Clever and Fun Names for Your Hair Styling Business

Updated on March 6, 2016
Find some cute, fun and original names for your hair salon or hairdressing business
Find some cute, fun and original names for your hair salon or hairdressing business

Need a Name for Your Hair Salon?

Dreaming of opening your own hair salon? Or have the task of finding a unique new name for your hairdressing business?

Look no further. This article is chock full of ideas! These would make great company names too. You can expand on these or add to them to put your own stamp on your title, like incorporating your own name or something personal into it.

The most important thing is to have fun with it, keep it in line with your style and target market, and own it!

Now, onto the ideas . . .

Historical or Vintage Style

Here's some old-school Shakespearean names.

  • To Trim or Not to Trim
  • The Merry Waves of Windsor
  • Live and Let Dye
  • All the World's a Salon
  • Much a Do For Almost Nothing
  • Off With His Hair! (Great name for a barbershop)
  • Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
  • Get Thee to a Blow Dryer
  • Short Shrift
  • A Midsummer Night's Dreads

Rap-esque or Hip Hop Style

Want to rap up your hair salon name? Got a hip salon on your hands that requires an equally hip name? Here's some happening hairdressing business names to match your funky, modern style:

  • Snip Dogg
  • Rap Unzels
  • Ready to Dye
  • Hair Rap II
  • Hair 'n the Hood
  • Flo Cutters
  • Crisp Edge
  • The Scissor's Edge
  • By the Blade

More Music-Related Titles

Some musical themed names.

  • Tangle Fighters
  • With a Little Help From Your Barber (Great barber's shop name)
  • Cut It Again, Sam (Another great name for a barber)
  • Gotta Get Ya Into My Chair
  • Hair, Here, and Everywhere
  • Hair and Other Stuff
  • Comb Together
  • Hairbreak Hotel
  • Whole Lotta Styling Goin' On
  • We Can Straighten It Out
  • Love My 'Do
  • The Long and Winding Extension
  • Hair City
  • Nearer My Shears to Thee
  • Hair State of Mind
  • Shut Up and Style Me
  • According to My Stylist
  • Your Hair Is My Drug
  • Hair Chemicals React
  • Hair Game
  • My Beautiful 'Do
  • Life Is a Hairway
  • Tangled Up In My Hair
  • Last One Snipping
  • It's a Hair Circus
  • You Can't Touch This 'Do


Some Christian and religious names.

  • The Second Combing
  • Hollywood Be Thy Mane
  • The Kingdom Comb
  • Hair Mary
  • Amazing Hair Grace

God Bless Salon
God Bless Salon

Whimsical and Poetic

Need something classy? Here are some poetic ones.

  • Cutting Remarks
  • Cut From the Heart
  • Closer to the Shears
  • The Way You'll Look Tonight
  • Hair Cuts With Happy Endings
  • Scissor to Strand
  • Live to Dye
  • Cutting's What I Do
  • Cutting's What I 'Do Best
  • To Dye or Not To Dye
  • How Should I Style Thee?
  • Strands of Love
  • The Dyeing Question
  • Only the Best Will 'Do

Funny and Silly

Feeling like a funny or silly one?

  • Get the Hair Outta Here
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Double Your Hair Back
  • Hair Cutlets
  • Bangs on Target
  • Frizzy Palace
  • Choppers
  • Tress Passings
  • Sunny and Shears
  • Cut the Crap!
  • Hey, I'm Dyeing Over Here!
  • Knock-Knock, Whose Hair?
  • Cut, Cut, Cut!
  • Cut It Out!
  • Barber Without a Cause
  • It's Gonna Cost Ya Your Hair!
  • Just Bring Your Hair
  • Just Bring Your Maidenhead
  • Clippity Do-Da
  • Simply Hairlicious
  • A Dye-ing Sensation
  • The Dumb Blonde
  • The Dumber Brunette
  • Dyeing to Escape
  • Scrunch 'n' Curl
  • Your Head on a Plait-er
  • Hair and Beyond
  • A Reason to Dye

British Hairways
British Hairways

The Most Overused Ones

Here are some of the most popular names for hair salons. You can use them or just take them as inspiration to make more unique ones!

  • Clip Joint
  • Cutting Crew
  • A Cut Above
  • Cutting Zone
  • [stylist's name] Tangles
  • Director's Cut
  • That's Cut!
  • Curl Up 'n' Dye
  • Headlines
  • Mane Attraction
  • Shear Genius
  • Hair Dot Com
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors

Curl Up & Dye. A very over-used hair salon name.
Curl Up & Dye. A very over-used hair salon name.
Rock Paper Scissors hair salon. One of my favorites.
Rock Paper Scissors hair salon. One of my favorites.

Some More Funny Ones

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
Ooooh Girl, Who Did Your Hair!?
Ooooh Girl, Who Did Your Hair!?
Headache Style Emergency Room
Headache Style Emergency Room

Just for fun

What do you think is the funniest name for a hair salon?

See results

Hopefully you've found some inspiration or some amusing ideas.

Please feel free to share/comment with any of your own ideas or funny or unique hair salon names you've seen.


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    • profile image

      Larissa 8 days ago

      I have a good name and it is hair and there

    • profile image

      Janicemoore 4 months ago

      I need a name for my hair business please help

    • profile image

      Linda pruitt 4 months ago

      Here's a really good one

      Nail ya-Curl ya-Cut up -Dye

    • profile image

      jeffrey 5 months ago

      i just need a sexy hair salon name for my sister, pls can someone help?

