Choosing a Shade of Blonde Hair Color

Beige blonde hair
Beige blonde hair

If you've been planning to dye your hair blonde, you have plenty of different shades to choose from. It's not just about choosing your favorite shade though. There are so many factors to take into account, including the level of maintenance you're happy to accept, and the other features of your appearance like your skin tone and eye color.

Some shades of blonde hair color will suit your features more than others. If you don't match these qualities accordingly with the blonde color you choose, you might find yourself looking washed out or downright odd. It's easy to match your features with the right shades of blonde hair color, and you can find the perfect shade to change your look by following a few color rules.

Shades of blonde

The shades of blonde hair color available to you span all the way from the cool category of ash tones to the warmth of strawberry blonde. You can choose darker blondes that are closer to a brown shade, or go as pale as the icy cold platinum blonde. This assortment of tones include:

  • Ash blonde
  • Pearl blonde
  • Natural blonde
  • Beige blonde
  • Golden blonde
  • Caramel blonde
  • Strawberry blonde

Platinum pearl blonde hair
Platinum pearl blonde hair

Image: Remy Hairweft

Eye color
Matching blonde shade
Ash, pearl, natural
Ash, pearl, natural
Beige, Golden, caramel, strawberry
Beige, golden, caramel, strawberry
Ash blonde hair
Ash blonde hair

Image: Vanessa Hutd

Matching tones

You skin and eyes can either be cool or warm toned. Knowing the tone of your skin will help you choose a color that matches your skin so you don't end up looking odd or washed out. As a rule, those with cooler toned skin will suit cool tones of blonde like ash and pearl blondes, whilst if you have warm skin, you will look best with a warmer blonde.

If you look at the appearance of the veins under your skin, this is a fairly good indication of the predominant tones present in your complexion. If these veins are blue, your skin tone has a pink undertone and is classed as cool. Green veins however, suggest more gold tones present in your skin, which categorize it as warm.

Your eyes are easier to analyze and you can tell right from looking at them that if they are blue or green they are cool toned. Eyes that are hazel or brown are warm toned and will be accentuated best with warmer shades of hair color.

Once you know the tones of your skin and eyes, you are better equipped to choose from the different shades of blonde color without risking making a color mistake. When you dye your hair, for best results always match the tone of your hair color to the tone of your skin. Cool blonde shades will suit you best if you have cool-toned skin, and warm shades of blonde will look best against warm skin.

Platinum blonde
Platinum blonde
Blonde shade
Base tone
Tone family
Pearl / iridescent
Slightly cool
Violet / gold
Slightly warm
Gold / copper
Strawberry blonde

Cool-toned blondes

Cool-toned shades of blonde hair color consist of ash blondes, pearl blondes, and to a lesser extent, natural blondes. These shades have blue or violet base tones which form the base tone of your hair color and complement cooler features. Ash blondes are the most intense shade and can look anything from a silver to gray blonde, whilst pearl blondes give you a platinum result. Natural blondes are a balanced neutral shade.

Blonde dyes in the cool tone family match well with blue or green eyes. Eyes that are this color will be accentuated and appear both more vibrant and colorful when matched with these shades of blonde hair. Pearl dyes are more forgiving in this regard however, and they can look good even when matched with brown or hazel eyes. If your eyes don't match, you can still wear cool tones, as long as your skin is cool-toned. This is the most important factor in choosing a hair color.

Caramel blonde
Caramel blonde

Warm-toned blondes

Warm shades of blonde have a gold or copper base color. These shades will suit warm-toned skin and accentuate warmer eyes. Colors can range from beige blonde, which is a subtle golden blonde shade, all the way to strawberry blonde, which is predominantly copper.

If you have hazel or brown eyes, the warm shades of blonde hair color will make them appear much more vibrant and stunning. You aren't doing your eyes any favors if they're blue or green however, and in this case your eyes will look duller. If you have cool toned eyes, stay as close to cool shades as your skin tone will allow. Beige blonde will often work with fairer eyes yet still work with a warm skin tone.

Platinum blonde hair
Platinum blonde hair

Color depth

Shades of blonde hair color can be further defined by the depth of color present. This is called the level and tells you how dark the color is. It ranges from a level 6, which is a dark blonde, to a level 10, which is the lightest blonde.

When you're working with dye levels, darker levels will always suit best when you have a darker complexion. Darker shades can wash you out if you have a pale complexion, and pale shades just look plain weird when matched with dark skin. Choose a lighter shade if you're cool toned, or a darker shade if you're warm toned.

Choosing a blonde color that matches your skin is the best way to ensure your new color looks great. Many shades of blonde hair color can bring out the color of your eyes and even make your complexion look clearer when done right. The key is to take your features into account before you make a decision and work with what you have instead of against it.

Having trouble choosing a shade that matches your features? Leave a comment below for tailored advice.

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BLynd Logyk profile image

BLynd Logyk 2 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Lol, this whole hub reminds me of a night with my ex. Extremely informative and well done, though. You really know your hair color science! :p

Grace 2 years ago

I'm confused on what blonde to get ! I love the beach blonde sorta look but I'm afraid it'll look stupid with my brown - orange eyebrows and freckles also I don't know weather I should do a full dye or full head of foils?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 2 years ago Author

Hi there,

Beach blonde is usually more on the golden side, so it will suit you more if your skin is warm toned. The colour of your eyebrows doesn't really matter too much, and you could potentially tint them if it bothered you.

Also, the colour is usually highlighted to look like there are sun streaks, so it would be wise to go with foils for the best result.

Marie 2 years ago

I have blue-grey eyes and cool toned skin but I look better with golden tones in my hair...whenever I have ash it makes me look dull and much older.

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 2 years ago Author

Ash itself is not a very good colour, even if you have cool toned skin. It's such a harsh tone that it will often make you look dull.

It also depends on the ash dye used. Some ash blonde dyes have a green base for example, and this is what produces that awful golden green colour. That's not actually ash blonde, and it looks particularly bad on people with cool toned skin.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and these are guidelines that fit most people. Some people will find they look better with a shade that doesn't match their skin, but for the most part, cool tones work best with cool tones, and warm tones work best with warm tones.

Caitlyn 2 years ago

I have cool toned skin, veins are blue. Pinkish skin. Naturally dark brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Wat kindda blonde shuld i use? Debating in between natural blonde, beige blonde, cool blonde. Help please

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 2 years ago Author

Hi Caitlyn,

Any other those blonde colors will work for you. In particular, natural blonde is a safe bet that will work with both your cool skin and warm eyes.

