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How Good Are Peter Thomas Roth Products?

Is Peter Thomas Roth Good?

I know many of us are doing what we can to save money. We buy the cheaper products, budget, and try to save up for a big vacation. I'm here to tell you that your money is well spent on Peter Thomas Roth products. I first came across their merchandise when I stayed at the Hilton Hotel at the Chicago airport. I was by myself at the time, and it was a long layover to England. I just had a nasty breakup and was looking for some me time. In the bathroom, there was a number of their products, and I spent a good long time in the shower trying them out. I instantly became a fan. They had a facial bar, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. I was impressed by all of it.

I used the materials for as long as possible when I got home, but I eventually went to their website and ordered the products. I have tried all kinds of shampoos and conditioners in my life, partly because my hair is really long. I found that with these products, my hair was looking its best.

Peter Thomas Roth shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and shower cap.

Peter Thomas Roth shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and shower cap.

Peter Thomas Roth Shampoo Review

There are a lot of great shampoos out there, but this is now my secret weapon. It makes your hair shiny, strong, and lush. I highly recommend at least trying this shampoo and seeing if you like it because it's well worth the price. It has a great, clean smell as well. In fact, all of their products have a great, clean smell. What I really like about their products is that I feel a lot more clean, and it's almost like whatever I was using before didn't truly get the job done. I think they've really taken their time to come up with formulas that are not only good at cleaning, but also nourishing and bringing back the health into your hair, skin, and body. I honestly would try going through all of their products if I had the money. If you're looking for a great Christmas present for a teen girl in your family or something of this nature, you might want to try looking through their website and seeing if there's anything they might like. They do have some more expansive packages, rather than just buying a tube of shampoo for your family member (they might think you're weird if you do that).

The bottles themselves let you know they are being really transparent about what chemicals they are using—many list all of the chemicals right on the front of the bottle instead of the back.

I'm not kidding if you have long hair. This product is a savior. My hair is now soft and easy to manage. Sometimes, when your hair gets to a certain length, it starts to get tangled really easily, which can damage it or at the very least be a pain to have to comb through and straighten out. Nobody wants that. The shampoo is also perfectly complemented with conditioner, which you can buy as a set. And no, these products are not for an older crowd with money to spend and trying to look younger—they are for any age. I'm in my 20s and I'm thankful I found this company. My hair was already in good condition, but this was like massage therapy for it. I really want you to feel confident in your hair—and I quickly found with these beauty products that you'll feel pretty confident and in control of your hair. Washing your hair shouldn't stress you out, it should make you feel better, it should be your time to unwind, to get away from all the problems in life. Their travel size products are a fairly decent portion and a great way to try out shampoos, lotions, and the like. The travel size products are some of their greatest deals.

Peter Thomas Roth Skin Care

I've tried all kinds of facial remedies my whole life. Some burn and dehydrate my face, others are great at removing acne but leave it looking red and patchy, or just... not quite right. This product doesn't leave me behind with any of those problems. It keeps my skin at a balanced rate, removing it of acne, while also making sure I keep my young, attractive look. What more could you want from something you put on your face? This is a great product to clean off makeup. I've only been using it when I shower, but it is recommended to use it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. If you're looking for something to help your skin get the right balance, this is a great tool. I've always recommended for people trying to get rid of acne to change their bedsheets and put a clean towel over their pillow. Towels will absorb the bacteria from your face whereas pillow sheets do nothing to protect your skin. Here are some other healthy face tips.

  1. Use makeup sparingly and seldom.
  2. Try sleeping on your back. Pressing your face against a pillow will age it faster.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated. This is good for your overall health.
  4. Avoid alcohol, this will dehydrate your skin making it age faster.
  5. Avoid touching your face constantly, this will add bacteria and other germs we can't see, encouraging acne.
  6. If a product hurts your face, obviously stop using it.
  7. Keep track of what you eat and journal how it makes your body feel.

Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body Lotion Review

And the third product I'm going to look at today from Peter Thomas Roth is the Mega Rich Body Lotion. First of all, this lotion smells great. It smells like a Tahitian vanilla coffee. So far I'm in favor of how all their products smell. My skin was very dehydrated from a lack of proper sleep. This lotion helped revitalize and moisturize my skin immediately. I instantly felt like my skin was softer; I was really thankful for running into this product when I did. It really brought back the health in my hands. This is a great item to keep in your purse or on the go. Some lotions feel too thick or gooey, but this one has just the right texture. You only need a small amount for your hands. So don't go crazy pouring it into your hands. With all their products you only have to use a small amount for your body, meaning these products will last with you for awhile. If you're looking for a way to quickly pamper yourself while also improving your health, I can't promise you enough how effective this products are. As for the lotion, I don't think I've found one with more quality at this point. Too many lotions don't have the right balance or have a noxious smell. This one fortunately combines everything in just the right way.

I can see why the O'Hare airport hotel uses these products. Not only are they great for their guests, but they leave an impression on you long after you use them.

Are Peter Thomas Roth Products Good?


So make sure to leave a comment here if you have ever used these products and also found them to be successful. Also, what are you looking for in your shower products? Do you want something that just gets the job done or something that can improve your health? Your skin is the largest organ of your body. And keeping your external body clean helps fight off diseases.

You can try some of their products off their website for a very small price. I've found some products as low as $3. This is a really great deal for how much their items nourish you. This isn't like a store bought shampoo you get while shopping for groceries. This is the real stuff your body wants and craves.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Andrea Lawrence (author) on December 01, 2016:

No worries! You could probably write a hub on this and make some extra $$$.

SmartAndFun from Texas on November 30, 2016:

Ha, thanks, I just reread it and it sounds like a commercial. LOL. Sorry. I guess once an ad copywriter, always an ad copywriter.

Andrea Lawrence (author) on November 29, 2016:

This comment gets an A+

SmartAndFun from Texas on November 26, 2016:

I tend to look mainly for beauty bargains, but when I find something that really works, I will definitely pay more for it. I haven't tried most PTR products due to the high cost, but I swear by the PTR Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads. I was first swayed to try them by all the great reviews on Makeup Alley. Initially I gave them a try to fight the lines on my mature skin, but after a couple of months I realized that I hadn't had a single zit or inflamed pore, and the blackheads on my nose had become almost microscopic. I was sold! A double-whammy for fine lines and goopy, globby clogged pores!

I got my teenage daughter using them after I realized how well they exfoliate and clean pores. From what I have found in searching beauty stores and websites, PTR In-Wrinkle Peel Pads have the highest concentration of acids (20%, I believe) in an over-the-counter product. This is what helps peel away dead skin, dirt, oil, etc. better than anything else OTC, in my opinion. But despite the high acid concentration, they have never bothered my skin or caused problems.

Can you tell I am sold on them? I guess I should write a hub about those magical little wipes, LOL.