! I absolutely agree with you, all these companies who shout that they have all natural ingredients, with NO PPD, PTD, etc. is a complete deception! Please keep posting and let us know if you will be able to find a really good hair color on the market . Regards, Marina

    • profile image

      NATULIQUE 6 months ago

      Dear Rosey,

      Thanks for getting back to us again. We do indeed care about our reputation and we feel it important to continuously learn and address the issues raised by concerned bloggers, such as yourself.

      We must stress yet again that we do not market ourself as PPD free. The only places we write this we also say that this is either for our ZERO line or for selected shades only (this includes our Shade Chart as well). The ppd-free shades are also shown on our website, so people will know this is not the entire line and can find which specific shades are free and which are not.

      We have tried several searches on our name and brand, and we have managed to find only the one you yourself use in this review, which is not made by NATULIQUE but rather a salon. We will acknowledge that it is our duty to inform and educator our clients so misunderstanding like this will not occur, and we are continuously trying to clear out such claims.

      You should also know, that our latest swatch chart we removed much of the “PPD-free for selected shades only” claims to avoid any further misunderstandings on this subject.

      “Made Of” – We are looking at our boxes all the way back to the ones from 2014, and we cannot find anywhere where is says “Made Of Certified Organic and Natural Ingredients”. On our website we write Made With, but nowhere can we find this “Made Of”. Please, let us know where you read this and we will, of course, amend it.

      Once again, we want to stress that we never wanted to deceive anyone and our intentions are good. We do indeed want hairdressers to use what is our opinion is a better option for them in their salon. Nevertheless, salon professionals demand performance. So in order to make a product that they can actually use, it must fulfil e.g. grey hair coverage and give lasting results. Surely, you can agree with us on this. So, what we try to offer is an alternative with less toxic ingredients and more natural and organic ingredients for better colouring both for the client and the hairdressers.

      We are of course open to more dialogue with you, as this still is the best way to become even clearer in our messaging and more transparent all in all.

      We are also opening up work with more cooperation with this parties, such as Plastic Pollution Coalition which we recently have been welcomed into. And we will go even more into depth in our fight against animal cruelty.

      We hope that during this process we might have gained a little trust for you, and even hope you would consider revising some of the claims of your above review of us.

      Yours truly

      NATULIQUE, Denmark

    • HairNerd profile image

      Rosey 7 months ago from Austin, TX

      Dear Natulique.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog, it shows you do indeed care about your reputation. But I would like to the record straight for you and my readers (who begged me to review your color btw).

      1) I am not compensated by anyone. I spend my own HARD EARNED money to buy your products and others in order to accurately review the ingredients and sometimes test them for my readers. The fact you would insinuate such things shows a lack of integrity on your part. If you don't like what I have to say because it doesn't fit how you want your company to be perceived, than change your practices.

      2) You do market yourselves as PPD and Resorcinol-Free. In fact, it even said it on your swatch book. So, there's that! Those images came from a simple Google Search and there's more where that came from. If I could find them with a simple search, than surely you can as well.

      3) "Certified Organic: You claim that we say this on the box, which is not the case."

      Answer: It says "Natural Colors" and "Made of certified Organic and natural ingredients." If you were being as transparent as you claim, you would say MADE WITH no MADE OF, as that suggests it's what it's MADE OF - not with.

      4) "You bash us for using the word "Organic", yet in your Review of another natural colour brand, you write: "I understand where you're coming from Angela but I don't think Oway is misleading, actually quite the opposite. "Organic hair color" is a term that everyone in our industry uses quite loosely not just companies.'

      I criticize everyone for using that term, not just you. If you read the rest of my comment, you would see this: "The major issue at hand is education, teaching stylists and clients what that term actually means because it is misleading in nature... the term "organic hair color" has to go."

      5) Ethanolamine: You claim we have a high level of ethanolamine.

      Looking at your ingredients list tells me this. Since ingredients list are to be in descending order with the highest percentage of ingredients being at the top, that would mean your color does indeed have a higher percentage of Ethanolamine than other lines I have used.

      I do commend your company for trying to make a cleaner product, it's cleaner than a lot out there! But you must try to work with me and others to set the record straight about organic. You filing the BIO360CERT and touting it as a holier than thou 'third-party certification' is wrong. If your true intent was to create a certification for all companies to follow, then you would have stated the from the get-go.