Amy 2 years ago

Hi I've now gotten my hair to a level 8/9 bright blonde, slightly ginger, through a few bleaches over the last month. Im warm skin toned (green veins) slightly tanned but my eyes are bright blue which would suggest im cool toned? I would like to go platinum/ pearl blonde, would this look okay? Or what would you suggest please thanks in advance

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 2 years ago Author

Hi Amy,

Your eyes have less impact on the way a color looks compared to your skin. Try natural platinum or beige platinum. If you do end up wanting to see how a cooler tone looks against your skin, you can always tone it later.

Jamie 2 years ago

Can a person mix an ash with a beige blonde ?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 2 years ago Author

Hi Jamie,

That's perfectly fine, as long as it's the same brand, and same colour line. The more ash you add to the beige, the cooler the resulting tone.

Aayana 2 years ago

I don't know what tone am I ? Cause I have blue veins on my wrist and I have dark brown eyes that looks like black from far away??

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 2 years ago Author

Hi Aayana,

Your eyes will influence what shade of hair color suits you best, but your skin is the most important factor here. Your skin is cool toned, so you will generally find you look best with shades that are either, green, blue, or violet based. For blondes, this includes ash blonde, violet blonde, pearl blonde, natural blonde, and bright violet colours.

Roxy 2 years ago

Hi, I recently lighten my hair to a white blonde using Live XXL Platinum blonde... It's very harsh and bright, my skin is very pale and my eyes are green... I know an ash blonde will suite me after looking at your site... I like nice and easy box dyes... What ash blonde can I use that is violet based to avoid that green/grey washy colour????

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 2 years ago Author

Hi Roxy,

I don't recommend using box dyes at all, and I can't give any advice on any of the box colours you've used. I can give you a few examples of salon dyes that can give you the results you want though. The only real difference in application is that you'll have to select the developer and mix it in a tinting bowl, applying it by brush rather than with a bottle. I suppose if you wanted to buy an applicator bottle though, you could use that and apply the salon dye just like a box colour. It doesn't matter too much for an all over colour. Do whichever you find easiest.

The colours I'd easily recommend for a nice silvery blonde include Indola 9.2 (Violet base), I.Color 9SA (Violet blue base), Wella Koleston 9/1 (Violet blue base), Igora 9.1 (Violet blue base), Matrix SoColor 9-1 (Violet base), Fudge Headpaint 9.0 (Violet blue base). All of these colours will produce an ash colour that is a proper silvery blonde - not green.

If you use one of these colours, mix it with 10 vol developer and apply it to your hair by brush, or by shake bottle if you prefer. The amount of developer you use is dependent on brand, but is usually an equal amount to the dye, meaning 1 part dye to 1 part developer. Some brands recommend 1 part dye to 1.5 parts developer. Mix as directed by the particular brand. Develop only until your hair is toned to your liking, then rinse out.

Thanks for the question and good luck with your colouring. If you need any more help or direction, feel free to ask.

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 2 years ago Author

Hi Kelli,

For the lengths, bleach them to a light yellow. This won't take long because your hair is already quite light. Once there, tone it with either an ash or pearl blonde shade. If you want a slightly silver platinum, use the pearl. If you want a stronger ash, use the ash.

I'd also recommend that you use a high quality dye for this in order to get the best colour. Indola 9.2, Igora 9-5.1, Matrix 9A, or I.Color 9SA would all turn out great and you won't go wrong with any of these dyes.

As for the roots, you'll need to lighten them too. The best way to go about this would be to simply apply the bleach only to your roots first, allow them to lighten to the same as your current colour, then apply fresh bleach to the lengths. This way you can do it all in one process. You'll also be able to tone it all at the same time, using the same dye too.

kelli 2 years ago

I have been going to a professional to do my hair but with a baby and work I just don't have the time. My roots are about a level 5. My hair is a 8 and warm toned. I need and want to be a 9a. Blonde ash . How should I color my roots and the rest of my hair so it matches?

kelli 2 years ago

My roots are a level 6 not 5 :)

Hannah 21 months ago


I have cool skin that's really quite pale and I have really blue eyes. I want to go ash blonde but I'm worried because my skin can occasionally be fairly red around the cheeks and nose. Could I still go ash blonde or will it clash? It's fine when I have makeup on but I want it to look natural without makeup for those lazy days :)

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 21 months ago Author

Hi Hannah,

Should be fine as long as it's only that sparse redness. It won't match as closely when you're not wearing makeup, but it shouldn't look unnatural either.

julia 20 months ago

Add Your Comment..i am 55 with horrible white Gray short hair

What will I do.

Kelly 20 months ago

I have naturally grey hair, blue eyes. I had my hair dyed a sandy beige blonde. I don't like it. Wanted a more ash blonde either a base 10 or high lift 11. But wanted to have either a dark or lighter foils put through, to give it a bit of contrast, as my hair is quite fine. Can you give me some advice please

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 20 months ago Author

Hi Julia,

You could always try a medium or dark blonde shade. You'll probably get the best results by mixing a natural tone with a gold tone for this. The gold tone is needed to actually produce blonde from white hair, which has no colour, but you don't want it to grab onto too much of this or it ends up very brassy. Mixing with the natural tone, which is a balance of all the primary colours, helps to avoid this and gives a beige sort of result over grey.

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 20 months ago Author

Hi Kelly,

Kind of like the second picture in the article? (The long braided blonde hair).

That colour is close to a level 10, which is the lightest actual hair colour. If your hair is level 10, it is basically white.

High lift dyes use codes like 11, 12, 100, or ultra light to separate them from other dyes so that you know it's a high lift. This is also because they don't deposit to a specific level.

As for whether the ash tone would suit you, do you have cool toned skin? Your blue eyes will definitely work well with the colour, and as long as you have a light and cool toned complexion this should also match. Because a platinum colour is so light, it can look odd against darker skin just like grey hair can.

edy 20 months ago

Hi im from germany how can i show you a picture ..for the hair color i want ?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 20 months ago Author

Hi Edy,

You'd have to link to a picture. There's no way to submit one in a comment on here.

Hmac91 20 months ago

Hi, I'm trying to figure out the best shade for me. My eyes are brown/green, hair is naturally very dark brown and my skin is freckled and cool-toned even though I have yellow undertones. I'd like to do a darker blonde. So would I go for an ashy blonde or a slightly warmer shade to go with my eyes too? Help!

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 20 months ago Author

Hi Hmac,

If your skin is indeed cool-toned, you'll be better suited to an ash or natural tone. Skin depth also has an effect though; the lighter your skin is, the better you will suit lighter shades of blonde, and vice versa with darker skin and darker hair colours.

As for your eyes, because they're so small compared to the surface area of skin, they don't have as big of an impact. I'd recommend that if your eyes and skin tone are opposites in terms of warm or cool, that you base your decision primarily on your skin tone for the best matching colour.

