How to Remove Hair Dye Using Vitamin C

Updated on January 28, 2015
Remove Hair Dye Using Vitamin C
Remove Hair Dye Using Vitamin C | Source

Have you ever colored your hair, only to discover that you don't like the color it turns out? Hair color removal can be expensive, but using this simple home remedy you can remove even intense reds from your hair. As you'll see, I was able to change my hair color from a dark red to platinum blonde after removing the dye at home with this method. It works great. In this article, I'll show you:

  1. How to make the dye removal paste.
  2. How to apply it to remove your hair dye.

It's an incredibly simple process. Let's get to it!

Part 1: Making the Dye Removal Mixture

  1. First, pour a quarter-sized amount of plain shampoo into a dish. You might need a bit more if you have long hair.
  2. Crush up five to ten vitamin C tablets until you get a fine powder. This can be done by placing the tablets onto a small plate and crushing them with a cup.
  3. Pour the vitamin C powder into the quarter sized amount of shampoo. Stir it together until it becomes a paste.

Vitamin C Hair Color Removal
Vitamin C Hair Color Removal | Source

Removing the Dye:

  1. Thoroughly coat your damp (but not soaking wet!) hair with this mixture. Make sure it's mixed in everywhere. Make more if you need to, to ensure that your hair is fully coated.
  2. Leave the mixture in your hair for 30 to 60 minutes.
  3. Rinse your hair completely, and then shampoo and condition your hair as you always do.
  4. Repeat if necessary. Once finished, you will probably need to dye your hair to the desired color.

My Before and After: Dark Red, removed with Vitamin C and Shampoo and then bleached to Platinum Blonde
My Before and After: Dark Red, removed with Vitamin C and Shampoo and then bleached to Platinum Blonde


Using this mixture last fall, I was able to completely remove red dye from my hair only a couple weeks after I'd dyed it. I was then able to bleach my hair to platinum blonde! That is how good this mixture is. Now there's no need to waste money on having your hair color removed at a salon, just buy some plain shampoo and vitamin C tablets and you're ready to go!

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      • profile image

        RepMo 3 months ago

        I crushed up extra Vitamin C tablets and used a Coconut Oil Shampoo that’s clear. I’ve also been told that Dandruff Shampoo gets you amazing results too. I only did a tester part on my roots and it stripped the purple right out of my hair.

        I left the mix on for 45 mins.

        Make sure to condition after because it will make your hair feel dry.

      • profile image

        Holly 4 months ago

        Well, I powderized 20 vitamin c (1000 mg) tablets and mixed with shampoo in an attempt to atleast fade my pink hair - nothing. Not even a little bit lighter. :( I am going to try again later.

      • profile image

        Rhiannon Lachance 7 months ago

        My hair was ombré with blonde and I died the blonde blue and don't like it will this work?

      • profile image

        Farzana 8 months ago

        I had semi permant almost black color the other day...i used this recipe and it removed most of it!!! OMG I LOVE U!!!!

      • profile image

        Hillary 12 months ago

        So I dyed my hair first Tru violet with semi permanent color but I don't like the color so I cover it up with dark brown permanent and I didn't like how it looked in the sun so after I dyed it to blue black semi permanentbut the ginger color front the dark brown shows in the sun will vitamin c help me get it back to brown could someone help me on this if u guys know

      • profile image

        Yuyu 14 months ago

        Thank you so much! I recently got my hair dyed from a caramel blond to a DARK brown, almost black. I was horrified by the new color and this treatment helped me get to the perfect brown. I mixed clarifying shampoo (head & shoulders) and 20 caps of Vit C, and added a little coconut oil to it all. I would recommend leaving it in at least 2 hours, for the ladies with really dark hair! No damage at all btw, and my hair went from almost black to a rich expresso brown :)

      • profile image

        Annmars 16 months ago

        Trying this today on my 12 year old step daughter who dyed her hair red , purple and green which has faded badly.. Hope it works like everyone says. ☺

      • profile image

        Alia 16 months ago

        I dyed my natural dark blonde hair, with a SEMI-PERMANENT DYE that turned them, half a shade lighter and orangy...

        will this remove the semi-dye and take me back to my natural colour?

      • profile image

        Rita Barber 18 months ago

        My hair is naturally dark brown. I have been using blonde box color for 35 years. I decided to go from blonde to red. I used a medium red permanent hair color mixture. My hair turned out very dark like a magenta and looked purple in the sun. I had that on for two weeks. Today I washed my hair twice with Head and Shoulders shampoo and a Loreal conditioner. Quite a bit of color came out. I towel dried my hair. I chopped up 35 Vitamin C tablets ( Do not use the orange ones ). I then put them on a cloth and used a roller pin and made the tablets in to a fine powder. I added that and about a 3/4 cup of Head and Shoulders in a bowl.Mixed the powder and shampoo real good making a thick paste. I spread the mixture all over my head and worked it all through my hair and scalp very good. Put a shower cap on it and let it on for one hour twenty minutes. The Head and Shoulders makes your scalp feel a tingling sensation. When the time was up, I shampooed my hair using Suave Morrocan Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair turned out a beautiful shade of brown with blonde highlights. The brown is almost my natural color. I love it!!! have read alot of blogs on this process working and it really worked. I must admit I was skeptical. I was so scared my hair was going to come out orange or pink. It came out healthy, shiny and beautiful!!

