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Chestnut Brown Hair Color and Styles (With Pictures)

I love giving guidance on how to bring out your beauty hair with hair color and styles.

Chestnut brown hair color is a shade that easily suits a wide variety of women. If your hair is naturally light brown to black, chances are that chestnut brown is going to look perfect on you.

There are many ways to style your hair to bring out this color's beauty and make it work for you.

How to Style Chestnut Brown Hair Color

  • Pin-straight with a tan
  • Center parted with 1970s-style waves
  • 1940s glam
  • Slightly wavy with a light brown ombre

Pin-Straight With a Tan

When you get a summer or year-round glow, your chestnut brown mane shows off your face because it is a neutral color, and the tan glow becomes the focus.

Make sure to wear dark eyeliner and dark mascara to coordinate with your dark hair. When you make your hair pin-straight, it also illuminates your face because it serves as a structured frame around your head.

Pin-straight chestnut brown hair color with a tan

Pin-straight chestnut brown hair color with a tan

Center-Part, '70s-Style Waves

Nothing looks more feminine than long waves, and if you are a fan of '70s hairdos, you will love to wear your hair long, wavy, and center-parted just like they did back then. Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian, and Eva Longoria all have worn their hair this way.

If your hair is parted on the side rather than in the middle, you can train your roots to grow with the center-part style. You will simply need to wear your hair like this for at least a month. You will begin to notice that your hair gives you less style resistance at the roots. At that point, you will find you can use less hairspray and styling tools to keep your look in place.

And if you stick to a chestnut brown hair color, your waves will look like autumn glory cascading around your face.

Pictures of chestnut brown hair color. Center-part 70's style waves.

Pictures of chestnut brown hair color. Center-part 70's style waves.

Glamorous 1940s Hair

Thinking of the 1940s reminds us of pencil skirts, Hollywood sirens, and glamorous hair. You can achieve the model's look below with a medium-sized barrel curling iron, or if you are especially adept, with a flat iron. Finish with a glossing cream for a smooth look.

Chestnut brown hair looks especially good in this style because brown shows off noticeable light at every angle and also gives you a look of grown-up sophistication.

If you have African American hair, you might want to choose a gentle dye specifically made for your hair type. Dark N' Lovely 373 Brown Sable will give you a beautiful chestnut color.

African American chestnut brown hair color in a 1940s hairstyle

African American chestnut brown hair color in a 1940s hairstyle

Slightly Wavy With a Light Brown Ombre

If you have naturally slightly wavy hair, a great look is to pin back the front tendrils and, if you want another dash of color, do an ombre dye with light brown around the few inches of hair that surround the face. This gives you a fun look without damaging your locks with a bleaching agent. This way you have two brown shades in your hair and twice the fun!

Chestnut brown hair color with ombre light brown tips

Chestnut brown hair color with ombre light brown tips

Get the Look

L'oreal's Superior Preference is a great choice for going chestnut brown because it works for women that have both lighter and darker hair. It is a gentle formula with a color strength that is both neutral and safe for shades on both sides of the spectrum.

Nourishing Haircare Tip

Superior Preference also comes with a rich conditioner in the box. If your hair has a tendency toward dryness, use this conditioner as long as it lasts, after every time you wash. If you wash your hair three times a week or less, it will last until your next touch-up. It is very difficult to find bottled conditioner on the market as rich and nourishing as this. As a bonus, you won't have to pay for bottled conditioner if you use this.

When you combine chestnut brown hair with both the style guides and tips in this article, your result will be a gorgeous head of dark hair that everyone notices.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.