Selene84 20 months ago

Hi, I have blue eyes, pale skin with some very faint freckles and cool undertones only my shoulders burn a little and I don't really tan. My hair is naturally a mix of browns, coppers, blondes and black (in the photo dyed black Currently I am a natural (lol) ash blonde but it seems to make the pink in my skin appear more red. What shade would you suggest?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 20 months ago Author

Hi Selene,

Are you sure you don't have a little redness in your cheeks? This becomes more noticeable with an ash colour because the redness is warm and the ash is cool. If so, a slightly warmer shade like natural or beige can help.

Stacey 20 months ago

Hi, I have blue eyes and natural medium strawberrish blonde hair that had some lighter beachy highlights. I purchased a box dye (really bad idea) the color was called silky blonde. It did not make my hair a nice shade of blonde. The box did not indicate but the dye must have had an ash tone as my hair has a lovely green grey tint. What do you suggest to get it back to a light strawberry blonde color?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 19 months ago Author

Hi Stacey,

You can actually reverse it with a strawberry blonde shade. The red tone in the dye neutralises the green from the ash as well as gives you back the strawberry blonde you want. Use a dye either at the same level as your hair or one level lighter for this.

Tris 19 months ago

Hey! So I gave brown eyes, dark brown hair and a warm skin tone with golden undertones and a light-medium skin tone. What shade of blonde would you suggest for an ombré mate?

Katie 19 months ago

I'm a natural redhead. On the ashy side, but still pretty red. I've lightened my hair twice, and it's lifted a lot of the colour, but it still has red/orange tones. My ultimate goal is to have a pearl blonde, and I have blue/green eyes with a very cool tone to my skin. Is this possible to achieve? Do you have any suggestions? I'm going to Sally's to get toner, but should I lighten it again to further strip the red?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 19 months ago Author

Hi Tris,

Golden or beige for the best match. You'll likely also suit a medium to dark blonde shade better than a lighter blonde too as this will match better with both your dark brown hair and skin tone without adding too much contrast.

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 19 months ago Author

Hi Katie,

Perfectly fine. Absolutely any unwanted tone can be neutralised with the complementary tone. This is why violet tones out yellow, like in the use of violet shampoo to prevent brassiness in blonde hair. The same principle works with orange and red tones, except that the complementary colour to orange is blue, and to red is green. You can see this by looking at a colour wheel.

One caveat though, your hair needs to be light enough for the level of blonde you want. Eg, if you want a medium blonde (Level 7), you will need to ensure that it has lightened to that level. Toning can add a desired tone to your hair, or neutralise an unwanted one, but you still can't use it to get the exact colour you want if it isn't light enough yet. Tone (The colour appearance), and level (How dark a colour is), are separate qualities.

Also, if you're having trouble toning it you can always feel free to ask for assistance once you get to that point and know what leftover warmth you're dealing with. I'd be happy to devise a colour formula to neutralise the unwanted colour when you have a better idea of what tone you need to treat.

Tonia 19 months ago

Heya, i have naturally dark brown hair, i had red in my hair before which u can still see at the ends (halfwaydown) in the sunlight. Will i use a colour remover on the ends before bleaching the whole lot? Im gonna try bleach it to the yellow stage, hair is in good condition, from the yellow stage is it possible to dye it with a number 6 like dark blonde or carmel blonde?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 19 months ago Author

Hi Tonia,

The red can be toned out. The most important thing is to get it all to the same level during bleaching so that it will be even, and if the dye remover takes out a lot of colour on the previously dyed ends, that could make this more difficult. You can still use it first if you prefer though, as long as you then apply bleach to the darker hair first when you get to that point in order to get an even result.

As for applying caramel blonde over the yellow, that's fine. It'll help if you add a dash of ash tone to that so that it doesn't turn out too warm. Even though the caramel is a warm shade, you get extra warmth showing up when you lighten.

Kathy 19 months ago

Hi James my natural level is 6 previously my hair was platinum icy color and because they became very damaged I start growing them it's been 6 months so I ended up with 3 inches of regrowth of natural level 6 I went to hairstylist to make my color what I wanted was baleyage with light warm beige and warmth blondes to looks really natural my eyes are brown and I don't like platinum anymore( I did like it when it was all over color) making story short the hairstylist which did my hair messed up them completely I end up with highlights which are still platinum and between I have 3 inches of my natural color which is level 6 ... it's disaster it looks like Christina aquilera look with her dramatic blonde and lowlights but I got this look only on 3 inches the rest all the way is platinum blonde I try to search to find out on the web to find how to correct this with professional color formulas but it's only how to correct yellowish bleach hair to achieve platinum it's nothing about going from platinum to blend light beige blondes so you my only help with color formula I would go to hairstylist to fix it but since she messed up this so bad she can do only worst if you know how to correct this please help me I would really appreciate it especially there is no mention on the web about it at all...

Kathy 19 months ago

I will post a link for colors I wish to achieve

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 19 months ago Author

Hi Kathy,

The picture is quite a bit darker than platinum, so you need to darken your overall colour to achieve it. It also looks like there are warmer lowlights whilst the overall colour is roughly neutral to beige.

I'd recommend foiling medium beige blonde through as lowlights, and then covering the rest of your hair with a light natural blonde. Use 20 vol as the developer for the medium blonde, and 30 vol for the light blonde. This will give you the lift you need to lighten the roots while it develops.

However, the root area is going to look warmer because you really need to use a cooler tone when lightening, but doing so would result in the lengths turning out very ashy. It's a bit of a trade-off. In any case the darker roots in the picture are fairly warm so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Kathy 19 months ago

Thank you so much for your help and quick response honestly it's really hard to find right hairstylist and unfortunately before it happened your hair will be damaged You have amazing knowledge and I really appreciate if I can ask please don't take this wrong way what brand will you recommend of nice warm beiges and blondes : matrix, redken, wella... and what volume I should use ? I know it's the best way to have this done by professional but I don't wanna take my chances to end up with adverse effect. Thank you so much for your amazing knowledge and judge help:)

Kathy 19 months ago

Hudge help;)

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 19 months ago Author

No problem Kathy, I'm glad you find it helpful.

All three of those brands produce quality dyes, so it doesn't matter too much. Match up the two colours you need with the dye brand and developer.

Eg, Medium natural blonde in Wella Koleston is 7/0, and you would be mixing that with 20 vol.

Light beige blonde in Wella is best matched with 8/03, which is a natural gold tone and produces a softer beige gold rather than a dominant gold result; you'd mix this with 30 vol.

The use of those developer volumes is really only to deal with the darker roots and lift those out. Even though you're using a volume of developer that is stronger and more geared towards lightening, the lengths still darken because the colour that is being deposited by the dye is darker than your hair currently is. It's a way of getting around the difference in level without lightening to roots separately.