      Who knows? Maybe now you will change your tune since it has been exposed for what it is. I am sorry if it ever seemed I was out to get you in you particular, because I am certainly not. But please try to be more transparent in your marketing. I can barely work behind the chair as it is because of companies and their excessive use of chemicals and it IRKS ME when I think I have found the solution I have been looking for and it's nothing but hot air.

      One more time, thank you for trying to make a cleaner product, but please clean up your marketing claims going forward. Thank you.

    • HairNerd profile image

      Rosey 7 months ago from Austin, TX

      Rita -- contrary to your claims about me, I actually DO have my cosmetology license and wait for it... majored in CHEMISTRY at University. I do not tout myself as a chemist nor would I do so... as it's not the career I ended up going with, but I do know a thing or two about hair color and chemistry and am more than qualified to write these reviews as they are based on FACTS.

      1) "The very certification you have not even checked out because if you did you will see that in order to be certified 98 plus percentage of ingredients have to come from natural sources and they are the only hair coloring company to receive this."

      Incorrect, Rita. Check your sources. The hair color does not have any VALID certification. The shampoos and conditioners do, but that's not a part of this review. Does the hair color use EcoCert certified ingredients? I would assume, but that does not make the hair color certified organic by EcoCert.

      2) "The 369 is their standard for green and it was just created for other companies to follow . They are two different things Eco cert and 360 "

      Don't be so naive. Until my friend Irina caught them with their pants down, they made no obvious connections to the 360BIOCERT. Let me read you a little excerpt from their website:

      "NATULIQUE is certified organic and complies to and shares the 360BIOCERT vision demanding the purest organic ingredients ensure the safest products. 360BIOCERT demands a requirement that is superior to conventional regulations."

      "360BIOCERT demands..." no, no.. "Natulique demands." Nowhere do they take credit for pioneering or creating this certification, but I am sure that will change now that they've been called out.

      3) "They claim they are ppd free because the percentage is 0.005% "

      I know plenty of transparent companies like Organic Colour Systems who are lower PPDs than that and DO NOT make those claims. If you have a popular allergen in your products, disclose it.


      4) "You mention 1,4 dioxin but you do not even know if the product contains this since this come about as a result of manufacturing processing and can easily be removed during processing ."

      If you read my review I said... "Concerns." I did not say it 100% contained this ingredient, but if you look at the study I linked to.. it found that over 60% of products claiming to be organic contained 1,4 dioxane because of PEGs. The bigger question is why not just LEAVE this ingredient out? I know plenty of brands who do not contain PEGs, like Davines.

    • profile image

      NATULIQUE 7 months ago

      Dear Rosey,

      We tried to get in touch with you on e-mail, but since you have not answered us, we try to reach out to you here instead:

      First of all, we do not wish to deceive anyone with our products or marketing of this. It is a constant process of trying to be as transparent as possible. This is also why we actually enclose our ingredients on our website. I have read through your review and want to address some of your points below:

      1) You claim that we market ourselves as PPD-free, Resorcinol-free, 100% natural and 100% organic: We have difficulties finding this evidence anywhere. We have never called our colours 100% natural nor 100% organic – and this is not written anywhere by us. We have branded the shades of colours which have no PPD and Resorcinol as such, but otherwise, we do not claim our line is PPD-free. You show two images in your article, but these are images we cannot seem to locate anywhere – so please, tell us where you found this so we can clarify this.

      2) Certified Organic: You claim that we say this on the box, which is not the case. We say that our colours have certified organic ingredients– which is perfectly true.

      You further claim that we market ourselves Certified Organic, and yes – we do so for our Shampoos and Conditioners, which was the first pro-salon wet line to receive a certification from a third party.

      3) You bash us for using the word "Organic", yet in your Review of another natural colour brand, you write: "I understand where you're coming from Angela but I don't think Oway is misleading, actually quite the opposite. "Organic hair color" is a term that everyone in our industry uses quite loosely not just companies." However, we try very hard to always use the terminology Natural when it comes to our colours and never use "Organic Colours". Please, if you think otherwise, let us know.

      4) 360BIOCERT: Yes, we created 360BIOCERT – this is something we are actually quite proud of, but we do not wish to label it as a certification (which we also communicate quite openly). We communication and write that this is a standard that we created ourselves. Since we are produced in Denmark, we have very strict regulations when it comes to our production and products. We wish to tell about this, and how we wish to move beyond this: e.g. never selling into China in order to never compromise our cruelty-free pledge.

