10 Beauty Tips and Secrets for Men

Updated on August 18, 2014

How Much Time Should a Man Spend Grooming?

When I was younger and getting ready for a night out on the town, it would take half an hour at the most to transform myself from Mr. Slob to Mr. Super-Cool-Dude. All it took was a quick shower and shave, a dash of aftershave and a spray of deodorant, a quick swipe of a comb through with a bit of Brylcreem, and I was good to go.

Getting that half hour to use the bathroom was the most difficult part of my simple beauty regime because my sister would be in there for at least three hours getting ready for her night out on the town: shaving, plucking, puffing, slicking, applying her war paint (cosmetics), and whatever else women do to preen themselves. Of course, after that, she would spend another hour or two in her bedroom, choosing clothes and accessories to match them.

Back then, women took a lot more pride in their appearance than men. But today, a man is expected to look like his looks are not an afterthought.

If you haven't caught up with the times in terms of grooming, scroll down to discover what you may have overlooked.

Male Beauty: Then and Now

Male grooming these days is on a par with the female grooming routine, and if my sister and I were both going out on the town, we would have to have a roster to use the bathroom.

These days, men are taking a lot more pride in their appearance and want to look great when they go out into the public eye. There are many new products aimed at men's looks, and male grooming products and services have become a thriving marketplace.

From well-manicured nails to male lipstick and eyeshadow, the modern man has a host of products to choose from to help him achieve his best look. Men can also use cosmetic surgery to enhance their features, remove unwanted fat, and even have breast reduction surgery if they have man boobs. For men who worry about the size of their manhood, there is a surgery available for that too.

Yes, times have changed.

From This...

...To This

10 Beauty Tips for Men

Shaving Tips

These days, shaving seems optional. A lot of ladies love men who have a five o'clock shadow, but this look doesn't work for everyone. Although it looks rather cool and rebellious, ironically, it only works if you've thought a lot about it. For example, there's a fine line between shadow and full-fledged beard, and if you have thick hair on your neck, that might not look so great. Plus, if your facial hair is unkempt or patchy, you'd better just take the razor to it and be clean-shaven for your night out.

Manicures for Men

Manicured nails look great on anyone. When you've got black stuff crusted under your nails, she's going to have to wonder where that hand has been, but you don't have to break the bank to get yourself a good manicure. Your mother and your sister, if you have one, have been doing their own nails for years and I am sure that they will gladly help you: all you have to do is ask. Plus, these days men go to nail places to get their nails done all the time, so don't think twice about it.

To enhance your well-manicured nails, a spot of clear nail polish or varnish will make them look even cleaner.

Male Manicure


Men's Skin Regimen, Cleansing, and Cosmetics

Cleansing your face with an exfoliant gets rid of dead skin particles and leaves your face feeling smoother and looking great. It can also help prevent black heads, acne, and ingrown hairs. The apricot scrub shown below doesn't cost a lot and works nicely to clean skin and minimize pores.

Anti-aging creams work just as well on men as they do on women, but they can leave your face with an unmasculine-looking shine. If you use these creams, you might also purchase a couple of cosmetics to take the shine from your face: a concealer and/or a light foundation powder or cream. While you're at it, you might choose one with sunscreen in it to protect your skin from sun damage.

Cosmetics should be carefully chosen. Yes, there are many popular lines of cosmetics designed for men, although in reality there is no reason for a man to wear lipstick, eye shadow, blusher, or many of the other cosmetics available–but they can be used to enhance your best facial features, if you want. The best way to go about applying cosmetics is to seek out an expert to show you how. If applied correctly, cosmetics can enhance your appearance, but applied incorrectly, they can leave you with an effeminate look which might send the wrong signals.

Apricot Scrub

This stuff works great.
This stuff works great.

Teeth Whitening

No matter how often you clean your teeth, they can become stained from drinking tea, coffee, smoking, and eating certain foods. There are many different ways to whiten your teeth, but the cheapest option is to use a whitening toothpaste: although it might take a little longer than other methods, it will give you a brighter smile in two to three weeks.

Fresh Breath

Having whiter teeth doesn't always mean that you have fresh breath, and although regular brushing does help, investing in a good mouthwash is essential. Mouthwash gets to parts of the mouth that brushing can't reach, leaving your breath fresher and your mouth cleaner.

Hair Care for Men

Regardless of your hair type, it is important to use a shampoo that is gentle on your hair. Ingredients such as vitamin E are great for naturally strengthening and conditioning the hair follicles. Don't be fooled by super fragrant shampoos, either. Be sure to read the labels, as these types of products can contain artificial ingredients that don't do much for your hair.

