Amber Hair Color in Pictures and How to Get the Look at Home

Updated on November 7, 2019
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I enjoy giving tips on how to get the best look out of your hair.

Amber hair color
Amber hair color | Source

Why Choose Amber?

There are many reasons women choose this shade.

  • Your skin tone falls within the "Autumn" category
  • You are a brunette who wants to go blonder without damaging your hair with bleach
  • You are a blonde who wants to add a touch of red to your mane without completely losing the blonde "feel"
  • You want to lighten your hair for the summer
  • You want to soften your look

An amber hair color is a great choice for women who want to dye their mane a shade that is between blonde and red. These pictures of amber hair color will inspire you to call your salon or buy that box of dye off the shelf. You will also learn how to pick makeup, wardrobe, and jewelry colors to match your new look.

What Exactly Is Amber?

Amber is a naturally occurring but very rare shade of hair in the red/auburn family. Therefore, most people you see with this color will have it as a result of boxed dye.

There are many variations of amber hair, including deep, brownish, or soft amber. In colloquial terms, is usually described as a combination of golden or yellowish tones mixed with red.

Pictures of amber hair color
Pictures of amber hair color | Source

The Three Most Common Amber Shades

  • Amber brown looks more golden brown and is less red toned.
  • Deep amber has more gold tones and less red. It is very brassy.
  • Soft amber has a little more red and is less gold in color. There is less brassiness to this than normal amber.

Soft Amber Hair Color

Soft amber hair in a wavy style
Soft amber hair in a wavy style | Source

Getting Amber Hair at Home

To get my own amber hair shade at home, I use L'oreal Preference Light Golden Reddish Blonde. My natural hair color is medium brown, and this hair dye takes my hair from its dark natural state to a beautiful warm amber shade.

If you have a few different shades of color in your hair, for example, from the sun hitting it in different spots, this hair dye will give you varying rich tones throughout your mane.

This dye kit is best for women who really want that cross between blonde and red hair colors. If your hair is a dark brown, your color result will be closer to auburn.

Matching Makeup Colors

To make your hair color look ideal on you, you might have to update your cosmetic colors to match your new amber hair color:

  • Lipstick colors: browns, peaches, and soft pinks
  • Blush shades: soft pinks, peaches, soft browns
  • Eyeshadow colors: light to medium browns, olive green, violet, peach
  • Eyeliner: Charcoal grey, black, brown


  • When in doubt about whether you should buy a cosmetic item at a store, think "Would this color be found in the Fall in the forest?" The answer should be "yes," because those natural Autumn shades are what you should generally stick to.

Matching Wardrobe Colors

Make sure to have some of the following wardrobe colors in your closet when you switch to amber.

  • Black. It is a stereotype that black goes with everything, but in this case it is true. Black has a way of highlighting any gold and red tones sitting around it, which will switch everyone's attention to your face and hair.
  • Peach. Peach is just about no-fail. It will highlight the soft tones in your skin and also give you a feminine look.
  • Pearl/Ivory. Winter white or pure white will usually be too stark looking when you choose to go with an "Autumn" shade like amber. Ivory and off-white add just enough warmth to balance your look out.
  • Brown. When in doubt, go with brown. It is nature-inspired and warm, just like the color of amber. This color will do well all over your body—from boots to jackets, to skirts. Leather or suede will look especially nice.
  • Forest Green. Everyone knows just how great green looks on redheads. But of course you want to have the right green shade. Forest green is perfect because it reflects a color that is deeply ingrained into nature.
  • Rust. Rust is the clothing shade equivalent of amber. It is rich, orangey, and a perfect match to your glowing amber mane.

Accessorize With Statement Amber Jewelry Pieces

Multicolored Amber Bangle
Multicolored Amber Bangle

When you get that red glow of amber in your hair, you begin to notice just how great earth tones look on you. And jewelry with these tones gives you that rounded, coordinated, and beautiful appearance.

Amber jewelry is made from naturally occurring fossilized resin. A fashion piece, like a colorful bracelet will be the best way to get the colors onto your body that really match your hair, simply because gems really shine in the light, just like hair pigments do. This bracelet by Ian & Valeri Co. has the size that people will notice. And it will especially coordinate on days you wear clothing colors like forest green, butter yellow, pearl, rust, or brown.

Between makeup, hair, jewelry, and wardrobe coordination, you will be the most fashionable red-glowed woman on the block!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

  • How can I change my dyed medium copper blonde hair to that beautiful soft amber?

    I recommend the L'oreal box dye in the article. If you are concerned about getting a very specific hue, however, you can also visit a salon.

  • Can I dye light brown over an auburn hair color?

    You can use a product like to reduce or remove the hair dye. Or, if you are willing to wait, after you wash your hair normally for about a week, the color should become a less brighter shade.


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    Very pretty color, one of my favorites.


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