How to Fix a Beard That Doesn't Connect With Your Mustache

Updated on December 1, 2019
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A beard-grooming enthusiast who writes about beard products, styling and other related facial hair trivia who also sports a beardstache.

Fix a beard that won't connect to your mustache.
Fix a beard that won't connect to your mustache. | Source

Reasons Your Beard Won't Connect

If you are trying to figure out why and how to fix a beard that doesn’t connect with your mustache, this is the guide for you. This is a common issue that is raised amongst beardsmen, and it mainly comes down to genetics— and honestly, it’s not that big of a problem. That said, this is certainly something that can be addressed.

First, you need to know why your beard isn’t connecting to your mustache. Many times, it's simply a case of being very young and not having reached your peak beard-growing years. Sometimes there is a dietary issue, or your genetics simply won’t allow it. There are different reasons for different folks for why this might be happening.

That said, no matter the reason, there are several solutions available to you. What might work for one person may not work for another. So it’s about considering your options and carrying out the best one for you. Whether it’s ensuring you are getting enough biotin in your diet, whether you need to reach for a beard-growth pen or just you just need to mask the patch.

We’ll discuss all the possible options for you to make your beard and mustache connect, but first, we need to discuss what factors have an impact on your beard-growing potential.


One of the most common reasons for not achieving a particular goal with your beard is age. Specifically, being too young. As you get older, your beard potential starts to increase. This is particularly true for those who are in their teen years as well as their early 20s. When you start to get into the late 20s and early 30s, you will have almost reached your peak beard potential. If you are less than 30, there is still a chance that your beard will naturally connect to your mustache. So there’s no need to worry about why your beard won’t connect at the moment. If you are past that age, it is likely due to the following issues.


Genetics plays a huge part in a man’s ability to grow a beard. If you are over 30, and your beard isn't connecting, chances are, you’re going to need some outside assistance. Remember, though, genetics play across all aspects of your beard from the color, density of the beard and whether it’s patchy or not. Ultimately though, you can enhance your beard just like any other physical aspect of your body.


Although your beard is largely dependent on the genetic aspect, there are additional things that are within your control. There’s what’s known as the inner beard. Is your body getting the right vitamins and supplements to grow out your beard to its full potential? Is your body getting enough rest and sleep to grow sufficiently? Do you make sure stress is kept to a minimum? There are outside aspects too. Are you caring for your beard? Do you supply it with a healthy beard-growing environment by using grooming products such as beard oil?


This one is certainly for those who have just started to grow out a beard and are trying to find out more about the bearded lifestyle. Ultimately though, have you actually given it enough time to fill in the gaps with the beard connectors? You don’t want to be waiting for three weeks and then be wondering why they haven’t filled in. You should be asking yourself this question after three or more months. Your hair grows at different rates, where one part of your face starts off , the other is lagging behind. Give it time, and don’t rush it. Remember, your bathroom mirror is your worst enemy when it comes to growing beards.

A mustache that doesn't connect to the beard.
A mustache that doesn't connect to the beard. | Source

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Beard

When it comes to making your beard connect, make sure you identify the above causes first. Essentially, ask yourself the following:

  • Do I have a healthy enough diet to justify good beard growth? If not, this is an area that you can work on.
  • Am I old enough to genetically warrant a good beard yet? If you are 12, and wondering why you haven’t got beard connectors, chances are, there’s your answer. If you are 30, and haven’t grown them, please read on.
  • If you are a beard beginner and wondering why it hasn't joined up after three weeks of growth, come back after three months and see if it hasn't.
  • If you think it might be your weak beard genetics, then the next series of suggestions should be able to help you out.

Let’s take a look at the available options for you.

What You Can Do to Fix a Beard That Won’t Connect

Embrace It

I can almost guarantee that you don't like this suggestion already. However, this is the first recommendation simply because there is a range of really cool beard styles that you can pull off with a beard that does not connect. Check out styles like a goatee or a chin strap. We suggest you head down to your local beard barber and ask them for a bit of advice on making the most of your beard. You will be amazed at what they can pull off. In fact, you will probably be glad they don’t connect as the style overall is easier to maintain.

Potentially Stimulate Growth

There are techniques you can undertake to potentially stimulate growth. This involves increasing blood flow to the areas where there isn’t growth. This only tends to work where there are exiting hair follicles. A good way to do this is by investing in a good quality boar-bristle brush and running it through your beard.

Beard Makeup

Another option for you to consider is beard makeup. There is a range of makeup products out there that are dedicated to helping give the look of a fuller beard, as well as help connect beards to mustaches. A particularly good one we recommend is a beard-growth pen that can be used to help give the impression of hair follicles . These can appear very realistic, even up close.

Keep Growing

This is to take the three-month point further and keep growing your beard. This applies to your mustache as well as your beard. The extra length will give you further styling options to help cover the gaps. You can then start using beard styling balms, waxes and pastes. Products provide hold that you can cover up all the holes and gaps that your beard won’t fill in. So leave it, and keep on growing  it until it literally fills in. Then you can start to get creative when it comes to beard styling, which your beard barber can help out with.

Take Extra Care of Your Inner Beard

Make sure that your body is getting all the good things (and avoid the bad things) that your beard needs to grow. For instance, a good diet that includes plenty of biotins (you might need some supplements if you have a poor diet), as well as exercise (particularly pumping iron). Make sure you get plenty of sleep and avoid stress. These all have an impact on the level of testosterone your body is maintaining, as well as the nutrition that the beard hairs are getting. Both are vital for your beard to be the best it can be and will have an impact on how much and the quality of the beard hairs you can produce.

Invest in the Outer Beard

As touched on briefly above, the way you look after your beard from an external aspect will have an impact on how well your beard grows out. Invest in a quality beard oil that will help to improve your skin and the health of your beard. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturise your skin. Investing in beard grooming tools such as a comb and beard brush will go a long way to not only improving the look of your beard on a day-to-day basis but the beard growth aspect as well.

Cover It With Hair

You have the chance to cover the gaps with more beard. However, you could potentially cover it with the actual hair on your head if you grow it long enough and style it in a way that helps cover any missing beard connectors. Again, this is something that I would advise you to ask your barber. Make sure that you are also looking after your beard and ensuring the beard lays flat (rather than spiking out everywhere) to give the maximum coverage for your beard.

Other Beard Connecting Methods

There are other more drastic measures that you could take, such as using rogaine, potentially looking into beard transplant surgery or even microblading for beards. These three options require a word of caution and a lot of research to ensure this is actually what you want. I would recommend you look back to my first suggestion, and embrace the beard style you’ve got. However, we want you to be aware of all of the options that are available to you.

Let us know if you have any questions on how to make a beard and mustache connect, and we will be more than happy to help.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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