How to Bleach Your Hair Blonde—The Step-by-Step Guide

Updated on March 8, 2018
Learn how to bleach your own hair blonde at home.
Learn how to bleach your own hair blonde at home.

Learn How to Bleach Your Own Hair Blonde at Home

Have you always dreamed of having beautiful blonde hair, but balked at the thought of paying a couple hundred dollars a month at an overpriced salon in order to maintain it? Or have you ever told your hairstylist that you wanted your hair really blonde—not just a weave, but all-over color? Let me guess, she looked at you as though you were crazy and told you she would not do it because it would fry your hair off? Yeah, right—I am revealing the truth to wannabe blondes. What salons charge $300 for costs them less than $10. Since you are not buying the supplies in the same quantities as a salon, it will cost you a little more to do it at home, but you can still become a blonde for less than $40.

You may be skeptical. You might be wondering if the bleach will turn your hair orange if you have dark brown, red, or black hair. Or will the harsh bleach fry your hair off?

I, too, was once a victim of overpriced salons, struggling to keep up with my blonde locks. I used to dye my hair blonde and get a weave every month—the lady that used to do my hair always left a bit of the roots still showing, so I had to go in more frequently. Ugh! I eventually got tired of paying so much money and dyed my hair a soft black so I wouldn't have to worry about the roots again. Well, about a week later, I couldn't stand not being a blonde anymore. I missed it so much. So I finally decided to go to my local beauty supply store and purchase what I needed to do my hair myself.

I had done a bit of Internet research to get started, and even then, I did not feel as though I magically knew exactly which products to buy. I felt like I was taking a chance, and, trust me, I was scared. My hair is naturally a dark brown, and I have dyed it in the past, so not only did I have to drastically bleach the roots, I also had to strip the color. So I couldn't believe how simple the entire process was! My hair turned out beautiful—the blonde I had always wanted, but could never have. After successfully bleaching my own, I bleached my twin sister's hair, as well as that of a couple friends from work. They loved it too! People are always shocked when I tell them I do my own hair. Now, I want to share my knowledge with all of you.

Before You Get Started—The Supplies and Precautions You Need to Bleach Your Hair Safely

While bleaching your own hair is easy, you need to do your homework: you'd better know what you're doing before you begin!

Please read these instructions carefully and thoroughly at least twice. If you skim through this article, you may miss some instructions which are crucial to your hair turning out healthy and the way you imagined.

Right off of the bat, you should know that purchasing all of the bleaching supplies will cost roughly $40—less, if you choose to go with cheaper brands! This does not include the after-care supplies I recommend at the end of this article. After-care products aren't needed to achieve blonde hair, but they do help maintain beautiful, healthy hair.

The Supplies You Need to Bleach and Tone Your Own Hair

A few of the supplies you will need to dye your own hair include powder lightener, creme developer, toner, a mixing bowl, brushes, and a scale.
A few of the supplies you will need to dye your own hair include powder lightener, creme developer, toner, a mixing bowl, brushes, and a scale.

The first thing you should get is a Sally's Beauty Club Card. It is only five dollars and will pay for itself the first time you use it. I save so much money with my Beauty Club Card.

After that, here are the supplies you will need:

  • L'Oreal Quick Blue High Performance Powder Lightener—I would recommend buying the tub, which is one pound (equivalent to 16 bleach packets). The tub only costs $24.99, and with your Beauty Club Card, it is $19.99, which is an awesome deal. Quick Blue is also sold in individual-use packets, but those are usually $4.99 each, and almost everyone will need two packets, if not more. For people with long hair, that's $15 or more for bleach alone each time you dye your hair, which really adds up! So unless you plan on bleaching your hair only one time, the one-pound tub is the more economical choice.

  • 30-Volume Creme Developer—Developer comes in different strengths and consistencies. For this, you will need the 30-volume creme developer (the brand I use is Salon Care Professional). For a regular blonde, this is all you will need, but if you are going to go platinum, you will have to buy both the 30-volume creme developer and the 20-volume creme developer.

    If you also choose to use Salon Care Professional and want to be smart with your money, you will want to get the 32 oz bottle for $5.89 unless you're only dyeing your hair once. It also comes in a smaller size, but keep in mind that you have to use the developer for both the bleach and the toner. Sometimes there are also half gallons that go on sale, so if you see a good deal, grab it!
  • Purple shampoo—You will need this while dyeing your hair and for after-care. This shampoo is vital for keeping your blonde hair bright and beautiful. It also helps to take out any extra redness or yellowness in your bleached hair.

    There are three different brands available that I know of and have used: Shimmer Lights, One 'n Only Shiny Silver Ultra, and Generic Value Products conditioning purple shampoo. For the price the Generic Value purple shampoo is the best deal. It has the same ingredients and works exactly the same. You can't tell the difference between brands—purple shampoo is purple shampoo! Just a small warning, I have tried the Shiny Silver conditioner and it sucks. Don't buy it! One last thing about purple shampoo: Do not use it everyday, as it can be harsh on your hair. Rotate purple shampoo with your normal daily shampoo, using it every other wash.
  • Wella Color Charm Toner—If you have long or thick hair, you will need to buy two boxes. For a normal blonde, get the toner (be careful—they have hair color too) in Ivory Lady.

    If you want a silvery, platinum-blonde color, buy the White Lady instead. Be careful—later, when I give the instructions for how to tone your hair, I will say to leave it on for 40 minutes. If you get the White Lady, only leave it on for 15 minutes at maximum. Otherwise, your hair will turn completely silver, and you will look like an old hag ☺. As noted above, if you decide to go with the White Lady, you will need to buy a bottle of Salon Care Professional 20 volume developer in addition to the 30 volume. That's the only downside of going platinum.

  • Ardell Red Gold Corrector Plus—If you have thin/fine/short/medium-short hair, you will need to buy one tube of Ardell Red Gold Corrector Plus (it comes in purple 0.125 packets or tubes for less than a dollar each). If you have thick/coarse/long/medium-long hair, you will need to buy two tubes.
  • Ion Effective Care Intensive Therapy Packet—Lastly, you will need an Ion Effective Care Intensive Therapy Packet. You can sometimes find one ounce packets on sale for as low as $0.99—otherwise, larger bottles are often the more cost-effective option.
  • Gloves, mixing bowl, hair clips, and hair color brushes—You may already have many of these products lying around at home. What brand you have does not matter, as long as you have them on hand.
  • Color stripper—If your hair is already dyed, as mine was, you will need a color stripper. The brand I prefer is called Jheri Redding One 'n Only Colorfix, which is a permanent-hair-color remover. It will work regardless of how long the color has been on your hair and costs about $17.50.

Once you have the necessary supplies, let's begin!

Bleaching Your Hair Blonde Step-by-Step

Step-by-step direction for how to bleach your hair.
Step-by-step direction for how to bleach your hair.

If you already have colored hair, you will need to strip it. I stripped the black from my hair. Then I bleached my hair once, then toned it. Bleaching is the worst part of going blonde, and if your hair is already agitated from stripping the color, then bleaching it more than once will be too harsh. After bleaching my hair, I waited about a week to give my hair a break. Then, I completely bleached and toned my hair one more time, resulting in a light blonde. If you are happy with the blonde that you achieve the first time, then just stick with that—you don't have to bleach it again.

If you have your natural hair color, you do not need to strip you hair color first. You will be able to bleach it twice, then tone it.

What exactly is toning? When you are finished with the first bleaching, your hair will become light yellow. A toner will change that yellow color into a nice, natural-looking blonde.

