My Review of the Original Detangling Hairbrush by Tangle Teezer

Updated on February 26, 2017

For as long as I can remember, I have described my tangle-prone hair as having a mind of its own. Not only have I spent countless hours fighting through tangles at home but on two occasions, I have actually been asked to comb my own hair at salons after it was washed. I don't know if they were afraid of hurting me, damaging my hair or if they thought their plastic comb might snap in half. Believe me, I wish I were joking. Needless to say, brushing my hair hasn't exactly been a pleasant experience. That is, until Christmas 2015 when I purchased the Original Detangling Hairbrush by Tangle Teezer.

Naturally, when I first heard about this hairbrush, I was extremely skeptical. The idea of a hairbrush that could painlessly and easily tackle tangles seemed impossible. It certainly didn't help that I had previously tried an absolutely useless $4 knock-off of this product. However, within minutes of using this brush for the first time, my skepticism vanished and I knew, brushing my hair would never be the same.

I never disliked the feel of this brush but I'll admit, its light weight and unique shape took a bit of time to get use to. I'll even admit that the first couple of times I used this brush, I sometimes dropped it. But, having seen this little plastic brush bounce off ceramic tile on more than one occasion, I can confirm, it's surprisingly durable.

I don't know how it does it, but regardless of whether my hair is wet or dry, this hairbrush really does get through tangles and knots with ease. It's even able to tackle tangles after I spent a day at the beach or the pool without the use of other products such as copious amounts of conditioner. There's no pulling (in fact, I've noticed that this brush works best when I take my time and use a gentle hand), there's no cringe-worthy sound of hair breaking. The tangles simply vanish.

In addition to eliminating the painful struggle of getting through tangles, this brush has greatly reduced the amount of time I spent each day brushing my hair, as well as the amount of hair I pull out of my head. Compared to other brushes, what little hair does come out onto the brush is extremely easy to remove from the teeth.

Furthermore, I've noticed that when I brush my hair using this hairbrush when it is dry, it gives it a subtle yet gorgeous shine.

The only downside to this brush that I've encountered is that it is not recommended for use with heat tools. While that's not a 'deal breaker' for me, it does mean that this cannot be the only brush in your house. Fortunately, Tangle Teezer does offer other products, including a few that can be used with heat. I personally have yet to try these, but they are definitely on my 'to try' list.

I've heard complaints that this brush is 'too expensive'. I purchased this brush for $20CDN from Sephora and I honestly feel that it was worth every cent.

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The Original Detangling Hairbrush by Tangle Teezer turned out to be such a game changer for me and my unruly hair. So, whether you struggle like I did with tangles or you're just looking for a new hairbrush, this is one product I highly recommend.

5 stars for The Original Detangling Hairbrush

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