    • profile image

      rajeev sam jr 8 months ago

      Well I select the scissors edge

      Was damn perfect to my newbae

      Salon!thk uu guys

    • profile image

      Aniya Scott 9 months ago

      thank u i'm only 8 years old and i did a doll air salon and i named it wedding hair salon thank u!!!!

    • profile image

      alina 13 months ago

      wow! great thinking. i love your suggestions .maby i might use one of them for my future salon.

    • profile image

      Paige 13 months ago

      Anyone have any ideas on a good username that punny and has my name in it?

    • profile image

      Michelle 14 months ago

      Looking for a unique name to start my business as a hair & makeup stylist.

      Any Names Suggestions ?

    • profile image

      Darrell 14 months ago

      Enjoyed every name. Looking for , a good name for new hair salon starting with the letter Da in 2017

    • profile image

      Stokwe phumza 15 months ago

      Hy I'm also in a process of opening a hairsalon nd I'm struggling to come up with a unique name without using my name in the middle

    • profile image

      Gemz 15 months ago


    • profile image

      Claire 15 months ago

      Cut above the rest


      Weave or weaveout you

      Thanks a bunches

      Dry spell


      Crimpy the best

    • profile image

      Susan 15 months ago

      Head master

      Fringe benefits

      Hair port

      Hair razor

    • profile image

      Tara Stewart 18 months ago

      I will be beginning my own business very soon and need a cool& catchy name. I've got several in mind,but still haven'tfoind exactly what I'm looking for. Any ideas please?

    • profile image

      Martin 18 months ago

      Hi there im just new here i was wondering if u can help me to find the name for my hair salon please and thank you

    • profile image

      Charm 20 months ago

      I was thinking Hair Toss Salon

    • profile image

      Angel 20 months ago

      i am going to start my own hair styling business and i need a name that will easily attract clients and it must be sassy at the same time must also have a touch of spark to it....anyone that knows what i am talking about please feel free to comment it will be much appreciated

    • profile image

      keneil 21 months ago

      royals is a great name. also roses would be good name to.

    • profile image

      ruth 24 months ago

      Hi there im just new here i was wondering if u can help me to find the name for my hair salon please and thank you

    • profile image

      kiran js 2 years ago

      my salon sweet heart i love this ok thankyou

    • profile image

      Hishka 2 years ago


      Want name for hair sslon and waxing bar. Please help opening a salon something short name...

    • profile image

      nithin 2 years ago

      Lilt I love this name

    • profile image

      Melissa 2 years ago

      Please help opening a salon I'm a hair extensioist and beauty need a name. Was Looking for something very different. Thankyou.

    • profile image

      prem 2 years ago

      I need some good names for my new salon in india

    • profile image

      Amber 3 years ago

      Hi i am opening a salon and want a sexy name that's catchy. I want the name Amber in it somewhere. Any ideas please help? I do hair and makeup .Thanks

    • profile image

      nicole 3 years ago

      Need a good catchy email address and name for my business HELP

    • profile image

      salim 3 years ago


    • profile image

      roy 3 years ago

      I need a name that is something royal:)

    • profile image

      shani kenny 3 years ago

      I love skyla

    • profile image

      grace 3 years ago


    • profile image

      haris 3 years ago

      i need a short catchy name easy to sey remembar help pleas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Nicola bray 4 years ago

      I'm going to start doing bridal hair and my friend does bridal make up.... But we can't think of a name... Any suggestions??? Please :-)

    • profile image

      Natalie Parry 4 years ago

      I am opening a hair salon and need my name in it ... some how !!

    • profile image

      wanda 4 years ago

      Opening a salon in my house making some business cards what should I name it

    • profile image

      Rebecca 4 years ago

      Opening a salon and would like Rebecca at beginning or end something different

    • Mitch Alan profile image

      Mitch Alan 4 years ago from South Jersey


      Jane's Mane Tamer

      Jane: A Salon

      Jane's Addiction Hair Salon

      Jane's Mane Attraction

      I also do custom logos and marketing...

    • profile image

      Jane 4 years ago

      I need a name for my salon that start with Jane name :) Thank you

    • profile image

      LittleClare 4 years ago

      I'm starting a mobile hair extension business.... does anyone have any ideas?


    • Mitch Alan profile image

      Mitch Alan 4 years ago from South Jersey

      Having been in the industry (on the sales, marketing and business building side) for over 20 years, I have seen many interesting names for salons. It was fun seeing some that I had not seen before. Very creative Hub. Thoroughly enjoyed.

    • profile image

      AmyMorganKrystalHead 4 years ago

      Hairway to hell! (good idea for a gothic style hair salon :)

    • profile image

      Daiy 4 years ago

      I love it mines tangled

    • profile image

      joyce 4 years ago

      My salon is "Hairway to Heaven"

    • April Reynolds profile image

      April Reynolds 4 years ago from Arizona

      great names, very creative.

    • profile image

      Linda 5 years ago

      Love this website

    • profile image

      Cameron 5 years ago

      Glitz's hair salon

    • profile image

      lool 5 years ago

      love this website

    • profile image

      Amy 5 years ago

      My fave is life is a hairway

      Tag line: I want to comb it all night long

    • profile image

      marion 5 years ago

      am serious guys

    • scarletquill99 profile image

      scarletquill99 5 years ago from Australia

      Locks Of Love, Locked On You, Life Is A Hairway... there's a few others up above that I listed as well...

    • profile image

      Olamide 5 years ago

      I need a name dat start wit L 4 a salon.

    • Vonnavie Sanchez profile image

      Vonnavie Sanchez 6 years ago

      Nice! I will select "Headline". Easy to memorize.

    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 6 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Very clever - I loved "Knock knock - who's hair".