Hot oil treatments also leave your hair with a great natural-looking shine.

Pubic Hair (Manscaping)

To shave or not to shave is a matter of personal taste; if it feels right, then go ahead and do it but if it doesn't, then don't. You can manage hair growth on body parts by trimming the hair now and then with scissors or an electric groomer, taking care not to endanger your chances of having children in the future.

If you do plan on removing unwanted body hair, read my article on manscaping for additional tips.

Men's Clothing

No matter if you are going out to a formal or casual event, ensure that your clothes are well laundered, at least. Cleanliness is next to godliness after all, and if you have worked on all of the other care tips above, you could spoil it all by having poorly washed or pressed clothes. And don't forget to the shoes, which should be well cared for and polished.

Have Fun!

You look good, you feel good, and you are oozing confidence. All that is left is to enjoy your night on the town.

Male Grooming Poll

How long does it take you to get ready for a night out?

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      • profile image


        2 years ago

        here are my recs/what i use and find really effective:

        exfoliating: yu-be foaming skin polish

        cleansing: neutrogena invigorating face wash

        moisturizing: yu-be moisturizing skin care

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Should a men use facial powder for oil control? Is there any side effect? If yes, what should be the products to use?

      • ReviewsfromSandy profile image

        Sandy Mertens 

        3 years ago from Wisconsin

        Funny how the times have changed with male grooming. I use to spend some time during this, but I have gone more natural.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        I love looking after myself in terms of appearance. It makes you feel better about yourself and boosts your confidence.

      • Lorelei Cohen profile image

        Lorelei Cohen 

        4 years ago from Canada

        Hubby turned 65 and decided to grow a beard. He came home this morning with a new beard trimmer.

      • Venkatachari M profile image

        Venkatachari M 

        4 years ago from Hyderabad, India

        Very useful and interesting hub with good tips.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        I have an oily skin what shall I do

      • Brite-Ideas profile image

        Barbara Tremblay Cipak 

        4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

        ok, why did I have to read this hub first in your collection? Well, as the mom of 4 sons and the only girl in the house, except the dog, it's a topic near and dear to my heart! lol - especially the finger nails - can't get through to my handsome guys to take care of their nails a little better!

      • Lady Guinevere profile image

        Debra Allen 

        4 years ago from West By God

        This was great. I am surprised it is 5 years old! Manscaping....hmmmm.......I would have never thought of that one.

        Yes men have to also look well groomed in public too.

      • boutiqueshops profile image


        4 years ago from Corpus Christi, Texas

        Very nicely done! It's great to see this topic written for men. It's a much needed discussion! Thanks & I'm going to show it to my husband and get his take on it.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        The above tips are very nice and comfortable,then i've used some product which that the inclusions of product as well,thanks and given some more tips.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        pleas i want to by this produck,, i am just 18 years,,so how i have brought this product??

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        i am not looking fair what can i do for looking fair

      • aziza786 profile image

        Zia Uddin 

        5 years ago from Birmingham

        Good tips you've got there on beautifying men. Good hub and voted up.

      • Tat808 profile image

        Caroline Smith 

        5 years ago from Montclair, New Jersey

        Nice hub. I'm still trying to convince my partner to moisturise on a daily basis, wish me luck with the rest of your tips :)

      • GoodLady profile image

        Penelope Hart 

        5 years ago from Rome, Italy

        Shall link this great hub with one I've just written! Thanks.

      • profile image


        5 years ago


      • profile image


        5 years ago

        its very help full..

      • vespawoolf profile image


        6 years ago from Peru, South America

        Great tips! I plan to give my hubby a makeover, complete with teeth whitening and facial scrub. Thanks so much!

      • Tonipet profile image

        Tonette Fornillos 

        6 years ago from The City of Generals

        Wonderful tips. Most men, busy as they think they are, tend to neglect about taking good care of themselves. This list should keep reminding them, at least. All men still would care looking and smelling great for everyone. Very useful hub Jimmy, thanks for the care to our men. Best wishes! :-)

      • profile image


        6 years ago


        i want the suggestions form u ,my face has pimple black spots and i want my skin glow .

      • profile image


        6 years ago


      • profile image

        fedrick emmanuel.f 

        6 years ago


      • profile image

        sayyam arif 

        6 years ago

        nice tips i like that

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        Many thanks be to you.

        Humble & grateful I is.

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        Nice ......