Kathy 19 months ago

Thank you so much for your amazing help knowledge and That you share it with all of us I wish to have a hairstylist colorist like you !!! (if you close to Chicago and you work in salon I am your new client:) totally sold!;)

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 19 months ago Author

Hi Kathy,

No problem and thank you for the kind words. I live in Australia though, which is quite far away from Chicago and the rest of the states.

shannon 18 months ago

Hi, how r u? I have blue/grey eyes and blue veins, I tan OK. I bleached my hair and it is too light and bright, plz help me get to a dirty or beige blonde. If that would look OK? Thank you, I would like to mix colors as to maybe have some demention. Previous blonding has washed my skin out, I believe it was an ash tone.

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 18 months ago Author

Hi Shannon,

If you take a natural blonde shade 1 - 2 levels darker than your current colour and mix it with a golden blonde (Half natural blonde, half golden blonde), this will give a soft golden result that is close to beige but still has a lot of depth. You need the natural shade in there for it to darken properly and look rich. Whilst it can still turn out good without mixing the shade like this, you do lower the risk of mistakes by using the natural with the shade you actually want.

Dina 18 months ago

Hello maffew, first of all I've been reading your articles for the past 3 days they're very informative, helpful and show a lot of knowledge indeed, I was abke to dye my mother's hair a beautiful natural level 9 blonde because of your articles, thanks a lot!

Secondly, well I need your help! :) there's this blonde color I've been craving for so long but the problem is I can't figure out what exactly the tones making it and what to use

So here's a link of the color can you please help me figure it out?

It's like an ashy blonde with green tones but still has a soft golden touch and I just love it!

Btw my current hair is bleached to a level 5 then toned to an ash brown

So what level should i bleach my hair to? And then what hair dye level and tone should i use to get this?

Thanks in advance

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 18 months ago Author

Hi Dina,

I'm glad you've found the articles helpful and have been able to dye your mother's hair a nice colour.

It can be hard to tell with photos because sometimes it is the colour of the hair, but other times it is an effect of lighting or editing. If you look at the overall appearance of the photo you can see that same soft green tinge in other areas of the photo, including the wall and text, which makes me think lighting played a big part in causing it.

Overall though, it looks closest to a medium ash blonde. You will be able to get close to the same colour by lifting it to level 7, at which point your hair will look golden. Then apply a medium ash blonde dye to neutralise the excess warmth. The underlying gold tone will be present like in the photo as this is intended with darker ash shades. As the blonde colour gets lighter, ash becomes more of a light greyish to silver colour and less warmth is accepted in the final colour.

This will look very similar to the picture, and if you use a medium ash blonde that contains a little green tone it will also produce that same effect. Apart from that, you can add a small amount of a green concentrate in certain brands to produce this yourself. Just don't go overboard or it can look unnatural and odd.

zooey 18 months ago

Hi maffew

I have pale skin but medium not so fair and my cheeks are always pink which is something I really like as it makes me look healthy so I want a shade of blonde that really brings out my pink cheeks even more and inhance that flushed glow.. what do you suggest?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 18 months ago Author

Hi Zooey,

An ash shade definitely emphasises pink cheeks and makes them more noticeable. A lot of people with the right skin tone for ash shades actually avoid them because of this. With paler skin, you're able to pull off lighter shades that are more silvery and this also helps because lighter hair makes redness in your skin tone more prominent, but a darker shade around a medium ash blonde will still work for this.

Abril 18 months ago

Im using blonde medium cooper but i want to go light blonde pearl.. My skin is white and i have green eyes. SHOULD I DO THAT?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 18 months ago Author

Hi Abril,

If you like the lighter pearl colour than why not. Your features will suit it just fine and you can darken it to a different shade of blonde later on if you do decide it's not for you.

Melanie 17 months ago

Hi Maffew,

I found your articles and comment section incredibly helpful and with the help of your advice given to people with hair issues similar to mine.

I managed to reach a level 7 (mid shafts) to level 8/9 (tips) on natural level 2 Asian hair with grown out dark copper colour (mid shafts to ends).

To tone my bright banana peel and flesh coloured bayalage, I used:

Demi 9.01A (very light ash blonde) + Balancing Lotion 6 Volume (1.9%)

Results = Beautiful skin complementing colour with no sign of banana! HOWEVER the colour seems to fade almost instantly as I'm noticing the mid shafts become a warmer almost golden shade.

My desire is to obtain an intense ash colour that lasts longer than 1 wash.

I'm considering options, but don't have the cash to explore all of them, I am hoping your suggestions would point me in the right direction.

Should I:

1) Use a 10 vol developer with a demi next time?

2) Use a darker demi shade 8:01A or 8.13B ("Ash: neutralises unwanted warmth, Beige: neutralises unwanted gold at lighter levels")

3) Scrap the demi colours and go on to a permanent double dye load 8.11AA with a 10 vol developer? or will this make my hair turn green as it has a more blue than violet base?

I appreciate the amount time you put into reading and responding to everyone and would grateful if you reply to my post.

Kind regards,


Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 17 months ago Author

Hi Victoria,

It's likely your hair is quite porous after transitioning from a dark colour to a very light colour. When hair is porous, dyes tend to absorb more readily, but the hair doesn't hold onto them quite as well. There's no definite fix because it's just the way lightened hair acts due to damage of the cuticles and inner structure, but protein treatments can help repair the structure and allow it to hold colour for longer sometimes.

Overall though, with your hair I'd recommend using a mousse or a violet shampoo to keep it toned because these products can be used while you wash your hair to add tone back in after every shampoo as needed. They're also a non-damaging way to keep blonde hair beautiful and you don't need to waste time constantly dyeing your hair to keep it looking the way you want.

If you were to go this route, Igora 9.5-1 Mousse is a good pastel toner to add soft violet and counteract yellow tones after shampooing. It's a very delicate colour so it gives a soft result. With shampoo, because you're maintaining a fairly light colour you don't want it to be too strong so you should aim for a weaker product. You can always test it and dilute the colour down with white shampoo to soften it if it's too strong or you have a particular brand you want to use.

As for dye, for a more intense ash I'd recommend a 9.1 if your brand has this available. The 9.01 you're using is a natural tone with a secondary tone of ash and that's what gives the softer result. If you go with a primary ash tone, this will give a more intense result. The secondary tone is generally about 30% of the colour produced by a dye. The 8.01 could give a good result, but you need to be more careful with this as there is a big jump between a level 8 and 9 in terms of how much colour it deposits. Even though the ash is a secondary tone in this dye, the natural tone in a darker dye can darken your hair and look ashy on top of lighter colours so you will get a very strong effect. The 8.11 will be definitely be overkill. It will be incredibly strong because of the darker level and the amount of ash tone present in the dye.

