6 Wacky Hair Ideas for Kids

Updated on May 14, 2017
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Wacky Hair Ideas

Getting creative for Crazy Hair Day or designing some wacky hairstyles is so much fun. It is the best part of being a kid at heart. I found so many great ideas, but I am only sharing my favorites with you.

I found it interesting that most of the boys’ wacky hair ideas are not that inventive. The girls are much more creative in designing wacky hairstyles.

1. Pipe Cleaner Hairdo

Blue Skies ahead shows some wacky hair photos. This is not a pipe dream because the hairdo is so wacky and simple to create, yet is fitting for any crazy hair day. Moms only need to take a trip to the craft store and buy a bunch of multi-colored pipe cleaners.

With that, you put the hair up in a nice, tight bun. Take a bunch of pipe cleaners and individually twist them around your fingers, so you pipe cleaners are now curly. Then, stick the pipe cleaners around the bun with the elastic band. If you have a lot of really long hair, make several tiny buns, and do the same thing with the pipe cleaners. The cleanup will be a breeze.


2. Spider Web Hairstyle

This is a bit scary for some girls. If you tell them they look cute, it might work for Halloween night. Or, you might just have to wait until they are a bit older to appreciate the fun of wearing such a wacky hairstyle that is also scary.

The tutorial is here for another spider web design, and the expert says it is really easy to do. The big spider web hairdo looks like a classic. I couldn’t find the tutorial but you can find the designer through the link on the image.


3. A&W Soda

I loved A & W root beer when I was this girl’s age. I am impressed with this crazy hair day winner. The wacky style looks easy to do. The originator does not explain how it is done. By looking at the photo, I am guessing that you place a hole in the side of an empty soda bottle, and string the ponytail through the bottle, so it looks like the hair is flowing into the plastic cup. The plastic up is clipped on to the hair with a hair clip.

I appreciate Our Daily Ideas for bringing this design to my attention, so I can share it with you.

4. Doggy Hair


Kelly found this doggy hairstyle with me. The only problem with having the wacky dog facing behind you is that you will miss the first impression of each person who sees the hairstyle. Don’t be surprised if a couple of hound dogs end up following you.

I couldn’t find the originator of the hairdo, so I am guessing that the designer made a super, tight bun, and twisted a smaller bun for the nose. She cut a piece of red cloth in the shape of a dog’s tongue, drawing a black line down the center of the tongue with a black sharpie. The eyes and dog ears you can get at any craft store. The eyes can be hot glued to hair clips and attached to the hair.

5. Birds and Butterflies


Melanie shared this with me, and I think it is so wacky. This is the wackiest of hairdos ever. I am sure it took 4 hours to create this crazy hairstyle. I tried to find the tutorial, but there isn’t one. I am sure she used wires to get her hair to stay bent like that, which is really cool. Obviously, only girls with long hair can do this wacky style.

Adding the birds with a nest and then butterflies throughout the hair remind me of French 18th Century hairstyles, but crazier and not so symmetrical.

6. Christmas Tree Hairstyle

Because you can do anything wacky with your hair the designs are endless. I hope you enjoyed my favorites and are able to get some great ideas for Crazy Hair Days. The holidays are also a great way to show off your wacky hair ideas.

Keep that in mind for the next holiday. Imagine what you could do for the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or something mundane like the first day of Winter. Be creative, keep it simple, and have fun are the best ways to approach wacky hair ideas.

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