Outre Stunna Wig Review: Everything the Videos Don't Tell You

Updated on October 31, 2019
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Rosheda started wearing wigs when an illness damaged her hair. To recover, she moved to Jamaica where she opened a wig store.

The best thing about owning a beauty-focused business is that whenever you need a glam makeover, all you need to do is raid your collection. So when I needed the perfect look for a special occasion, I turned to the wigs I had in stock to see if there was anything to suit the occasion.

After looking at a few styles, my eyes fell on the Outre Stunna lace-front wig with its big, bouncy curls flowing romantically down the shoulders. At least, this is what the model on the stock card promised.

The Model on the Stock Card Included In the Wig's Package

This Outre Stunna Wig review looks at the lacefront wig this model shows.
This Outre Stunna Wig review looks at the lacefront wig this model shows.

I decided the Stunna was the one and wore it out that same night. After that night I wore it out on several other occasions when I wanted to feel glamorous. This is my review of Outre's Stunna lacefront wig, but it's not just any review. Unlike the Outre Stunna wig review videos I found on youtube this review covers much more than a simple unboxing.

Since I have worn the wig many times, this review shows you how the wig holds up after multiple wears; how it looks after styling with heat and gives you a close-up look at all the little details that matter when you are considering purchasing a wig. Let’s start with the Stunna wig’s construction.


The cap on the Stunna wig has tracks sewn in at back and then a small amount of lace at the front. The lace on front is a tiny amount, so this is more a lace edge wig than a lace front. This means that the flat natural looking lace at the front doesn't extend very far before the sewn in tracks begin so the bear that in mind when thinking of how you will style it. Practically, if you wear the Stunna wig as styled out of the box with the middle part this won’t be a problem, but don’t expect to be able to make any kind of realistic looking new part on either of the sides or to have a lot of lace when you put it back in an updo. Also, there is no lace or baby hair at the back so ponytails will not look very natural with this wig. This is exactly how much lace you get in front of the wig—about 1/4 inch.

The stunna lacefront wig is more of a lace edge wig. It has only 1/4 inch of lace on the front.
The stunna lacefront wig is more of a lace edge wig. It has only 1/4 inch of lace on the front.

Those who like to use combs to attach their wigs will love the Stunna wig. In addition to the adjustable straps in back, there are four combs already attached to the cap. The comb in the very top of the cap was a surprise for me as I am used to combs being at the sides of the front, and in the back. Outre's good craftsmanship shows in the placement of an additional small comb at the very top of the wig, right behind the part. This ensures that the front lays flat without the bulky look of an underlining comb. Here is how the combs look in the cap.

The 4 combs on the Outre Stunna wig make it completely secure for those who wear combs.
The 4 combs on the Outre Stunna wig make it completely secure for those who wear combs.

The Stunna Wig's Parting Space

Now we get to the all-important parting space. With the exception of the quality of the hair on a wig, there is nothing as important as the parting space. A natural looking parting with lace that blends in with your own scalp will elevate a wig and make it seem as if it’s the hair you were born with. Wigs that come with a less than desirable part can always be remedied by tweezing. But that only works if the wig is made with a deep enough part that also has a wide area of lace underneath to support the new part that is tweezed. As I find with most of Outre’s wigs, the Stunna has a good parting out of the box. It goes exactly 3 1/2 inches back and has a decent amount of lace if you decide to widen the part with a tweezer. This is how the Stunna wig's parting space looked out of the box before I slightly tweezed it to widen it.

Outre Stunna Lacefront Wig's Parting Space Out of the Box

The generous parting space on the Stunna lace front wig
The generous parting space on the Stunna lace front wig

The Quality of the Hair on the Stunna Wig

If you wear wigs a lot, you know that hair that is shiny, the wrong texture or shedding all over the place is problematic. The hair on the Outre Stunna wig has a nice matte look, with a silky Yaki texture that feels good to the touch. It is a pretty long wig too- about 22/ 24 inches at its longest. There was absolutely no shedding of the hair until I tweezed it when a few extra hairs came out as expected.

The one thing I didn’t like was how the curls coiled. They took a bit of arrangement the first time I wore it (about ten minutes) to get them all going in the same direction. Once I had them arranged, they were quite glamorous and actually looked better than the stock card, so if you are wondering if the wig looks like it does on the model, I would say it definitely does. Here is a close-up view of the curl pattern on the wig.