Now, if you're a skeptic who thinks your hair is going to fall out if you bleach it, you're wrong! If you follow my directions that are very clearly laid out for you step by step, then you will be fine. I was born with thin hair. I'm not exaggerating—it is really bad. If I try to put it in a low ponytail, it looks like a frickin' skinny rope of blonde hair dangling from my head. Again, this is not from bleaching; it's always been that way. Gotta love genetics! So if my hair doesn't fall out (and I've been doing this for quite a while), then yours definitely will not. Seriously, you have nothing to be worried about! The hairstylists just try to scare you so that you won't do your hair yourself; that way, they can continue to make money off of you. Makes sense, right?

I promise it will look great! I've turned black and dark-brown hair platinum blonde, and if I can do it, you can!

Now that I have hopefully steered you in the right direction and taken away any fears about bleaching your hair, I will explain step by step how to become a bangin' blondie!

How to Strip the Color from Already-Dyed Hair before Bleaching It

As mentioned before, if you already have dye in your hair, you will need to remove it before you bleach. There are various color strippers, and you will want to follow the directions for whatever color stripper you buy. Here are a few tips for the process:

  • Make sure your hair is clean and dry before you begin.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands while applying the color stripper.
  • Expect the process to last about 45 minutes—you will have the stripper in your hair for about 20 minutes, and then will need to wash and dry it. Use a hair dryer on low while the stripper is in your hair in order to speed up the process.
  • When you are finished, your hair is going to be as orange as the girl from The Fifth Element. But don't freak out, it won't stay that way for long.

  • Some people will say that you should spread out the process of stripping, bleaching, and toning your hair weeks apart because the process is too harsh. Well if you ask me that is B.S., and my hair is just fine!

How To Bleach Your Hair

Ready to bleach? Here we go!

Step 1: Mix Your Bleach

Mix your bleach with your developed in a 1:1 ratio.
Mix your bleach with your developed in a 1:1 ratio.

Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry. Then mix your bleach with your 30-volume developer. The ratio of bleach to developer is usually 1:1, but if you got a bleach other than Quick Blue, it's a good idea to check the instructions. Some instructions will tell you to use a bleach-to-developer ratio of 1:2, but I like to use a higher concentration of bleach powder because it results in blonder hair.

As I said, I use the bucket of Quick Blue, and I just start by adding a single scoop to my mixing bowl. Then, I take my 30-volume creme developer and add it until the mixture looks like it is half developer and half bleach. Eyeballing the amount of developer is fine—it doesn't have to be a perfect measurement, though you shouldn't be way off. When you have added the two products to your mixing bowl, stir well. You can mix more as needed.

Step 2: Apply the Bleach with Your Hair Color Brush

If you are just touching up your roots, only apply bleach to the inch closest to your scalp. However, if you are bleaching all of your hair, save the roots and ends for last because they bleach more quickly then the rest of your hair.
If you are just touching up your roots, only apply bleach to the inch closest to your scalp. However, if you are bleaching all of your hair, save the roots and ends for last because they bleach more quickly then the rest of your hair.

Clip your hair up into sections. Then, take down each section one by one starting in the back of your head and working forward and apply the bleach. At first, only apply bleach to the length of your hair, and leave the inch closest to your roots and closest to the ends. The roots will lighten the fastest, and the ends are easily damaged, so you will want to apply the bleach to them last. Once you have gotten the middle lengths of your hair, go back and get your roots and ends. Make sure you do not miss any spots, because if you do, it really sucks to fix them!

The amount of time you will let the bleach sit depends on your hair color. If you have a darker color it will take longer, and a lighter color will be faster. My rule of thumb is always to let it sit for at least 30 minutes (which is still cutting it a little short) but no more than 60 minutes because your hair will fry. Most people will leave it for 40-45 minutes. If you think your hair is done, you can take a damp towel and wipe off the bleach in one section close to your forehead. If this section looks done then that would mean the rest of your hair is also because you started in the back. Keep in mind that the white, creamy color of the bleach will make your hair appear to be a lot lighter than it will be when you rinse it off, so don't do it too soon. Be patient ☺. Be aware that the bleach doesn't feel very good. It might burn a little, especially if your hair is clean. Don't be alarmed, your scalp is not dissolving in acid! I'm kidding—it's not that intense, and it doesn't hurt. I just want to warn you that it is not delightful!

Step 3: Rinse out the Bleach with Purple Shampoo

Rinse your hair until the water runs clear. Then wash with the purple shampoo—be sure to rinse it out thoroughly.

Step 4: Thoroughly Blow Dry Your Hair

Blow dry your hair, then let it rest a bit. Your hair will be a yellowy orange. Now you know—next time you see someone walking down the street with yellow hair you can say, "Look! She didn't bleach her hair twice!"

If your hair is already a nice lightness, you can skip step 5 and go straight to step 6 to get the yellow out.

Step 5: Bleach Again

To avoid yellow hair: We bleach again!

Now, if you stripped your hair color first, you're only bleaching once today! You knew that, right? Bleach is harsh, so we cannot strip, bleach twice, and tone in one day—bad idea. Wait one week before bleaching the second time.

If you are one of the people who didn't need to strip any color and started with the bleach, you are going to repeat the bleaching process again. This time, you will not need to leave it on much longer than 30 minutes. But be sure to still check it and don't rinse it out too soon.

After You Bleach Your Hair, It's Time to Tone It!

Now that the color strippers and non-color strippers are back on the same page, it is time to talk about toning.

Toning your hair is absolutely crucial. It gives your hair the pretty natural blonde color you want, instead of looking yellow and orange (A.K.A. fake and trashy—not what we want).

Step 6: Apply Toner

Depending on whether your hair is in the not-so-much or way-too-much hair category, you will have either bought one or two boxes of toner. It's your call, but remember it is better safe than sorry! It will not be fun if you run out halfway up your head, resulting in half-orange, half-blonde hair. (But if you do, there are always hats and hoodies!)

Toner for People with Fine, Thin Hair

For the one-box people: Empty the contents of the toner bottle into your mixing bowl. The toner is 1.42 oz, and, with toner, we always do one part toner to two parts developer. Therefore, if you wanted to be extremely precise, you would then need to add 2.84 oz of 30-volume developer. But it is easier to just add 3 oz. (It will be fine, trust me!) As I have said, the measurements never need to be exact, though you should be careful not to get them too far off.

For future platinum blondes using White Lady instead of Ivory Lady, use a 20-volume developer instead of the 30-volume.

Now, add one type of the Ardell Red Gold Corrector Plus. Stir the mixture thoroughly and get ready for action!

Toner for People with Thick, Long Hair

For the two-box people: Do the exact same thing as the one box people above, just double the amounts of the developer and the toner. Remember that the ratio should still be 2:1.

For future platinum blondes using White Lady instead of Ivory Lady, use a 20-volume developer instead of the 30-volume.

Then, add two tubes of your purple Ardell Red Gold Corrector Plus. Now you may stir your mixture thoroughly and get ready for action!

FAQ: My Mixing Bowl Has Milliliters, Not Ounces. What Should I Do?

A: Well, you can do one of two things.

1. Get a measuring cup, measure 3 oz of developer, and dump it in your mixing bowl.

2. Stop being so anal! Just kidding, but not really. This is how I do it: Add in the toner first and see how much your fancy schmancy professional mixing bowl says it is. Say, for example, the toner was 20 mL (which it's not). Then all you have to do is multiply: 20 * 2 = 40 mL. From there, 20 mL + 40 mL = 60 mL. Pour the developer until the mixture reaches the 60 mL mark.