If the brand you're using allows the use of 10 vol developer (Some demi-permanent dyes work with 10 vol or 5 / 6 vol and are more flexible, whilst others only recommend one developer strength be used), this can produce longer lasting results. The extra peroxide oxidises the colour more readily and more of it will bind to your hair. Otherwise, permanent dye will give a slightly longer lasting result, but it will still fade quickly due to the porosity.

gina 17 months ago

HI maffew

I want to dye my hair a level 7 dark golden blonde, I know I have to bleach my hair first till its gold right? Should i then use a level 7 dark gold blonde? Or a level 7 natural blonde?


Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 17 months ago Author

Hi Gina,

Beige or natural blonde, apply and tone until the gold tones are softened to more of a natural looking gold. Otherwise if you just use a golden shade, this doesn't add any cool tone to cut down on all the warmth that is revealed during lightened.

Anna 17 months ago

Hi maffew! :)

I want to dye my hair this colour

What colours i use after bleaching? (In numbers please)

Thanks a lot

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 17 months ago Author

Hi Anna,

Looks closest to a medium golden blonde, but with an ash tinge. 7N and 7G together should give you a close approximation of the colour.

Teia 17 months ago

I have pale skin but tan fairly easily because i go to a tanning salon. I have freckles that come out with more sun and not redness in cheeks. My eye colour is a green/hazel and my natural colour hair is dirty blonde. I want to go lighter but not sure how much i can go without being washed out! Can u help!? Im supposed to get my hair done tomorrow!

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 17 months ago Author

Hi Teia,

Generally, the paler your complexion, the lighter you can go with hair colour before it starts to contrast too much. If there's a big difference between how dark your hair and complexion is it can look strange, but it works fine sometimes. The most important thing to take into account is the tone of your skin because if you match that, you soften the look of the colour overall, even if there is some disparity with the darkness.

Another tip is to base it off your natural colour since you're already blonde. If your current colour suits you fine, you'll generally still look good with anything 2 levels either way (2 levels darker or 2 levels lighter). Anything further than this and it's more likely you won't suit it as much.

Elizabeth 16 months ago

Hi Maffew,

I really love the platinum look and finally worked up the courage to actually call and make an appointment. I have blue veins, pale skin (with a some freckles in the summer), dark brows, and wavy brown hair with redish undertones that highlights very quickly in the summer. I've never dyed, highlighted, or treated my hair in any way, and I don't use heat tools or styling product. My hair falls to about my waste and is very thick so I was going to get it trimmed and layered up a little bit- I don't want to knock off too much length.

It's been a rough year, and after a while deciding I came to the conclusion that my new hair should reflect a new beginning. Anyway, I never thought I could pull off the platinum look, and I'm still not completely sure that I can (not as well as abbey lee kershaw anyway). Still, I'm ABSOLUTELY in love with the look and want so badly to try it. I love the pearl platinum, and I like the colors that have a little more depth to them (a little variation). Here's a link to my pinterest board :

It has a few pictures of me and the colors that I'm considering. Will I be able to pull off that kind of color? And if so, what shade/ variation do you suggest?

thank you for your time! I really want to do this RIGHT.

mary 16 months ago

Hey maffew . I want to get natural looking highlights that suit my natural dirty.blonde hair .. What colors do you suggest?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 16 months ago Author

Hi Elizabeth,

You should suit platinum very well, particularly the more silvery ash shades. Having pale pinkish skin and blue eyes works very well with light blonde shades of hair.

As for the process to do this, your hair is already light, so you're not looking at too much lightening to get there, but it will need to be lifted to pale yellow and then toned to get platinum hair. For the toner, violet based will give more of a 'white' platinum, while violet-blue will give more of a silver platinum.

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 16 months ago Author

Hi Mary,

If you find that you look great with your natural hair colour, chances are you have a warmer skin tone and this will work best with beige or golden highlights. Aim for something no more than 1 - 2 levels lighter than your base colour and apply either thin delicate layers, or in a direction to mimic the way the sun hits your hair for the most natural look. The lighter and heavier you go with the highlighting, the less natural and more obvious the effect becomes.

jo 16 months ago

Hi maffew

My hair is currently an ugly yellow after bleaching it

and this

is the color I've been trying to achieve but not sure how? Is that level 9 ash blonde? Also do you think this color got highlights/lowlights .. Because i feel it got beautiful dimensions to it and not just a flat color?

Also to get this color do you think i should further bleach my ugly yellow or just put the dye on it hoping it will tone things down?

Thanks a lot for your time

Taylor 16 months ago

Hi I've always dyed my hair black/blonde and every time I've dyed my hair blonde it didn't look good on me but id give anything to be able to pull off blonde hair. I would always have the caramel blonde or darker blonde. i never tried a light ash blonde and was wondering if i could pull it off. I have cool toned skin and my face gets red easily.

Elizabeth 16 months ago

Thank you very much for the advice, Maffew. It was so nice to hear some affirmation- my parents think I'm going to look like a freak. But somehow that is appealing... my inner weirdo is shining through :') Thanks again, I appreciate the punctual/thorough response.

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 16 months ago Author

Hi Jo,

Looks closest to a level 8 ash. The difference in depth in the photo is likely a result of the lighting rather than the colour itself, although it's possible there is some balayage or highlighting / lowlighting present.

As for getting to the colour, your hair needs to be lightened to level 8, at which point it should be about the colour of the peel of a banana. You're aiming for a yellow colour that no longer has orange tones to it (Unless you're lightening dyed hair, which won't always proceed through the different base tones during lightening like natural hair due to leftover dye pigment).

Once you're there, and if this is the case now, you can then tone with ash at level 8 to finish the process. I.Color 8SA gives a very nice silvery ash result like the picture, but any 8A will work fine.

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 16 months ago Author

Hi Taylor,

Did you find that it was the colour that didn't work against your skin, or just the lightness of blonde hair? What tends to happen with cool toned skin is that cool toned colours will work best and warm shades like caramel or gold can clash badly. If the colour just didn't seem to work with your skin, natural, pearl, or ash blonde should match your skin better. Even a beige shade can be better in this situation because whilst it contains gold tone, this is more of a secondary reflect for a softer effect.

If your have fairly tanned or dark skin though, this can be another reason why blonde shades don't work. This can occur with any hair color because of the disparity between light and dark. The more of a contrast between how dark your hair and skin are, the more of a potential that it can look odd.

jo 16 months ago

Thanks alot for your reply I'm going to do a strand test and see how it turns out

one last question :D I want to get soft face framing highlights that blend in with this colour .. Do you think i should use a higher level 9 ash or a level 8 beige maybe?


Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 16 months ago Author

Hi Elizabeth,

No problem, let me know if you have any trouble with the colour, and good luck!

