The Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

Updated on July 11, 2016

If you are suffering from hair loss or are simply looking for ways to improve the health of your hair, you need to be aware of some of the key vitamins that can help hair grow both faster and stronger than it is currently.

Do Hair Vitamins Actually Work?

The simple answer to this question is yes. The differences in how effective they will be come down to the reason that you are using them in the first place. If the cause of your hair loss is telogen effluvium, then the effect of vitamins for hair loss will be hard to compare against someone who is simply trying to grow out their hair longer. To understand what hair vitamins can do for you, it's important to know a bit about the way your hair actually grows.

Hair growth occurs in cycles. A full cycle can be anywhere from two to six years. This number is different for everyone and is determined by your genes. Within a given cycle your hair will grow, rest and shed. The shedding usually goes unnoticed because only a very small percentage of your hair does this at any one time and not all in one place. If you are looking to grow your hair out then the right vitamins can extend the growth cycle of your hair and speed up its growth in the process.

What Kinds of Vitamins Are Available?

Hair vitamins fall into several categories. There are vitamins made for healthy hair, damaged hair, faster hair growth and hair loss products.

Which Ones Should I Be Taking?

The majority of people that are looking for hair vitamins are suffering from some form of hair loss, be it balding, thinning or excessive shedding.

Although the causes of hair loss in women and men are different, the following specific vitamins have been show to be effective in hair regrowth and many if not all of them will be present in the supplements specifically marketed for hair loss.

B Vitamins: Hair’s Best Friend

The single most effective group of vitamins for your hair are the B vitamins. Let’s take a closer look at some of the B complex vitamins and their contributions.

  • Inositol - This is one of the main vitamins that can combat hair loss problems. Most problems can be rectified by adding more of it to your diet. Because of its positive dermatological effects on your skin, people who have lost their hair completely will benefit greatly from maintaining the right level of inositol.
  • Biotin – Biotin goes hand in hand with Inositol in most hair loss supplements. It functions in helping to metabolise fats in our body that encourage hair to grow and additionally can also aid in faster hair growth.
  • PABA (Para-aminobenzoic acid) belongs to be B complex group and is key in maintaining the colour of your hair acting somewhat as an anti grey hair vitamin.
  • Niacin – also commonly known as Vitamin B3, Niacin increases the blood flow and circulation to your scalp.
  • Panthenol – also known as Vitamin B5 is effective in hair loss prevention and encouraging hair re-growth.

You can find B vitamins in many of the foods that you eat and some of the rich sources include fresh fruit, whole grains, fish, eggs, milk and organ meats. Because B Vitamins are water soluble it is important that they occur regularly in your diet as your body is unable to store the amounts that it needs, unlike with other vitamins.

Vitamin E: Great for Your Hair

Like Niacin, Vitamin E works to promote the circulation in your scalp. The added blood flow will help support your hair follicles by providing it with the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy. Vitamin E can be found in leafy green vegetables, soybeans and some cold pressed oils to name a few.

While there are many benefits, adding more Vitamin E to your diet may have a negative effect on your blood pressure and lessen your bloods ability to coagulate. Hence it is best to talk to your doctor first if you are on any medications for these conditions.

Vitamin A: Part of Healthy Hair Growth

Vitamin A has a direct effect on the follicles of your hair, it works to facilitate growth by keeping the hair root lubricated. Because the body is able to store large amounts of Vitamin A, it can build up to levels where the benefits would be cancelled out. Large doses for an extended period can actually bring on hair loss so refrain from taking too much of this vitamin.

Vitamin C: You Can’t Miss It

Besides helping keep colds and flu at bay, Vitamin C helps to maintain our hair and skin. Fortunately Vitamin C is a ubiquitous part of our diet that’s found in citrus fruits and red and green peppers, and it is quite uncommon these days to have a deficiency in vitamin C.

Don’t Forget Your Protein

On top of the different vitamins, it is important to remember that you get enough protein. Your hair itself is a protein so it makes perfect sense that a diet including rich sources like red meat and eggs can strengthen your hair. Studies conducted on soy protein have even shown that it promoted growth as well as making the hair stronger.

It’s All About You

Although it isn’t difficult to identify all of the right foods that have all the vitamins and minerals you need, it is much more difficult to make sure that you get them regularly and in the right amounts. Provided that your body is healthy, you can restore your hair growth and maximise the natural growth cycle of your hair with the correct vitamin supplements.

There are a range of conditions medications are known to impede natural hair growth. If you are taking any medication for such conditions then your treatment should go on regardless of the effect on your hair. With this in mind you should always check with your doctor about the possibility of any hair vitamins affecting your current treatment.

If you are having any health problems or suffer from deficiencies in nutrition, your hair will show some damage and the natural growth cycle will be affected. Not only is it a matter of nutrition but evidence shows that if you want your hair to grow faster you also need to get enough sleep. Somewhere in the order of eight hours will help your hair to grow.

In the end your hair growth is all about you. The condition of your hair will be a reflection on the condition of your body. There is no single product or treatment that will transform you into Rapunzel but don’t be disappointed. Healthy hair is a byproduct of a healthy body

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        girishapadawan 7 years ago

        Hey, I'm not sure if vitamins actually work or not because I followed a different mantra to cure hair fall. My mantra is:

        1) Used An effective hair solution like Parachute Advansed Therapie Hair Vitaliser to control hair fall.

        2) A reputed shampoo and conditioner.

        3) A healthy and nutritious diet comprising fruits and green vegetables rich in vitamins.

        4) Good sleep to relax well.

        5) Exercises like yoga, aerobics and jogging.

        6) Ate snacks like nuts and almonds in the evening and avoided junk food.