All right, we are all on the same page again.

Step 6: Apply Toner

Apply the toner thoroughly with your gloves, saturating all of the hair on your head. Massage your scalp to make sure the toner gets to your roots!

Leave on for 40 minutes. (For future platinum blondes using White Lady instead of Silver Lady, leave it on for only 15 minutes.)

Step 7: Rinse, Shampoo, and Condition

Wash your hair thoroughly to get all of the chemicals out.
Wash your hair thoroughly to get all of the chemicals out.

Rinse well until water runs clear. Again, shampoo with your purple shampoo.

Next, you will deep condition with the Ion Effective Care Intensive Therapy packet. Leave it in for at least four minutes, then rinse.

Step 8: Blow Dry and Enjoy Being a Blonde

'Cause we really do have more fun!


I recommend a reconstructive or moisturizing treatment soon after hair bleaching for hydration and damage repair. Through trial and error, there are a few products that I love and recommend:

1. Millenia Mud

This stuff is truly amazing. It infuses hair with mineral complexes from volcanic residue and is blended with beneficial oils to help balance moisture and strengthen your hair. It also does not add weight to your hair! This stuff is my style because it is quick—you only have to leave it in for four minutes! Put it on right after you rinse your shampoo, and then, by the time you're finished with shower, it will already have been four minutes or more. And the best part is that it only costs approximately $6.50.

2. It's a Ten

Can you say baby soft hair? This 10-minute miracle hair mask is named It's a Ten because it does 10 things for your hair: detangles, restores moisture balance, instantly restores elasticity, softens, smooths, adds shine, enhances body, nourishes, de-frizzes, and improves color vibrancy—quite the list for just one jar. The directions on the back tell you to put it in your hair after shampooing, let it sit for three minutes, then rinse it out. What I found worked better for me is to massage a dime-sized amount into my hair after I towel dry it, which means I don't rinse it out. This method softens your hair better.

3. Cholesterol

We don't like it in our food but we sure do love it in our hair (hah)! This is a hair conditioning cream. It works wonders for me because I back comb my hair quite often, which leaves tangles; after using Cholesterol my hair is soft and tangle free! Cholesterol treats and conditions dry, over-bleached, damaged hair. There are two different-sized tubs available. One is 80 oz, and the other is 15 oz. It is really inexpensive for such quality stuff! I would recommend just buying the 15 oz tub because I have had the same one for about four months, and it is only halfway gone. But if you feel like you will be deep conditioning your hair fairly often, get the 80 oz tub.

4. Pearatin Fortifying Repairative Serum

Add a dime-sized amount to your hair after it is toweled dry, and then add some more after it is blow dried! This product really helps my frizz and fly away hairs.

Added bonus: It has a color keeper complex, so you can hold on to your bleached blonde hair for longer!

5. Chi Silk Infusion

All of you probably have this product already or have at least heard about it. It is the bomb. It is a silk reconstructing complex and it makes your hair so shiny! Apply it after your hair is dry. Be careful not to add too much to your roots as it may cause your hair to look oily.

6. Moroccan Oil

The smell alone would make me buy it! There are no beauty supply stores or salons that carry it near my city, so I have to order it online. Amazon is where I always find the best price. This product is known for leaving your hair shiny without making it look oily. It also makes your hair incredibly soft and is good for your scalp! The price is generally around $45 for the oil serum.

I hope one of these products works out for you! Thanks for reading.

How to Bleach Your Hair

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        Marina 5 weeks ago

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        These instructions are amazing. My hair turned out so well! It helps to watch a couple YouTube videos to see the techniques used to get all the hair. Also: if you have a natural dye like Manic Panic, you DO NOT need to strip the color. The first bleach took most of it out for me and the second it's completely gone. And I had teal hair, a notoriously difficult color to release.

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        Hi, do I really have to strip the color first before bleaching? I have had this color on for at least 8 months and you can barely see it. It's a faint red almost looks my normal dirty blonde color.

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        This is great! Would I need to do all of these steps for roots? or just step 5-8. Also, I have dark blond hair and I dyed my hair light brown 6 months ago. It looks like all the dye washed out. Do you think I need to strip my hair or could I just bleach twice?

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        I Love This Site!! You have done a fabulous job. I give you a standig ovation! I do everything but hair in the beauty and spa industry and have terribly missed my blond locks since I had to part with them several years ago for reasons unimportant now. I am at the toning phase I realized from reading your instructions a few times carefully. I just need to get that cheap gold tone out of my hair. It is actually lifted light enough as is. Wish me luck with the toning. I am bookmarking this fantastic page and will recommend it to everyone. Thank you so much. Oh and it is so true about the hair licensees; a local femalestylist actually got mad at me when I went to the beauty supply store and was asking for advice from the staff who doubled working in the little salon there. It was soo bizarre! I have been in this industry for just over 20 years first as a manicurist and then 13 years as an esthetiian as well. Honestly that very rude hairdresser coud have gotten a ton of services in trade or for a very reasonable rate and made her skin look gorgeous but cie la vie. There was a 2nd stylist there that was really nice and not bitter from years of life. Basically what this hairstylist did was recommend something to me to the poin to where now my hair is lifted light enough and it has too much gold tone but then refused to tell me how to correct the gold in an attempt to force me into being a client. Later I remembered that I had been her boss at a spa about 14 years ago; so, now that I have put that together I realize that this is how she was then too. It is just her bitter and entitiled way of negative behavior. Anyway moving on from that hapiness destroyer -CINDY HOFFMAN.

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        Help! It's late and I've been trying to get blonde and have been afraid of bleach for a long time. Finally went and got the bleach and everything I need from Sally's. My hair is very blonde and damaged but my roots are dark blonde. Do I put it on the roots and then bring it out to the ends of the end? Help me I don't know what to do period and I'm getting ready to put it on. I'm hoping someone maybe answers before I do. Thanks

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        Very useful I'll keep you posted

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        I have virgin dirty blonde hair and decided i wanted to go lighter but I am a DIY girl. I read this article and ordered my supplies and I must say despite not doing the most even of jobs with the bleach WOW. My hair turned out great. I however used 20 volume developer to be kinder to my hair. I was terrified at first when I saw my orange locks and dark roots however the wella toner made it perfect!! This was a great step by step

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        Cassidie VanMetre 17 months ago

        About a month ago I dyed my hair burgandy, a few weeks after I did blonde highlights. How would I go about dying my whole head blonde? Do I need to strip my hair first?

      • profile image

        Hannah Lawson 18 months ago

        You should never put 30vol developer on your scalp! It will sting and can cause chemical burns! Your roots lighten the fastest because of the heat on your scalp so you really don't need anything stronger than 20vol.

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        Really nice info

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        Divine Overseas is best towels exports in Panipat(Haryana)India.

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        2 years ago

        This post is so worrying. As a hairdresser myself, I find this post absolutely terrifying. You are encouraging people to wreck their hair and potential give them burns on their scalp with this information! How you think you are qualified to give out this awful advice when you don't know what products you are really dealing with is beyond me!

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        april 2 years ago

        Excellent guide. The names for Wella need to be updated. I made a guess on color. The guide worked perfect; im still searching for the shampoo.