      • profile image

        Buy Dermacai 

        7 years ago

        Great article and Thanks for sharing this with us as well

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        but simplest ismost beautiful things

      • profile image

        lover bert 

        7 years ago

        i apply those tips given but only problem is the height what is alternative ways wihtout using any chemical suppliment please advice me thanks

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        I want to know about my hair that is 2 problem for me what should i do many time i used many kind of Shampo but no result ...

        also which kind of cream should i use plz advise me .


      • profile image

        Sunny jut 

        7 years ago

        I think these are great tip for man but we want more

      • profile image

        muhammad ahsan amjad 

        7 years ago

        nice tips........

      • profile image

        suresh patel 

        7 years ago

        Very interesting tips on beauty overall. give more tips like this.

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        These are the great tips 4 me and i m compleltly impressed

      • profile image

        Preet Gurbani 

        7 years ago

        Nice tips, it will be useful for my husband,thanks.

      • Yoovle profile image


        7 years ago from at the beach

        Well this was certainly a very interesting hub on beauty overall, very comprehensive..

      • profile image

        Adam Browning 

        7 years ago

        fine stuff you have here. thanks for the trick

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        well.. thanx...

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        Nice tips. I look forward to the day when a guy asks for advise on Nails ;)

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        nice, girl should follow the tips above also.

      • jimmythejock profile imageAUTHOR

        James Paterson 

        7 years ago from Scotland

        To CMA DEEPPAK DHINGRA, I have removed your comment for 2 reasons.

        1: Capital letters, please use lower case.

        2:I do not accept comments where an email address has been added.

        please feel free to repost your comment.....jimmy

      • profile image


        7 years ago from Lahore Pakistan

        Nice an article

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        my face has black moles how to rectify

      • profile image

        wasi shah 

        8 years ago

        nice sharing keep it up///////

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Great tips on male grooming. Men have come a long way. We do like to look our best these days.

      • Simple Tim profile image

        Simple Tim 

        8 years ago

        I saw the brylecream bottle in a pic so had to come over to read more..the last I saw one of those was in the 80's when my dad used them! brings back memories...cool hub...us guys do take for granted that we also require maintenance...not makeup just good skincare and hair regimen.

      • zzron profile image


        8 years ago from Houston, TX.

        I agree with megha_5012, I don't think men should wear makeup on their face unless it is to cover up a scar or something like that.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        why would men need to know about eye-shadow, lipstick or blush? that sort of make-up would look TERRIBLE on a man.

        i do think concealer is an excellent thing. its great for covering little red spots and dark under-eye circles. i have not worn foundation i would be concerned that it might be visible but concealer seems to really blend in.

      • megha_5012 profile image


        8 years ago

        & saree wearing men

      • profile image

        Narendra Jangid 

        8 years ago

        Love it

      • Vizey profile image


        9 years ago

        Thanks for beauty advice. I am most concerned about the skin care. My skin is ok but I need to make it better.

      • 4ever Mo profile image

        4ever Mo 

        9 years ago

        Thanx a lot for the piece Jimmy. My people should read this. In my culture its not manly for a man to take good care of themselves/groom. It's considered femnine but am glad I've not been paying them no mind lol. I think some beliefs should die hard!My Brothers take care of yourselves!

      • egos profile image


        9 years ago

        I like these 10 tips. Concerning Teeth Whitening,

        I would say that it is not very healthy treatment.

      • hnyaji profile image


        9 years ago

        great hub! I don't like Brylcreem though! Try out Bedhead. They are available in Bodyshop.

      • Hub Love profile image

        Hub Love 

        9 years ago from United States

        Great hub! Lots of useful tips! All true!

      • 2patricias profile image


        10 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

        Bit of a giggle! We certainly agree with the points about being clean. We would add good posture to your list.

        Another good hub.

      • hot dorkage profile image

        hot dorkage 

        10 years ago from Oregon, USA

        ROTFL looking at the chubby David..... Too funny.....

      • pjdscott profile image


        10 years ago from Durham, UK

        This hub was both informative and very funny! And no mention of male mascara, thank goodness! Nice one and thumbs up for it.

      • jimmythejock profile imageAUTHOR

        James Paterson 

        10 years ago from Scotland

        thanks for your comments guys, and thanks for the inspiration HUP, this page made number 1 on google an hour after publishing YOU SURE KNOW HOW TO PICK A GOOD TOPIC.....JIMMY

      • laringo profile image


        10 years ago from From Berkeley, California.

        Good tips! I"ll have my husband read this Hub too.

      • Ryan Hupfer profile image

        Ryan Hupfer 

        10 years ago from San Francisco, CA

        Hey Jimmy, thanks for answering my request - great tips! Also, my girlfriend told me to thank you as well. :)


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