Should You Cut Your Curly Hair Short?

Updated on November 18, 2019
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Brittany loves experimenting with her hair and sharing beauty insights with others.

Are You Ready to Cut Your Hair Short?

Answer these questions:

  1. Are you having a mental breakdown?
  2. Have you considered cutting your own bangs in the past week?
  3. Are you sure?

If you answered, "no," "no," and "absolutely," with no hesitation, you have come to the right place!

Curly hair is hard to manage. When it's long, it's so gorgeous, but who would ever know since it sits in a messy bun every day? Let's not even mention the excessive amount of conditioner that you go through and the tangles that, nevertheless, form.

Short curly hair
Short curly hair

Pros of Short, Curly Hair

I have naturally curly hair that, when in its prime, gets much attention. People often ask me what products I use and how I style my hair, and the answer is always the same, "I'm living on a wing and a prayer." Curly hair has a mind of its own and is not easily dismayed. One day you're the goddess of all, and the next you're, well, wearing your hair in a bun! Here are the pros to short hair:

  • Short hair is quick and easy to style. Short curly hair looks rockin' even when you roll out of bed.
  • A short bob is nothing but class! Long hair tends to make a woman look younger and somewhat immature. Short hair can help turn that beautiful baby face into a stone-cold adult.
  • Short haircuts are equal parts sexy and cute; they convey a sense of confidence and poise.

Talk about effortlessly cool! Lightweight styles add extra body and bounce! Short hair is perfect for a fun, rocker-girl vibe! I love messing with my hair; I often catch myself plumping and twirling my hair about. Long curly hair is its own delicate ecosystem; it's the aunt that yells at you for touching the walls. Short curly hair is easy going and fun. Short curly hair would offer you booze at Christmas dinner.

With the right cut, you can completely transform your hair!

Getting the Right Cut

My main concern with going short was getting triangle-head. As it turns out, I feel less triangular now than ever! With long curls, the hair is weighed down and pulled straighter at the top, but stays curly and wild at the bottom. This creates an unflattering shape, especially for my big, round head. Even with layers, I was never able to keep volume at the top of my head. With short hair, on the other hand, you have nothing but volume and body!

Choosing the right cut for your face shape is very important. Bangs may seem like a terrific idea, but they can make or break a look. If you are interested in getting bangs but aren't ready for the commitment and upkeep, consider longer, side-swept bangs!

Managing Your Curls

Even with a great cut, your hair will never reach its full potential without proper care. Curly hair needs moisture! Find yourself a sulfate-free shampoo, a leave-in conditioner, and a nourishing hair mask.

Experiment with different hair care routines to find what works best for you! I personally apply silk drops and a strong-hold gel when my hair is damp to get the best bounce and shine. Some days, I spritz hairspray at the roots to add volume.

Not Quite Sure Yet?

If you're still debating on a short style, maybe try a shoulder-length cut and slowly work your way up! If triangle-head is your biggest fear (it's right after "murderer under the bed" for me), ask your stylist to taper the ends. As an added bonus, tapered ends will add more body and volume to the top portion of your hair!


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