        My teen son wanted his hair changed last month. He used to be a lighter blonde, but now its a dirty blonde with brown coming in. I let him go to the salon and select a color, he picked a neutral blonde about 2 shades lighter than his hair (according to the colorist). He came out with strawberry blond hair. He was very happy with it. I thought it looked fake and was an over all bad job, but I didn't put my two cents in. So when he asked me to touch it up, and said he wouldnt mind it lighter, i explained the process to him. I found this guide for the color correctives and set off.

        He looks great. Hes a nice light blond that looks natural. He didnt even complain much!

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        Thanks so much for taking the time to help us all out there who needed it!

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        Krystal 3 years ago

        Your hair WILL FALL OUT! When you take certain medications it comes out in your hair, so I was told after I used your step by step guide. If your not sure, don't do this. The bleach can give you 3rd degree burns, and make your hair ends feel like noodles. You should be sued.

      • profile image

        Miss Nice 3 years ago

        The instructions are very good and it is actually simple, and as always… it will take some practice to master the process but yeah it can help to save money and still be a pretty blondie

        I think before jumping in to bleaching, toning od dying hair (which I believe is very important for all the ladies) you should make a test in a lock of your hair between the hair layers below and above (hidden in your hair), applied the bleach, toner, color, or whatever you want to apply and then keep checking it between 5 to 10 minutes just to make sure what’s the perfect time for you also if the toner helped or not so If you messed up your hair or is orange , fried, purple or anything horrible you can cut this lock and no one will noticed and you will have a better idea of what fits to you, after getting the result you wanted in that “hidden” lock you can now go on an process all your hair and It will be great if you write down the track of the results of yours test so you know exactly how your hair will react and that way you won’t have to ruin all of your hair

      • profile image

        heather 3 years ago

        i don't wantto be rude but i SUGGEST yu just go to a salon becuz if yu or someone else never did bleaching before it could turn out bad and yu will have f56cking bad hair. and ik it cost a lot but in my perposse i would let a professional do it but its just my opinion. i even dye my american girl doll's hair purple i can tell you the recipet WARNING THIS IS PERMIT DYE FOR THE DOLL


        1. NAIL POLISH (you can pick any color it just can't be too dull)

        2. conditioner( to make dolls hair smooth)

        next mix both ingredients together.

        after all mix smoothly take old t-shirt or cloth and put on top of the doll besides hair.

        you can use hands but i put on gloves.

        make sure to squart with spray bottle get dollx hair damp of water.

        sperate hair pieces that dye hold tigh on dollx hair pull down like a zipper.

        if u want color to pop out more apply conditioner and then just paint hair like yur painting a nail.

        after yu have got all hair you want color take tin folly and rap tightly around dye hair.

        let dye sit for 5 mins and then take tin off.

        take a hair brush start to brush through the dye hair.

        now wrinse DOLL'S HAIR with water

        squeeze out hair with a towel

        let hair dry and then run a bruxh through the hair

        and you're done dying your dolls hair rememeber its PRMINT

        ENJOY ☆ ☆

      • profile image

        Teacherspet 3 years ago

        Whew lots of work..sounds like you've gotton to know you're hair thru this experimenting. U should go to Cosmetology!! I wanted to ask u if u have tried using 40 volume developer then under a dryer for about 20 min (watch it)? It would cut out that extra step ur doing bleaching it twice, and wudnt be as hard on ur hair. Hope this might help...also watch out for ends/pieces that get over processed (unavoidable for a whole-head bleach-out) ur cuticle (hair) is blown wide open (bc of the bleach-takes out all color pigments, that's why it's called bleach) ur hair will grab that purple shampoo in spots mostly ends.. Then u will have to go back and do a bleach cap (mix bleach w/shampoo) to lift it off!! I use shimmering lights I love it, bout every other week. If u have a few gold pieces here and there-slap sum of that SL on the pieces/strands while ur getting ready-rinse/ gone!! Have fun!'

      • profile image

        Jules 3 years ago

        So I decided to be lazy/I was scared to dive in with bleach and I started out by box-bleaching my hair twice with super yellow/unattractive results. So when I found this tutorial I figured I'd go big or go home. I got all the supplies from Sally's (with some very helpful advice from the ladies there) and set to work to fix the yellow mess of my hair.

        I followed the directions (only bleached once because my hair was already light from the other dyes). My hair is a little fried from all the experimentation I've done but the end color is GREAT! I'm very pleased with the results and I expect that with a little TLC my hair will be fine in a few weeks.

        Thank you for all the time and detail you put into this!!!

      • profile image

        Jules 3 years ago

        Hi! Quick question, should I use the color stripper if I've used a box dye on my hair to go blonde? It's a little bit yellowy right now and I'm wondering if I should just go straight into the bleaching process or still do the stripper first. Thanks!

      • profile image

        Lydia Hegge 3 years ago

        What happens if I bleach it twice with 20 volume developer? Thanks Lydia

      • profile image

        DemoniaKitten 3 years ago

        I did this process once and now i do my roots every 6 weeks using the same process. Ive been doing for well over a year now. So thank you so much!

      • profile image

        Rep 3 years ago

        Followed all the way had no rush

        Took me about a week

        When I did tone it I used a 10vol developer& also I use a coconut oil to help the purple wash out

        I bleach every 4 months but I have used this technique for over 2yrs now

        so it came out good every one loves my hair color plus it has no damage

        I recommend using extra virgin coconut oil to maintain the shine

      • profile image

        lively-jolene 4 years ago

        So I actually ended up doing this last night with the help of a friend. I mistakenly went to a hair salon who dyed my naturally pale blonde hair nearly black (I asked for carmel brown) then, later I asked another professional to dye my hair back blonde, I ended up with a lighter brown with bleach highlites.and because I live in Alaska, both cost WELL over $200.

        I was sick of paying good money for something I wasn't happy with. So, I read this and it seemed to have mostly good results. And I know my hair better than ANYONE else, so I figured I could handle it (and if not, and all my hair fell out, at least I'd now be able to convince my husband to buy a cute blonde wig). We went to Sally's, where they had everything except the Ion effective care. Here in Alaska, it cost roughly $60, but I also purchased the brand names and some utensils that I didn't already have. I also bought the bigger sizes on everything.

        We started off at 2:30 pm, and ended at 7:50 pm, because we kept joking around (would've taken less but getting three young women in a room with wine makes time zip by, haha) we followed everything step by step, the only two differences being that 1. I got scared halfway through the first bleaching, and only left it on for 30 minutes, causing some areas to do better than others. And 2. Instead of rebleaching my whole head a second time, we just focused on the areas that didn't do so well the first time, and leaving this on for roughly 35 minutes. It turned out great, but obviously a very fake yellow color (as was expected). I had my doubts using the toner because a) I've never used toner and didn't know how damaging it would be to my hair and b) I was reluctant to think this purple goop would change the color much.

        In the end, it turned out amazing. I also have naturally very strong hair, so it didn't damage my hair even in the slightest. My hair is back it's pale blonde glory, and the best part is, this is the first time dying my hair where I don't have chemical burns on my scalp (I guess the professionals arent so perfect after all)

        My only side notes: if you're unsure about anything, ask the Sally's girls. I wasn't sure if volume 30 was the right volume for my hair, turns out it was (sorry for the doubt)

        Ivory Lady is no longer under that name. They haven't discontinue it, or your Sally's just doesn't carry it, it instead goes by it's new name "pale blonde T10"

        Try to keep it on longer than 30 minutes the first time, that was my biggest mess up.

        And most important, you know your hair better than ANYONE. Like I've stated, I have extremely strong hair, so this method worked great for me. But, the friend who did my hair, has much weaker hair, hers would've broken off after the second bleaching. It's okay to only bleach once. It's okay to pace yourself and take a couple days in between each process. Your hair speaks to you, so listen to it.

