Five Reasons You Should Shave Your Head, or at Least Cut Your Hair Short

Updated on October 30, 2019
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Loxley Jones is an old soul who loves to write, lives in SLC, Utah, and is studying Business Marketing at Western Governors University.

A few months after I turned 19, I decided that I wanted to cut off my shoulder length hair into a pixie cut. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately?) I still had not seen the movie Empire Records, in which there is this really artsy scene where one of the main characters completely shaves her head in the bathroom at work. Which, at 19, is something I totally would have done. Instead, I drove to the nearest Great Clips and I told the hairdresser that I wanted to cut most of my hair off, but still have it look cute if that was possible. She was an older lady, so she was a little hesitant to cut off the blonde locks I had waited so long to grow out, but she complied and I fell in love with the result.

Deb Shaving Her Head in Empire Records
Deb Shaving Her Head in Empire Records | Source

Ever since then, when someone asks me if they should cut their hair short, I give them a very enthusiastic “YES!!!”

Here are five reasons you should take the leap and just do it:

1. It’s a Major Confidence Booster

I didn’t realize how much I hid behind my bangs until they weren’t there anymore. When there was nowhere to hide, I found myself looking people in the eye more, standing up straighter, and walking with more purpose. Talking to strangers also became a lot less stressful and I felt like I could be my most authentic self around everyone.


2. People Will Treat You Differently

This can be both a good and bad thing depending on your perspective. With my new do, I noticed a lot more people stared at me as I walked past, and there were definitely people who pointed and snickered. But honestly, I didn’t care. My haircut made me feel like a bad ass, and the good compliments from strangers outnumbered the few times an old man told me I looked “butch.”


3. It’s Low Maintenance

Before I cut my hair, it would take me about an hour and a half to get ready for work in the morning. After it was gone, my morning routine was cut in half. I was also able to free up a lot of clutter in my bathroom by throwing out a bunch of hair products that I would no longer be using.


4. It’s Just Hair and It Will Grow Back

If you cut all of your hair off and you’re not in love with it, don’t stress. You will be surprised at how fast it grows back, and in the meantime you can experiment with fun colors and shorter styles.


5. It’s Fun

If you’ve been wanting to shave your head, but you’ve been making excuses for why you haven’t done it yet, do is purely because you want to. There is something so cathartic about hearing the scissors snip and the clippers buzz. Then when your hair is growing in, it gets super fuzzy and you won’t be able to resist petting your head.


It’s been over a year since I made the decision to buzz my head, and I still have it short because I like how it makes me feel. Plenty of celebrities are also shaving their heads and rocking it, so the look is more “in” than it’s ever been. If you don’t do it now while you’re young, you might regret it later.


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