The 3 Best Dry Shampoos for Fine Hair

Updated on December 3, 2019
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I'm a freelance hairstylist in Oregon. I'm an entrepreneur at heart and I want to help you be a successful cosmetologist!

I’ve tried many brands of dry shampoo over the years and these are my three favorites for thin, fine hair types.
I’ve tried many brands of dry shampoo over the years and these are my three favorites for thin, fine hair types.

More Than a Trend

While you shouldn’t completely forgo a good wet shampooing, waiting longer between traditional washes can actually help your hair grow out long and strong. It’s recently become increasingly popular to wash hair less frequently. From The Curly Girl Method to Jasmine Rae’s Instagram craze to the “No-Poo Movement” for only the most hard core granola types, pop culture seems to have circled back to the less frequent hair washings that were commonplace 50 years ago.

I’ve tried many brands of dry shampoo over the years and these are my three favorites for thin, fine hair types.

1. Hask Dry Shampoo

Hask is my absolute favorite, ride or die, dry shampoo brand. It is extremely effective at absorbing oils from event he sweatiest or oiliest scalp types, making it the perfect choice for those first trying out dry shampoo. It comes in a variety of scents as well! (My favorite is the Monoi Coconut Oil scent.) One of my favorite features of Hask Dry Shampoo is that, unlike many dry shampoo brands which leave hair with a matte appearance, Hask leaves hair clean, soft and shiny. It’s also extremely affordable so it fits into almost any budget!

I love that Batiste Dry Shampoo is easy to find in a convenient travel size.
I love that Batiste Dry Shampoo is easy to find in a convenient travel size.

2. My Amazing Blow Dry Secret

I discovered this one while skimming a product catalog during my downtime at the salon one day. When I tried it at home, I absolutely fell in love. While you can purchase dry shampoo at almost any drugstore there is a distinct difference in quality. Many drugstore dry shampoos have a grainy texture, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is undetectable from the moment you spray it on. It also has patented two phase odor eliminating technology, making it the perfect dry shampoo to keep in your gym back for those lunch hour workouts when you need a quick touch up.

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Dry Shampoo is one of my favorite salon products.
My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Dry Shampoo is one of my favorite salon products.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo not only comes in a variety of different scents, it also comes in four different shades ranging from light blonde to dark brown. While there are many dry shampoos out there, it can be difficult to find one that won’t show up on the darkest hair shades. This one disappears completely so it’s an excellent choice especially if you have dark hair! Also, unlike many dry shampoo brands, Batiste also comes in convenient, TSA approved travel sizes. You can always find a bottle in my suitcase when I travel.

Hask is my absolute favorite dry shampoo brand.
Hask is my absolute favorite dry shampoo brand.

What Are the Benefits to Wet Shampooing Less Frequently?

It Conditions the Hair Naturally

The hair’s natural oils are one of the best conditioners for it. It’s like a personalized conditioning serum just for your hair. Working these oils down the hair strand through consistent, firm brushing can drastically improve hair health and overall appearance.

It Saves Time and Money

Shampooing less frequently saves you a lot of time and a lot of hair product. When I started wet shampooing my hair only bi-monthly I began saving approximately three hours of time per week that would have normally been spent shampooing and styling my hair. (Don’t worry, I still shower much more often than that!) I also go through way less shampoo and styling products!

It Reduces Heat Damage

While working as a hair stylist I’ve found that most of my clients not only have their hot tools turned up way too high, they are also using them every day. The typical blow dryer reaches approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit and almost all flat irons and curling irons can be turned up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit! If you’re using hot tools every day or even every other day, you could be doing significant damage to your hair over time.

Why Is It Important to Dry Shampoo Correctly?

Those with thicker hair may find it easier to transition to fewer washes per week because their hair’s cuticle has a greater capacity for absorbing oils, but even if you have fine or thin hair there’s still hope! The right dry shampoo can make the transition from daily washes to less frequent washes much easier. However, fine hair can feel sandy or cakey with the wrong dry shampoo, or even with the right dry shampoo used in the wrong way.

How to Dry Shampoo

Most people dry shampoo their hair before styling it it the morning. This can leave your hair looking chalky and stiff. The best time to dry shampoo is before bed. Part hair into one inch sections and spray section, holding the bottle about six inches away from your head. Pull your hair up in a ponytail. (I recommend the Invisibobble because it won’t leave crease marks in your hair.) In the morning, simply brush your hair firmly. The dry shampoo will absorb the oils during the night and will disappear without a trace, leaving your hair looking clean and volumized!


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