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 16 months ago Author

Hi Jo,

The beige will help blend the colour with your skin tone if your complexion is slightly on the warm side. It's a trick you can use to pull off cooler shades like ash. It will also help the colour work well with hazel or brown eyes.

The lighter ash on the other hand will soften to more of a silvery colour around your face and will work well with cool, pale skin and blue eyes. If your skin is very pale, having those lighter areas to frame your complexion can blend better.

Otherwise it's mostly just a matter of taste.

Rowan 16 months ago

Hi maffew,

3 months ago I did the biggest mistake and dyed my natural blonde hair brown that turned out to a dull black it really doesnt match my skin tone at all and just washes me off

I want to go back to my natural beautiful blonde hair I know this will require harsh bleaching thats why Ive been taking good care of ny hair for the last 3 months and Im intending to do protein treatment after bleach this is exactly how my natural hair looks in sunlight gid I miss it :( please help me go back to anything clkse to it from dyed black hair , many thanks.

Taylor 16 months ago

Thank you! I have a hair appointment in the morning and will be doing a light ash blonde balayage. I'm nervous and excited!! My skin is very weird, it can be super pale but easily get red and in the summer it will burn fast but slowly get tan and be a pinkish beige tan lol. Any advice for eyebrows? I have thinner eyebrows and they are brown and i usually fill them in and i don't want to look like a clown with blonde hair and dark filled in eyebrows.

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 16 months ago Author

Hi Rowan,

If it's a permanent dye and you've only applied it once, you will be able to remove a lot of it with hair dye remover. This reverses the chemical reaction that makes the dye permanent, so it breaks down and can be washed back out with shampoo.

It won't generally remove all of a dark colour like black, but it's a good first step because it isn't damaging. Any further lightening will require bleaching once you've removed as much colour as you can with the dye remover.

Once you get it to how light you want it, you will then need to tone it by applying a blonde dye to finish the colour and get it back to a natural looking blonde, otherwise the warmth revealed during removal of the dye will just look golden to orange in colour instead of blonde. Let me know if you need any further clarification on any part of the process or aren't sure of anything, and good luck with the colour!

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 16 months ago Author

Hi Taylor,

If it's mainly just balayage, this will soften the colour a lot, so the change is going to have less of an effect on the way your skin look. As for your eyebrows, this is more up to personal choice. You may find the thinner appearance complements your lighter hair colour and you like it like that. Otherwise, it's fine to fill them in and it shouldn't look strange. Plenty of people have hair as light as platinum but keep their natural eyebrow colour and it still looks good.

If you do need to do something about them though, you could always have them tinted to a slightly lighter shade of brown, so that then when you fill them in they still don't contrast as much with your lighter hair. I'd recommend only going slightly lighter though. Like if your eyebrows are a dark brown colour, tint to medium brown at most. If you go too light it starts to look strange and more obvious; and you also have the problem of regrowth.

Rowan 16 months ago

Thanks maffew! You saved me alot of damage i didn't know about the dye removal at all I though i am supposed to only bleach

Theres only one problem I dont know what level should i tone with to get something close to my natural blonde? I know it supposed to be ash to counter the brassiness from bleaching but what level?

My natural hair looks exactly as the girl in the pic in sunlight

Many thanks :)

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 16 months ago Author

Hi Rowan,

A medium or dark blonde should be closest. It can depend on how porous your hair ends up being after the colour removal though. If you don't end up needing to bleach, this will be less of a problem. Easiest way to deal with it is to apply to a small section as a strand test first and if it is too strong and the colour changes too quickly, go a level or two lighter so that you have more control over the timing. Apply, leave until you like the colour, and then rinse.

julie 16 months ago

I usually use a hairdresser but coloured my natural beige hair with natural beige blonde and it was gorgeous. Unfortunately 7 weeks later coloured it again with golden blonde and it has gone dark blonde very dark. Can you advise me what to use to get it back to my natural beige blonde do I use that colour again or a lighter shade. Also should I try a semi-permanent instead?

Thank you.

Kim 16 months ago

Hi, I've been using a medium golden blonde preference but after a week or two it always has an orange hue to it. I want something more natural looking but whenever I've tried ash or natural colors I get a green tint. I have blue/gray eyes and blue veins. My goal is a medium to dark looking natural haircolor. Any advice?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 16 months ago Author

Hi Julie,

If the colour has turned out too dark, it's best to leave it for a few days and wash it with clarifying shampoo to try and strip it out. If it's still too dark after that, you can bleach wash it or use dye remover (Only use dye remover if the dye is permanent as it won't work on other types of dye), and then recolour it using the shade you want.

Let me know if you need further clarification or more help and good luck with your colour!

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 15 months ago Author

Hi Kim,

The green tinge can be brand dependent. A lot of brands produce blonde shades that contain too much blue pigment at the level they are used, or even contain blue-green pigment. Blue on top of yellow or gold creates the green tinge; or a blue-green tone can do this by itself.

Ideally, if you want to try a cool blonde shade, you'll get the best results using what works for your hair. If you're seeing a lot of gold during lightening, you want to use something that is primarily violet based as violet neutralises yellow. For slight copper tones, use a dye that is violet-blue. The heavier blue-based ash blonde dyes are better used on very orange hair, and anything with green will only be beneficial when correcting red dye or dealing with a lot of red tone.

To make things easier, look for 'pearl' or 'iridescent' shades where possible because these are generally always a violet to violet-blue colour. If you know the base colours present in the different shades of brands you're using, this is the best way to gauge the expected result overall and prevent the green tinge.

One last thing though, if you like the way your colour looks after dyeing and it's mainly just after fading that the orange tone bothers you, De Lorenzo Silver shampoo is a good way to keep it toned and cooler for longer. This is a blue-violet shampoo so it will correct orange and gold tones. The presence of the violet tone means that even though it does contain a strong blue tone, it's not going to cause a green tinge because the yellow in your hair is neutralised and can't mix with any blue to produce green.

judy 15 months ago

Maffew......fascinating site

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 15 months ago Author

Hi Judy, I'm glad you found it interesting.

Zoe 15 months ago

So my veins look like a combination between blue and green and my eyes are green but I've been told my skin tone is warm? I naturally have mousy brown hair. I think I might kind of be in between? I've gone blonde before but it never seems to look right and I want to make sure I'm going to get the right shade now ... Any ideas?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 15 months ago Author

Hi Zoe,

Generally that test is fairly easy and effective. You might be somewhere in the middle though, with more of a slight cool or slight warm skin tone. Do you find your skin tends to look more pinkish or golden/peachy? Also, if you tend to look better with pinkish foundation, this is a good sign you have cool toned skin, whereas yellowish based foundation looks better on people with warm toned skin.

