Natural Hair Products and Tips for Black Men

Updated on November 8, 2019
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Asia Mouzone creates content for her natural hair care site Love Naptural, a site dedicated to promoting natural hair health.

These products will keep your hair healthy and strong.
These products will keep your hair healthy and strong. | Source

Hair Care Resources Are Slim for Men

This article was inspired by my brother. Over the Christmas holiday, he told me he wanted to grow out his hair and needed hair product ideas. So, he asked me if I could give him a list of products that he could use. He wanted moisturizing and overall good hair products.

According to the hair typing system that most natural women use, my brother's hair is between 3B and 3C. It's naturally curly and would be a curly bush when it grows out. The writer in me wouldn't just let me keep it at a bullet point list.

I had to go on and give directions on how to use the products and told him what certain products are good for. I included websites as well as other places he could find the products I suggested.

While I did quick Google searches trying to find necessary information on natural hair care for men, there was little to none available. My brother's a college student and I wanted to offer product suggestions that wouldn't break his pockets.

There were a few natural hair products for men, but I wasn't going to send him to a site that wanted him to pay almost $20 for only one product. That wasn't going to happen.

Instead, I opted for products that were originally intended for women but can also be used by men. It seems the beauty industry caters more to women than men. Yes, most men wear regular low hair cuts but they still need to care for their scalp and ensure that the little hair they have is well moisturized.

Dandruff doesn't discriminate. Also, there are men who wear dread locs, afros, or braids. Their hair needs some lovin', too.


Men: Simple, but Necessary Creatures

When men walk down hair care aisles, do most of them really care to know the details about every single product? Do they actually want to stand there and read the backs of product labels like just about every woman does?

Are they that concerned about the amount of alcohol to water ratio in products? My gut is telling me that most men couldn't care less about all of that extra stuff. They have set in their minds what they came in the hair aisle for and that's it.

Men usually go straight to it without giving any second thought. The packaging could be so elaborate and descriptive and most men wouldn't care. All they see is the name in bold of whatever product they came for.

If they want shampoo, they don't see all natural moisturizing shampoo with enriching natural oils that gives your hair luster, shine, and bounce. They see SHAMPOO and that's all. I'm not saying that all men are like this, but I assume and believe that most are.

So when it comes to hair care for men, I try to make it as simple as possible. I won't get into much detail about all of the ingredients in the products, but I'll give them just enough information that will convince them that the product is actually good for their hair.

When it comes to offering product suggestions, I consider the ingredients and overall benefits of the products. At least when I offer my suggestions I know that the products were chosen wisely even if the men aren't hyped about all of the intricate ingredients in them.

As long as I know that the necessary ingredients are in the products and they use them, I can sleep a little better at night. I try to do all the intricate product weighing that most men would prefer not to do. Then I give them my suggestions based on thought and research. It's a win-win situation if you ask me.


Bargaining for Products

The Cantu Shea Butter line is affordable and gets the job done. Each of their products are less than $10, so it doesn't choke your wallet.

But I honestly believe in the saying that you get what you pay for. I've yet to use this product line because when I've read the labels I noticed that alcohol are in their products.

Personally, I prefer to stay clear of products that contains alcohol because it dries out hair over time.The only way to see if this product will work for your hair or not is to try it out.

I really don't care to try out different products because once I find something that works for my hair I usually stick to it. I have seen tutorials where natural women use Cantu and their hair looked healthy.

But with hair care, it's different factors that account for healthy hair growth.There are a slew of various products and regimens that are incorporated to achieve certain results.

For men who are unsure where to begin with finding cleansing and moisturizing products, Cantu would be a good start. Try it out and see if it works for your hair.

As I Am is more on the expensive side, but the ingredient labeling is a huge leap from Cantu. I've used the co-wash by As I Am and it worked wonderful in my hair. The product didn't contain alcohol which is why I tried it.

My hair was thoroughly cleansed without having to use a harsh stripping shampoo. All I had to do was follow-up with conditioner to replenish moisture. It's easier to review a product when you've used it. I couldn't say much about Cantu because I hadn't tried it.

I recommended it because it was affordable and seemed like a good enough start opposed to buying a $20 product and it not working for your hair in the end. Since I liked the co-wash so much, I do plan on trying out some of As I Am's other products.


Curls Control Paste and Waves

Some Black men are into hair waves and try to stay on top of their wave game. It's simply a style where they routinely brush their hair in a consistent motion to maintain a curl pattern.

Men use different pomades and greases to achieve this look.

Personally, I'm not a fan of petroleum-based products and greases. These do nothing but clog your pores and inhibits hair moisture. Instead, I'd prefer to recommend pomades free of petroleum and I'd suggest that men not use grease.

This is why I believe the Curls Control Paste is an excellent substitute for all of that unnecessary grease gunk. I am in no way endorsing this product, but I am offering a suggestion based on my experience with using it.

As I Am kept my hair moisturized, shiny, and laid it in place. I used it to define my curls and lock in moisture. Also, the scent smelled edible enough to want to eat.


Don't Forget!

  • Maintaining a healthy scalp will promote healthy hair growth
  • What you do with your hair now can dictate your hair results later
  • Light oils such as coconut or jojoba are good for preventing dry scalp and keeping your scalp moisturized
  • If you're still unsure, connect with me on one of my social media pages on my profile and send me your questions

Quick Product Tips

  • Go for products that list water as its first ingredient. This usually means that the product will provide lots of moisture
  • These are the basic products you need to maintain healthy hair: moisturizer, conditioner, sulfate-free shampoo, natural oils (jojoba, coconut, olive, etc)
  • Remember this: cleanse, moisturize, seal in moisture with oil

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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      • ktnptl profile image


        6 months ago from Atlanta, GA

        Nice article, very helpful. Here are some more helpful home remedies for hair I found.

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        15 months ago from Sunny Cali

        Cool article and great information.

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        2 years ago

        Nice tips, thanks a lot

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        5 years ago

        Great article!


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