        Thank you so much for this tutorial. Both my hair and my wallet thanks you as well.

      • profile image

        cinnamonnnnnnnn 4 years ago

        @melissa-hanson-372: That's weird because I've had my hair dyed at a salon several times and it didn't turn out so hot. She is just giving her best advice. People should know their hair and its damage level, and obviously if you hair is damaged, you shouldn't bleach it. P.S. If you want people to take your job position seriously, you may want to consider spelling "concerned" and "licensed" correctly.

        A concerned citizen

      • VictoriaHolt profile image

        VictoriaHolt 4 years ago

        I sort of want to try, but I'm a chicken! I've been dark brown my whole life, except for a few stints of box color that just never reach that elusive blondie I'm searching for. Thanks for the good info.

      • SquidooTutorials profile image

        SquidooTutorials 4 years ago

        I really liked your tutorial on how to bleach your hair:)This is an amazing lens, there are so many great tips:):):)

      • profile image

        yevettet 5 years ago

        JK, THANK YOU!!! I am now a platinum/light silver!!! A few hours ago, I was a black with some gray that had been dyed brown/mousy brown where faded :( I hated the under-whelming brown. and wanted something that would let me grow my natural black w/silver on top back out with silver tips! I love my new platinum so much (thanks to your complete and sensible instructions), so I may keep it a while before letting the natural look come back! YOU are the best!!! We won't talk about me driving madly to Sally's with bright yellow/orange hair due to my mistake of running out of developer! I had picked up the 16 oz.. rather than the 32 oz.!!! I was wearing a kitchen garbage bag with arm and neck holes cut out for a makeshift disposable shirt! ....didn't take time to change! LOL The girls at Sally's were very helpful and didn't even laugh!!! Can u imagine! Thanks again, JK! Your articles are great!

      • profile image

        toryallstar 5 years ago

        Why do you have to bleach twice? Wouldn't once be enough for naturally dirty blonde hair?

      • profile image

        dedwards912 5 years ago

        Ive been dying my hair for over a year, black, burgundy and purple. Im naturally a dirty blonde and im getting tired of dying my hair every month. I got a few highlights a week ago but i don't really like it because of how it looks with my overall hair color.(orangeish brown:() my question is would this damage my hair since i just got highlights? Also will it make the highlights lighter than the rest of my hair?

        Thank you

      • profile image

        tyffani-weinhold 5 years ago

        Amazing directions, thanks so much!! I went from a soft black to a beautiful blonde in only 2 days and just in time for summer. Also, wanted to add that my Sally's had the Loreal packets 2 for $5 so that might be why the previous poster couldn't find them. Since this worked so well I'll definitely be buying the bucket next time so I can keep up my blonde locks. Thanks again!!

      • profile image

        djlexy 5 years ago

        So I stripped my hair first (20 min), cause I had red color in it, bleached only once (50 min), toned it with Wella White Lady (15 min), but used only a 20 developper for the bleach and the toner and instead of Quick Blue from L'oreal Paris I used Salon Care Prism Lites Lightener Blue and they didn't have the Ardell Red Gold Corrector Plus at the store so I decided to try it without... I was scared doing the process the WHOLE time cause I never did such a dramatic color change to my natural dark brown hair (not even professionally). The result was amazing and I am glad to have it done. :) Will definitely be keeping this up :)

      • profile image

        tatiana-schacon 5 years ago

        HI!! This is a great DIY!!!

        I have dirty blond hair and every time I was doing my highlights at home I loved the color, but it was not perfect, I didn´t know about the double bleaching!!! I bleached it twice with bleaching powder and 30vol developer l and looks perfect platinum!!! And my hair does not look/feel damaged at all!

        For all those that are complaining about we, people, fixing our hair at home, or being able to buy professional products at Sally, please, stop being so dramatic. I had some bad experiences in professional salons and I have learned that nobody knows my hair like me, and nobody will ever touch my color except me, and yes, I made mistakes that made me learn a lot! Let´s just relax a little bit and play with our hair!!! it will grow back after all!!!!


      • profile image

        caridal94 5 years ago

        @melissa-hanson-372: You know, I think it's great that you are willing to post your professional opinion here, and maybe the girl in the article above is wrong about salons 'ripping' people off, but here's the thing. For someone like me, who can't afford to take a trip to the salon for $130, it's nice to have someone place a guide and give me instructions on how to do my own hair for cheaper. And also, keep in mind, most of the salons I've talked to aren't really very helpful when it comes to instructing me how to do it myself. Cause let's face it. Every girl in the world who wants to bleach blond hair does not have the money to go to a salon for it, and the fact is this: if you have standard length of hair, right at your shoulders or a little past, salons want to charge you $80 or more. This article gives you a method that's half the price. Thanks for your professional opinion, but it's not really doing any good here.

      • profile image

        Armywife6 5 years ago

        @laceface11: Awesome! I'm glad I could help. I'm like you, I never wait as long as I know I should. I don't have dark hair but I still have to bleach then again with toner, so I've had a few scares before lol. Thank you for letting me know I was very curious if everything turned out ok. Take care!

      • profile image

        laceface11 5 years ago

        @Armywife6: Thank you SO much! Took your advice and it turned out just fine. Although, I did get a little impatient and ended up only waiting about 4 days (I got quite antsy not being able to leave my house). It looked like it started to heal a little so I just put the toner on and it actually turned out really well.

      • profile image

        KerrySue11 5 years ago

        @melissa-hanson-372: @Melissa-Hanson, get over yourself. Just because you went to cosmetology school doesn't mean others can't figure it out. As previously stated in this thread, it's not rocket science. I've been to very high-end salons and got tired of paying between $300-$400 to have my hair highlighted and told "we'll get it right next time". If you are a better stylist than that, great! However, there are many ignorant twits out there that screw people's hair up DAILY! I've had it happen several times. Like I said, get over yourself! Calling the OP "dumb" is childish, these are accurate platinum blonding directions. Cosmetology school is not that hard, stop flattering yourself. Why are you on this thread so much if not to flatter yourself. A "concerned cosmetologist"? Go do some hair then and leave everyone else alone. I already figured out how to do mine thanks to this article... no thanks to the stylists that have ripped me off for so many years! I have enough money to go to whatever salon I choose, that's not the point. Point is, why pay someone else to do what you can do yourself. As far as you disagreeing with Sally's, why? Because most humans with a brain can figure out your job and save money? Your condescending responses on this thread are lame. No disrespect intended towards hairstylists, but you're begging to be called out ;-)

      • profile image

        kristin-esch 5 years ago

        Thank you SOOOOOO much. You saved me,lol >3 :D

      • profile image

        jena-rizzuto 5 years ago

        does anyone have any before and after photos after completing this process?

      • profile image

        Armywife6 5 years ago

        @laceface11: Hi sounds like you had a rough day. This is my advice though not my article. Just someone with many (20+years of bleaching an drying hair). First I would get a good repairing conditioner, there are also scalp treatments which I would recommend also. I really like the deep conditioner that is mentioned in this article though there are many to choose from. Try to get in at least 2-3 treatments in (go by what your scalp and hair tell you) no blow drying, or hot irons. Easy on the shampoo and allow your natural oils to build. In 7-10 days as long as there is improvement in your hair and scalp then I would go ahead and do your last bleach with the toner. No more then 20 min and work bottom to top. Do not rub into scalp. Until then try not to scratch at your scalp as it will become itchy. You may have some root growth, but after your second bleach with toner it really isn't a problem, you won't be two toned or anything. I hope this helps. Good luck and know that although right now it's uncomfortable, not what you want and pretty scary, I've seen this happen in salons also. It will come out. Let us know how it works out for you.