      • profile image

        Sharon 18 months ago

        Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!After a disastrous home dye x 3 this weekend I was completely distraught when thankfully I came across your site.

        Followed instructions given and it has worked!! From a pumpkin colour then a very dark brown is now a beautiful glossy golden brown. Did it twice to eventually get this natural looking colour for a total of 45 minutes. Sooooooo relieved!! Thank you girlies!!!

      • profile image

        xyz 19 months ago

        Can I remove henna with it ?

      • profile image

        Mindy 21 months ago

        I tried this method last night and saw where someone used head and shoulders with the vitamin C. I crushed the Vitamin C, approx 40 pills, with a rolling pin, added it to the shampoo and then added a dab of worked fantastic. I used a little more of everything, 40 tablets, due to the length of my hair and just wanting it to def work. Now, I didn't have to leave it on long because as soon as I started putting it on it started to lighten! Only made it 20 min and it turned out beautiful! I must say to PLEASE keep an eye on it! The time and amount of lift will def vary from person to person. It also dried my hair a bit but I'm sure not as bad as a bleach bath. Did a deep conditioning after and will have to a few more times but I was way impressed! How does someone figure out that this might work? Glad they did though!

      • profile image

        Ellen 23 months ago


        There should be a note or additional information saying not to use the orange tablets. I have followed it very carefully and have now ended up with orange hair as I am blonde.

        Tried toning it out with purple toner and developer and the orange wont budge. Seriously disappointed that it wasn't added in the first place, or put in as a precaution if you didn't know what it would do to blonde hair.

        Now I am left with seriously stained orange hair!

      • profile image

        2 years ago

        This works on permanent dye! I had my medium brown hair dyed a red color for about 6 months, then wanted to go blonde. Went to the salon, they bleached it and it turned a blonde/orange, then covered it with a ash brown, which turned a dark green the very next day. I did a clarifying shampoo only treatment which did let it lighten at the top, but the bottom was still a darkish brown with a green tint. I crushed 15 vit c tablets, mixed with 3 Tbsp. clarifying shampoo, put it all over evenly, put on a shower cap and left for about 50 minutes. Washed it out, now I have a golden blonde all over and no trace of brown or green tint. Plus, I'm thrilled I didn't have to use any more chemicals!! I put coconut oil on after and will for a week or so. So thankful for this great tip! :-)

      • profile image

        Mary 2 years ago

        Does this work on permament hair dye

      • profile image

        Sarah 2 years ago

        Can you use orange flavoured ones?

      • profile image

        Colleen 2 years ago

        This works! I am a natural brown but have bleached (highlighted) my hair for years. Last time I highlighted it ( a few days ago) I ended up looking like a banana. To get rid of the banana look I used Clairol nice and Easy Permanent light brown hair color yesterday to tone my hair a bit and it turned the color cranberry-red-bozo-brown. Go figure. Anyway -- just did the viatamin C treatment and it removed ALL of the cranberry-red-bozo-brown color. My hair is not exactly how it was before I colored it, but all of the hair color is removed.

        - My hair now looks like a 'normal' light natural brown with blonde highlights (from the blonde I had prior to dying it). Here's what I did:

        1) Take 15 vitamin C tablets - toss them in a metal bowl - and crush them very well with a spoon into a powder until there are no lumps left

        2) Add 3 tablespoons of shampoo to the powder - I used Suave clarifying shampoo - you can prob use any clear shampoo you have.

        3) Mix very well so the powder and shampoo are blended - it will be a bit 'soupy.'

        4) Dampen your hair - I just stuck my head under the bathtub faucet until my hair was damp (but not soaking wet).

        5) wrap a towel around your shoulders and massage all of the mixture into your hair as if your are shampooing it until all of your hair is lathered and covered with the vitamin C mixture.

        6) wrap your hair in a plastic bag -- I used one of those shopping bags from my supermaket.

        7) Go play on the internet or do something productive for 45 - 60 minutes.

        8) When the timer goes off get in the shower and rinse out all of the mixture very well. Then wash your hair with your normal shampoo - your hair will feel very dry.

        9) Condition your hair with a good conditioner (I used a leftover conditioner form one of my hair color boxes) and keep the conditioner in for AT LEAST 5 minutes.

        10) Rinse conditioner out and style as normal - I just let my hair air dry because I wanted to give it a break.

        This definitely positively works to remove hair colr - even permanent hair color.

        Good luck and have a gorgeous day!

      • profile image

        Fran 3 years ago

        i have red and black. My red is bleached, will it work the same when it's bleached? I've read thru out the post, I don't see much about bleached with red will work to wash out with the vitamins C tablets.

        Please help

      • profile image

        bbp 3 years ago

        I have salt & pepper dark brown long hair with natural silver highlights. 1.5 years ago I demi-permanent dyed the under parts of my hair black while leaving my natural silver streaks on top.

