Tips for Choosing the Perfect Blonde Hair Color for You

Updated on July 11, 2016
Think about your original color to avoid ginger tinges in your blonde hair color
Think about your original color to avoid ginger tinges in your blonde hair color | Source

There are so many shades of blonde that it can be hard choosing between them. Each one of the blonde hair colors available will not necessarily suit you. Some work great for those with pale skin, while others require warmer hues in the complexion to really work. It will also depend on the color of hair you currently have.

My blonde hair color horror story involves going from a reddish brown to blonde without a trip to the hairdressers. I thought it would be easy to do it myself and used the lightener product before. However, it didn’t get rid of that much brown and I ended up with very yellow hair! It was more ginger! Now, whenever I want to go back blonde after being darker for a while, I will always talk to a hairdresser.

Speak to Your Hairdresser About Your Options

You may want one particular blonde hair color but it is always worth talking to your hairdresser. Discuss how the color will look with your complexion and whether it is possible to go for it with your current hair color. I took a trip back to the hairdressers after the diaster and found out that I needed to add some green to my hair to balance out the red that the brown hair dye had added!

Your stylist or hairdresser has the experience and knowledge to make sure your hair color looks good. You may not be able to have the exact blonde color you want but you may find something close is suitable. Your hairdresser will also know if different colors can be added to create your specific preference.

Lighter shades of blonde hair color are perfect when you have paler skin.
Lighter shades of blonde hair color are perfect when you have paler skin. | Source

Pale Skin? Avoid Warmer Shades

Those with pale skin need to watch out for the warm blonde hair colors. These clash with the pink or red cheeks that are common. Warmer colors have red within them and you can start to look ginger instead of blonde. You may think that it is “strawberry blonde” or “auburn” but to others it is ginger and a hair color gone wrong.

Look for ash blonde colors. These can look a little dull though. In this case, it may be worth opting for a mix of high and low lights to brighten your hair and get a blonde look.

Darker Blonde Hair Color with Darker Hair

If you are going from dark to light, you need to do it gradually. Black hair will not go light blonde in one go. In fact, you will be lucky to get this color. You need to opt for tone and bleaching treatment first to strip the hair of the darker colors and then add the blonde. Even then, it is best to opt for a darker blonde color; closer to brown.

Your hairdresser will be able to help in this case. She may choose to use highlights instead of help you gradually change the shade of your hair. She will work with you to get to the shade of your choice.

Opting for lighter shades will mean more upkeep. It means more frequent trips to the hair salon, which becomes expensive. Do you really want to go through all that for the sake of a few shades?

Multi-tonal hair can look beautiful and you only get that with high and low lights.
Multi-tonal hair can look beautiful and you only get that with high and low lights. | Source

The Benefits of Blonde Highlights

While you won’t go completely blonde, highlights do offer you benefits. The first is that you get a three-dimensional look. Opting for one color can make your hair look bland and boring. The different shades will give you texture and depth, along with a natural sun-kissed look. It doesn’t matter whether you hair is naturally dark or naturally blonde, highlights and lowlights can work on creating this look.

Once you do opt for a blonde hair color, you then need to focus on caring for it. Unfortunately, blonde can look worn and dated much quicker than other colors. Your roots are also more likely to appear sooner. Invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner and protect your hair from various chemicals, such as chlorine and other bleach.

Choose your blonde hair color with care. Not all shades will suit you. It is important to think about your complexion and current hair color to find a shade that will work for you. Don’t do what I did and have a gingery mess that only a hairdresser can fix!

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      • profile image

        Diane 18 months ago


        I am 68 and your experience sounds like mine. I'm tired of spending money for my hair to look horrible. I know there are good hairdressers but they are very expensive and I'm retired. I have gray around the front but not a lot mostly dark blonde. I was paying for highlights and lowlights that were expensive and never the way I asked.

      • profile image

        Jennifer Lauren 18 months ago

        Thanks for the tips :) This is just what i needed.

      • profile image

        Holly 22 months ago

        I'm just so tired of trying to find someone to get it right. I'm 60, was born towhead, turned brown w/red and blond. Was au naturelle for my corporate years (got very dark w/natural highlights) but went back to the salons blond as I aged and greyed and besindes I feel blond. But it keeps getting brassy and if they get it wrong I have grey and "black" roots. and I loathe the brass. I am not a good red head. Cool tones, blue eyes, greying (No, I don't thing Jamie Lee looks good), longish hair. No one can get it right. It's either green, blue, purple, white or sand. Thousands of $$$ later I look like an idiot and cannot afford hilights, low lights, multiple salon trips, love the bangs but hair gets in my eyes and unfortunately, I love seeing peripherally and wearing my contact lenses and keeping them in. When I'm platinum it hides the grey because I *am* grey. What is so frustrating to me is colorists asking me what I want, I tell them what I like, what my hair *does* and what won't work. They are all experts but when their ideas don't work they blame it on me and say that what I want is all wrong for me. Green, blue and purple arent? I guess Jamie Lee had had it as well.

      • aingham86 profile image

        Alexandria Ingham 4 years ago from UK

        Thanks, Eddy. I really wished I hadn't made the mistake when I did it so I hope others learn from it and avoid it completely!

      • Eiddwen profile image

        Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

        Very interesting and so very useful to many. Voted up and wishing you a great day.