      – Lastly, this is divided into two standards, a NATURAL and an ORGANIC. Our colours follow the natural, whereas the organic standard is for our shampoos and conditioners.

      5) Ingredients: Once again, we do not market ourselves as PPD-free, we market the actual shades which are PPD-free as PPD-free, however not all colours.

      We acknowledge that we are still not quite there when it comes to creating the perfect natural hair colour, but this is a permanent colour system that ensures grey coverage, which means a demand for ingredients that will ensure this.

      6) Ethanolamine: You claim we have a high level of ethanolamine. How can you claim this when you do not know the level of it? Also, this is an ingredient you spend some time on, however completely ignore in another one of your reviews. How so? I can tell you that the pH level of our colours is 9 (of course varying a bit from shade to shade).

      I hope for your understanding on this – and we hope, based on this that you will re-evaluate your review of our products. We understand that this review might be sponsored by one of our competitors, but we still hope you will look at the points above and take this into consideration.

      All the best,

      NATULIQUE, Denmark

    • profile image

      Rita 7 months ago

      My first question to you is who is paying you to spread misinformation to the public . You are neither a stylist nor a chemist or a scientist to begin understanding these complex issues . You say you were in California and got few boxes to look at . You can not buy this color unless you are a stylist . It is strictly sold to the stylist so there is your first lie , the second you confuse people about few things . The very certification you have not even checked out because if you did you will see that in order to be certified 98 plus percentage of ingredients have to come from natural sources and they are the only hair coloring company to receive this . The 369 is their standard for green and it was just created for other companies to follow . They are two different things Eco cert and 360 . They have all their documents from cert and USDA. There wet line is USDA organic not the hair colors . The colors are 89% water and the tensing 11% is made of chemicals that are some naturally sourced and some synthetic . In the perfect world it will all be plants but then you have henna fir that and to create a permanent color you need the ppd and other chemicals . They claim they are ppd free because the percentage is 0.005% . You mention 1,4 dioxin but you do not even know if the product contains this since this come about as a result of manufacturing processing and can easily be removed during processing .

      Before spreading misinformation you can easily contact the company and have them explain these to you but I think you are more interested in sensationalizing your own writing and I am pretty sure you are being paid for this and have no interest in learning the real answer to your claims . I am a California stylist who is very concerned about all this and have looked st these issues very closely . I go by the integrity of the company , my personal experience and my clients reaction to the line which has been nothing but positives.

    • HairNerd profile image

      Rosey 8 months ago from Austin, TX

      Hi Tina:

      Sounds like more inaccurate information to me. Shampoos and conditioners can hold those certifications, but not hair color. So, once again, they're peddling misinformation. EcoCert has different levels of certifications, some of which only required you to be 10% organic. Interesting, right?

      The Biocert is the made up certification Natulique created to seem more organic and "safe." Luckily, the Internet has eyes and can see right through it.

    • profile image

      Tinaluisa 8 months ago

      Hi. Thanks for doing this review for us. It was my understanding that Natulique is USDA Certified Organic. A rep came into my salon and it says this on the brochure. Is this not a real certification? I'm sorry, I'm not really savvy about these things but I'd really like to know as I am looking for a more natural Ammonia-free option for my salon. Also, the brochure I have states it has EcoCert certification. But I remember the rep saying Biocert. Any idea what that is?

    • HairNerd profile image

      Rosey 11 months ago from Austin, TX

      Lotte - there are many different images in this article with the same false claims. Look at top of this article. It has the products and company logo right on it and reads "No Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens, PPD."

      As I have just proved, that is a blatant lie and there are multiple images with the same claim smattered across the internet and is how I found it. I'll be reviewing Madison Reed hair color next week and have found similar discrepances, look forward to that as well.

    • profile image

      Lotte 11 months ago

      Hi Rosey,

      Thank you for the review - interesting read.

      Out of curiosity, you make a few claims here about what they do and do not do, such as write certified organic on the box. Can you show this, because I use it at cannot find it?

      Also, the image you showed, can you give a source for this because it does not look like any of the marketing I have seen before – and not very official. One last thing, all of these PPD-free claims, can you give us a link to these a well?

      I am very concerned, but I would like to see some more on all of these claims since I cannot locate these lies myself.

    • profile image

      Angela Austin 11 months ago

      Thank you for what you do! This one just like oway hcolor is soooo misleading. I feel bad for all the stylist and clients out there that it has fooled, there are so many.:(