        It looked great for about a year.. lately the last 4 inches of my hair is reddish brown and the white streaks are brassy ( the rest of my hair is mostly gray and white and all grown out) . I could just cut those last 4 " - but don't want to. I did the vitamin C/Head and Shoulders routine on those last 4 inches- and it took off all the remaining stains and dye. FABuLOUS!! I used 95% Vit C powder that some people use for a facial mask & mixed enough to make a soft paste with the shampoo- left on 30 minutes- regular shampooed & conditioned- and IT LOOKS GREAT! DYE is gone after being there for 1.5 years.

      • profile image

        Jenna 3 years ago

        I dyed my hair brown after bleaching it and dyeing it red and I was wondering if this would remove just the brown, or if it would remove both then brown and the red?

      • profile image

        lisa 3 years ago

        ok ladies, no one mentioned this so I will: it removed the PRAVANA silver from my bleached blond hair that was turned into a greenish bluish gray by the PRAVANA!! I am VERY happy!!

      • profile image

        Teresa 4 years ago

        Yes. It works great! But it did make my hair have that metallic cruddy smell!!! Overall. Very happy!!

      • profile image

        Jess 4 years ago

        I dyed my hair a burgundy brown two yeRs ago and I still have faded red tones. So this stuff will rove that and will give me my natural color back?!

      • profile image

        Deep Violet Back To Blonde 4 years ago

        This DOES work. I had bleached platinum blonde hair that I dyed dark dark violet (with a vegetable dye similar to manic panic) to avoid root touch up for a while. I had to do this treatment about 7 times now but it's worth it cuz there is no damage! I'm going back to blonde like I was hoping for. My advice is use up to 25 crushed tablets in a good clarifying shampoo, sit for as long as you'd like. It may take a few times but it's better than melted hair so be patient & use more tablets (10+) until you find the amount that works for you. The vitamin c will fade your hair color to whatever the lightest color it was, it will not darken your hair & it will not change your natural hair color.

      • profile image

        Nav 4 years ago

        Hi my natural color is an ash brown but my hair was dyed blonde for about 6 hair stylist gradually put in low lights because I sell the blonde is making me look to washed out. i am fair with green eyes..anyway last weekend I went back because my roots for coming out and she did more low rise and added a lot of chocolate brown with some caramel and left strands of blonde then she toned it but the blonde look white and I did not like it next to the brown..So I purchased Aveda color depositing clove shampoo and conditioner..It took away the white blonde but now soprano is deeper and looks deep reddish with gold tones from the blonde that is underneath.If I do the vitamin c process will it make my hair brassy orange or just wash out the depositing color? Please help!!!!

      • profile image

        Bonnie 4 years ago

        I just want to remove the dye from my hair and go gray. Will this process work for that too?

      • profile image

        Amanda M 4 years ago

        Hi I m in desperate need of a fast and safe way of taking out my permit hair dye. I bleached my hair almost two months ago and then dyed over with a brown and red dye that faded quickly. I just dyed my hair at a salon and the stylist lighten my brown roots and then dyed over my hair to take out the green and purple spots that showed up due to fading . She dyed my hair permit brown with a hint of red while my roots are too a very light orange. I m very displeased with this and need to know what to do in order to not kill my hair. It seems a bit more restored by to a healthy state but I don't wanna chance anything. Pleasee Help!

      • profile image

        bzz 4 years ago

        I'm 100% positive it works.. but if your head is more sensitive then its better to use a stronger mixture.. I mixed up 5 bleaching things: E vitamin powder (from pills.. about 10); baking soda powder (about 2 tbsp); 1 lemon; a squirt of fairy (or any other dishwashing liquid); a squirt of head and shoulders.. it thickens it up and is said to help also..

        I held it about 30min (could use less actually) and its great! and since this mixture is kinda very drying for your hair then I used another natural lightening trick afterwards.. heated up some (extra virgin) olive oil in the microwave and put it in my hair.. not too much of it. then cover it with a clean (food) film and let it sit overnight. it is a sensitive natural lightener for your hair as well as nurturing it at the same time. good luck! M.

      • profile image

        laura 4 years ago

        This really does work!!!!!

      • profile image

        Gabby 5 years ago

        I dyed my dark brown hair an auburn color but it tured out really RED! It was the first and last time I will ever dye my hair. I looked terrible. Anyways, I washed my hair with the vitamin C shampoo a few times (33,000 mg of vitamin C in 36 hours) and it got some of the dye out, but not all. I want to do it again but I'm afraid that it will take the red tones to orange..... Also my hair smelled really gross after using the vitiman C, almost like soured baby formula. I couldn't even handle it. I brewed some really strong green tea and rinsed it through my hair and to my surprise it took the nauseating smell right out!

        Brew really strong green tea

        let it cool

        Add a small amount of shampoo to it and wash your hair.

        Takes the funky smell right out.

      • profile image

        ttania 5 years ago

        If i hace black dye on my hair and it lightens up can i dye it right away or i have to wait since my hair is going to be dry?

      • profile image

        jade 5 years ago

        This worked so well for me im really impressed with the results, i also had black hair now its a browny red colour wooo.

