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The 5 Best Pigtail Styles for Adult Women

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Pigtails can look great—and not too cutesy—on grown women if styled correctly. Get some ideas in this article.

Pigtails can look great—and not too cutesy—on grown women if styled correctly. Get some ideas in this article.

Pigtails for Grown-ups?

Do you think that pigtails are just for little girls? It may surprise you, but this hairstyle can be a great look for women, too. Pigtails may be just what you are looking for if you want to try something fun and different. In just a few minutes, you can have this fun new look for a weekend or a special event. Most adult women don't consider pigtails an option because they don't want to appear too cutesy, but if you want to know how to wear pigtails and get away with it, this article is for you!

A low-styled, classy pigtail look.

A low-styled, classy pigtail look.

The Low-Styled Pigtail

If you look around at all the little girls with pigtails, they are usually worn up high. Not all of them, but most. The low pigtail style adds some class and maturity while minimizing the childlike look.

All you need is two hair bands. Just gather the tails to about your jawline and use a hair tie to secure them. Some wear this look neat, and others wear it messy, without even brushing out the hair. No matter which you choose, it's sure to look great.

Fishtail pigtails.

Fishtail pigtails.

Fishtail Braids

This style is heavily trending and getting more popular all the time. Fishtail pigtails look complicated, but they are pretty easy once you get the technique down. This style is worn by many adults, including celebrities. The fishtail on its own is becoming a favorite worn by everyone. This is a great spin on braided pigtails and looks much more grown up.

  1. To create a fishtail braid, you just separate your hair into two sections.
  2. Next, you take a small piece of hair from the left and move it over to the right. Then you do the same with the right side, moving a piece to the left.
  3. Repeat this process all the way down to get this awesome braid.

To get this look with pigtails, you just apply this technique to hair that's already separated into two sections.

Curly pigtails.

Curly pigtails.

Curly Tails

This style is fast and easy. It takes just minutes to create this look. Throw your hair into a couple of pigtails, and then curl each tail into some loose curls. If you have naturally wavy hair, this is the easiest pigtails hairstyle ever! It looks great for just about any occasion and can be worn by the young or more mature. This style is truly versatile.

Messy, half-braided pigtails.

Messy, half-braided pigtails.

Messy and Half-Braided

This style is simple and easy. It's a more relaxed look than the regular braided pigtails.

  1. You just separate you hair into the pigtails (without brushing) and secure them with the hair ties.
  2. Then braid your hair about a third of the way down or to wherever you think looks best and secure the braid with another hair band.

The look of the extra long tassels at the end of the braids looks gorgeous. This can even be done with a fishtail braid!

Pigtails with a bump.

Pigtails with a bump.

Pigtails With a Bump

Adding a bump is a great way to add some flair. This look can be used to add an elegant twist to the classic low pony. All it takes is two hair bands and a bobby pin. Hair spray might also help keep the bump in place. This style is my favorite because it can so easily add a little sixties retro to just about anything.

Have fun styling your pigtails!

Have fun styling your pigtails!

Are You Ready to Rock Your Own Pigtail Style?

You can mix and match just about any of these ideas and styles to find what works best for you. Some work best for relaxed everyday wear, while others look more intricate and work best with an elegant evening look. Dress it up with a favorite pair of earrings or an oversized flower. Be bold and have fun. Grown-up girls can wear pigtails, too!


Surfdancer on May 08, 2020:

Pigtales rock. They are feminine, clean and sexy.

charlotte reid on January 28, 2020:

I love pigtails because my mummy put my hair in pigtails as I was younger girl

Kim Evans on August 24, 2017:

I think its okay for woman to wear pigtails isn't it?You see I wear them all the time and I am 49 years old age shouldn't matter I am confident strong woman and find something feminine about wearing pigtails

Karen Shiley from Washington on November 05, 2013:

I would never think to try pig tails on my own but your ideas are inspiring! I can't wait to try it.

vibesites from United States on November 05, 2013:

First to vote and first to comment! I love all the examples of "grown-up" pigtails you featured here. I haven't tried pigtails since becoming an adult but will try these different styles. Thanks for sharing! :)

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