As for getting the blonde to look right, what shades of blonde have you been in the past? Eg, golden, beige, neutral etc, and what tones have been most prominent? If your previous blonde colours have had anything from a yellow tinge to a golden tone, they will have been warmer blondes and you may suit something cooler that doesn't show these tones at all; eg, silvery ash blonde shades, or even something from the fashion shades like violet blonde. If you have cooler skin or slightly warm skin, you want to stick to shades that are neutral or cooler, so you have natural blonde, ash blonde, violet blonde (Looks like ash blonde or silver with a violet tinge depending on how light the shade is), rosewood blonde (Which is a nice pinkish violet blonde that can work even though there is a little red present).

Jkhr 15 months ago

My boyfriend was talked into trying to cover his gorgeous silvery grey hair by his stylist. I wasn't with him to nix this idea. It is a disaster! Instead of coloring his hair to a pearly light blond, he now is a strawberry blond! NOT GOOD!

He has silver/grey eyes, pink toned skin, no freckles, clean shaven and his natural hair color was a light ash brown/blond. I have read that grey-haired people should stay away from ashy tones, as they are grey based and can be aging, but since that was his natural color to begin with, is it ok to try to get him back to that color? Can you recommend how to get him back to a more natural color? Or at least how to get rid of the red? We are based in the USA.

I am not a colorist, but I've dyed my own hair for years and years. However, I'm a redhead so getting rid of red tones is beyond my experience. Any advice is appreciated.

Blake 15 months ago

Hi im 14 years old, i used to have lighter hair but now is light brown. i love the sandy/beachy blondes, so should i start with highlights or ombre? because i dont want the dye to be so "radical". also i have brown hazel eyes with a neutral skin

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 14 months ago Author

Hi Jkhr,

Apologies for the late reply. If he likes his hair that really ashy grey colour and it looks good, there's definitely no problem with keeping it.

To return to it, initially, a dye remover can be used if the dye was permanent. This will break the colour back down so that it can be washed out. It won't always take it all out, but it's non-damaging, so it's a good first step. After that, if it's still quite a bit darker than desired, a bleach bath can be used to sort this out.

Once it's light enough, it will then likely need to be toned, even if the dye remover took out most of the dye, because it's likely there will still be a red tinge through it. Toning with ash neutralises this red tone to return it to the silver.

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 14 months ago Author

Hi Blake,

Balayage is a good option for it to look natural and be low-maintenance. This is a highlighting technique, but it is applied more subtly and it doesn't produce harsh regrowth. Ombre is low-maintenance too, and it can be done in a way that is subtle or more extreme depending on how you want it to look. Either would work well and not look too obvious, and both can be used for that beach blonde look.

Tanya 14 months ago

Hi! Thanks for this really informative article. I have a problem when dyeing my hair. Every time my roots end up lighter than the ends. I dye my hair myself and I use drugstore brands (mostly Garnier olia, I want to achieve their number 9.0) Probably I do something wrong. But every time the final colour in general is way darker than the one on the sample and the roots are visibly lighter and yellow toned than the ends. I dye the hair from roots to end and follow the instructions but I never end up with the desired colour.

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 13 months ago Author

Hi Tanya,

If you're applying over dyed hair, that is a common cause of this because your roots are natural hair. The natural hair lightens much more easily compared to hair that has been previously dyed, and the warmth of your scalp also boosts it, causing 'hot roots', where your roots end up lighter than the lengths.

As for the colour turning out darker than expected, this will happen if you're dyeing over previously dyed hair because it doesn't lighten properly from using more dye. Easiest way to avoid this is to pre-lighten it with bleach to the desired level and then tone using dye to finish the colour.

In future for the roots if these continue to end up too light when using a dye or bleach to lighten your hair, you may want to consider applying to your lengths first, leaving about 1.5 - 2 cm at the roots. Once it has been developing for 15 minutes you can apply the rest of the dye to the root area.

Sue58 profile image

Sue58 13 months ago

Hi Maffew, I have blue/green eyes and I tan easily so I believe I am a warm skin tone. Although my cheeks show some reddish tinge to them.I currently have Light ash blonde hair and I have added Light golden brown for low lights.I would like to start with a whole new base colour and perhaps add highlights to this. I would appreciate any base colours in the blonde shades or brown to start with that may look good on me.Thank you so much for any advice.

abi_neutrino 12 months ago

I have cool toned lightest alabaster skin and blue eyes. My hair is naturally dark ash blonde at the root and light golden to strawberry blonde at the ends. I got bored and dyed it red and I want to do a baylage blonde because my roots are really annoying and I want to cut down on the dying. Also, my hair is fragile because I have been unable to afford quality haircuts for a long time and was anorexic summer of 2014 so it's been splitting up the shaft. I'm getting it cut to healthy length (I'm now a model to a nearby salon!) but still need the least damaging solution. What would you recommend? :) ps, love the blog

Zee 12 months ago

hi. I have a question. I recently bleached my hair to turn it into pink. It worked, but now I want to try blonde so am currently taking my time stripping color out.

Originally my hair is dark brown, eyes also. I'm fair and seem to have both pink and yellow undertones? At least that's what I think, my face has a bit of pink. I'm thinking of a more golden buttery blonde color but not sure about how it'll look, toner to use etc. can u tell me any products ud recommend. I once tried wella ash toner and it made the yellow very dingy.


Melanie 11 months ago

I have green eyes. Natural hair level is a 7 . I am fair complected but have pinky tones in my skin. I can't tell if my veins are blue or green. Honestly they look a little of both? My hair color is usually always blonde. The few times I did go darker I always end up adding more blonde back in until I'm all blonde again. I usually do all over highlights. Platinum I feel looks the best. But is damaging and high maintenance. I really want to try an all over darker brown. Plum. Or a vibrant red ... I'm just not sure if not would look good or not!? I recently tried on some wigs and funny thing is the brown wig looked horrible. Yet the black looked ok even though I'm so fair complected. Ugh. I just want a change. Help.

samantha 9 months ago

Hi so i just read this article. I want to go blonde like a lifht blonde. I can' decide if i am cool or warm toned. My wrist vains looks blue/more purple and my vain on my arm looks a little more green. I have light brown eyes like honey and light brown golden hair. There is times when i lok darker or lighter, but that is because of the lighting. I want to do my hair a blondewoth dark roots. However, i dont want a yellow blonde. I want it more twards the pear/platinum blonde. Would that look bad? Also, i have curly hair. Hont anythong poofy and dramatic, just soft curls. Would it get destructed? I know bleach cacn destroy hair, but some people say it is ok. Do you think i should do it?

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 9 months ago Author

Hi Samantha,

Sounds like your skin tone is cool to neutral, but you may be able to get a better idea by looking at how the golden tone of your eyes and hair work with your skin and compare that to an ashier shade of a hair swatch or previous colour you've had if possible. That might be an easier way to determine the tonal direction. If the golden tones in your features seem to work well with your skin, this is a good indication that it is more on the warm side, whilst the opposite is true of a cool toned complexion.

