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Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Range Review

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Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Range

Whether your hair is fried from one too many bleaching sessions, moisture-sucking box dyes, or because you can't resist the tempting call of heat-styling tools, one thing's for sure: you're not alone!

According to a recent study carried out by the UK firm Harvey Water Softeners, dehydrated and damaged hair is an extremely common problem among men and women, with as many as 40% of respondents citing it as a root cause of their lack of confidence. But although there are a number of possible factors that could be contributing to our tired tresses, none of them means that dry hair is something we have to live with.

So, if you were waiting for a sign to start taking better care of your malnourished mane, consider this to be it. And as I, for one, am not looking to go broke over these 'miracle' shampoos that vow to transform even the most fragile of strands into bodacious bodies of hair, I've spent the past few years trying and testing a bunch of different budget-friendly brands; the most recent of which, being Charles Worthington.


Charles Worthington

Considered one of the most influential names in British hairdressing, celebrity hairstylist Charles Worthington has accumulated several awards and accolades over the last 30-something years for his work on BAFTA stars and celebs attending the Cannes Film Festival. This ultimately led to the launch of the Charles Worthington haircare brand: a collection of cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and salon-quality hair products that have been endorsed by big-name celebrities, like their most recent ambassador, Amanda Holden.

Currently, Charles Worthington has released ten impressive haircare ranges, each of which is designed to help people fall in love with their hair. Best of all, they are all insanely affordable! And as I've just recently repurchased a few products from the Moisture Seal range, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to share my thoughts with you.


Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Range

Charles Worthington's Moisture Seal range has been carefully crafted to give dry, damaged, and lacklustre locks a new lease on life thanks to a unique blend of 5 nourishing oils.

These are:

  • Argan Oil: For adding moisture to your hair and scalp while reducing everyday damage. This reduces split ends and breakage, preventing hair loss and promoting thicker, fuller hair.
  • Abyssinian Oil: Enhances hair's manageability, shine, and glossiness. Also contains antifungal properties that defend the hair against irritants and boost its overall condition.
  • Coconut Oil: Heals breakage and helps hair to grow thicker, longer, and stronger.
  • Tsubaki Oil: Provides essential nutrients to fortify hair follicles, improve scalp health, and prevent hair breakage.
  • Macadamia Oil: Calms frizzy, tangled, and dull hair while regulating oil production and adding shine, and improving the texture without weighing the hair down.

This intense concoction of vegan-friendly ingredients works to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, leaving hair 5x softer and 3x smoother and silkier.


Moisture Seal Shampoo (250ml) - RRP £6.99

First up is Charles Worthington's Moisture Seal Shampoo, which boasts a clean and refreshing citrus and floral fragrance! If you're not mad about highly scented hair care products, though, don't panic; the scent is nowhere near as potent when your hair is dry.

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My Thoughts

When it comes to consistency, the product isn't all that different from other shampoos I've tried in the past. It's runny (but not too runny), which makes it easy to spread, and you don't need more than a coin-sized amount for an all-over scalp application.

In terms of results, though, the Moisture Seal Shampoo definitely impressed me. It left my scalp feeling clean without stripping it of its natural oils, and my hair felt soft and silky until hair wash day came around again.


Moisture Seal Conditioner (250ml) - RRP £6.99

Like the shampoo, the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Conditioner is vegan-friendly, sulphate-free, and comes in fully recyclable packaging. The PLEX-REPAIR system is designed to lock in moisture and promote healthy, shiny, and nourished hair. And, again, it has the same lime, mandarin and white floral scent.

My Thoughts

After rinsing the shampoo from my hair, I scrunched out the excess water and applied the Moisture Seal Conditioner. Right away, I noticed the thick and rich consistency of the product, which made coating my hair an effortless task.

I left the conditioner on for a few minutes before washing it out, and I found that this really helped the product to work its magic. I was left with instantly softer, shinier, and smoother hair that was much easier to manage and looked healthier.


Moisture Seal Intensive Oil Rescue Mask (160ml) - RRP £6.99

Last but certainly not least, we have the Moisture Seal Intensive Oil Rescue Mask, a.k.a. the product that got me hooked on Charles Worthington in the first place. Do you know those one-in-a-million products that you hope never, ever get discontinued? Well, this is definitely one of them!

The salon-inspired formula aims to revitalise and restore strands that have seen better days and leave you with hair that is red carpet ready.

My Thoughts

This treatment is much thicker than the conditioner I mentioned earlier, but surprisingly, it spreads very easily, meaning one tub lasts a decent amount of time. I have hip-length hair and have already had seven generous applications from this tub, with enough left over for 2-3 more.

The instructions encourage you to apply this product to freshly washed wet hair that has been squeezed of any extra moisture. The mask should then be massaged ''deeply from root to tip'' and left for 1 minute before being rinsed out thoroughly.

This short waiting time is ideal if you are too busy to wait around and just want a quick burst of moisture or if you have fine hair that gets weighed down easily. But if your hair is particularly thirsty, you can absolutely leave it on for longer. I often wait upwards of 20 minutes before rinsing it off, and it always leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and nourished.

Overall Review

So far, I haven't been let down by the quality of Charles Worthington's haircare products, and I'm even more impressed by the value for money, which makes them a suitable choice for every budget.

Have you tried this brand? If so, let me know what your favourite items are of theirs in the comments!

The Importance Of A Haircare Routine

We often hear people talking about the importance of having a good skincare routine, but rarely does anyone ever mention the benefits of building a consistent hair regime.

Developing healthy hair habits can help to promote strong and healthy hair. And this is particularly important if you're interested in growing your hair out or want to minimise breakage and the appearance of flyaways, frizz, and split ends.

What you have probably heard, though, is the importance of investing in salon-quality products - especially from pushy hairdressers looking to make a quick buck! But in my experience, these products usually come with one hell of a price tag attached!

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