      • profile image

        laceface11 5 years ago

        First off I'd like to say, this is a GREAT post with awesome, very detailed instructions. However, as a previous poster had stated as well, I had a bleach-zilla on my hands. For some ungodly reason I let a 16-year old aspiring cosmetology student with 0 experience with bleach help me apply bleach to half of my head. Yes, i have learned my lesson...and the hard way. Because I now have chemical burns on part of my head. For some reason she decided to do exactly what I told her NOT to do, and ended up rubbing the bleach into my scalp like crazy. I'm thinkin' a secret vendetta to make me suffer...but newho. All that I got to get done was the bleaching process because I was quite afraid to go any further and risk my hair falling out. So now my hair is a very light shade of piss yellow and I would prefer not to leave my house all "ghetto". Does anyone know what I should do now by chance? Should I wait a couple days to wash my hair and then try the toner?My hair will not retain water, it feels almost like I have this clear sticky stuff coming from my scalp and there's bits of hair on my head that are very stiff. Any advice would be GREEEEEEATLY appreciated. Ty! (P.S. No I cannot afford a trip to the salon to fix this, hence why I even dared to try this at home)

      • profile image

        marisa-vick 5 years ago

        A little note on the WELLA liquid hair toner in "IVORY LADY": The company recently discontinued the use of the name IVORY LADY. However, upon some research, I have found that the formula is the same but is labelled differently on their new box designs. Its currently called "PALE BLONDE". Make sure you are looking at the TONER boxes, and not the hair color boxes. The box should be labelled with the code "T10" if you want to follow the instructions for an IVORY LADY color.

        Hope this was helpful! xoxo

      • profile image

        lisad041388 5 years ago

        I was a little scared! I tried it and I am thrilled!! A friend had been doing my hair and frying it little by little. I was ready to chop and go dark. I figured what did I have to lose, and it came out great and though newly done,, is in better condition than before I colored. I went to Sallys with my list and everything was so easy to find. They didn't have the right Toner and I wasn't crazy about the one I chose, it was a little dark,, but my hair looks great for a first attempt!

      • iwrite100 profile image

        Maribel Forayo 5 years ago from Philippines

        I like looking at blonde hairs but I don't want mine to be blonde. It does not fit me :)

      • profile image

        Armywife6 5 years ago

        @melissa-hanson-372: Your being a cosmetologist I can understand your concern, kind of, but bleaching hair is not rocket science either. Anytime that I have had my hair done by a professional (very good hair salon, their speciality was coloring only) my hair was always bleached twice. Sally's offers tons of information (same info from the schools I might add) on the developers volumizers etc. that makes it pretty easy to figure out what you need, and in this article she also says test. I dye my hair myself and many many friends and family members for over 20 years. Ive also had many trips to that salon when feeling lazy. I have to say I have never had anyone do better then I do. I'm always happiest when I have done it myself (which is explained above, as this is the way I do it and figured out the first couple of times, never a travesty while finding exactly what I want.) Many professionals will tell you themselves it's not hard to do yourself if you want to spend the time and even what to do to upkeep, which I knew but thought was very nice. What I would like to know is why $45 (that colors my hair multiple times) of product is being used yet I have to pay over $300, yes I have very long hair, but you see the price difference there. Don't say time because while my hair is bleaching she would move on and start on someone else. One more thing I have to add, NEVER have I seen a professional measure their mixtures, I've watched them add some then add more to get the consistency they want, but never break out any measuring cups lol. Like I said I can see your concern and I'm not trying to bash you, but I think you may be a little over dramatic in your post, as it is pretty basic. There will always be some mistakes, but I've seen many happen in a salon also.

      • KrystalBee LM profile image

        KrystalBee LM 5 years ago

        @emily-comeau-9: Firstly, I wish you luck in attending beauty school. That being said, just wanted to remind you that taking any kind of compensation (even tips) is illegal if you are unlicensed and asking for any kind of compensation by offering services you "learned" from someone also unlicensed is downright frightening.

      • profile image

        vchiri 5 years ago

        Alright... did this last night, step by step, MINUS adding the Ardell Red Gold Corrector, which is where I think my problem might be. I stripped my hair of the box red I had in (I'm not sure if I didn't get all the old color out or what, but my hair was still brownish pink after stripping it) and then I bleached. After stripping, my hair was already breaking off in pieces. After bleaching, my hair was still yellow and pink. I toned it after that and it is still brassy/light pink. Should I re-bleach in a week? Or just re-tone it with the Red Gold Corrector?

      • profile image

        lizzie-blackfoot 5 years ago

        Bought everything today from Sally's in Vancouver, Canada. A little more pricey than $40, but you get enough product to do your roots when it's time to touch them up.

        My hair will be interesting. It has been treated with a chestnut brown dye about 8 months ago, and now my roots are quite a few levels higher than my ends. I am hoping to get as much lift as I can with only one bleach and one tone. I am wondering if some of the women on here left their hair to process too long and that's why they experienced damage? I will post an update of how mine turns out with some processing times.

      • profile image

        pamela-thombentley 5 years ago

        I have been lightening my hair with high lift Ion extra light ash blonde but I'm still not happy. I want to have that white blonde vanilla look. Can someone tell me if it's ok to bleach over this color i have already done. Thank you

      • profile image

        lucinda-apps 5 years ago

        ok first i want to say my hair turned out perfect, and i did it myself, and it in good condition, and the price was great $12 to do my hair, thanku heaps thanku

      • mariacarbonara profile image

        mariacarbonara 5 years ago

        Thank you for this lens. So much awesome information glad I found it!

      • profile image

        jewel-gibbs-7 5 years ago

        Thank you for your wonderful article, i'm a beautiful blonde!!!! woot woot :0) no orange redish yellows. I am Afro-Trinidadian, I don't do perms or relaxers so that was a big help in my hair not breaking .Thank You!!!

      • profile image

        kikilopez 5 years ago

        Hey carly, I'm not an expert but I've dyed my hair jet black before and have gotten it out and went blonde (not the blonde that I am now though, I've gotten pretty much platinum-from medium brown) I don't think you need to worry about being orange, as long as you use a toner that should get the orange out, read my comment below, I had a problem getting the orange out and that's exactly what the toner does! :) I used Lightest Ash Blonde toner both times (just did my roots) and it looks awesome. Again, I'm not expert but I don't think you have anything to worry about if you follow this guide.

      • profile image

        carlyjanette 5 years ago

        &should get white or ivory lady if I want platinum blonde hair?

      • profile image

        carlyjanette 5 years ago


        I am terrified to do this...

        I have natural medium/dark brown hair but have continuously been dying it dark dark dark brown/black for about a year (always from a box, im pretty good at it by now). I tried bleaching before (just little spots) and they were PURE ORANGE!!! I bought the bleach from like a CVS or something in a box but maybe that's where I went wrong? I have mid back lengthed thick hair and my budget for my platinum blonde project is 35 $ Can I get some reassurance that if I do this with my hair type I wont have crispy cheeto-like hair? Or should I try at all? my hair is like my baby <3 please!!!!! thank you xox

      • profile image

        jennymason107 5 years ago

        @kikilopez: Thank you so much! I will definitely use that toner when I touch up my roots this weekend. :D

      • profile image

        kikilopez 5 years ago

        @jennymason107: Hi jenny! I just did my hair a few days ago too, I'm just as happy to have this article for reference. My Sally's was all out of Ivory Lady too so I bought Lightest Ash Blonde and it came out beautifully. Yellow and orange were my two biggest problems when I tried dying my hair before. It's not entirely platinum but it really is the lightest ash blonde you can get, it did wonders for getting the yellow out! In case you'd like to try something else I would highly recommend this one! :)

      • profile image

        jennymason107 5 years ago

        I mean Ivory Lady.

