Say Goodbye To Body Odor With Essential Oils

Updated on April 25, 2016

What Causes Body Odor?

One factor in body odor is the presence of bacteria that thrive on your body's sweat. This is because your sweat consists of the toxins and waste products that your body is eliminating from your system.

Hence, one's diet actually plays a crucial role in contributing to body odor with its facilitation of the accumulation of toxins in the body. You also need to take note of your hormonal activity since imbalances can result to abnormal sweat gland activity, causing you to sweat more often and exposing you to bacterial formation that lead to body odor.

Can Essential Oils Help?

A number of natural methods can be followed for the treatment of unwanted body odor. It includes lifestyle changes, constant bathing to rid yourself of bacteria, proper choice of clothing and fabric, diet, avoiding tobacco, caffeine, certain medications, and controlling the rate of perspiration. The knowledge of these factors will enable you to determine the ways wherein you can reduce body odor problems.

One natural method for treating body odor involve using essential oils. These oils are known to contain various properties that fight the causes of body odor. In some cases, a combination of essential oils is used to ensure higher efficacy.

DIY Episode #15- Natural Deodorant

Suggested Essential Oils To Use

If you are one of those unfortunate people who has to deal with body odor, then you are probably more than willing to know which essential oils are appropriate to use to prevent future embarrassing situations caused by having unpleasant odor emitted from the body. These oils are recognized to contain properties that will fight the presence of bacteria that cause body odor formation and prevent them from coming back.

To make your own essential oil deodorant, you can use the following oils:

*Witch Hazel – this one is recognized as an effective natural alternative against deodorant.
*Parsley – The deodorizing effect of the chlorophyll is known to neutralize body odor.
*Radish – This is effective both as underarm and foot deodorant.
*Rosemary – It contains antibacterial properties that fight build up of bacteria, which causes body odor.
*Sage – This will help reduce activity in your sweat glands, which is one of the main causes of body odor.
*Tea tree – Like rosemary, it also contains antibacterial properties that make it an effective natural deodorant.
*Other fragrant essential oils that you can use include lavender, ylang ylang, cypress, grapefruit, and patchouli.

How To Make Natural Deodorants

Once you have chosen the essential oil that you will use in making your natural deodorant, you can follow the steps indicated below so you can naturally fight the causes of body odor:

  1. Combine two essential oils that you have chosen or is available. Then, mix it with grapefruit seed extract. This combination will help fight the bacteria that cause the formation of body odor. Some of the suggested oils for higher efficacy include cypress, lavender, and witch hazel.
  2. Mix about 28 ounces witch hazel oil with 10 drops each of lavender oil, cypress oil, and grapefruit seed extract.
  3. Mix the ingredients well to make sure they are fully incorporated. Then, pour into a separate container.
  4. Shake the essential oil mixture before spraying it onto your under arms. Use this regularly until the body odor problem is completely gone.

Body Odor Blocker Using Essential Oils

Treating body odor is indeed easier said than done since each individual's physiological makeup might respond differently to the natural treatment given. So just like the cliché statement: prevention is still better than cure.With this, you can use essential oils for prevention. Hence, you will need a body odor blocker that utilizes natural substances like essential oils. For this one, you will need a few ingredients such as 20 drops of essential oils, a couple teaspoons of vodka, an ounce of white vinegar, a cup of purified water, mixing bowl, spray container, and a measuring cup.

A combination of essential oils is highly suggested for this one to ensure higher effectiveness due to the presence of various properties. Then, add the essential oils with the vodka on a mixing bowl. Add the white vinegar into the mixture and mix thoroughly before pouring on a separate spray container. Pour in the purified water into the mixture and shake it thoroughly. Always do this prior to application since the ingredients might separate during storage.

Choosing Essential Oil Scents

Aside from preventing body odor, you can also add natural fragrance into your body. To help you out in choosing which essential oils to use, they are categorized into three below:

*Soft Floral Scent: Essential oil choices include rose, lavender, clary sage, patchouli, and mandarin essential oils.
*Fresh Citrus Scent: Essential oil choices include orange blossom, lemon grass, grapefruit, bergamot, and cypress essential oils.
*Light Herbal Scent: Essential oil choices include rosemary, sandalwood, juniper and eucalyptus essential oils.

Diet Modifications

Altering your eating habit which helps in the fight to eliminate body odor is part of the collective effort to rid off the problem. Meaning, you also need to look into your lifestyle and diet patterns as potential contributors to your body odor problem. Your diet, most especially, is a common culprit to this problem. Eating lots of spice contributes to the accumulation of odor-causing emission. Hence, you need to take note of the following modifications to ensure that you develop a healthy diet that prevents you from acquiring unpleasant odor.

Green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, raw nuts or seeds, and soy products are highly recommended in a diet that will prevent and combat body odor. Avoid consuming too much red meat since it can promote stagnation inside your body. In addition, you must also abstain from eating foods high in sugar, hydrogenated oil and refined white flour. If possible, switch on a plant-based diet since the phytonutrients and chlorophyll from the plants are known to help in cleansing your body. You can also incorporate a lot of herbs such as oregano, thyme, rosemary, and sage into your dish for added flavor and more fighting action against body odor.

And finally, drink plenty of water. When you increase your fluid intake, it will slow down your metabolism and reducing your perspiration rate.

Additional Natural Tips

In your desperation, anyone willing to find cure against body odor could resort to just about any measures to provide solution to their problem. Some remedies might just do more harm than good. Not everything that is said to cure can actually work like magic, which is why you need to be extra wary even when using natural remedies to avoid worsening your problem. Furthermore, you must also take note about what other measures you can produce more effective results with the use of this natural treatment.

Here are some tips and warnings to consider:

  • Take proper note of the instructions and steps indicated when using essential oils to cure body odor. This will help avoid developing sensitivities and ensure that you get effective results. Take particular note of proper dosage and combinations of essential oils.
  • People with sensitive skin might develop irritation from the use of some strong essential oils, especially those with antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is best to perform a skin patch test prior to actual application.
  • Avoid using the essential oil mixture on freshly shaven underarms as it can produce a stinging sensation or cause irritation.


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