Best Pumice Stone for Soft Feet and Skin

Updated on November 23, 2016

A pumice stone is a naturally occurring abrasive that's awesome for buffing away calluses and hard skin - usually used on the feet, they can also be used on any area that's become a problem.

They do a great job of removing toughened skin, leaving it soft and ready for the application of a good moisturizer for dry skin. They're formed during volcanic eruptions - they're a type of solidified lava rock - and have been used since the Roman times for a variety of reasons.

Often found in in use during a professional foot treatment, they're an amazingly good pedicure tool and surprisingly cheap. The five best pumice stones are featured below . treat your feet to a really great natural foot scrub!

Earth Therapeutics Natural Sierra Pumice Stone

This is the best selling pumice stone - a small compact block of natural pumice that's equally good for the hands or the feet. The best way to use one of these pedicure tools is to use them whilst showering or bathing.

Water softens the skin - and leaves it ready for buffing easily and painlessly with the stone. You then wet the stone - submerge it or run it under the shower, then gently but firmly rub it across wherever it's needed. Don't overdo it the first few times - removing calluses and hard skin needs time, so don't injure yourself. A great little stone, cheap and long lasting.

Mr. Pumice Extra-Coarse Pumi Bar

This is a double sided pumice stone - one side if heavily abrasive, the other softer. Use the coarser side for tackling the harder-to-remove skin, the soft side for finishing off. If your skin isn't a big problem to start with - just use the smoother side to gently exfoliate.

You can also use the smooth side for dry skin on the hands and elbows - which are all the better for not using something that's too abrasive. Used regularly and combined with a good moisturizing cream you will find that your feet begin to soften and regain their former glory. Great for summer time foot perfection.

Cuccio Naturale Earth Stone Pumice

This is a great medium sized pumice stone - I love the shape as it's almost like a small bar of soap. It's easy to get a good hold as the shape and size helps you to really get in between the toes or buff safely away at cracked heals.

As with any of these stones it's incredibly lightweight and easy to look after - a quick rinse under running water when you're done with it and leave it to dry naturally. This one's also fine for using elsewhere on the body - great for keeping rough hands in tip top shape as its exfoliating properties are on a medium level.


This pumice stone comes with a guarantee - that you'll be using it for a lifetimes worth of hand and foot care. Will it last a lifetime? I don't know but - judging on the fact that it's a genuine piece of lava rock, plucked from the side of a volcano and shaped enough to make if user friendly to both hold and work with - I expect it will.

It's medium to coarse - exfoliating wise - and will work well for those with really tough skin calluses and hard to remove dry skin. Used gently it will remove grime and debris from the hands - great if your an outdoor worker, and will help you keep your feet looking their best year round.

Ped Egg Pedicure Foot File

I've included the Ped Egg because - even though it's not a natural pumice stone - it's one the best selling pedicure tools overall. In many ways it mimics what pumices do, plus it's a big favorite with professionals and just as favored for home use.

The only drawback with it is the fact that you will need to replaces the emery pads as they don't last forever. If your feet are particularly troublesome you may find you're having to replace the pads quite often - so from a value for money perspective a stone is the cheaper option - and just as good at keeping your feet in great shape. Otherwise it's a great little tool and worth considering if the thought of using a stone is off-putting!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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