Knight and Wilson PurePlex Hair Dye Review

OlaPlex is all the rage at the moment and everyone is talking about it, from beauty bloggers to hair care professionals. But with the expensive price tag attached, not everyone has been able to see results for themselves. Is Knight and Wilson's PurePlex an affordable dupe?


DIY Hair: What Is Purple Shampoo and How Do You Use It?

If you're blonde or going blonde, you may have been instructed to try out purple shampoo. Yes, it's actually purple, and it's that color for a reason! Check out this guide to purple shampoo and learn exactly what it is, how it works, and how you can use it at home to neutralize and tone yellow hair!


DIY Hair: High Lift Hair Color Guide

Sometimes you want to get lighter hair, but you don't want to use bleach. This is a case for high lift hair color! This stuff will lighten your existing hair without the use of bleach, while also dyeing it. Find out how it works and how to use it here!


DIY Hair: How to Touch Up Roots at Home

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DIY Hair: How to Fix Yellow Hair

Bleaching your hair can sometimes have undesireable results, like getting yellow and brassy tones. Luckily, it's something that can be fixed by further bleaching, dying, or toning. Learn how to correct your yellow hair here!


Oway Hair Color Review

In this in-depth Organic Way or Oway hair color review, I go beyond ingredients and dive into the performance of this professional "organic hair color" line.