      • profile image

        heather 5 years ago

        hi can any one help ive had my hair dyed red,after the first wash it faded so my hairdresser did it again an told me to wash with red shampoo,i hate it know roots cuming through and grey hair,i wont to go back to blond,will this work,or does anyone know whot i can do thank you

      • profile image

        Saultyoooppp 5 years ago

        Hi I used to have dark brown hair then I dyed it browny red and my hair start it to fall out and my hair part that has no dye turned darker brown every one things my nature hair is back because it looks black but it use to be a lite colour of brown with nature yellow and red lites and my hair was longer and sicker it was cool because I'm cream colour of skin with dark brown eyes

      • profile image

        Saultyoooppp 5 years ago

        Hi I used to have dark brown hair then I dyed it browny red and my hair start it to fall out and my hair part that has no dye turned darker brown every one things my nature hair is back because it looks black but it use to be a litre colour of brown with nature yellow and red lites and my hair was longer and sicker it was cool because I'm cream colour of skin with dark brown eyes

      • profile image

        Blonde 5 years ago

        For all of you natural very light/ash blondes. As we all know there are multiple things that change our very light blonde hair into a yellowish tone....leaving us with ash roots and the rest of our hair yellow. As a result of this I dyed my hair a light ash blonde to hopefully tone down the yellow and boy was it a disaster! It turned a greenish/grey and it was horrifying. Luckily Vitamin C has been a life saver, I have done two treatments-60 mins each and have scene drastic results. My hair is not the color it was before but the green/ash toned down and now I have a very light honey blonde with some ash tones which is similar to what I wanted. I am still adjusting to the new color and will do 1-2 more vitamin c treatments to reach my desired color but the color is very beautiful and I can still go out without feeling ashamed. Overall, works great for natural blondes who dyed their hair a little darker and hate it!!

      • profile image

        Beverley 5 years ago

        will this work on grey hair dyed brown 5 months ago now turning yellow i want my white hair back

      • profile image

        jamie 5 years ago

        heya help me i dyed my hairdark brown and i want to go bloned but idont want to blech it and reck my hair what will work and fast xx

      • profile image

        tania68 5 years ago

        I stripped more orange out using this method of vitamin c tablets and I thought it was light enough to put a med ash blonde on it and it got rid of the orange but now have a dirty grey light golden blonde color but it's better than orange. Want to go light blonde but a light blonde I tried to put on it didn't work at all so what to do now.??

      • profile image

        Tania68 5 years ago

        I did my hair with the vitamin c tablets and pantene shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1 and left it for 2 hours. After I washed it out I re-washed it with shampoo and then conditioner but added blue toner to the condidtioner and left it for 10 min and it lightened up a lot. Re doing it again now so I can get it even more lighter. Only have enough tsblets left for 1 more treatment later this week. Really happy that its working.

      • profile image

        tania68 5 years ago

        I had brown -red hair which I had dyed about 6 mths before and wanted blonde hair again cos I'm in my mid 40's and grey is coming thru very fast and thick in places. I wanted to go ash blonde /light blonde and used a bleach that would lighten up to 7 shades. It came out orange -red and then I did it again and just took more red out and left me orange. I used a super pre-lightner and still orange but lighter. Wont go away. I have used this idea of vitamin c tablets and head and shoulders shampoo and it did strip a little color out but not enough the first time for me even tho i left it in an hour. The orange is stubborn as. I will keep at this every other day but wont use shampoo cos my hair is damaged and I don't think conditioner will change how it works. Keep at it cos it's a gentle way to do it.

      • profile image

        crystal 5 years ago

        Im so tempted to try this i have medium brown hair but ive had it dyed black for years now,and im so tired of it.the last time i dyed it black was june 15 and im tired of boring black.i bought vitamin c tablets today.i really wanna try this on my hair but im worried its not gonna work what do you suggest?

      • profile image

        Neko4524 5 years ago

        So I dyed my hair a dark red and it was beautiful.... For about two days. Now it has washed out into orange, and I really really hate it. I'm just wondering if this works on color that has been in the hair for a few months? And if it works on orange hair?

      • profile image

        Mariah 5 years ago

        Is This Only For Your Hair To Get Lighter Because I Was Wondering If You Use This It Will Take Out Your Dye From Your Hair and Go Back To Your Natural Hair Color..?

      • profile image

        Krystal 5 years ago

        Does this also work with semi permit hair dye? Like manic panic?

      • profile image

        joey 5 years ago

        i just dyed my hair red, Auburn, WHY? but WTF i did. I'm ash blonde naturally ( for real a silvery medium weird weird color) and obviously i'm trying to grow it out its about 4 inches long of roots now. with previously bleached 'to nothing' remainder foot of lengthen that's covered over many times with other ashy colors to try to match my roots.. anyways so i only dyed part of my hair red not my roots and MAN they made my ashy roots look GREY!(and i'm not grey yet i'm 20) so

        i tired this with my Organix coconut milk shampoo and it worked awesome!!!

        and i just dyed my hair a few hours b4! so kool it too everything out! and i only left it in 15 min with a cap ! but i worked a bunch through scrubbing for about 10 - 15 min.

        i've used color opps b4 and the other brands but this is the best so far!! not brassy and i even used orange vitamin C's

      • Seraphina74 profile image

        Seraphina74 5 years ago

        Thank you SO much for posting this. I had recently gotten a horrible professional red dye job done at a salon and paid a small fortune for someone to turn my hair a dark purply red color (I'd gone in with pictures and visions more along the lines of Rita Hayworth or Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' sort of thing). Long story short, with my previously processed, very heavy, curly, unruly hair this crushed up vitamin C and shampoo idea worked amazingly well. I'm no longer a fake dark purple red and am a more believable coppery blonde color after just an hour and a half sitting with the stuff on my head. Thank you again for posting this tip.

