My Review of the Parissa Body Sugar Kit

Updated on November 5, 2019
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Rosa is a work-from-home mom of 2 active children. An author of both fiction and non-fiction, she enjoys reading almost as much as writing.

Parissa Body Sugaring Kit
Parissa Body Sugaring Kit | Source

When it comes to hair removal, especially for the face, body sugar is my number one choice. I found the results from sugaring are much better than when I tried waxing which is messy and tiresome, depilatory creams that are smelly and never seem to get all the hair or shaving which irritates my skin and grows back far too quickly.

Body sugar is made with all-natural ingredients originating from ancient Egyptian recipes. Quick and easy to use, body sugar removes the hair at the root so that it grows back at a slower rate and thinner than it previously was.

Although I initially started sugaring with Alexandria Body Sugar, I switched to Parissa a few years ago and am very happy. I love this product and decided to write the following review of Parissa Body Sugar.

Pro: The Sugar

The sugar is easy to heat and use. Only 5–9 seconds in the microwave is all that’s required to get it to the perfect temperature.

It is water-soluble which makes clean up quick and simple. The applicator sticks, strips, and my face can all be cleaned with warm water. In fact, if I accidentally goop some on my clothing, I can rest assured that it will come out in the wash without damaging or staining.

Because the body sugar is applied in thin coats, it goes a long way. I use mine only on my face, so one container lasts me up to a full year.

Applicator sticks
Applicator sticks | Source

Pro: The Applicator Sticks

The applicator sticks come in two sizes. Large and small. Having a choice is always good.

Although some people like the plastic applicators from other companies, I prefer the wooden sticks that come with the Parissa kit. Applicators are always flat, and I find that flat isn’t the best shape for applying sugar to the contours of my face. The wooden applicators have some give to them and, after a few uses, they being to curve slightly from being wet when I clean them.

The warped applicators are perfect for my needs, especially with the small applicator which I use for more precise shaping (i.e., around the eyebrows). Also, the small applicator is specially shaped with a narrow tip at either end that helps give you control over application in smaller areas, like the spots directly under the eyebrow.

Pro: The Cloth Strips

The Parissa strips are larger and more durable than the cotton strips that come with other kits. Cotton strips usually fray along the edges which can really mess things up when you’re trying to pull it off. Because of their construction, Parissa strips do not do this.

The strips can be used two or three times during one sugaring before you need to get a fresh one. Thanks to their durability, they outlast the kit so you can build up a good supply in case you want to go all out and do a full-body sugaring or even—GASP!—a girls’ home spa day.

Cloth strips in various sizes
Cloth strips in various sizes | Source

Con: One Size Strips

The strips only come in one size: large. Good thing Parissa includes 20 strips so I can cut some to size. I halved one strip to make medium strips and quartered two others to make a smaller size. This way, I have better control of removal when sugaring delicate areas, such as my eyebrows and top lip.

Con: It's Runny When Overheated

I get frustrated when the sugar mix gets too runny. It’s not a defect with the product, but a natural result of too much heat applied to a sugar compound. The sugar can become too liquidy if it gets overheated, if the room temperature is too warm or if your skin gets flushed and hot.

Although there are solutions to these issues, I hate when the cloth strip smears off, leaving a sticky, goopy mess on my skin. It is especially troublesome if I’m trying to shape my eyebrows because I have to wash my face and dry it thoroughly before trying again.

Calming Oil
Calming Oil | Source

Neutral: The Calming Oil

The Parissa kit comes with a little bottle of oil to apply after sugaring. This is supposed to help revive and refresh your skin. Personally, I found this oil makes my skin break out in little pimples, which is embarrassing and frustrating.

Other people don’t seem to have this problem. It depends on your skin type. I have naturally oily skin that is sensitive to various products, so I just use my everyday skin cleaning method that works for me.

Neutral: Cost

Each Parissa kit includes 140 ml of body sugar, 20 washable strips, 8 ml of calming oil and three applicators. The cost of a kit is reasonable for what is included and competitive with other brands of body sugar.

To learn more about how to use body sugar, you can read my article, Body Sugaring to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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      • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

        Rosa Marchisella 

        8 years ago from Canada

        Thank you, Iris

      • profile image

        Iris L. Shields 

        8 years ago

        Wow! This is awsome. You have a great talent Rosa. This review is very interesting and I love the visual.

        Take care and have a wonderful day.

      • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

        Rosa Marchisella 

        8 years ago from Canada

        ripplemaker - Oh wow! Thank you for letting me know about this nomination!

      • ripplemaker profile image

        Michelle Simtoco 

        8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

        Reading a product review always help other people decide to use it or not. Thanks for this.

        Congratulations on your Hubnuggets nomination! To know more about it, this way please:

      • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

        Rosa Marchisella 

        8 years ago from Canada

        Hi Flora :-) Thank you so much!

        Since you're literally tearing the hairs out by the roots - Yes, it hurts, but I found it less painful than waxing. I suspect it has something to do with the way the wax or sugar adheres to the hair. Although, over time the hair "looses" so it comes out easier and gets less & less painful.

      • FloraBreenRobison profile image


        8 years ago

        I've never tried Body Sugar before. It sounds intriguing. Does it hurt when you strip it off the way wax does?

        Congratulations on your hubnugget nomination!

      • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

        Rosa Marchisella 

        8 years ago from Canada

        Thank you, Rosie writes :-) I tried it on my legs once and it did a decent job. If you give it a try, post the results, please!

      • Rosie writes profile image

        Audrey Surma 

        8 years ago from Virginia

        Interesting product. Good information. I may want to try this on my legs. What do you think?

      • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

        Rosa Marchisella 

        8 years ago from Canada

        Thank you, Simone! I'm glad it was of use to you :-)

      • Simone Smith profile image

        Simone Haruko Smith 

        8 years ago from San Francisco

        What a great review this is! Thanks for putting it together!

      • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

        Rosa Marchisella 

        8 years ago from Canada

        Thank you!

      • prektjr.dc profile image

        Debbie Carey 

        8 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA

        very interesting! I had heard of the body sugar, but had no idea what it was! Thanks for the great information! Voted up, useful and interesting!


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