60 Sassy Beauty & Hair Salon Names

Updated on February 5, 2017
Goodbye crooked, self-cut bangs, hello sassy new hair stylist!
Goodbye crooked, self-cut bangs, hello sassy new hair stylist! | Source

Opening Your Own Hair Salon

How do you make the most out of your beautician license? By matching it with a business license and opening your own salon.

If you are in the process of opening a hair salon, you’ll want to have an appealing name to go with it.

Let’s face it, there are hair salons all over the place, and competition is tough. Having a great name might just be the deciding factor for a customer to go to your salon.

When brainstorming hair salon names, consider the following tips to help you along:

How to Name a Business

Brainstorming Names for Your Hair Salon

  • Consider your audience: Are you aiming to be that hip salon all the youngsters are talking about, or that salon that all the sweet, little, old ladies go to for their monthly perms? Or perhaps you are aiming for something right in between. Whatever the case, keep your audience in mind when choosing your name.

  • Use hair-related verbs: What do you do to hair? A few words that come to mind are color, dye, cut, trim, style, blow dry, perm, and curl. Using a verb in your hair salon name will emphasize what you do.

  • Use rhymes: We all know that rhymes are very catchy, and using one in your hair salon name can help a customer or passerby remember the name for future business.

  • Use common sense: Common sense goes a long way when naming a business. You want your business to stand out, and if your hair salon name sounds similar to another, it could cost you business!

  • Use your specialty: Is there an aspect of hair that you are really good at? Let the world know by including a reference to your specialty in your business name!

  • Use your name: This is your business and everyone should know it. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones and have a name that is easy to play on or rhyme with. Just try it and see!

Remember to be as creative as possible with the name because you want current and potential customers to remember it and not get it confused with a competitor!

On Edge
The Makeover Place
Scissors N' Razors
Masterpieces Hair Salon
Big Hair Beauty Salon
Under the Dryer
The Color Palette
Hollywood Cuts
Color Me Crazy
Sweet Pixie Salon
Holy Snip
Bed Head
Color, Cut, and More
Blunt Cut
Curl Me Crazy
Auburn Studio
Live or Dye
Lavish Locks
Walk-In Trim
Bombshell Studio
Just Curls
A Little off the Top
Hair Castle
Stylin' Chic
Serenity Salon
Styles n' Smiles
Cutting Line Studio
Hair Wizard
Color Chic
Spectrum Hair Salon
The Hair Lair
Tousled Tresses
Turning Heads
Beauty Mark
Hair with Flare
Unique Creations Salon
Razor Sharp
Dying for Color
Inspirations Salon
Highlights Salon
Chop Shop
Mirror Mirror
Cutting Edge
The Colorist
Styles Studio
Cute Cut
Curly Girl
Brass Palace
Feathered Flip
Fly-Away Hair
Spritz Salon

If you're opening a men's salon or barber shop, check out: 50 Classic Barber Shop Names!


Still Can't Decide on a Name?

As you can see, you can come up with an abundance of good names for your salon.

Perhaps you are still having a hard time thinking of a good name, or maybe you are stuck between a few different ones. If this sounds familiar, try the following ideas:

  • Have a naming party. Invite some friends and family over for food and refreshments, and maybe even a trim on the house, and have them help you brainstorm potential names for your hair salon. People are full of ideas so it never hurts to get their opinion.

  • Survey your audience. Create a survey on a website such assurveymonkey.com, post a question to Yahoo! Answers, or use social networking to poll the public to help you to find out what appeals most to the general public.

  • Design a logo. If you are a visual thinker and have a design in mind, try putting that design on paper with potential names to see what looks best. This is your brand, so make it awesome.

  • Flip a coin. Stuck between two names? Flip a coin on it!

Still can’t think of an appropriate name? No problem. Have a snack, slap some color on your head, and read some hair magazines for more inspiration. Relaxation is key. Sleep on it if you need to, it might even come to you in your dreams!

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      • profile image

        Afolayan 2 weeks ago

        Please I need a beautiful name that will attract my client on my new hair dressing salon, Berber and makeup studio. Thanks

      • profile image

        hannah 3 weeks ago

        here is an idea...

        try and find the meaning to your name for example, Hannah in Hebrew is grace... this way you can name your salon in a creative but personal way.. E.g 'Graceful beauty' or 'Beauty with grace' etc etc

        just an idea! hope it helps.

      • profile image

        Sibusisiwe 3 weeks ago

        Help need names or Kiddies salon/spa. May I have suggestions

      • profile image

        Rili 5 weeks ago

        I'm still a kid but when I grow up I want to own my own Hair Salon, And I need some names on what I should call it.