      • profile image

        ajsoudiad 5 years ago

        I have natural blonde hair and I've been dying my hair for a year and a half and I've been dying it red for about 6 months, will this work on my hair? & what colour do you think it will come out as?

      • profile image

        Jasmine 5 years ago

        Can you use this on two month black hair dye?:/

      • profile image

        Linda 5 years ago

        How soon after using this C+Head and Shoulders treatment can you re-color your hair? I plan to use a box color...

      • profile image

        Gemski 5 years ago

        I have used this several times since discovering about it a few months ago. First was on a home dye job that was supposed to be chocolate brown but went jet black!! I used vitamin c powder mixed with head n shoulders shampoo several times within 3 days of my dye disaster and it removed so much i needed to re-dye. I was so impressed! Altho It went gingery light brown lol. Since then i have used the 'mixture' to help fade a couple of salon semi-dyes that

        were too dark. After my most recent dye at the salon it did not lift much colour at all, so it wont always work. It is definitely not as damaging to ur hair as bleaching BUT remember, vitamin c is acidic so will leave hair a bit dry especially if u do more than once so be sure to deep condition after.

        GREAT tip tho, thank you!

      • profile image

        Jade 5 years ago

        There are so many questions on this page, and I no someone has probs already answered it not recommend for dyed black hair? I've had it dyed black for over 5 year now, would anything happen if I did this? X

      • profile image

        tasha 5 years ago

        I dyed my hair that crazy color fire red i was bleach blonde before it will it take out all the red and will it damage my hair?

      • profile image

        claire 5 years ago

        i put a light brown golden permanent colour on my hair but it looks really orange will vitamin c tablets remove it and will it go back to my natural colour?

      • nbolton profile image

        nbolton 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

        Hi everyone, sorry about the long wait, I took a hiatus from the site but I'm back now. I will try to answer the best I can. I have tried this on dark brown/almost black, on red hair, and medium brown. It worked well for me on each colour, I have to say the dark brown resulted in the best results as it turned light brown and reddish and only had to be dyed over in the desired colour.

        I've had to do it two or three times in the past if it didn't lift enough the first time.

        I'd say it significantly lightens hair colour, but won't work on natural hair colour, only dyed hair.

        I have tried it on hair that was dyed a few weeks prior, and I find it works best if you do it on hair right after it's been coloured.

        You may have to leave it on for longer periods of time if it doesn't work the first try. Your best bet is to watch your hair as it's lightening to decide when it is close to the colour you'd like.

        My hair always feels softer and looks shinier after doing this process.

        I would NOT recommend using orange coloured tablets for this. Make sure they are dye-free, or you might have bad results.

        If the vitamin C doesn't help much, I've also used baking soda mixed with shampoo but that causes some damage and dryness so if possible stick to this technique.

        If you have red undertones, this will not remove them. But I have found them easy to remove for myself by following this process with an ash shade.

      • profile image

        Xxx 5 years ago

        I did this on my hair (dark black color) and kept it for 2 hours and I crushed 50 tablets(500mg) and mixed with regular shampoo I had. Unfortunatly, it didn't work on my hair

      • profile image

        Danielle 5 years ago

        For those of you wanting to remove black color from your hair without bleaching, my stylist once put a high lift blonde on my hair and it went back to my natural dark brown color.

      • profile image

        hairdisaster 6 years ago

        does this remedy remove or lighten hair colour? HELP! x

      • profile image

        Lisa 6 years ago

        I went to the hair salon 5 weeks ago and my hair came out WAY to dark. a very DARK brown to the point it looks black. I came home and waited 3 days to redye my hair...well that was pointless the only thing that got lighter was my roots. Now it' been 4 weeks and my hair has gotten somewhat lighter. Will this method work on my hair, or does it work on recently dyed hair? Oh please help me!

      • profile image

        kitty 6 years ago

        I have natural black hair and had highlights put in but the blondish highlights didn't suit me so i went over it in loreal casting chocolate which was a nice colour to even everything out but after about 4 months my hair started to turn brassy.

        So I thought i'd dye over it in a darker colour in loreal casting iced cocoa to eliminate the brassiness but my hair turned out gothic black! I was expecting a dark rich brown colour but the gothic black looked so unnatural. I put VO5 hot oil and shampooed my hair in pantene clarifying shampoo hoping some of the colour would come out but nothing. I even tried head and shoulders and not only did this shampoo not remove any hair dye it also made my hair like frizzy fly away hay, so i don't recommend putting this shampoo on at all.