      • profile image

        jennymason107 5 years ago

        This is a great article. Thank you so much for writing. It really helped me when I dyed my hair a very dark brown. It had to go. I stripped my hair first, then bleached once, and boy was it funky. White at the top and graduated from yellow to orange at the ends. Sally's was all out of Ivory Lady when I bought all my supplies. Don't use anything other than Ivory Lady. It really is the only one that can take all the yellow tones out. I bleached again and used Ivory Lady toner and VOILA, a perfect white blonde. I couldn't be happier. However I think they discontinued White Lady. I can't find another toner that comes close. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks again.

      • profile image

        tara_1994 5 years ago

        Wow this guide is amazing! Mind ou i was a bit nervous at first and everyone was saying how bad bleaching is for your hair but i read this and read the comments, and i gave it a shot lastnight! I didn't have all the products but i bleached twice, washed, shampoo ed, washed again (as per the instructions) then put the dye in and it's come out a strawberry blonde colour! 5 stars

      • profile image

        kikilopez 5 years ago

        Quick rating: 5 stars, Oh my god I love it... Before I saw this step by step guide I tried coloring my hair from-the-box blonde 3 times even after a color stripper and still didn't get what I wanted. I already had orangy-yellow-blonde hair before trying this guide and I was worried I was digging myself in deeper and didn't think I'd be too impressed but after I used the toner, Whoa... I've never had hair this AMAZING. I'm so excited and happy it turned out so nice and it was painless! I thought I should share my experience using Jakealoo's tut for blonde hair. The only thing I had to do different is use 'lightest ash blonde toner' because they were all out of ivory lady. In conclusion, this color is something I'd pay $100 or more for but I got it for a fraction of the price. Just awesome! :D Thanks a lot!

      • profile image

        lucinda-apps 5 years ago

        @krystal-rusnak: i got all the stuff today and im giving it a go.. little scared..

      • profile image

        melissa-hanson-372 5 years ago

        @jorge-anglin: Well I can't say i don't agree with you.. But she's telling Everyone to use thirty volume, she obviously doesn't no what thirty volume means, volume is determined by the amount of levels you want to go up.. And it's saying to bleach your hair twice in one day. I read all the comments below before I commented..there's girls saying my hair feels like elastic and it's falling out, well it's because you just stripped (which is damaging enough by itself) than u bleach it(which is damaging it again) or if you didn't strip it than you bleach it twice in one day.... I dunno I guess I should try not to care, but it's hard not to try to help people when they have hair problems or people are listening to others that are not quiet sure what there doing.. And I live in a smaller town in Michigan, hi-lights are 45 and up.. Which are extremely LOw for the amount of time it takes and how awesome I make them look in the end. Doesn't help I paid 10,000 for my schooling, and 400dollars a month on product...

        P.s. did u see than I was replying to the comment above me, it wasn't out of nowhere, so I dunno why you said it doesn't help the article?

      • profile image

        melissa-hanson-372 5 years ago

        @runjessrun: Sweetheart, I'm a cosmetologist not an English major:D and I never said this wasn't well written, also I just got a new phone and the predictive text sometimes flaws my spelling, so if that's all the better jab you can take at me, than I'm just fine with that ;) let me no if you need a cosmetology schools contact information;););)

      • profile image

        jorge-anglin 5 years ago

        @melissa-hanson-372: this does not help the article and while i agree that people that are licensed usually know more about product. Some people learn through a relative that is a cosmetologist. The process is at least $60 to do and even when i cut my hair at a salon i have bad experiences so I will teach my friends how to apply the product and i am usually ok with the result (no frying or over-drying usually happens but then again i have very thick hair.) If you live anywhere around los angeles, CA its not unusual for bleaching to cost $300. Whatever the reason some people just don't want to spend that kind of money. If i go to the movie the business has a right to sell a bag of popcorn for $5 but it doesn't mean that everyone is buying the popcorn. Some people will take food with them to snack on (doesn't mean its always right but its bound to happen.)

      • profile image

        runjessrun 5 years ago

        @melissa-hanson-372: I think that this was an extraordinarily well-written article and, in contrast, your poor misspellings really take away from the "professionalization" you suggest comes from seeing a licensed "costemolgist".

      • profile image

        melissa-hanson-372 5 years ago

        @tiffany-reimer1: Only bleach it once, if you have darker brown roots go for 40 volumizer, this will lift the hair shaft color more shades but it does blast the cuticle more so use alot of hair maskers and expective Good conditioners;) hope this helped

      • profile image

        melissa-hanson-372 5 years ago

        I am not trying to be rude you guys, but you can't ask her questions and try to get a real answer form her. She is not a costemolgist! This may work for some of you, but most of you it will not. Not everyone needs 30 volumizer, some may only need 20 some may need 40, this is why should of you guys are turning orange. You should Never bleach your hair twice in one day, that is why some people's hair is looking like elastic and breaking off. And it is very important to measure your mixtures, this is also another reason why some of your hair is not turning out the right color. Everyone's hair is different some very porous, some not so porous. I do not recommend this. Go to a salon and have Professionals do it, they have went to school to professionalize in this situation.

        Thanks for reading,

        A conserned Lisensed Cosmetologist ;)

      • profile image

        melissa-hanson-372 5 years ago

        @Cosmoprincess94: Thank you for posting this, I wanted to cuss her out too but I wanted to read and see if someone else did too. Haha I am also a licensed cosmetologist, and I complete disagree with Sally selling color and perms to the public. People do not understand how the products work and this is why we have so many people come in to salon and have Us FIX there hair because a friend did it that had no clue what they were doing or they did it themselves. I just laughed at a few of the instructions she was giving because she obviously has no clue about volumizer, bleach, color on the hair shaft prior and the mixing measurements. Just dumb, but just wanted to thank you for putting this up here! ;)

      • profile image

        melissa-hanson-372 5 years ago

        @Fauzzie: Wait at least a week, I am a licensed hair stylist, you may want to strip your hair twice if you can't get the color all the way out of it, but wait at least 48 hours in between stripping, than bleach it, but do not bleach it twice in the same day, Never never never do that, your hair will be so fried, that is why people go in to salons to have this done although, because everyone's hair is different, just because it worked on her hair and her hair didn't fall out, doesn't mean yours or someone else's wont, just please be careful if your going to do this.

      • AnaAlessa LM profile image

        AnaAlessa LM 5 years ago

        I also dye my hair blonde, I never bleached it, because my natural hair color is dirty blonde anyway.

        Bleaching can cause hair dryness so maybe these tips are helpful for people that need a treatment for brittle hair:



      • profile image

        faaaffy 5 years ago

        I recently got my hair dyed ash blonde and it did not come out the way I wanted it done. My hair was a little grown out so it was kind of like an ombre. I hated the first time I dyed it blonde because it turned out orange so i researched and i found that ash blonde would take away the orange. it did take away the orange but it looks like I still have the ombre effect and it has a weird green tint now. i know my hair won't be completely even but I really want the green tint out. will this step by step process you showed work with me? please HELP!

