3 Steps to Perfect Eyebrows: Long-Lasting, Waterproof Brow Color

Updated on August 15, 2017

If you’ve ever visited a professional makeup artist, she will tell you that your eyebrows are the most important feature on your face. They can completely change your appearance, and either enhance or undermine your looks.

Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial by Keiko Lynn
Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial by Keiko Lynn | Source

After you’ve carefully filled in your brows to create the perfect shape, it’s essential to seal them into place—especially if you have oily skin, or will be out in the hot sun. Hot, humid weather combined with skin oils will cause pigments in makeup to deteriorate quickly. Using an eyebrow sealer will dramatically lengthen the amount of time your eyebrow color stays in place. Here are some steps you can take to make your eyebrow pencil or powder last extra long.

Prep face with oil-absorbent powder primer
Prep face with oil-absorbent powder primer

Step 1: Prep With Oil-Absorbent Face Powder

After using your regular foundation, blush, and bronzer, apply a transparent oil-absorbent setting powder to your entire face. It blends best when applied using a fluffy powder brush. Pay special attention to your eyebrow area by wiggling the brush onto brows until the powder disappears. Remember—oily skin is kryptonite for makeup! As soon as oil begins to surface, it will start disintegrating your makeup. Using an oil-absorbing powder such as Mattify Cosmetics ULTRA Powder will prevent makeup from fading, streaking, and smudging.

Use waterproof eyebrow pencil
Use waterproof eyebrow pencil

Step 2: Apply Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

Fill in and shape your brows using your regular technique. For first-time users, brow pencils are a bit easier to apply than powder. Waterproof eyebrow pencil works best for long wear and is easy to apply, but some people prefer using powder eyebrow filler plus a wax overlay. That works well too; just be sure to apply the wax layer over the powder, or your brows will smudge in no time!

Sephora’s Waterproof Brow Pencil and NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder are two good picks for brow shaping.

Step 3: Apply Eyebrow Sealer

Once your brows are filled and shaped to your liking, apply a thin coat of clear eyebrow sealer. This will ensure that your brows stay smudge-proof, and most formulas will make all types of brow color waterproof. Some brands come with a mascara wand, to create fuller brows. Other brands have a nail-polish-style brush, with which you can seal the entire brow.

Three of the best eyebrow sealers are Model in a Bottle Sealer, LaFemme Sealer, and MUFE Eyebrow Gel. They feel lightweight and provide a soft, matte, shine-free finish. Brow sealers prevent pencil and powder brow fillers from smudging for hours, and will resist water, heat, sweat, and oil.

Additional Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

  • To further accentuate the arch of your eyebrow, and to brighten up the entire eye area, apply white eyeliner, like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil or a light concealer, under and around the brows before applying brow pencil.
  • Adding a shimmery white eye shadow, like Mattify Cosmetics' Snow Bunny, to the inner corners of the eyes and under brow bone will brighten your eye area for a wide-eyed, youthful look.

How to get perfect eyebrows: Outline brows & accentuate the arch using a white pencil.
How to get perfect eyebrows: Outline brows & accentuate the arch using a white pencil.
Use a sparkly white eye shadow to brighten inner corners & arch of brow bone.
Use a sparkly white eye shadow to brighten inner corners & arch of brow bone.

Eyebrows: Before and After

Don't believe that eyebrows can make all the difference in your look? Check out these amazing "before" and "after" pictures. Eyebrows add structure to your face and accentuate your features. Even if you wear no other makeup, make sure you have neatly trimmed and groomed eyebrows!

Amazing: Before and after eyebrow pencil application
Amazing: Before and after eyebrow pencil application

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      • punkmarkgirl profile image

        Ashley Bergin 2 months ago from san francisco

        LOL Cheryl - yes you definitely need to be careful if using a liquid eyebrow filler, or you risk the whole "I drew my brows on with a Sharpie" look. When using a liquid or pen-style filler, it's important to first brush your natural brows upward, use whispy motions to fill the spaces between, then brush the brows back into place.

      • profile image

        Cheryl 2 months ago

        I think the permanent marker eyebrows look like those worn by a hooker or a mannequin. For a nightclub maybe but for daily wear they look stark and unattractive. They DO NOT look natural at all - soften the look up so you don't look like a cyborg.