        Anyway in the end after searching the internet for ways to remove hair dye i found out about vitamin c, so i crushed up about about five1000g vitamin c tablets to a powder (the ones that fizz up in water) and mixed it up with pantene claryfying shampoo and applied it to my hair in sections with a brush. Then i wrapped up my hair in a plastic bag and left it on for about 45 minutes.

        As i washed it out lots of dark hair dye was coming out aswell. I recommend leaving a deep conditioner on your hair to get some of that softness into it. In the light i notice that my hair had definitely shifted some of that deep black colour and it almost looked like a deep chocolate brownie colour with red tones. The only thing i would say is that vitamin c really smells rancid in your hair and the odour can last up to 2 days regardless of repeatedly shampooing it. It would be better to wear plastic gloves as the smell can stay on your skin for days even after thoroughly washing your hands in soap. My hair and hands smelt foul for a couple of days even after thoroughly washing them i had applied nice smelling hair products and hand wash so be prepared for that.

        I think i will try this process again to see if it will lighten my hair colour anymore but this time i'll leave it on for longer, maybe a couple of hours.

      • profile image

        bre 6 years ago

        Just last night I tried to experiment with my hair... I tried L' OReal's hair dye remover and you'll never believe it... My natural hair color is a dishwasher brown... well, I dyed it black... and it was too dark... so I tried it out... well, the top of my head "where my roots were starting to come in" turned blonde! and the bottom of my hair was STILL black! I used an entire bottle all OVER my hair... I looked like a sunflower... $13 box of hair dye remover and it doesn't work? What my intention was, was to remove the black and then I'd have brown hair... then I was going to put some high lights into it... To give myself a more "natural" look... Long story short, I had to once again... dye my hair... back to a dark color... I'm pale skinned... So it flushes me out... and makes me look kind of ghostly... anyways, I'm still looking around to see if I can once again attempt the natural look without waiting a year + for it to grow back out again... So I stumbled onto this page and maybe a month down the road I'll see if this works... I've been dying my own hair for years and this is the first hair disaster that I've ever encountered... Anyways, if the home remedy for this works then please let me know and maybe I'll try it! I'd try it now, but Since I used L' OReal's hair remover... My scalp started burning... no joke... When I was redying it... It was once again... burning... :/

      • profile image

        laura 6 years ago

        my natural is light brown and i died i got all over blonde highlights. well i didn't care for it much so i wanted to go back to my natural but the salon died it too dark. so now my roots sre lighter and rest of my hair darker. its actually darker on the front parts. well i used this method and only made some parts lighter not all!! so what do i do now to get it close to my natural? which is light reddish brown. please help!!

      • profile image

        anonymous 6 years ago

        i have naturally med. ash brown hair, i have colored it over the past year or so with dark plum, and dark red brown. over a week ago i put on a dark chocolate demipermanent rinse on. it came out jet black. i have used the vitamin c/shampoo method twice and am typing this with the hopefully last batch just on a few dark spots in front. i am left with soft, shiny hair in a gorgeous medium auburn. this works!! i used suave clarifying shampoo and vitamin c caps ground up to a fine powder in a 2parts shampoo to 1 part of vitamin c powder. i kept mine in for 2 hours both times with NO DAMAGE! unfreakinbelieveable!!! thank you for posting this!!

      • profile image

        Anonymous 6 years ago

        I naturally have very dark brown hair and wanted to make it lighter, so I dyed it a natural brown colour. My roots were so obvious I decided I wanted to go back to my natural colour. I dyed my hair to the closest colour I could find to my natural hair, but this eventually faded and didn't work. I have shades of dye through my hair, will this remedy remove the colour or lighten it? Because if it lightens the colour it will look dreadful against my natural dark hair that is coming through as it grows. Thanks.x

      • profile image

        Fancyface 6 years ago

        This is the best thing ive ever so impressed after walking aound with darkbrown with horrid red in it i was so upset i came across your post i used 20 vitamin c tablets and pamolive dish soap ....crushed with rolling pin to fine dust made a thick paste dampend my hair worked it through my hair is half way down my back and put a bag on a towel over that and waited for 45 min washed it out deep conditioned it and it is a dark blonde with beautifull highlights im so impressed this works so amazing don't be afraid to try this there isn't a bit of the ugly dark red blackish left at all ...

      • profile image

        Samantha 6 years ago

        Actually looking at my hair again this morning i can see that it has lightened a little. If i use even more tablets will it lift more?

        Thanks x

      • profile image

        Samantha 6 years ago

        I did this today and it didn't work. I don't know wether to try again or take a different route!? Any other suggestions.

        Thanks xx

      • profile image

        lucyXX 6 years ago

        Hey!, I just got my hair dip dyed blonde and dark brown at the top, I don't suit it at all and i hate it soooooo much!!!, if i done that vitamin thing and it went an orange shade, if i did it again or two more times would it go back to my natural colour, please answer this i really need help!!!xx

      • profile image

        Tina 6 years ago

        This really works and saves you alot of money. The Vitamin C is about $4.00 a bottle and you can use any of your old shampoo you have sitting around and then a good conditioner. Wish I had found this site many years ago!