The Stunna Wig After Multiple Wears

My biggest problem with video reviews on wigs and beauty products is that the majority of them tout the positives of the wig out of the box, but never give updates on how the wig wears over the long term. Who wants to buy a wig that they can’t wear after a couple of uses? This Outre Stunna wig review is different- I did it over an extended period of time so that potential buyers would get an honest look at how the wig wears overtime in real life.

As said before, the stunna looks glamorous on the first wear. The big curls bounce romantically down past the chest and has a nice matte look that most will appreciate.

On the second wear, the curls pretty much stay the same, but by the third wear they start falling a bit and tangling in a small section at the back. In my opinion they still looked quite good, but those who want the curls to remain tight may not like this aspect of the wig. Here is close-up photo of the curls after three wears.

Stunna Wig After Three Wears

On the fourth wear, the wig retains a lot of the curls with about half of them dropping either from gravity or from the manipulation of styling. At this point I found that the curls on the right side of the wig had dropped a bit more than the left side so that it was a bit longer. I had to manually stretch some of the curls on the left side to even out the wig again! This took me less than five minutes so I can’t complain.

By the fifth wear the curls look more wavy and I actually prefer how relaxed they look at this point. Right below is a picture of how the Stunna Wig looked on the fifth occasion I wore it. Not bad for a wig that costs a little over $20 on Amazon. You can check out more reviews and buy the glamorous Outre Stunna Wig on Amazon here.

Outre Stunna Wig After Five Wears

This Outre Stunna Wig Review shows the wig after many uses. This is how it looked the fifth time I wore it.
This Outre Stunna Wig Review shows the wig after many uses. This is how it looked the fifth time I wore it.

Stunna Wig After Seven Wears

By the seventh wear the curls in front have fallen and the wig has a more wavy look. The curls also tangle at this point and you would have to manually separate them. Once they get separated, the wig still looks ok at this point. For a synthetic wig that costs a little over $20, that’s pretty good especially when you consider that the Stunna wig can either be straightened or re curled at this point if you would like to change the style. This brings us to the styling of the wig, but first I would love to know what you think about the Stunna wig in this poll.

Is the Outre Stunna Wig Too Glamorous for Everyday Wear?

See results

Styling The Outre Stunna Lacefront Wig

Stunna's Style Out of the Box

Many of the Stunna wig reviews I watched said that right out of the box, the Stunna wig has a pleasing style. They were right. It starts out straight on top before the curls begin at the cheek. All the layers are long so that is something to consider if you prefer shorter face framing layers. Of course you can always cut some face framing layers in front as this flatters most face shapes and takes just a few minutes.

Styling Outre's Stunna Wig With a Side Part

Those who like their part at the side will have more work to do when styling the Stunna wig. I tried wearing the wig with the part to the side but found one side comically longer than the other. If you like a side part you will have considerable cutting to do on one side to even out things, but that may disrupt the curls and not give good results if you are not a professional stylist. This is how it looked with the parting moved to the side:

Straightening the Stunna Wig With Heat

First let me admit, I did not fully straighten my Stunna wig as I liked the way the curls had relaxed into a wavy look, but I did straighten a small section in the back so that the readers of this article would get an idea of how well the Stunna straightens with heat if they wanted to change the style to a sleek, straight one once the curls had fallen. This is always a concern for those who want value for their money. A synthetic wig that straightens well will last long after the curls are gone so I thought this Stunna Wig review wouldn’t be thorough without looking at the possibility. So here goes.

The guidelines that come with the wig instructs any use of heat to be at or below 400 degrees. I tried straightening on a medium setting and with some effort the results were pretty good. I say effort because it seems that the processing done to the hair to get the curls in make it difficult to comb the curls out in preparation for straightening. It took me a few minutes to comb through the small section of hair I did straighten. Once I combed through, it was easy to straighten and came out quite silky.

All in all, the Outre Stunna is a solid wig that is perfect for special occasions, though probably too glamorous for every day wear. If you do wear it everyday, the curls will likely relax into waves after a week, but the wig straightens with heat so wearing it straight is one option after the curls have fallen.

If you are looking for a good unit that will look great and then straighten after the initial curls are gone this wig is definitely a good option. I hope this review of the Outre Stunna Wig helps in deciding what wig to purchase.

© 2018 Rosheda Stephenson


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