      • profile image

        LINDA COETZEE 6 weeks ago

        i have tried to do my own thing and concider to a "facial" rejunevate spa, i dont know what name to use, my name is Linda, my name was Linda's Facial Spa and Linda's NU You but this is borring to me, i do this for an extra income, this is not a company, may be you have something unique in mind what name i can use,

      • profile image

        Magadelene 2 months ago

        Hi please I want a name for a new shop. Hairs, heels and bags

      • profile image

        Sehr 2 months ago

        Catchy beauty salon is the best of one if u have like it....

      • profile image

        Petrina 2 months ago

        Please I'm opening my new saloon help me find a name for it.its a Barber and beauty hair saloon

        Thank u.

      • profile image

        Sanjay 2 months ago

        Please tell me new name for a hair and make up studio

      • profile image

        rodney hibburt 2 months ago

        a little off the top is perfect for a hair studio like mine! we portray that there is no such thing as a barbours as hair has no gender!

      • profile image

        Judy 3 months ago

        My friend opening one salon n Delhi please suggest one'good name

      • profile image

        sanjay 3 months ago

        Classic janta parlour

      • profile image

        Yussif Hamdia 3 months ago

        Please I want a catchy name for my makeup business

      • profile image

        Shilpa 3 months ago

        I opening beauty parlour Plz tell me one best name

      • profile image

        Sheetal Chhabra 3 months ago

        I opening my beauty saloon soon. I am looking for indian english name with some meaning related to business. It should be catchy and easy to remember. Please suggests

      • profile image

        sai 4 months ago

        I want stylish name pls send me

      • profile image

        Lance mullon 5 months ago

        Please suggest me a beautiful salon name

      • profile image

        Prakash Gupta 5 months ago

        Looking for ladies beauty parlor name for a shop surrounded by society having working as well as house wife. Kindly suggest good names. Place greater noida west Near Delhi. India.

      • profile image

        Nita 5 months ago

        Actually, mah brothers wife is starting a beauty parlour... Plz can you suggest a interesting name for it?? Plz...

      • profile image

        layla 7 months ago

        I need a really girly unique name for my salon. but my salon is only ganna have girls. im not good at doing mens hair so I only allow woman so if yall can give me an idea for a name let me know. THANK YOU


      • profile image

        nathaniel sam frimpong 7 months ago

        Please come out with a good name

      • profile image

        Anand 8 months ago

        Plz suggest good salon name

      • profile image

        Pritee Suri 9 months ago

        I want to start saloon service from home to their home pls suggest a catchy name for my visiting card

      • profile image

        Monalisa Salon n Spa 9 months ago

        Hi I also want to add my beauty parlor in the list

      • profile image

        neha 10 months ago

        I'mgoing to open my salon but don't have any idea about name it should be easy attractive and nice

      • profile image

        Salon NewLook. 10 months ago

        i have a salon in Kinshasa Congo Africa. Salon NEWLOOK

      • profile image

        green modern beauty 11 months ago

        This name i want to

      • profile image

        Aniya Scott 12 months ago

        Thank u so so so much i was doing a doll hair salon and i found it thank u so much !!!!!!!

      • profile image

        jmc 12 months ago

        Cut and Dye

      • profile image

        Denise 14 months ago

        Stressing about naming my salon... I have tried several names ... I hate the sound they make in my head.

        The first (while in school) bellissimo ... good but I just didn't feel it..

        I have recently used Hair Cutters Salon ... too bland .... Help

      • profile image

        Keira 15 months ago

        Im trying to think of a name for my hair blog

      • profile image

        destiny 18 months ago

        i really love it

      • profile image

        Trish 18 months ago

        3Star Hair Designs

      • profile image

        sonu 18 months ago

        I m pilaaning to open new salon & SPA, please tell me good name

      • profile image

        Pankaj 19 months ago

        Could anyone please suggest the Hindi Parlor/Salon name..

      • profile image

        moumita 20 months ago

        I want to know a good hair n beautiful salon name?

      • profile image

        Joan Blackery 2 years ago

        My hair salon is going to be called Hair Square

      • profile image

        Louise 2 years ago

        Anyone have any catchy names for a permanent makeup salon?

      • profile image

        Fern Gordon 3 years ago

        I love this website because it had so many good names for a salon and hairstyleing place. I had to chose lots because I liked lots!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        I m Razia Sadiq 3 years ago

        I m going to open beauty salon and I m going to name lavish lock beauty saloon

      • profile image

        indu 3 years ago

        Hairdresser is my passion. I want to open a face book account. For that I need very catchy & unique names

      • profile image

        Madhumitha 3 years ago

        Hi , I am Madhumitha .

        I'm going to open a beauty parlour and I am going to name it as Teen Parlour.

      • profile image

        madhumitha 3 years ago

        I love curly hair.

      • profile image

        Grace Parker 3 years ago

        Im only 12 and used this site for a project and thanks to your website. . . I got a hundred!!!

      • profile image

        Jallin garcia 4 years ago

        I love it