      • profile image

        sarah 6 years ago

        i have been dyin my hair with bleach to get it blonde form back then i tryed red and it didn't work i have now put black onto my hair and it it really harsh i only want it lightened a little bit will this work for me or will it just strip it bk to the red i put on before the balck???

      • profile image

        Samantha 6 years ago

        Hi, im sooo tempted to try this! How is the condition of your hair after doing this?



      • profile image

        Violet 6 years ago

        Does it really damage the hair as much as bleach ?

        I've been bleaching my hair 3 times since february and I've noticed my hair being really weak and breaking at the endings. Plus the last time I've done it the result was a bit uneven and the roots were golden whereas the rest was a grey white.Is getting a bit more blonde now but I wan to start again correct the colour and go back to a more natural blonde. Would your solution work ?

        thank you

      • profile image

        lindawantsagarden 6 years ago

        ok so ive washed it off and its fair to say the results are good. i still have a few dark bits but overall the colour is more even and a nice gingery brown, a colour i can live with!!!! i covered it in argan oil and hope the condition is ok. not going to a colour it for a while. thank you, the reviews saved me from buying yet another colour b4 and my hair feels ok.

      • profile image

        linda wants a garden 6 years ago

        well i read all the reviews this morning after using colour b4 twice and i still have dark ends with ginger roots. my hair is long and i'm trying to remove old dark brown, so its on my hair now lets see how it goes!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Dragonfly 6 years ago

        The stylist screwed up my blonde highlights so I colored it dark red brown all over and don't like it. If I use vitamin c will it go back to the blonde highlights? Or just get rid of the red? My natural is brown? Please help. I want the highlights redone!

      • profile image

        persephone123 6 years ago

        I am going to tell you---this is simply amazing procedure. I'm totally skeptical of do-it-yourself beauty treatments, but this is unreal. I have naturally medium blond hair and it was gorgeously highlighted with a light, sunny, golden blond. Level 10 over. Like, the kind of hair color that people literally stop you on the street and say, "Where did you get that hair color?" Anyway, this weekend I went for a normal highlight touch-up and the stylist ended up putting a level 8 neutral toner. Needless to say, I came out of the bowl crying. My hair looked muddy and sad. The stylist added a few more highlights and let me know that the toner was demi-permanent and would fade in three weeks. I didn't have three weeks---my boyfriend has been out of the country for a month and I needed to look super-hot, not like a dowdy version of myself. Anyway, I googled and found the internet was full of people saying how wonderfully vitaman C worked as a hair color remover. I just finished the process. I have very long, very thick hair and so I needed a lot of paste to cover it. I probably used about 80 tablets. I lightly wet my hair, spread the paste on it (I used Prell), and covered it with a shower cap and waited for about 30 minutes. Then, I added some extra water to my hair and lathered it so that the vitamin C paste was equally distributed throughout my hair. I then put the cab back on and let it sit for another 30-45 minutes. I washed my hair, applied a deep conditioning masque for about 20 minutes, then I blew it out. I was amazed! The vast majority of the toner came out, leaving my normal sunny highlights. I'd say my hair is 75% back to normal---a dramatic difference. The mixture brightened my hair and seemed to lift the color Anyway, I wanted to post this to encourage people to try it--especially blonds with a similar toner situation (common). I'll probably try one more treatment to see if I can extract the rest of the toner. All in all, a great experience.

      • profile image

        Poppy 6 years ago


        I just have one simple question I hope you can answer:

        My naural hair colour is ash blonde

        but I have dyed medium brown hair with a brassy/red undertone.

        if I use this vitamin C removal do you think my hair will go a lighter orange/red shade or more ash shade?

        I really need to know this I've been trying for a year to get rid of my red undertones.

        thanks so much

      • profile image

        Lorna 6 years ago

        Come on guys, all the questions. It was one tip. She probably hasn't tried it on every single colour under the stars, and yes it probably does strip some of your natural colour. If you've dyed your hair once, you can do it again. Try the tablet thing, if it goes wrong, dye over it! End of!

      • profile image

        Carina 6 years ago

        Hey guys, I really really need your help! My natural hair colour is dark brown but 3 days ago I made the most stupid mistake of dying my hair with a permanent red! I absolutely hate it and I've just read on here that once you dye your hair with a permanent dye it never goes back to its natural colour which I will admit make me cry a lil :( but I just hate this red colour soo much and I want to get rid of it asap so I'm just wondering. . will crushing the vitamin c tablets with the shampoo take the red away and leave me with my natural brown hair or not?? I'm scared of trying this out in case I end up with a colour other than my natural brown. Someone please help me! I'd really appreciate this. Thank you.

      • profile image

        Megan apps 6 years ago

        i have dipdyed my hair plum and im blonde if i just do the plum bits will it go back blonde?

      • profile image

        AC 6 years ago

        Will this strip my natural colour or just the rinse, I can't get it out?

      • profile image

        Amanda Sparks 6 years ago

        OHMYGOD! i did this last night with my hair. It is natrually dark brown, and in the past few years iv been dying it lighter browns, then i got blond in it. Well, the other night i decided to go back to dark brown... But it turned out black!!! i went out and got two bottles of vitamin c tablets, came home and crushed them up and added lemon juice in panteen shampoo, and i did it twoce for an hour and now my hair is brown!! yay!