As for the lightening, bleach doesn't destroy hair 'per se', in that if you haven't applied any dyes or other chemical products to your hair, a single bleach process done correctly will generally leave your hair in close to the same strength and appearance it had previously, after allowing it to rest for a week to regain lost moisture and return to its normal condition. If it's been processed heavily in the past, is already damaged, or is naturally weaker like in the case of fine hair, which has a thinner size than coarse hair, these are factors that can result in much more damage from bleaching.

It can also reduce curls because bleach alters the natural texture of your hair. This means that your curls can become softer, but it can also lead to more frizz if damage occurs. Ultimately, you need to take your hair's current condition into account before you decide to lighten it, and it would be best to proceed only if you don't have a lot of damage. It'll also lighten less quickly if you've dyed it previously with brown or black shades because artificial colour doesn't lift as effectively as natural pigment, so that's something else to consider if you've applied any dyes in the past.

Kate 8 months ago

How do I dye my hair in a beautiful golden blonde, what stage of decoloration is acceptable to achieve a golden shade? Is it ok to dye it after bleaching it to a light orangey yellow shade ?or do I have to bleach it to a light yellow,tone it and then dye it with a golden shade?.

Maffew James profile image

Maffew James 8 months ago Author

Hi Kate,

The amount of lightening is dependent on how dark you want the blonde to be because gold is a tone, rather than a depth. Feel free to go to whatever depth you prefer, as long as it's past the orange stage.

Following that, I'd recommend toning with either an ash shade that is 2 levels lighter than the level you've reached, or a natural shade that is 1 level lighter. Leave this in only long enough to soften the harsh warm tones that appear during lightening and produce a nice looking result.

Jess 7 months ago

Hi Maffew, I was hoping you could help me with choosing a hair colour that suits me?!

I have been dying my hair 'darkest brown' for as long as I can remember, I'm 29, relatively fair skin, blue grey small eyes & my hair is quite long & thick. I would LOVE to dye my hair a lighter shade but I have absolutely no idea what colour would suit me best? I adore balayage/ombré look & would love to transition to maybe bronde?

With my Italian background I'm scared that going lighter will enhance my ethnicity. Can you pretty please suggest shades/tones/colour & maybe a cut that would suit me? Take a look at my pics by clicking on my profile

Thanks a million xxx

Megan 6 months ago

I'm so glad I found this!!!! I love blonde hair so much. I actually think I'm in between skin tones. I have mainly red undertones but I have reddish brown eyes. So it's hard to find the right color. I had my hair done a few months ago and it's very yellow/buttery and it looks terrible on me.. if that helps at all. I've been platinum before and liked how it seemed to brighten my face but my eyes obviously didn't match very well. How can I get a nice blonde color to suit me? Maybe an ombre? Ash? I'm lost. Please help.

Mick3y 6 months ago

Hi, James. I have neutral skin tone, pink flush in my face, natural mousy blonde hair and very light skin. I look very good and natural in brunette hair. But I want to go blonde but brassy blondes doesnt suit me though or maybe its just my imagination, but I REALLY want to go blonde. What shade and tint blonde would look amazing on me?

Novale 6 months ago

I need help with color non short pixie style hair..I am 46. So not wanting to look older..mousy brown which I colored to cinnamon brownish ....shows alot of auburn..I really want to go lighter...been light blonde before n washed me out n was too close to grey..I HV turquoise eyes but warmer skin...was planning to bleach n do 7n??? Since I HV so much red now I don't want's hard with such short hair not to get on roots n worried abt I still leave on same amount of time n do I use 20 developer or 30? Thnku so much

Jasmine Rodriguez 5 months ago

Hi, James I went in for a new look. I wanted to go blonde. I have cool tone complexion with a ruddy skin tone. The stylist made me a caramel blonde with highlights which I think is to dark and a little orange brown. I don't like it. I want to go a little lighter to an ash or beige if that will complement my skin tone I am latina with dark brown eyes.

Daniella 5 months ago

I am planning to dye my hair blonde but I have no idea if it will suit me. I'm Asian but my skin tone is neutral. I really want to try being a blonde but I don't know if I will look good. Can you help? I am around fair to medium in skin colour.

Sandy 5 months ago

Hi, I'm a natural dark blonde and I would like to go a little lighter but I have troubles finding the right color- I have green eyes and blue veins but I blush easily and some blonde shades make me look like a red balloon. What would you recommend?

Eliana 4 months ago

So this is going to be my first time dying my hair and im excited but nervous that I'm going to pick the wrong colour. So i have brown eyes and im a warm tone like tan kind of a the color of a pancake but my face is slightly lighter.which colour do you think will suit me the most in your opinion?

gail 7 weeks ago

Hi there, I have grey roots and a ashy blonde at the moment, I have hazel eyes and pink complexion. I was thinking of going a little darker maybe a pearl. What do you think?

Kathleen 6 weeks ago

Yay, found you!

Waiting to receive wig to cover results I currently have after trying to dye my already dyed, washed out, medium golden brown hair to blonde. Orange shade resulted. Washed it with purple shampoo, but still isn't good color. Even though awaiting wig, I plan on trying to get blonde dye job right.

Here's what I need to know:

I bought Wella's 'Blondor Soft Blonde Creme Lightener' and 'Color Charm Cream Developer 20%'. Also bought purple shampoo and conditioner.

If lightener is mixed with developer in 1:2 ratio, and mixture does remove orange color and hair lightens to blonde shade, do I still need to then apply a blonde toner? OR, can I just wash it with purple shampoo and condition hair?

I read that this Blondor Creme Lightener is supposed to include blonde toner in it!

I think I have warm skin tone. I tan easily and med golden brown color made my hazel eyes look great! This orange shade makes me look washed out, though.


Thank you for your time and assistance.



Serena 6 weeks ago

First just wanted to say you have an amazing website and thank you for the information. I'm not sure what to do. I used to highlight my own hair at home. Then I went to the beauty salon and had it bleached. It was brassy dark yellow reddish so o had to go back and have it lifted again. It turned out a beautiful light blonde. My roots have grown out but I don't want to double process. I would Love to redo it at home with a box of dye or the 30 develope if I have to but I don't want to double process again. My hair is curly and it was damaged. Meyes are green and olive skin. My hair is dark Brown with reddish Irish undertones. Please help and thank you.

Seryn ( 5 weeks ago

So I'm confused with what shade that I want. I have what you'd call porcelain skin and have blue eyes between dark and light. I kind of want a light type of blonde hair which kind of looks silvery but I just need to know if I can pull it off? Any suggestions? Thanks, Seryn.


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