      • profile image

        meg-dorazio3 5 years ago

        I started with brown hair and have dyed it twice now putting blonde streaks in trying to go platinum blonde. What can I do now that I have dirty blonde hair and want to go platinum blonde? Do I start with the bleaching part? And do I bleach it twice or just once since I'm already a yellowy dirty blonde?

      • profile image

        Fauzzie 5 years ago

        Can you tell me what I'd do if I were in this situation?

        I am a natural blonde, but I dyed my hair black with red and blue streaks (Splat hair color). I've had it that way for several months, and now I want to go back to blonde. I used some Color Oops on my hair and then went straight to the hair color that I wanted. I'm such an idiot, I didn't acknowledge the whole bleaching process. Now my hair is a dull brownish, with the red and blue colors still there. So, I plan to follow the directions in this article, but I don't want to further fry my hair. Any tips? Or how long I should wait to bleach my hair?

      • profile image

        emily-comeau-9 5 years ago

        i just would like to say THANK YOU! you walked me through the entire process and my client came out with PERFECT blonde hair.. she is absolutely in love with it and i am extremely proud of what came out of it. i could not have done it without your step by step process, and complete list of everything that is needed. i again thank you so much. i do not have the money to enroll in beauty school so i do a lot of at home work, and this is by far my most prized accomplishment. thank you thank you thank you!

      • profile image

        Cosmoprincess94 5 years ago

        First of all, awesome if you want to bleach your hair at home. As a professional, who paid for an education, I'm pretty offended at the notion that hairstylists are ripping people off. Depending on circumstances of the clients in texture, is there previous color in the hair, or other chemical treatments from the past....a bleach out can take quite a while. Whether or not the product costs under $10 or not, we still provide a service, and I do not buy my bleach at Sally's. I go through 'incensed only' channels. There are things that you need to know about developers and how they swell the hair shaft and yes, if you use the wrong strength, you can fry your hair. I do not charge $300 to bleach hair....maybe some salons are charging that amount of money, but most salons charge a fair price. I assume you get paid to go to your job? I do too.

      • profile image

        evelyn-9179 5 years ago

        This is very helpful! but my hair is chocolate brown right now, and its naturally dark brow. but i want to dye its dark red or Burgundy, could i just strip the color then dye it red?

      • profile image

        Michaela4 5 years ago

        Thanks for a great lense! I was very nervous about doing this on my own but your step by step instructions were very easy to follow. My hair now looks great - for a fraction of the cost of going to a salon.

      • profile image

        krystal-rusnak 5 years ago

        I usually don't comment on these types of things, but I loved it so much i had to. I bleached my hair blonde last fall using these steps and I am doing it again this week following these same procedures. I was terrified of how this was going to turn out especially in between some of these steps, like after the color fix, but the end result was 100% what i was looking for. I went to sallys beauty supply and spent less than $50 for everything and still had bleach and developer left over so i could touch up my roots ( i bought the 1 lb tub && 32oz developer). I also bought a big tub of the Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream that was mentioned at the end of this && still have some left over ! I have bleached my friends hair with this method as well && she loved it just as much as me. I WOULD 100000% RECOMMEND THIS. I use to hate going to salons with brown hair and telling them i wanted it bleach blonde && them telling me i would have to start off with blonde highlights && couldn't do my whole head all at once, well now i can && with using the cholesterol conditioner weekly, && the simmer lights shampoo && conditioner occasionally, my hair is not dried out, its healthy !

      • profile image

        jessicardixon 5 years ago

        Thank you for your informative detailed how-to guide to bleach your hair blonde! I recently paid $300 at a salon to have my hair fully colored to a beautiful platinum blonde color. I love it! Now I don't want to keep spending an arm and a leg on getting my light brown colored roots touched up. I definitely want to try doing it myself from now on. When touching up my roots, can I just put the bleach on my roots or will I need to put it throughout my entire head? Also, a friend of mine has platinum blonde-almost white hair that she does herself, she recommended that I use a 40 volume developer, will that make a big difference as compared to your recommended 30-volume developer?

      • JuserTM profile image

        JuserTM 5 years ago

        Great lens, nicely done!

      • profile image

        mb20Robsessed 5 years ago

        Very please with my results! I was getting nervous after the 2nd bleach cuz it was an awful bright yellow/white color and I was thinking.."No way could this little bottle of toner make my hair look naturally blonde" and boy was I wrong. My hair is a very pale ashy blonde, no orange or yellow in it. It is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for your guide. It helped so much! And also love the humour you put into your article. Made it fun to read :)

      • profile image

        mb20Robsessed 5 years ago

        @tiffany-reimer1: Yup. Bleach, wash, bleach, tone, condition. :)

      • athomemomblog profile image

        Genesis Davies 5 years ago from Guatemala

        Great lens! I doubt that I will ever bleach my hair, since I have very dark eyebrows and my skin isn't good with blonde, but I will send this to my sister who does get her hair done frequently.

      • profile image

        RandomUnicorn 5 years ago

        Wow, this is so helpful! I was going to bleach my hair and did a lot of research on it, but this is really the best explained guide. I'm definitely going to try this! Oh, and i actually didn't know i had to mix the Ardell Red Gold Corrector Plus into the toner, so it's good to know! Wish me luck.

      • profile image

        tiffany-reimer1 5 years ago

        Another qustion..i bleach..wash ..then bleach again right away after i dry it???? or do i wait an hour a day???

      • profile image

        tiffany-reimer1 5 years ago

        Question..i already have blonde hair...frrom the salon..but i bought the stuff to just touch up my roots on my own... should i still bleach twice??? I i bought the clairol basic white extra strength bleach?? is that still good to use?

      • profile image

        kristy-b-jones-3 5 years ago

        *very- not Betty lol. I need to add an update; all of my hair is elastic like (when wet) not just the front :( So I'm going to answer my own question... No toning for a long while. Scared to even brush it.

      • profile image

        kristy-b-jones-3 5 years ago

        Going to start off with letting you know that this post is Betty informative and easy to follow :). Now.... I have a big problem- I bought all of the stuff that I need. Last night I bleached my hair once and since it was already kind of light, it turned out white with just a little bit of yellow. I washed the bleach out and started to bow dry it. I noticed that my thinner hairs by my temples were crimped looking- I touched them and they felt like really really thin brittle rubber bands. Stretchy and breaking off. Scared the crud outta me. I put the dryer down and conditioned right away. ... Now my question is- can I tone today, or do I need to wait? Really don't want to leave it this color lol, scared to do anything to it though :( Thank you for your time :)

      • profile image

        charlyorang3 5 years ago

        @mushtush: I have no idea how to post on this site, so i'm replying to some one else post sorry about that!! Anyway See i always bleach my hair twice in the same day or sometimes i wait depends on how my hair is when i do this, and today my friend was telling me how bad it was and blah blah blah so i was googling it as i never bothered before cause i never thought my hair would fall out my grandma was a hairdresser since before i was born and she even told me that it's not true i don't need to worry about it! then i came across your little blog about bleaching your hair right!! I really like it I am trying this know in fact =D I hope it turns out well cause if i don't i must have read it wrong since everyone else is saying it's working great for them =D lol super excited anyway thanks for posting!! And for my friend i made her read this she didn't know what to say after that!! like don't get me wrong i know how much my own hair can take and the shit i've done to it already im really surpised it just hasn't fallen out and not grown back competely already =D haha


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