      • profile image

        brianna chelsea 6 years ago

        trying it now hopefully it works. i have red in my hair (permennt) and nothing has been able to get it out and im a natraul blonde so i hope this works!

      • profile image

        Dana 6 years ago

        hey, if the vitamion c doesn't work much, anything else you can suggest? x

      • profile image

        liz 6 years ago

        mothers day was here my daughter bought me a good quality hair dye plum red my hair was an ash brown i felt i should use it as it was a gift and i needed a boost/change,it came out a very dark plum red yuk horror was not in it well too late it was in i did try and wash it out but to no avail, i visited my sister for a couple of days it had been over 3 days since i had dyed my hair i had to try and get it out i felt a mess and looked it i tried vitamin c tablets crushed added to shampoo left it on for over an hour and hurray it actually worked even though could not see any evidence when washing it out when my hair was drying you could see the difference i am so pleased my hair is not back to its original colour but its near enough and i am over the moon .

      • profile image

        lyndsey 6 years ago

        i have just used this to get rid of crazy colour fire red out my hair and it worked!!!!!!!!, now im trying to get rid of as much of the permanent red hair dye i put on my hair about 5 weeks ago so i can put a rown dye on, grrrrr hope it works.....

      • profile image

        Tammy 6 years ago

        Okay so much going on here.. I'm blonde and I colored my hair a little lighter brown, DON'T LIKE IT, sooo want to go back to blonde again, so will using V/C take the honey brown/blonde out?? OH!!! and like a flippen idiot I sprayed lightener in my hair a couple of times before blow drying and NOW my hair has a slight redish blonde/brown to it..LORD what was I thinking..

      • profile image

        Em 6 years ago

        so i dyed my hair yesterday to a maple brown but it turned out too dark almost black if i do this will i be able to re dye it to a chocolate brown right a way ?

      • profile image

        judes 6 years ago

        I wanted to add also that for a few days after, you might find your hair smells kinda funky, and your hands might as well. Almost a metallic smell. I will go away after a couple of washes. I've never noticed anyone else comment on that on any sites that discuss vitamin C hair lightening. Cheers!

      • profile image

        Quirina 6 years ago

        After having done research about decoloring my hair, I found your link and 2 others who wrote about using Vitamine C. IT WORKED!!!! Thank you soooo much!

      • profile image

        Kelly 6 years ago

        Wow! Thank You for this! I've used chemical color removing systems before an well I hated how it damaged me hair. I am looking forward to using this to help remove more of the red in my hair so I can go back to my nice auburn color.

      • profile image

        judes 6 years ago

        First, it only lightens chemically DARKENED hair. It does not lighten natural, virgin hair. Be aware than whenever permanent dye is used, the hair is also processed with bleach (developer). The vitamin C will take out the color that was deposited during this process, leaving the bleached hair behind. In my experience, it doesn't take it down to a totally bleached condition, but you may see some orangy or yellow tones from that previous bleaching process. You will never get back to your natural color if permanent dye has been used, unfortunately. It really does work to remove anything that is too dark, or that you feel is too "off" from what you hoped for. This process is my new best friend. Good luck!

      • profile image

        Alicia 6 years ago

        Ok i have burgendy brownish hair,, will this lighten my hair to a liight brown??

      • profile image

        lilboo 6 years ago

        I dyed my hair a few times last year to a dark brown and now want to get rid of it. Is this method better for my hair then a colour remover? Also when we are talking about a vitamin c tablet, do you mean the disolvable ones that go in water. Stupid question i know but what to make sure i am doing it right. Thanks

      • profile image

        6 years ago

        Why did you say, "you will probably need to dye your hair to the desired color."?

        Does that mean it may ligthen past my natural hair color?

        My natural hair color is dark brown. I did a semi permanent jet black rinse (no peroxide/bleach/etc)- just color. So, if I do the vitamin c, will it only lift the black color off, or could it also lighten my natural hair color (such as if I used lemon juice). I'm confused about that. I wonder if orange juice could work also?

      • profile image

        trish 6 years ago

        I had black hair. And used zap twice on my hair, and after both times I tried dying it medium ash brown, and my hair is stillllllll orangish red more orange. Will this work !?? I need help I want my hair brown. Please help

      • profile image

        Effy 6 years ago

        Kelsey - Vitamin C can only strip dark color, not lightened hair.

      • profile image

        Sad hair :( 6 years ago

        Hi Everyone, I followed the directions and even made the vitamin C tablets into a fine powder using the food processor, but this evil dark brown is still just as intense. This treatment did NOT make it even a bit lighter.

      • profile image

        kelsey 6 years ago

        i dyed my hair a lighter medium brown a couple of months ago and now my dark brown roots are coming through. Would this help take out the light brown or would it just make it lighter? i don't wan to dye it again.

      • profile image

        Maria 6 years ago

        I got my hair permanently dyed strawberry blonde two weeks ago, but my mom didn't like it so yesterday she forced me to get a semi permanent dark brown glaze and I absolutely hate it! I loved my strawberry blonde hair so much, so would the vitamin c strip the strawberry blonde off too, or just the dark brown?


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